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The Daily News - July 1980
[NOTE: Some of the events described in a day's news may have occurred on the previous day.]

Bjorn Borg wins Wimbledon title, July 5

Tuesday, 1 July 1980
Heat wave continues in Southwest; heat-related deaths reported in Dallas County, Texas; windstorm strikes Salt Lake City, UT.....Drought worsens in the Dakotas, wheat crops lost.....Common Cause files suit to stop independent groups from contributing to Ronald Reagan's campaign.....Independent candidate John Anderson formally announces his presidential candidacy.....Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (D-TX) and colleagues form task force to work with White House as Democrats speed up formulation of tax cut plan; President Carter said to be still reluctant to okay tax relief.....Sen. Ted Kennedy attends Carter's Rose Garden ceremony for signing bill to deregulate trucking industry.....Carter signs bill authorizing the setting aside of space on The Mall for a Vietnam vets memorial.....Municipal workers threaten strikes in New York City and Detroit, sites of upcoming Democratic and Republican conventions.....Social Security benefits are increased today.....Philadelphia court hears a sex discrimination case related to the draft.....Speech by West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt in Moscow censored due to his remarks on Afganistan and Soviet military buildup.....Kuwait, Algeria and Iraq increase oil prices.....Shah of Iran said to be improving following surgery.....Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark calls for congressional investigation into U.S. role in recent Iranian events.....House of Representatives votes to award U.S. Olympic athletes a gold medal due to boycott of Moscow Games.....New world record for mile (3:48.8) set today in Oslo, Norway by British runner Steve Ovett.....Chris Evert Lloyd defeats Andrea Jaeger at Wimbledon.
Wednesday, 2 July 1980
U.S.Supreme Court issues rulings on racial quotas for public works projects, the government's attempt to set more rigorous safety standards for workers exposed to carcinogen benzene, and opening courtrooms to press and public during criminal trials.....Senate subcommittee finds increased chance of accidental release of radiation at Three Mile Island nuclear plant.....Touring Miami's riot-torn areas, Sen, Ted Kennedy speaks at NAACP meeting and criticizes President Carter and Ronald Reagan for ignoring social programs.....Bus mechanics join Detroit municipal employees in strike.....New York Governor Hugh Carey is prepared to send in National Guard as police and fire personnel threaten to strike tomorrow.....Carter signs proclamation initiating draft registration.....The Senate approves the largest military procurement bill in history, including pay increases for personnel, development of MX missile and new bomber.....White House officials meet with Egyptian and Israeli representatives to attempt to revive Palestinian autonomy talks.....Fighting escalates between Thai and Vietnamese forces on Cambodian border.....Pope John Paul II visits slums of Rio de Janiero.....Analysts predict auto production this year will be lower than during 1975 recession.....Carter campaign asks Federal Election Commission to deny federal funds to Ronald Reagan because private committees raising funds for him are allegedly not independent.....Miami federal district judge rules the Immigration & Naturalization Service discriminated against Haitian refugees.
Thursday, 3 July 1980
President Carter campaigns against Republican tax cut proposal in California.....Death toll rises in Oklahoma and Arkansas due to continued heat wave.....Largest beer sales in Texas history said due to heat.....Tornados reported in Illinois and Indiana.....Twenty Romanians defect to Austria in a crop duster.....Detroit's workers continue to strike.....In Britain, 17 members of Parliament participate in charity parachute jump.....Federal Reserve Board is removing controls on credit and bank loans.....Failure of shutdown system at TVA's Browns Ferry plant leads Nuclear Regulatory Commission to order reactor test shutdowns at several other nuclear plants.....Soviet Union refuses to telecast U.S. ambassador's customary July 4th address to the Russian people.....Two men and two women reportedly stoned to death in Iran for sexual offenses.....New York businessman William Rosenberg confesses to role in Abscam bribery scheme involving Rep. Richard Kelly.....Pope John Paul II speaks out for workers' rights in Sao Paulo, where Brazilian government had broken metal workers' strike.....Chris Evert Lloyd defeats Martina Navratilova, Bjorn Borg beats Brian Gottfried in Wimbledon semi-finals......Gilbert Stuart's portraits of George and Martha Washington are unveiled at the Smithsonian.....First U.S. Seniors Golf Open is held.
