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The Daily News - June 1980
[NOTE: Some of the events described in a day's news may have occurred on the previous day.]

The Soviet Salyut 6 space station in orbit

Sunday, 1 June 1980
President Carter visits wounded black leader Vernon Jordan in a Ft. Wayne, IN hospital.....Martha Coleman, eyewitness to shooting of Vernon, refuses to be interviewed by authorities until Tuesday.....Pope John Paul II is critical of both liberal and conservative extremists in French Catholic Church during first papal visit to France since the Napoleonic era; 500,000 people flock to Le Bourget Airport in Paris to see the Pope.....New York Yankees star Reggie Jackson shot at during parking lot dispute, suspect Angel Viera is arrested.....On Meet the Press, Sen. Ted Kennedy blames current economic doldrums on Carter administration policies.....Authorities impound boats at Key West, FL to halt Cuban sealift.....Tornados reported in Illinois and Indiana.....Pentagon announces that Marine amphibious force has been reassigned from Arabian Sea to the Philippines.....Police return escaped Cuban refugees to Ft. Chaffee, AR relocation center.....Fred Banks arrested for shooting spree on Amtrak train in Connecticut last night.....Atlanta-based Cable News Network begins operations today.....Charles Addams, creator of The Addams Family, is married in wedding ceremony at a pet cemetery.
Monday, 2 June 1980
Additional troops arrive at Ft. Chaffee, AR to maintain order after riot by Cuban refugees yesterday.....Freighter and 60 smaller boats laden with refugees enroute for Florida from Cuba's Mariel harbor.....Assassination attempt on three Palestinian mayors on West Bank is reported; PLO Chairman Yassir Arafat blames Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and U.S. for bombings.....Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark and nine other Americans in Iran to attend "Crimes of America Conference; Justice Dept. investigating group's violation of Carter's ban on travel to Iran.....President Carter asks Congress to approve emergency gasoline rationing plan.....Anti-government terrorists sabotage South Africa's synthetic fuel plant; African National Congress claims responsibility.....Terrorists holding U.S. embassy in Tehran deny rumor that some of the American hostages have been shot.....Senate decides to let Credit Control Act terminate on July 1 and will not expand monitoring authority of Wage & Price Council.....Martha Coleman, eyewitness to Vernon Jordan shooting, meets with FBI agents today.....NASA radar system designed to map Venus discovers ancient Mayan canals in Guatemalan jungle.....Supreme Court orders new trial for Black Panther lawsuit stemming from 1969 raid on their headquarters.....Maryland racing commission investigating allegations that Codex jockey fouled Genuine Risk during Preakness win.
Tuesday, 3 June 1980
Primary season ends with voting in California, Ohio and six other states.....Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark condemns past U.S. involvement in Iran and calls for release of American hostages during second day of Iranian "Crimes of America Conference".....Israeli troops said to be forcing Arab merchants to open stores closed in protest of yesterday's car bombs aimed at lives of Palestinian West Bank politicians.....Condition of wounded Urban League President Vernon Jordan said to be improving; FBI rules out Martha Coleman as suspect in shooting.....Flotilla of Cuban refugees, including freighter Red Diamond, arrives in Key West, FL; freighter's captain and crew arrested.....Some congressmen call for deportation of troublemakers among refugees at Ft. Chaffee,.AR.....Rep. Charles Diggs resigns from House after yesterday's rejection by Supreme Court of his appeal of conviction for taking payroll kickbacks.....At United Auto Workers convention in California, head of Japanese auto union agrees that his country's car exports to U.S. should be reduced.....State officials in Washington ask military air command to resume search and rescue operations for those missing after Mt. St. Helens eruption.....Tehran newspaper says hostages will not be freed before U.S. elections in November.....Soyuz cosmonauts return to Earth after linkup with Salyut 6 orbiting space station.....General Motors opts not to include air bags in new cars.....Tornados reported in Pittsburgh suburbs and elsewhere in Midwest.
