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Welcome to THE website about the 1980s -- the decade that brought us Dallas and DeLorean, Madonna and MTV, Chernobyl and Cats, the Tylenol Murders and the discovery of the Titanic, Rubik's Cube and Reykjavik, Farm Aid, the fitness craze -- and so much more!

Whether it's politics or pop culture, trivia or timelines, movies or music, The Eighties Club is informative as well as entertaining. That's why this site is never a finished product. It's constantly evolving, changing, and (hopefully) improving. Keep checking back, because new material is frequently added! The goal: To create a first-rate resource for anyone who wants information about one of the most important decades of the 20th Century.

Be sure to check out Material Things, a kind of online (and ongoing) encyclopedia of the 1980s. See our Reviews and The Star Corner in the Movies section, the TV Time Machine and Featured Series in Television, and take our Trivia Challenge. And then there's the Featured Song/Artist and A Decade in the Life segments, among others, in the The Music Scene.

Need statistics, or a brief bio on people who made a difference during the decade? Please refer to Other Stuff. Unique insights on life in the 1980s is provided in Tales From The Eighties. You can read the headlines of the 1980s in The Daily News. And the politics of the day are featured in Primary Sources as well as The Ronald Reagan Resource.

These are just some of features you'll find at The Eighties Club and new material is added all the time!

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