Friday, 4 July 1980
Independence Day.....American hostages in Iran begin ninth month of captivity; special 53-hour vigil for hostages held at Prince of Peace Church in Jacksonville, FL.....Iranian students occupy their own embassy in Paris in protest against Foreign Minister Sadegh Ghotzbadeh.....Evonne Goolagong Cawley defeats Chris Evert Lloyd to win Wimbledon women's singles title; John McEnroe, beating Jimmy Connors, to face Bjorn Borg in men's final.....The luxury liner Leonardo da Vinci burns off Italian coast.....In Texas, Willie Nelson says his eighth Fourth of July Picnic festival will be the last.....In other July 4th festivities, the Beach Boys give concert on The Mall, riverboats Mississippi Queen and Delta Queen race, Cuban refugees play Air Force security in baseball game at Elgin AFB, FL....Presidential task force said to be recommending major cuts in foreign car imports.....Mayor Coleman Young threatens legal action as Detroit city workers remain on strike.....In Douglas, AZ, Patrick and Thomas Hanigan acquitted of charges that they kidnapped and murdered illegal aliens.....Kremlin announces it is willing to enter arms talks regarding nuclear weapons in Europe following visit by West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt.....Iranians demonstrate in Tehran in fabor of Ayatollah Khomeini's call for return to old lifestyles.....In South Korea, opposition leader Kim Dae Jong is charged with attempted overthrow of the government.
Saturday, 5 July 1980
President Carter conducts walking tour of hometown, Plains, GA.....Severe thunderstorms and tornados pummel the Midwest; tornado damage reported in Mt. Prospect, IL as well as South Bend and Elkhart, IN.....Strike of municipal workers in Detroit continues with Republican convention only nine days away.....Bjorn Borg defeats John McEnroe to win Wimbledon's singles title.....Women in Tehran demonstrate against new dress code invoked by ayatollahs.....Terrorist attack on home of American diplomat Richard Kinsman in Jamaica follows release of names of 15 CIA agents by journalist Louis Wolf; Kinsman identified as CIA's Jamaican station chief.....U.S. announces airlift of weapons to Thailand as Thai troops continue to clash with Vietnamese forces.....Carter says Soviet proposal to limit medium-range nuclear weapons in Europe is worth considering.....China (PRC) accuses Vietnam of escalating armed provocations along their mutual border.....Polish government agrees to higher wages following series of wildcat strikes by workers.....Shah of Iran returns to intensive care unit in Cairo hospital.....New drug, cyclosporin, reportedly helpful in reducing risk of organ transplant rejection, approved for adults only by FDA.....John and Tracy Austin become first brother-sister team to win Wimbledon mixed doubles title.
Sunday, 6 July 1980
President Carter receives letter from 14 senators asking that he seek reduction in auto imports to U.S. during his trip to Japan to attend memorial service for late Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira.....Bodies of 13 illegal aliens from El Salvador who were abandoned by smugglers in AZ desert are found.....Republicans in conflict over party platform regarding Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).....Carter and White House staff take on Billy Carter and newspeople in annual softball game held in Plains, GA.....Water rationing begins in Houston, TX as heat wave continues.....Cleveland, OH students still in school due to recent nine-week teachers' strike.....Working women in Iran are warned to abide by Islamic dress code or be fired.....Top three automakers in world now General Motors, Toyota and Nissan (Ford and Chrysler used to be 2nd and 3rd).....Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin said to be recovering from recent heart attack.....International relief agencies unable to get food to starcing Cambodians along Thai border due to conflict between Thailand and Vietnam.....National Park Service expected to restrict aircraft over Grand Canyon due to noise pollution.
Monday, 7 July 1980
Fire reported in industrial park in Perth Amboy, NJ; site said to contain toxic chemicals.....Destruction of cattle ranches, corn and beach crops in New Mexico announced due to heat wave.....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson criticizes foreign policies of President Carter and Ronald Reagan as he prepares to embark on trip to Europe and Mideast.....Departing for Japan, Carter says he will not discuss limiting car imports while overseas.....Federal authorities release fishing boats impounded in Florida because they were used in Cuban sealift; prosecution of boat owners to proceed.....In Detroit, Mayor Coleman Young threatens to arrest striking garbage collectors.....Shah of Iran said to be improving, but funeral arrangements, including work on tomb at Cairo mosque, proceed.....In Brazil, Pope John Paul II calls for improved conditions for the poor as he tours Salvador slum; his support of radical Bishop Helder Camara's civil rights work noted.....Valery Giscard d'Estaing's visit to West Germany is first by a French president in 18 years.....The Olympic flame arrives in the Ukraine.....Fighting along the Iran-Iraq border is reported.....Afghanistan's seven-man wrestling team defects to Pakistan.....USA's Shawn Weatherly crowned 29th Miss Universe.....Larry Homes KOs Scott LeDoux for heavyweight boxing title.