Wednesday, 4 June 1980
Ronald Reagan is assured of Republican presidential nomination, Democrats worry about possible convention fight between President Carter and challenger Ted Kennedy.....Tornados rip through Grand Island, NE.....The eighth month of captivity begins for Americans held hostage in Iran.....Rogue U.S. delegation led by former Attorney General Ramsey Clark meets with Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr.....Terrorists attack Iranian embassy in Kuwait.....Terrorists strike Iraqi embassy in Rome.....House of Representatives defeats gasoline fee; Senate expected to do likewise by a veto-proof margin.....An investigation into last night's explosion in the Statue of Liberty museum is underway; Palestinian Liberation Army, National Socialist Movement and FALN all claim responsibility.....United Auto Workers reelect Douglas Fraser president.....Chase Manhattan and Morgan Guaranty cut prime lending rate.....Martha Coleman agrees to take lie detector test as investigation into shooting of Urban League President Vernon Jordan continues.....Hockey superstar Gordie Hower announces his retirement.....Maryland racing commission finds Codex the legitimate winner of the Preakness.....A transatlantic tall ships race starts today.
Thursday, 5 June 1980
Sen. Ted Kennedy says he will continue candidacy after meeting with President Carter in White House.....Ronald Reagan meets former President Gerald Ford at Rancho Mirage, CA.....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson criticizes Democratic national committee for trying to keep him off state ballots.....Carter vetos legislation repealing his gasoline fee.....NORAD computer malfunctions, indicates U.S. is under attack, causing Strategic Air Command alert.....Ramsey Clark reportedly agrees to help Iran form a commission to document U.S. "crimes" against that country.....In Tehran, demonstrators call for spy trial of American hostages unless Shah is returned.....UN Security Council condemns Israeli attack on Palestinian bases in southern Lebanon today, as well as recent attacks on Palestinian West Bank mayors.....Soviet Union launches Soyuz T2 to link up with Salyut 6 space station.....Wanda Brandstetter indicted on charges of trying to bribe an Illinois state legilsator regarding ERA vote.....Former Secretary of State Cyrus Vance criticizes Carter's foreign policy during commencement address at Harvard.
Friday, June 6
Congress overrides President Carter's veto of legislation repealing gasoline fee.....Justice Dept. calls for dismissal of further charges against former Office of Management and Budget Director Bert Lance.....Garland, TX evacuated following toxic spill caused by train derailment.....Sixty Cuban refugees who participated in recent riot at Ft. Chaffee, AR are taken to a Texas detention center.....An airliner crashes at Vnukava Airport near Moscow.....UN Security Council postpones resolution condemning South African government for apartheid policies.....Iranian Foreign Minister Sadegh Ghotzbadeh dismisses idea of spy trials for American hostages held in Tehran.....Rebels opposing Soviet occupation forces in Afghanistan reportedly preparing for major offensive in vicinity of Kabul.....Senate committee hears testimony about new ailment called toxic shock syndrome.....Campaign of independent presidential candidate John Anderson wins court case regarding reduced postage rates presently enjoyed by Democratic and Republican candidates.....The USSR and Peoples' Republic of China enter into new trade agreement.....Bjorn Borg defeats John McEnroe to win Wimbledon trophy.
Saturday, 7 June 1980
President Carter orders Justice Dept. to begin deportation proceedings against known criminals among Cuban refugees.....Fidel Castro reportedly considering sending 100 more boatloads of refugees to Florida, including many convicts removed from prisons.....NORAD computer malfunctions for second time in recent days.....Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti asks for investigation of former attorney general, Ramsey Clark, and nine other Americans who violated ban on travel to Iran.....Israeli troops clash with Palestinian forces.....Sen. Robert Byrd says Senate will not vote on SALT II this year.....Martha Coleman said to have passed lie detector test in connection with recent shooting of black leader Vernon Jordan; authorities still unable to find motive for shooting.....New Hebrides Islands requests British and French troops to put down rebellion on island of Espiritu Santo; Reuters reports rebellion is financed by American named Mike Oliver, who has employed mercenaries.....Nationwide counterfeiting of designer blue jeans is reported.....Tonight Show host Johnny Carson is released from hospital after blocked leg artery is cleared.....Historic Livestock Exchange in Oklahoma City is destroyed by fire.....Temperance Hill wins Belmont Stakes, with Genuine Risk coming in second.