Tuesday, 8 July 1980
Consumer Price Index for June shows increase.....Pro-ERA forces defeated on Republican platform committee; subcommittee votes to strengthen party's opposition to abortion, supports constitutional amendment banning procedure.....John Hopkins Medical Center announces new nonsurgical diagnosis of lung cancer, using CAT scan.....In Japan, President Carter meets with Chairman Hua Guofeng of China (PRC).....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson arrives in Israel to begin Mideast/Europe trip.....President Giscard d'Estaing and Chancellor Helmut Schmidt view joint French/West German military parade in Baden-Baden.....Army/Air Force exercise in Florida said to expose U.S. military shortcomings.....Britain's Leyland Ltd. says no more MG automobiles will be produced after this year.....Automakers in Detroit criticize Carter for not doing more to help struggling industry.....Fire at American Standard factory is largest in New Orlean's history.....Cathlyn Wilkerson, wanted by FBI for 10 years because of her involvement in Weatherman bombing in New York City (1970), surrenders to authorities.....National League wins 51st All-Star Game, 4-2, in Dodger Stadium.
Wednesday, 9 July 1980
Carter and Kennedy forces clash in Democratic convention r ules committee regarding representation for women and homosexuals in party structure.....President Carter attends funeral services in Japan for Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira; makes courtesy call on Emperor Hirohito.....China (PRC) confirms it shelled Vietnam last week as tension escalated along border.....Seven people die as crowd rushes to see Pope John Paul II in Brazil.....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson meets with Israeli opposition leader Shimon Peres.....Severe thunderstorms reported in the Midwest.....Recommendation of U.S.Commission on Civil Rights that government end unlawful police conduct stems from acquittal of four white Miami police officers in death of black businessman.....Republican party co-chairperson Mary Crisp resigns under pressure due to her pro-ERA, anti-Ronald Reagan stance.....Ford and Toyota announce possibility of joint venture to manufacture small cars in U.S......Study shows water supply for Long Island comes from industrial pollution sites.....Federal Home Loan Bank says home mortgage rate decreased in June.....Factions of Christian militia clash in Lebanon.....MacArthur Foundation and Atlantic Richfield Foundation buy Harper's magazine.....Health & Human Services proposes bill of rights for nursing home residents.....Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin says there will be ten more Jewish settlements on West Bank.

Reagan and Bush at 1980
Republican Convention, Detroit

Thursday, 10 July 1980
Hostage Richard Queen, U.S. vice-consul, ordered released by Ayatollah Khomeini due to his illness; hostage Victor Tomseth accused of being a CIA agent.....Ronald Reagan said to be considering George Bush, Paul Laxalt, Richard Lugar, Howard Baker, Jack Kemp and several others as running mate.....Republican party platform completed, with conservative stance on abortion and ERA, and rejecting SALT II.....USSR says it may withdraw some troops from Europe if U.S. will do the same.....FDA reportedly considering limiting use of tranquilizers like Valium, said to be the most prescribed drug in U.S......Japan's Honda Motor Co. announces plan to build plant at Columbus, OH.....Squadron of U.S. F-4 Phantoms arrives in Egypt for joint maneuvers; first American combat unit deployed on Mideast soil in a decade.....Federal judge orders use of frozen Iranian assets to compensate U.S. firms.....In Israel, independent presidential candidate John Anderson supports Jewish settlement of West Bank and says PLO should acknowledge Israel's right to exist.....Jury holds Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Jan Schaffer in contempt for refusing to testify about her sources on Abscam sting; Schaffer ordered to jail until she complies; eight other reporters also refusing to testify.....Water is rationed throughout Oklahoma and Texas due to continued heat wave.
Friday, 11 July 1980
Hostage Richard Queen, thought to be suffering from neurological problems, arrives in Zurich; Queen's parents, accompanied by State Dept. physician, arrive in London enroute to meet their son.....State Dept. warns against optimism regarding the release of any other hostages held by Iran.....UAW president Douglas Fraser meets with conservative Republicans in Detroit, calls for tax break with purchase of fuel-efficient, American-made cars; Fraser says support for Reagan increasing among autoworkers due to rising unemployment.....Pope John Paul II concludes tour of Brazil with boat trip down Amazon River.....Britain's National Gallery pays record price for Ruben's "Samson & Delilah" at London auction.....Venting of radioactive krypton gas at Three Mile Island nuclear plant completed today.....Justice Dept. taking action against Petro Processors of Baton Rouge, LA for dumping of hazardous waste; charges filed against other chemical manufacturers, including Dow, Exxon, Shell Chemical and U.S.Steel.....Cathlyn Wilkerson, ex-Weatherman, arraigned on charges stemming from 1970 bomb explosion in Greenwich Village.....Northwest Airlines 727 hijacked at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.....Campaign headquarters of independent presidential candidate John Anderson in Baltimore reportedly broken into.....In Dallas, police find arsenal in apartment of PLO member who threatened to kill president; Secret Service searching for Majed Ahmad Khamis.....U.S. Geological Survey issues hazard watch on Oregon due to reports of volcanic activity at Mt. Hood.....League of Women Voters criticizes Republican party platform for its rejection of support for equal rights for women.