Sunday, 8 June 1980
World price of oil expected to rise following tomorrow's OPEC meeting in Algiers; Saudi Arabia reportedly opposed to $32/bbl price.....President Carter expected to propose new standby gas rationing plan.....Preparing to return to U.S. Ramsey Clark says his visit to Iran had positive impact on hostage crisis.....Three Cubans who escaped from Ft. Chaffee, AR arrested today on burglary charges.....Marathon Oil offshore gas drilling rig in Gulf of Mexico suffers explosion and fire.....Carter proposes meeting in Washington between Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli leader Menachem Begin to restart Palestinian autonomy talks.....Number of Vietnamese boat-people arriving in Hong Kong today said to be the largest this year.....Pacific Northwest said to be facing major power shortage due to failure to complete nuclear power plants.....Giant sink hole near Wink, TX growing rapidly, threatens oilfield.....Carter, Ronald Reagan and John Anderson all scheduled to address conference of mayors in Seattle.....American author Henry Miller (Tropic of Cancer) dies.....Bjorn Borg defeats Vitas Gerulaitis to win French Open tennis tourney.....South African Sally Little wins Ladies Professional Golfers' Association championship.
Monday, 9 June 1980
President Carter tours area of Miami hard hit by recent rioting; black leaders criticize president for tardiness in visiting.....OPEC ministers meeting in Algeria hope to agree on unified price for oil.....U.S. has record gasoline supplies.....Argentina and Australia have agreed to take some of the Cuban refugees currently in U.S., says Secretary of State Edmund Muskie.....Urban League President Vernon Jordan undergoes surgery as result of recent shooting.....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson criticizes Carter administration's urban policy at mayor's conference in Seattle.....Carter presents 14 Freedom Medals at White House ceremony, recipients include Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, Adminral Hyman Rickover and John Wayne.....Heavy fighting reported in Afghanistan between rebels and Soviet troops.....Soyuz cosmonauts leave Salyut 6 space station and return to Earth.....Egypt accepts Carter's invitation to resume Palestinian autonomy talks with Israel in Washington, DC.....Italy's Communist Party losing ground to Christian Democrats and Socialists in current election.....Earthquake strikes the Mexicali Valley in Mexico.
Tuesday, 10 June 1980
Prime Minister Menachem Begin dismisses U.S. warning that Israeli settlements in occupied territories jeopardize Palestinian autonomy talks.....Comedian Richard Pryor in serious condition after suffering extensive burns while freebasing cocaine.....President Carter visit mayor's conference in Seattle and tornado-damaged area of Nebraska; calls for prosecution of Ramsey Clark for attending Iran's "Crimes of America" conference; Carter prevents rival Ted Kennedy from speaking at conference on same day he appears there.....OPEC meeting in Algiers ends with agreement on minimum oil price.....Nuclear Regulatory Agency approves venting of radioactive krypton gas at Three Mile Island nuclear plant.....Senate votes to end filibuster on Carter's draft registration plan.....Highway Traffic Safety Administration asks General Motors to recall 1979 station wagons due to fire hazard.....The American Wing of New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art will open this week.
Wednesday, 11 June 1980
Government threatens Ford Motor Co. with largest recall in automobile history due to faulty automatic transmission in cars manufactured between 1972-1979.....Government is also investigating General Motors station wagons for reported defects in rear window.....Japan's Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira dies.....White House announces resumption of Egypt-Israel talks on Palestinian autonomy.....Iran's minister of state calls for spy trials for American hostages held in Tehran.....White House chief of staff Hamilton Jordan resigns post to work full-time with Carter reelection campaign.....Iran, Kuwait, Qatar and Venezuela raise oil prices.....Terrorists kill two Libyans in Italy after expiration of deadline Muammar Qadhafi set for Libyans living abroad to come home.....Pan Am fires pilot Ron Hay, whose allegations led to FAA investigation into alleged improper maintenance procedures.....Fred Astaire and jockey Robyn Smith acquire marriage license.