Saturday, 12 July 1980
Ex-hostage Richard Queen transferred from Zurich hospital to U.S. military hospital at Weisbaden, W. Germany.....Iranian soldiers arrested for alleged plot to overthrow Ayatollah Khomeini; plot blamed on U.S., Israel and Soviet Union.....Moderates George Bush and Howard Baker opposed by Republican right wing as possible running mates for presidential nominee Ronald Reagan; North Carolina delegation to Republican convention threaten to nominate Sen. Jesse Helms for VP if Reagan chooses a moderate.....Republican efforts to improve relations with black voters said to include hiring a consulting firm......Reagan proposes economic recovery program including moratorium on new government auto regulations, repeal of federal gasoline allocation rules, and tax breaks for small car production.....Group of Republican women attempting to organize convention floor fight on abortion issue.....Former president Gerald Ford disagrees with Republican party platform plank on ERA.....Reagan campaign said to be nearing federal spending limit.....Detroit's municipal workers end their strike.....Teamsters picket Detroit Free Press.....Mexican authorities arrest man said to be one of those responsible for deaths of 13 Salvadoran refugees in Arizona desert.....Federal Reserve board of governors says tax cut could be inflationary.....In Egypt, independent presidential candidate John Anderson meets with President Anwar Sadat.....Tremors reported in Oregon in vicinity of Mt. Hood.....Entire population of Stratford, IA ends 130-day diet contest between men and women; women proclaimed the victors
Sunday, 13 July 1980
George Bush says he's interested in VP spot on Republican ticket.....Ronald Reagan expected to need Democratic and independent voters, and so could pick a moderate for running mate.....Former president Gerald Ford says odds are 50-50 that election will be so close it will be decided in House of Representatives.....ERA rally held in Detroit.....Reagan agrees to meet pro-ERA Republican women on Thursday.....Michigan Governor William Milliken's limo is stolen from Detroit hotel parking lot.....Reagan supporters on Republican rules committee reportedly are trying to remove party chairman William Brock.....Controversy arises due to former association of Reagan's senior foreign policy adviser, Richard Allen, with Robert Vesco.....Over 600 people have been arrested in Iran for plotting to overthrow government of Ayatollah Khomeini; two Iranian officers fly to Ankara, Turkey and request asylum in U.S......Insecticide sprayed on nearby fields causes 250 people to collapse at carnival in Hollingwell, England.....Soviet newspaper accuses CIA of trying to disrupt Moscow Olympics.....Rival gangs in shootout at Cambodian refugee camp near Bangkok, Thailand; insurgency groups seize food meant for refugees.....Continued heat wave results in livestock emergency declared in Iowa.
Monday, 14 July 1980
Ronald Reagan arrives in Detroit as Republican convention officially opens; pro-ERA demonstration is held outside convention hall by National Organization of Women; opening session of convention features Pat Boone, Tanya Tucker and Glen Campbell.....George Bush releases his delegates and urges support of Reagan.....Reagan said to be considering Democratic Senator Henry Jackson as Secretary of State.....Richard Nixon arrives in Miami for vacation with wife Pat and daughter Jill Eisenhower.....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson meets with Chancellor Helmut Schmidt in W. Germany.....Rep. Charles Diggs loses last appeal of kickback conviction, is ordered to report to prison later in month.....George Wallace released from Portland, OR hospital after treatment with experimental painkiller DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide).....Missouri Governor Joseph Teasdale declares state of emergency due to heat wave; temperatures highest in state's history.....Heat wave said responsible for 500 deaths in nation, so far.....Sen. Ted Kennedy endorsed by International Union of Police Associations.....President Carter's brother Billy acknowledges he received money and gifts to act as Libyan agent, is forced to register as foreign agent to avoid Justice Dept. penalty.....Several people executed last night in Iran; majority of Iranian parliament calling for spy trials for American hostages.....High death toll reported in crash of Soviet airliner in USSR.
Tuesday, 15 July 1980
Gerald Ford reportedly declines offer to be Republican VP nominee in meeting with Ronald Reagan; Ford recommends George Bush.....Reagan meets with black Republicans and Henry Kissinger.....Arkansas declares state of emergency due to heat wave.....Missouri said to have the most heat-related deaths during current crisis.....President Carter approves funds to help poor survive heat wave in Midwest and Southwest.....Firefighters and paramedics strikes in Mobile, AL; National Guard called in to replace them.....Charles Dederich, founder of drug treatment center Synanon, pleads no contest to charges of 1978 attempted murder, using a rattlesnake, of attorney Paul Morantz.....Released American hostage Richard Queen said to have multiple sclerosis.....Zenko Suzuki is named Japan's new prime minister.....International Olympic Committee says it will raise American flag at Moscow Games closing ceremony; U.S. protests.....Arabs and E. European delegates stage walkout when Anwar Sadat's wife Jihan addresses UN conference on Decade of the Woman.....Billy Carter says he did nothing to help Libya; some Republicans call for congressional investigation of his ties with Libyan government.....Federal board approves additional loan guarantees for Chrysler Corporation.....England celebrates birthday of the Queen Mother.....Iran closes borders for 48 hours due to recent coup attempt.....First round of Palestinian autonomy talks between Egypt and Israel end today in Cairo with no sign of progress.....Majed Ahmad Khamis arraigned in San Francisco for threatening president's life.....Soviet troops in Afghanistan said to be suffering heavier casualties than Kremlin expected.....U.S. selling Britain Trident missiles for nuclear subs.
Wednesday, 16 July 1980
Republican party formally nominates Ronald Reagan as its presidential candidate at Detroit convention; Reagan denies offering Gerald Ford VP spot on ticket a second time; Reagan said to be reluctant to choose moderate George Bush as running mate.....Chicago Sun-Times announces a Reagan-Ford ticket.....Spanish ambassador to Moscow, Juan Antonio Samaranch, chosen to succeed Lord Killanin as president of International Olympic Committee.....Athletes from 29 nations participate in Liberty Bell Classic games at University of Pennsylvania, first of several events scheduled as alternative to Moscow Olympics.....Windstorm destroys trailer park in Eau Claire, WI, severe storm leaves many in Detroit without power.....China (PRC) expresses concern that U.S. would restore full diplomatic relations with Taiwan if Reagan is elected.....Secretary of State Edmund Muskie warns that Republican desire for nuclear superiority over USSR could start new arms race.....FBI investigates news leaks from White House; President Carter requests sworn affidavits from advisers.....Policemen join striking firefighters in Mobile, AL.....Sniper fired on Miami police in Liberty City section last night, five policemen hit.....Natural gas field discovered off coast of Norway.....Simulated nuclear accident scheduled at Three Mile Island plant today.....Japanese automakers say they will not reduce exports to U.S.
Thursday, 17 July 1980
Ronald Reagan gives acceptance speech at Republican national convention tonight; picks George Bush to be his running mate; Bush downplays ideological differences between himself and Reagan.....Campaigning in Florida, President Carter phones Reagan, challenges him to debates.....In London, independent presidential candidate John Anderson meets with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.....Federal judge orders Anderson's name placed on Ohio general ballot.....Disneyland celebrates its 25th anniversary.....President Lidia Gueiler reportedly seized during coup in Bolivia.....Florida National Guard called in to Liberty City section of Miami due to racial unrest and violence there.....Zenko Suzuki becomes prime minister of Japan.....
Friday, 18 July 1980
Released hostage Richard Queen arrives in U.S. today, welcomed by Secretary of State Edmund Muskie at Andrews AFB before proceeding to Georgetown University Hospital.....Attempted assassination of former Iranian Prime Minister Shahpour Baktiar, leader of opposition to Ayatollah Khomeini, reported in Paris.....President Carter reiterates support for ERA, ridicules Ronald Reagan's call for federal job freeze.....Outgoing International Olympic Committee President Lord Killanin criticizes Carter for boycott.....U.S. cuts off military and economic aid to Bolivia and recalls ambassador as three-man junta replaces deposed President Lidia Gueiler.....GNP drops in 2nd quarter as housing, auto sales and personal consumption decline.....Last Pinto to be manufactured by Ford comes off assembly line.....Federal appeals court in Philadelphia finds all-male draft registration plan unconstitutional.....Miami's riot-plagued Liberty City section is quiet today.....Welsh nationalists demonstrate during visit to Holyhead by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.....Fidel Castro and Yasser Arafat attend celebration of Nicaraguan revolution's first anniversary.....Iran lowers oil prices.....Chrysler lays off white-collar employees.....Olympic flame arrives in Moscow.....India launches its first orbiting satellite.....