Thursday, 12 June 1980
Senate approves funds for President Carter's draft registration program; ACLU mounts court challenge against program because it excludes women.....Air Force is staging massive mock war exercise named "Red Flag" in Vermont.....Ford Motor Co. refutes government charges regarding faulty transmissions in 16 million vehicles.....White House provides plane for transfer of black leader Vernon Jordan to New York City to continue recovery from shooting and subsequent surgery.....Common Market nations begin summit conference in Venice; Red Brigades threaten violence.....Rival religious/political factions in Tehran clash near U.S. embassy.....Carter sends standby gas rationing plan to Congress.....House passes legislation strengthening enforcement of fair housing law.....Federal Reserve Board lowers its discount rate.....U.S. Army military police crack down on drug rings in West German bases.....Special task force is announced to deal with processing of large number of recent Cuban refugees.....Revolt on two New Hebrides islands reported, allegedly supported by wealthy American seeking tax shelter.....Speaker of the Texas House Billy Clayton and three others indicted on racketeering charges stemming from FBI Brilab operation.....Actor Milburn Stone of TV's Gunsmoke dies.
Friday, 13 June 1980
Mt. St. Helens in Washington state erupts for third time; Portland, OR tries to deal with severe ash fallout.....European Common Market summit in Venice ends today with resolution to increase involvement in Mideast peace process and inclusion of PLO in negotiations; Secretary of State Edmund Muskie says PLO must recognize Israel first.....Volkswagen recalls diesel-powered Rabbits and Dashers.....Rep. John Jenrette is third member of Congress indicted due to FBI Abscam operation.....Ship God's Mercy, filled with Cuban refugees and captained by two Episcopalian priests, arrives in Key West, where crew is arrested.....UN Security Council condemns South Africa's apartheid policies, calls for release of Nelson Mandela.....UK expels head of Libyan mission in London due to his involvement in plot to assassinate Libyans living there.....Michele Sindona sentenced today for her part in 1976 collapse of Franklin National Bank.....Democratic chairman John White denies charges that Democratic party is trying to keep independent presidential candidate John Anderson off state ballots.
Saturday, 14 June 1980
Sen. Ted Kennedy tells Americans for Democratic Action that he will continue fighting for Democratic presidential nomination.....Ayatollah Khomeini announces a cultural revolution is taking place in Iran.....AT&T appeals antitrust fine levied by Chicago judge for unfair business practices with regard to MCI complaint.....A dedication ceremony for largest flag in the world is held today; flag will fly from Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in New York harbor.....Pittsburgh-Corning makes out-of-court settlement with 22 shipyard workers who claimed exposure to asbestos gave them lung disease.....George Bush, Howard Baker, John Connally and Robert Dole attend Republican unity dinner in Los Angeles.....Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar said to be actively seeking place on Republican ticket with Ronald Reagan.....Michigan National Corporation seizes $900,000 in Chrysler deposits, fearing the auto company will not be able to repay loans.
Sunday, 15 June 1980
KKK held rally last night as six former members of the Klan and Nazi party go on trial for the murder of five members of the American Communist Party in Greensboro, NC.....Israel and the PLO reject European Common Market peace proposal.....Cigarette smoke reportedly a factor in lung disease suffered by coal miners.....Rising unemployment in U.S. has led to increased enlistments in armed forces.....Killer whales damage several yachts involved in race from Plymouth, England to Newport, RI.....Home of former president Dwight Eisenhower in Gettysburg, PA now open to tourists.....UPI survey shows Ronald Reagan has lead over President Carter in presidential race.....Neutron therapy said to be successful in treating some forms of cancer.....Jack Nicklaus wins U.S. Open golf tournament.
Monday, 16 June 1980
Violence occurs outside courtroom where murder trial of six Ku Klux Klan members begins today in Greensboro, NC; Communist Workers party says defendants conspired with government to commit the murders they are charged with.....Police and demonstrators clash in Soweto, South Africa.....Tripuri tribesmen massacre Bangladesh residents in Mandai, India.....Jordan's King Hussein arrives in Washington to discuss Mideast peace with President Carter.....Adib Douby, Iran's envoy to UN, says American hostage crisis could possibly end soon.....Forest fire ignited by plane crash rages out of control in Colorado's Roosevelt National Park.....Vulcanologists note growing lava dome on Mt. St. Helens.....U.S. Supreme Court rules today regarding patents on lab-created life forms.....Attempts by handful of Palestinian guerrillas to raid Israel's coast thwarted by Israeli troops.....Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper said to be threatened by crack in wall of Santa Maria della Grazia monastery in Milan.....Rocket scientist Gerald Bull and a retired U.S. army colonel are on trial in Vermont for smuggling arms to South Africa.