Saturday, 19 July 1980
Intervention by Supreme Court Justice William Brennan allows draft registration to begin as scheduled on Monday, blocks lower court ruling that all-male draft is unconstitutional.....Opening ceremonies of 22nd Summer Olympics get underway in Moscow.....Afghan students and sympathizers demonstrate in Paris, London and Rome to protest Moscow Olympics.....Campaigning in Houston, TX, Ronald Reagan presents running mate George Bush with golden retriever puppy.....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson returns to U.S. after image-building trip to Mideast and Europe.....Accompanied by parents and brother, former hostage Richard Queen goes to White House to meet President Carter.....Carter presents Congressional Medal of Honor to World War II hero Lt. Col. Matt Urban.....Guards of Islam group claims responsibility for attempted assassination of Iran's former prime minister, Shahpour Baktiar.....Heat wave said to have claimed 1,100 lives in U.S.
Sunday, 20 July 1980
Five military officers convicted of plotting to overthrow Ayatollah Khomeini's government are executed in Iran.....In Nicaragua, Fidel Castro calls Ronald Reagan a threat to world peace.....Olympic Games begin in Moscow despite absence of over 60 nations due to boycott.....Afghan Olympic delegation lacking soccer team that sought asylum in W. Germany as well as basketball team that did likewise in Pakistan.....Feminist Tatyana Mamonova is expelled from the USSR.....Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi reportedly calls for oil boycott of U.S.; U.S. gets 1/3 of its imported oil from Libya.....Curfew lifted and National Guard withdrawn from Miami's Liberty City section.....Cuban stowaways arriving in Miami on freighter are to be returned to Costa Rica.....Hyannis Rose Parade in Massachusetts honors Rose Kennedy's birthday.....Tom Watson wins British Open golf tournament.....Heat wave continues in South and Southwest, seems to be spreading into Northeast.
Monday, 21 July 1980
A State Dept. reception is held for released hostage Richard Queen, who describes his captivity in Iran at a press conference.....Islamic fundamentalists in Iran criticize government of President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr; more military officers involved in plot against Khomeini are executed.....Draft registration begins today in U.S.; demonstrations for and against held in Kansas City, Chicago and Minneapolis.....Western journalists arrested while reporting demonstration by gay rights activist in Red Square.....At Moscow Olympics, Afghanistan's wrestling team ask western reporters for aid in getting asylum.....Nuclear Regulatory Commission discovers design defect in venting systems at several power plants.....Strike by Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of TV & Radio Artists in Hollywood.....Senate begins debate on bill that would protect vast areas of Alaska from development and oil drilling.....UN General Assembly begins emergency session on Palestinian question.....Continued heat wave now blankets much of U.S. from New York City to the Southwest.....Jean-Claude Droyer climbs Eiffel Tower in 2 hours 18 minutes.
Tuesday, 22 July 1980
Republicans sign resolution calling on President Carter to reveal all he knew about his brother's dealings with Libya; Senate and House call for complete investigation into "Billygate".....White House admits asking Billy Carter to use influence with Libya to help Americans held hostage in Iran.....Former hostage Richard Queen meets with relatives of 17 captives still held in Iran.....Anti-Khomeini activist Ali Akbar Tabatabai is assassinated in Maryland.....U.S. proposal to International Whaling Commission to end killing of whales for commercial purposes is voted down.....Delta Airlines jet hijacked to Cuba, then proceeds to Puerto Rico.....House Ways & Means Committee conducts hearings on tax relief.....Senate health subcommittee says fraud and waste in Medicare and Medicaid is widespread; FBI suggests organized crime is involved.....American Medical Association debates whether to instruct physicians not to participate in executions by lethal injection, now legal in four states.....Judge rules Texas law banning children of illegal aliens from public schools is unconstitutional.....Republican VP nominee George Bush accepts VP Walter Mondale's debate challenge....Five world records broken today at Moscow Olympics.
Wednesday, 23 July 1980
Senate Judiciary Committee joins investigation into Billy Carter's ties with Libya, including linkage to fugitive financier Robert Vesco; Chairman Ted Kennedy recuses himself due to his political contest with President Carter, as does Sen. Paul Laxalt, Ronald Reagan's campaign manager.....ABC/Harris poll shows Reagan leading Carter.....In Washington state, Mt. St. Helens erupts again.....Engineers enter reactor building at Three Mile Island nuclear plant for first time since 1979 accident.....Saudi Arabian newspaper says American hostages in Iran may be released soon.....FBI and local police arrest two men in connection with yesterday's murder of anti-Khomeini activist in Maryland, third man said to be still at large.....Three car bombs claim lives in Tehran.....Afghan education minister is assassinated in Kabul.....Press Association President Riad Taha murdered in Beirut.....Israel condemns UN General Assembly special session on Palestinian issue.....Prime Minister Menachem Begin casts vote in Knesset to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel; bill is approved by overwhelming margin.....Food and housing costs cause rise in Consumer Price Index for June.....Senate Finance Committee Chairman Russell Long predicts Senate vote for tax cut this year.....Ship collision on Mississippi River near New Orleans involves West German freighter carrying hydrobromic acid.