Tuesday, 17 June 1980
U.S. confirms it is reviewing Saudi Arabian request for advanced equipment for F-15 warplanes sold to them two years ago; Israel strongly objects to any future sales.....FDA approves new drug, Ritodrine, designed to prevent premature births.....Survey shows lack of consumer confidence in economy.....Police ban foreign journalists as racial unrest continues in South Africa.....Two days having passed without arrival of new Cuban refugees in Florida leaves officials hopeful that boatlift is over.....California Governor Jerry Brown halts execution of dog sentenced to death in owner's will.....Long meeting between President Carter and Jordan's King Hussein apparently brings the two no closer to agreement on Mideast peace; Hussein opposed to Camp David Accords.....U.S. cruise missiles deployed at Molesworth and Greenham Common airbases in England.....Mafia boss Carlos Marcello indicted on charges stemming from FBI's Brilab operation.....Florida suspends license of pilot of freighter that collided with Sunshine Skyway last month.....Harper's magazine will fold after its August issue.
Wednesday, 18 June 1980
U.S. calls on South Africa to exercise restraint during worst race riots in years; South African police ordered to shoot to kill.....Talks between President Carter and Jordan's King Hussein end with latter insisting that Palestinians be given right to self-determination.....Carter leaves tomorrow on European trip including visits to Spain, Portugal and Italy and attendance of economic summit in Venice; Italian government steps up security efforts in response to threats by the Red Brigades to disrupt summit.....Reps. John Murphy and Frank Thompson indicted on charges stemming from FBI's Abscam sting.....Democratic party platform to call for national health insurance, but committee can't decide between rival plans proposed by Carter and Sen. Ted Kennedy.....Senate to investigate why gas prices are going up while gasoline consumption is on the decline.....House Ways & Means Committee approves legislation to fund cleanup of toxic waste sites.....In Iran, apparent plot by militant Moslems to overthrow President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr is reported.....In Afghanistan, President Babrak Karmal allegedly attempts suicide.....Possible collapse of Chrysler Corp. is reported due to delay in government aid resulting from reluctance of banks to participate in loan package.....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson gives pro-ERA speech to Jaycees' national convention.....Right-wing militants loot U.S. consulate in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
Thursday, 19 June 1980
President Carter arrives in Italy with Secretary of State Edmund Muskie and national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, calls for European unity in opposing Soviet aggression.....ERA defeated last night in vote by Illinois legislature.....House approves emergency spending bill.....Meeting with Republican congressmen, Ronald Reagan says he is still undecided about a running mate.....The Olympic flame, lighted in Greece, begins its journey to Moscow.....Carter overrules Nuclear Regulatory Commission and orders shipment of nuclear fuel to India in spite of that country's refusal to abide by international safeguards for nuclear facilities; House veto of sale is expected.....U.S. to sell M-60 tanks to Jordan, while Jordan's King Hussein urges U.S. to support an independent Palestinian state.....Chief of Naval Operations calls for return to peacetime draft.....Projected decline in Gross National Product for 2nd quarter of 1980 said to be worst since World War II.....A crack is discovered in Idaho dam constructed by Corps of Engineers; no evacuation plan for residents down-river exists.....The Highway Trust Fund, financed by gasoline sales, is in the red for first time in history due to declining gas consumption.....Senate approves energy bill including development of synthetic fuels.....Bomb explosion in St. George's, Grenada thought to be attempt on life of socialist leader Maurice Bishop.....Spanish navy seizes Greenpeace vessel and arrests crew for interfering with whaling operations.....Dept. of Health & Human Services reports increased drug use in the U.S.....34 die in clash between police and demonstrators in Capetown, South Africa.