Thursday, 24 July 1980
Senate decides to investigate Billy Carter's dealings with Libya and extent of White House involvement, President Carter promises to cooperate fully.....Justice Dept. complains that White House did not provide information on Billy Carter's efforts with Libya on behalf of Charter Oil Co.....FEC approves federal campaign funds for Reagan after appeals court rejects Carter camp's claim that Reagan should be declared ineligible to receive funds.....Representatives for Carter and challenger Ted Kennedy meet to prepare convention schedule acceptable to both camps.....George Bush arrives in Los Angeles for campaign strategy sessions with Ronald Reagan.....Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker criticizes Carter administration's spending proposals for next year.....Assassin of Khomeini opponent in Maryland said to be member of militant group called Islamic Guerrillas of America.....General Motors and American Motors report record 2nd quarter losses.....Bethlehem Steel admits it bribed ship owners.....Authorities regain control after night of rioting at state penitentiary in Boise, Idaho.....Racial violence reported in Chattanooga, TN after acquittal of two KKK members and mild sentence for third in the shooting of four black women.....Comedian Richard Pryor released from Sherman Oaks, CA burn center, recovering from freebasing accident.....Palestinian hunger striker dies in Israeli prison.....More executions of those allegedly involved in plot against Khomeini government held in Iran.....At Moscow Olympics, Soviet gymnast Alexandre Dityatin is first male to earn perfect score in his event.
Friday, 25 July 1980
Attorney General Ben Civiletti changes story and says he talked to president about Billy Carter's ties with Libya.....A "Dump Carter" movement picks up steam among Democrats; Sen. Henry Jackson, VP Walter Mondale named as possible alternatives.....Secretary of State Edmund Muskie announces halt to all economic and military aid to Bolivia following coup there.....Iranian student, threatened with deportation after eating grape in West Virginia grocery store, found innocent of shoplifting charge.....Rep. Richard Kelly pleads not guilty to Abscam-related indictments for bribery and conspiracy.....Violence erupts again today at state penitentiary in Boise, ID.....Kansas asks federal government to declare state a disaster area due to heat wave and drought.....Another night of racial violence occurs in Chattanooga, TN following acquittal of two KKK members by all-white jury in shooting of four black women.....Violinist Helen Mintiks, a member of the Berlin Symphony, is murdered while leaving New York City's Metropolitan Opera House.....U.S. delegation walks out of UN debate on Palestinian issue.....Gymnast Nadia Comaneci wins gold medal at Moscow Olympics, as does Scotland's Alan Wells for 100-yard dash.
Saturday, 26 July 1980
Americans for Democratic Action, Kennedy supporters, call for resignation of Attorney General Ben Civiletti for his part in "Billygate"; White House says written statement will be released regarding President Carter's role in scandal.....Some Democrats, convinced that Carter cannot win reelection, call for "open" convention.....UPI says Reagan/Ford ticket did not happen because Ford wanted veto power on major appointments.....A deadly fire breaks out in Chicago's Union Station.....Derailment of train carrying vinyl chloride leads to evacuation of Muldraugh and Ft. Knox, KY.....Chattanooga, TN quiet after three nights of racial unrest due to acquittal of KKK members in shooting incident.....Cuban refugees housed in Orange Bowl ousted to make room for Miami Dolphins football team.....Britain's Daley Thompson wins gold medal in Moscow Olympics decathlon.....AP says USSR is sending more troops to Kabul, Afghanistan.....8 million said to be starving in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda.
Sunday, 27 July 1980
Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran, dies in Cairo; State Dept. uncertain how death will impact Iranian hostage situation; Ronald Reagan says Iran no longer has excuse for holding Americans hostage; Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr says Shah's death changes nothing.....Egyptian President Anwar Sadat says Shah will be given a state funeral.....Violence erupts between pro- and anti-Khomeini demonstrators in Washington DC.....In the Bahamas, Sens. Orrin Hatch and Dennis DeConcini interview fugitive financier Robert Vesco regarding his ties to Billy Carter.....Washington Post article claims Sen. James McClure and Rep. Steven Symms have close ties to Libya; spokesmen for both deny any payoffs were made.....Group of Democrats reportedly forming committee to draft Sen. Henry Jackson for president.....Boardinghouse fire in Bradley Beach, NJ kills 23.....Palestinian terrorist armed with grenade attacks Jewish children in Antwerp, Belgium, killing one.....Earthquake, its center near Cincinnati, OH, shakes eight states.