Friday, 20 June 1980
Department of Agriculture says U.S. grain exporters with overseas subsidiaries can sell to USSR in spite of President Carter's grain embargo.....Six senators ask Carter to reject Saudi Arabian request for equipment to enhance their F-15 warplanes.....Ford Motor Co. closes Mahwah, NJ plant, one of the largest auto assembly facilities in the world, and asks suppliers to cut prices.....Banks that had refused to participate in Chrysler bailout agree to go along with plan.....Troops arrive in Port Elizabeth, South Africa to protect industrial sites from demonstrators striking for better wages.....Carter asks for new legislation defining permanent status of Cuban and Haitian refugees.....Energy Dept. proposes making home appliances more energy efficient.....New underground geysers reported in Spirit Lake, adjacent to Mt. St. Helens.....Carter receives renewed support from Italian government for deployment of American nuclear weapons in Europe.....Roberto Duran wins World Boxing Council's welterweight championship in Montreal bout with Sugar Ray Leonard.

Roberto Duran vs. Sugar Ray Leonard,
June 20, Montreal

Saturday, 21 June 1980
In Italy, President Carter meets with Pope John Paul II, visits the Sistine Chapel, and takes a boat tour of Venice.....Carter and West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt say they are in agreement about nuclear weapons deployment in Europe.....South Korean government claims it sank a North Korean spy ship.....Suspicion that Republican national headquarters has been bugged arises when private electronic expert finds suspicious wires; FBI finds evidence inconclusive.....Kennedy supporters express opposition to Democratic party platform because it does not address wage-price controls and federal jobs program.....Treasury Secretary William Miller says U.S. inflation rate will be in single digits by year's end.....Carter said to be facing growing pressure for tax relief.....A Delta airliner lands at MacDill AFB instead of Tampa International Airport by mistake.....Panamanians celebrate victory of fello countryman and boxing champ Roberto Duran, declare Monday a national holiday.
Sunday, 22 June 1980
USSR announces partial withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.....Pro-American Liberal Democratic Party favored to win Japanese parliamentary elections held today.....Numerous Marines treated at San Diego Hospital for food poisoning.....In Israel, Prime Minister Menachem Began plans to move offices from West to East Jerusalem (Arab sector) despite protests by U.S., UN and Arabs.....American Indian Kateri Tekakwitha, known as "Lily of the Mohawks," is beatified by Pope John Paul II.....Economic summit in Venice expected to address inflation as the world's #1 problem.....In the Soviet Union, Alexander Nilov is put on trial for spying for the CIA.....Suspect in shooting incident at First Baptist Church in Daingerfield, TX is identified as Alvin Lee King.....American track & field trials begin in Eugene, OR.....Demonstrators in London protest cruise missile deployment in Britain; rally said to be largest antinuclear protest seen in England since the 1960s.....Police search Republican national headquarters and find no evidence of wiretapping.
Monday, 23 June 1980
Venice economic summit ends with allied disunity on political matters related to Afghanistan, Iran and the Mideast, but Western alliance agrees on plan to reduce dependency on imported oil.....U.S. intelligence says partial Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan merely an effort by Russians to streamline forces.....Confrontation between supporters of President Carter and Sen. Ted Kennedy at Democratic Party national platform committee meeting occurs over nuclear power.....Liberal Democratic Party wins parliamentary elections in Japan.....Vietnamese troops stationed in Cambodia raid border villages and clash with Thai forces.....In India, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's son Sanjay is killed in plane crash.....Israeli police clash with Palestinian demonstrators on West Bank.....In Jamaica, government of Prime Minister Michael Manley arrests opposition leader and some army officers charged with coup conspiracy.....White House pushes for congressional acceptance of standby gas rationing plan.....Morgan Guaranty and Southwest Bank of St, Louis lower prime interest rate.....Birth of fourth test tube baby announced today.....Panama welcomes home boxing champ Roberto Duran with celebration.....David Smart and Gerry Banning attempt to climb world's highest structure, Toronto's CN Tower.....Feud with Mayor Jane Byrne results in eviction of Chicago Tribune from city hall press room.
Tuesday, 24 June 1980
President Carter visits Belgrade, praises Yugoslavia's nonaligned status.....Fighting continues on Cambodia-Thailand border between Thai and Vietnamese troops; Vietnamese-backed government in Phnom Penh warns Thailand to stop repatriating refugees to Cambodia.....Funeral of Sanjay Gandhi takes place today in India.....New Webster;s dictionary lists Ronald Reagan as next president.....CBS/New York Times poll shows Reagan preferred over Carter.....Chrysler receives federal loan guarantee.....Senate approves halting of interest-free student loans.....Cost of living reportedly increased in May, while gas prices declined.....Democratic Party platform is completed, said to be a Carter document.....FBI plans to question John Larry Ray, brother of James Earl ray (convicted killer of Martin Luther King, Jr.) in shooting of National Urban League President Vernon Jordan.....Last night's fire in Park Avenue office building spurs debate over safety in highrise structures.....Winning $500,000 Hollywood Cup, Affirmed becomes first racehorse to win $2 million.
Wednesday, 25 June 1980
President Carter visits Spain, first U.S. president to do so since death of Francisco Franco; visit said to underscore American support for Spain's democratic government.....Basque separatists set off bombs in Alicante prior to Carter's arrival.....A two-day NATO meeting begins in Turkey.....China (PRC) warns Vietnam about its troops conducting raids into Thailand; fighting continues along Thailand-Cambodia border.....Anti-Vietnam demonstrations occur as Vietnamese foreign minister arrives in Bangkok....Carter administration accelerates delivery of tanks and other military equipment to Thailand.....Secretary of State Edmund Muskie urges USSR to use its influence with Vietnam to stop the fighting.....Ronald Reagan's proposed 30% tax cut endorsed by Republicans on Capitol Hill.....White House staff said to be working on alternative tax cut plan.....Reagan says he won't announce running mate until July.....Some Republicans express opposition to plan for Henry Kissinger to give first major speech at Republican convention.....Sen. Ted Kennedy criticizes Carter-dominated Democratic platform committee.....House votes final approval of Carter's draft registration proposal.....House Agriculture Committee critical of Carter's grain embargo against USSR.....Rep. John Jenrette wins South Carolina primary in spite of Abscam scandal.....Traffic control computer at Chicago's O-Hare International Airport still malfunctioning after six days.....Philip Weld sailing Moxie wins transatlantic boat race.....Asbestos is discovered in the offices of Consumer Products Safety Commission.....In Hollywood, an exhibit commemorates Gene Autry's 50-year show business career.
Thursday, 26 June 1980
NATO meeting in Turkey concludes as foreign ministers condemn Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and discuss aid to rebels there.....House gives final approval to synthetic fuel program.....Nuclear Regulatory Commission refuses to halt venting of radioactive krypton gas scheduled to begin Saturday at Three Mile Island nuclear plant.....President Carter expected to approve emergency shipment of weapons to Thailand.....The Vatican condemns euthanasia.....FDA panel okays distribution of synthetic marijuana to cancer patients.....ACLU files suit against draft registration plan on grounds of sex discrimination.....Atlanta court denies convicted murderer Jack Potts' appeal of death sentence scheduled for Tuesday; New Orleans court rejects ACLU appeal to prevent execution.....President Valery Giscard d'Estaing admits France has tested neutron bomb components.....House opposes Carter's plan to sell nuclear fuel to India.....Record-breaking high temperatures recorded for fourth straight day in Dallas-Ft.Worth area as heat wave hammers Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.....Reagan campaign begins running mate search by meeting with Sens. Howard Baker and Richard Lugar, former Treasury Secretary William Simon.....Pro- and anti-KKK members clash at Detroit city council meeting.....Congress votes against tax cut proposed by Ronald Reagan and Republicans on The Hill, Democrats say they will introduce tax relief plan in September.....Forest fires blaze in Utah in Colorado.....Rolls Royce autos sold in U.S. since 1975 recalled due to catalytic converters.