Monday, 28 July 1980
Richard Nixon says he will attend funeral of Shah of Iran; militants holding Americans in Iran say Shah's death will not lead to release of hostages.....Egyptian President Anwar Sadat offers to protect Shah's family indefinitely.....Iran demands Shah's assets, but Swiss government says wealth will be distributed among Pahlavi relatives according to will.....Committee formed by House Democrats calls for open convention in order to select a presidential nominee other than President Carter.....Sen. Dennis DeConcini says fugitive financier Robert Vesco claims responsibility for Billy Carter-Libyan connection, which was an effort to embarrass Carter administration.....Some American athletes announce intent to boycott White House reception following medal ceremony scheduled to honor them on Wednesday.....Labor Dept. says it will no longer do business with Prudential Insurance after company refuses to cooperate in hiring practices investigation.....FDA recommends decreased use of Darvon due to high rate of suicides associated with prescription drug.....Chrysler will reopen Jefferson Ave. plant, expects new K-car to save company.....2nd quarter losses by Ford Motor Co. said to be largest of any U.S. company in history.
Tuesday, 29 July 1980
President Carter says he will answer all questions regarding brother Billy's dealings with Libya.....Connecticut Governor Ella Grasso calls on Carter to release his pledged delegates, paving way for open Democratic convention.....ABC/Harris poll shows Carter's job approval rating lower than Richard Nixon's during Watergate scandal.....Shah of Iran's funeral takes place today in Cairo.....Pro-Shah demonstration takes place in London.....Storms and flooding result from state of Delaware's seeding clouds in attempt to help farmers afflicted by long drought.....Toxic fumes continue to escape from derailed train in Muldraugh, KY; entire town has been evacuated.....Massive explosion of illegal fireworks confiscated before July 5 occurs in San Diego.....USS Midway and Panamanian freighter collide near Philippines, casualties reported.....UN General Assembly adopts resolution giving Israel until November to withdraw from occupied territories; U.S. joins Israel in voting against resolution.....State Dept. criticizes Israeli move to formally annex eastern (Arab section) of Jerusalem).....Palestinian terrorists said to have failed in attempt to infiltrate Illinois by hot air balloon.....Illinois state attorney general is sentenced for income tax fraud.....Burros said to be a threat to Grand Canyon ecosystem.
Wednesday, 30 July 1980
Justice Dept. says Billy Carter lied about his first payment from Libya; documents reveal Billy received access to State Dept. cables from his brother, the president.....White House confirms president discussed cables with brother.....Libya reportedly sought aid from Billy Carter in acquiring C-130 transport planes embargoed by President Carter.....Capitol Hill ceremony honoring U.S. Olympic team is held today.....Polish athlete sets new pole vault record at Moscow Olympics.....Finland, Australia and East Germany charge Soviets with cheating during current Olympic Games.....Israeli Knesset formally declares all of Jerusalem the nation's capital.....Iranian exiles say U.S. is shipping oil industry parts to Iran via Britain.....Burning tanker cars in Muldraugh, KY are destroyed; residents evacuated last week following train derailment will be allowed to return home.....Hearing continues on case of 12-year-old Russian boy who wants to remain in U.S. even though his parents are returning to USSR.....Federal appeals court reverses conviction of ex-Green Beret Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald for murder occurring in 1970 at Ft. Bragg, NC.....First Amendment controversy arises in Idaho over state's confiscation of news videotape shot during recent prison riot.....Four escapees from Georgia's Death Row are recaptured.....Sunken treasure is discovered off Louisiana coast.....Vanuatu (New Hebrides) gains independence from Britain and France.
Thursday, 31 July 1980
Sen. Ted Kennedy meets with independent presidential candidate John Anderson; Anderson reportedly willing to withdraw from race if Democrats do not nominate President Carter.....Billy Carter denies he saw classified State Dept. cables or that he lied to Justice Dept. about payment from Libya.....Chrysler's 2nd quarter losses largest ever for U.S. automaker.....State Dept. approves delivery of jet engine parts to Iraq despite congressional objections that Iraq supports international terrorism.....Executions of those allegedly involved in plot to overthrow Khomeini government are continuing in Iran.....Zimbabwe's women's field hockey team wins gold medal at Moscow Olympics.....Boston study shows women whose mothers took hormone DES during pregnancy have high incidence of vaginal abnormalities.....U.S., UK and USSR announce tentative agreement on maintaining nuclear weapons tests.....Fatal ship collision occurs off coast of Nova Scotia.....Government postpones cancellation of contracts with Prudential Insurance after company agrees to give Labor Dept. data on its affirmative actions programs.....Waters in Gulf of Mexico said to be contaminated by toxic chemical PCP-12, spilled during recent ship collision.....U.S., Japan and West Germany agree to build synthetic fuel plant near Morgantown, WV.