Friday, 27 June 1980
Sen. Ted Kennedy said to be filing challenge to proposed Democratic party platform.....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson succeeds in bid to be placed on Massachusetts ballot.....U.S. government will begin Laetrile tests on cancer patients next week.....President Carter signs draft registration bill into law.....Two Red Cross workers and two American photographers reported missing along Thailand-Cambodia border.....Soviets halt partial troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.....Kenya will give U.S. military increased access to air and sea facilities.....Barbara Timm, mother of American hostage in Iran, enroute to Paris seeking visa for second visit with son.....Drought continues in Montana, Minnesota, Wyoming and the Dakotas, compared to Dust Bowl days of the 1930s.....General Motors and Ford announce more layoffs; unemployment level threatens to bankrupt UAW's supplemental income fund.....Federal government announces programs to assist in rebuilding riot-damaged areas of Miami.....BBC musicians protest British government's plan to eliminate some regional orchestras.....White House requests meeting with Democratic congressional leaders regarding tax cut.....House rejects Carter's proposed energy mobilization board.....Link between toxic shock syndrome and women's use of tampons suggested by Center for Disease Control.....Worst heat wave in Texas history turns deadly.....Largest forest fire in Colorado history continues to burn.....Trade deficit for May increased as U.S. exports declined.....In Egypt, Shah of Iran hospitalized due to worsening of cancer.....Vietnam denies Defense Department claim that large number of bodies of American MIAs are located in Hanoi.
Saturday, 28 June 1980
President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr says U.S. is trying to use hostage crisis to topple Iran's government.....Italia DC-9 passenger jet reported to have crashed into Tyrrhenian Sea as it prepared to land at Palermo airport; some suspect bomb was on board.....Campaigning in Utah, Ronald Reagan meets with Mormon leaders and Osmond family of performers.....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson says tax plans of Reagan and President Carter are inflationary.....Actress/politician Helen Gahagan Douglas dies.....Fourteen European nations say they will not use flags or anthems at Moscow Olympics in protest of Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.....Federal appeals court stays execution of convicted murderer Jack Potts in Georgia, pending appeal.....Wild moose cause problems in city limits of Waterville, ME.....Doctors at Boston city hospital go on strike.....Meeting with foreign ministers of southeast Asian nations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Secretary of State Edmund Muskie pledges U.S. assistance to Thailand in its conflict with Vietnam-backed government of Cambodia.....Fred Astaire weds jockey Robyn Smith.....Comedian Richard Pryor taken off critical list in Sherman Oaks, CA hospital.
Sunday, 29 June 1980
Iranian officials say American hostage Michael Moellar will be tried on charge that he seduced an Iranian woman; woman was murdered by brother to save family's honor.....Two American photographers and two Red Cross officials released by Vietnamese forces after four days of captivity along Thailand-Cambodia border.....President Carter signs into law bill authorizing development of synthetic fuels.....Fire burns out of control in Colorado's White River National Forest.....Tornado strikes children's section of zoo in Baltimore, MD.....15-year-old Andrea Jaeger is youngest player ever to be seeded at Wimbledon tennis tourney.....Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr admits Iran is being hurt by economic boycott.....Two American physicians arrive in Cairo to join team of French and English doctors attending ailing Shah of Iran.....Test venting of radioactive krypton gas at Three Mile Island nuclear plant hlated due to false alarm; venting is resumed.....Former Alabama Governor George Wallace hospitalized in Portland, OR.....Second quarter loss worst in U.S. auto industry history.
Monday, 30 June 1980
U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholds Hyde Amendment curtailing federally funded abortions; ruling expected to put pressure on states not to pay for abortions in future.....Supreme Court also rules on payment to Sioux tribe for taking of land by government in 19th century.....In third week of deadly heat wave, Dallas, TX makes special arrangements for utility customers due to electric bills.....UN Security Council condemns Israel's attempt to annex Jerusalem for its capital; U.S. abstains.....Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin suffers heart attack.....West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt arrives in Moscow to discuss nuclear weapons in Europe and other matters with Leonid Brezhnev.....Pope John Paul II arrives in Brazil; Vatican concerned over priests' involvement in Brazilian politics.....Soviet diplomat accused of espionage is ordered out of Iran.....Shah of Iran undergoes surgery in Cairo today.....Declining membership main topic at NAACP meeting in Miami.....Catholic scholar claims Shroud of Turin the authentic burial cloth of Jesus.....Carter administration announces summer job program aimed at alleviating high urban unemployment.....Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria and Algeria raise oil prices.....Andrea Jaeger defeats Virginia Wade at Wimbledon to become youngest quarter finalist ever.....Head of Egypt's air defense system says U.S. will supply Egypt with Hawk missiles.....Vigdis Finnbogadottir becomes Iceland's first woman president.