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The Daily News - August 1980
[NOTE: Some of the events described in a day's news may have occurred on the previous day.]

Friday, 1 August 1980
President Carter refuses to release delegates for an open Democratic convention, presides over White House reelection rally.....Polls show House Democrats support an open convention.....Carter to hold press conference on "Billygate" scandal, and send written statement to Congress.....Billy Carter changes story regarding his seeing State Dept. cables about Libya.....Federal grand jury charges manager and superintendent of Galveston, TX grain elevator that exploded over two years ago, killing 18.....INS begins deportation proceedings against Iranians arrested last weekend during demonstration in Washington DC.....Khomeini supporters protest arrest of demonstrators, go on hunger strike in front of White House.....Passenger train derails enroute from Dublin to Cork, Ireland.....Oil price cuts announced by Exxon and Texaco.....American Federation of Musicians join actors still on strike in Hollywood; filming of most movies and primetime TV programs halted.....Marine Corps says it does not want new F-18 Hornet, prefers British warplane.....Yosemite National Park relaxes ban on cliff-jumping off El Capitan.....East German Gerd Wessy sets high jump record at Moscow Olympics.
Saturday, 2 August 1980
Right-wing group Armed Revolutionary Nucleus and left-wing Red Brigades both claim responsibility for explosion at Bologna, Italy train station; 86 killed, a number of Americans reportedly among the casualties.....Americans among the 17 killed in train derailment yesterday near Cork, Ireland.....Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd supports movement for open Democratic convention.....Militants in Tehran embark on hunger strike to protest incarceration of 171 protesters in U.S.....President Carter to increase Cuban refugee population at Ft. Chaffee, AR.....Egyptian President Anwar Sadat protests Israeli annexation of all Jerusalem, demands response from Carter and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin as condition for continuation of Palestinian autonomy talks.....South Dakota suffers from grasshopper plague.....Today the final full day of Moscow Olympics; Cuban Teofilo Stevenson wins boxing gold medal.....Unidentified man sets himself on fire in Moscow's Red Square.....American swimmers set three world records at Nationals.
Sunday, 3 August 1980
Colorado Governor Richard Lamm calls for open Democratic convention at National Governors Conference in Denver.....Ronald Reagan campaigns in Illinois, Mississippi and New York.....Palestinian autonomy talks between Egypt and Israel are suspended indefinitely following Israel's formal annexation of Jerusalem.....Italian authorities blame yesterday's explosion at Bologna train station on right-wing terrorists.....In USSR, Bolshoi Ballerina Ludmilla Vlasova wants to join husband, ballet star/defector Alexander Godunov, in U.S.....Coast Guard says cleanup of herbicide in waters off Louisiana coast, caused by recent ship collision, is nearly complete.....Hurricane Allen nears the Barbados Islands.....FBI charges Bruce Helmich with recent bomb threat/extortion attempt at Atlanta airport.....Closing ceremonies of Moscow Olympics take place.....Al Kaline, Chuck Klein, Duke Snider and Tom Yawkey enshrined in Baseball Hall of Fame
Monday, 4 August 1980
President Carter completes report to Congress and calls press conference regarding "Billygate" for tonight.....Senate subcommittee hearings on Billy Carter's ties with Libya begin.....White House says president did not know of Libyan payments to his brother.....Democratic governors endorse ERA and tax cuts at Denver conference.....Sen. Ted Kennedy criticizes Carter's economic policies in speech to National Urban League.....Ronald Reagan visits National Urban League President Vernon Jordan in hospital.....Chemical Bank of New York raises prime lending rate.....46 Iranian protesters arrested during recent demonstration in Washington DC identify themselves to avoid deportation.....Iranian parliament said to be preparing spy trials for American hostages, in retaliation of arrests of Iranians in U.S......Demonstrators in London protesting arrests are themselves arrested.....In Italy, nationwide strikes and leftist demonstrations are reactions to right-wing terrorists' bombing of Bologna train station.....UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim in Hanoi to mediate dispute between Vietnam and Thailand.....Chicago court rules 12-year-old Russian boy can stay in U.S. though his parents want to return to USSR.....A bald eagle named Sam is unveiled as mascot for 1984 Summer Olympics to be held in Los Angeles.....Fund for Animals trying to save Grand Canyon burros from being killed by government.....Trial of KKK/Nazi Party members in Greensboro, NC disrupted by widows of two of the shooting victims, who are charged with contempt of court.....Hurricane Allen bears down on Haiti and Puerto Rico.....Britain's Queen Mother is 80 years old.
Tuesday, 5 August 1980
Carter and Kennedy camps reach agreement on Democratic convention schedule; movement for open convention falters.....Ted Kennedy tells Sens. Henry Jackson and Robert Byrd they are on his list of potential running mates should he be Democratic presidential nominee.....Justice Dept. confirms that Attorney General Ben Civiletti received U.S. intelligence reports that Billy Carter was paid large sum of money by Libya.....State Dept. says pro-Khomeini demonstrations were orchestrated to provoke arrests and strengthen position of militants holding American hostages in Tehran; INS releasing all but two of the protesters.....Armenian terrorist group claims responsibility for gunman's attack on Turkish consulate in Lyons, France.....Ronald Reagan gives address at National Urban League meeting.....John Anderson's appearance at National Governors Association conference in Denver marred by several egg-throwing members of Communist Workers party.....A riot is reported at Cuban refugee center in Indiantown Gap, PA.....Hurricane Allen punishes Haiti and Jamaica.....Navy must borrow crewmen from other ships to man carrier USS John F. Kennedy for six-month deployment.....Two Commonwealth Edison employees charged with fraud in attempting to conceal safety violations at nuclear power plant.....Uncontested divorce-by-mail to be available in California next year.....An oil tank explodes in Sandwich, MA.
Wednesday, 6 August 1980
Hurrican Allen heads for Cuba.....Convicted murderer Charles Manson let out of solitary confinement at California's Vacaville prison.....Convicted murderer David Berkowitz (Son of Sam) has court hearing to determine legal competence to handle own financial affairs.....Iranian demonstrators recently released from U.S. prison file suit against government for brutality.....French police arrest right-wing extremist in connection with Saturday bombing of train station in Bologna, Italy; mass funeral service for victims held.....President Carter appears before National Urban League conference, confronted by Communist Party hecklers.....Attorney General Ben Civiletti confirms he withheld information on Libyan payments to Billy Carter from Justice Dept.....Country singer Charlie Pride survives midair collision near Decatur, TX.....Saudi Arabia and Iraq say they will halt oil shipments to any nation that accepts Jerusalem as Israeli capital.....Zimbabwe cabinet minister arrested for murder of white farmer.....Kennedy campaign continues efforts to have Carter delegates to Democratic convention released.....Independent candidate John Anderson wins court fight to have name placed on Maryland presidential ballot.....Chrysler Chairman Lee Iacocca drives first K-car off assembly line.....House subcommittee accuses government of deliberate coverup regarding harmful effects of nuclear testing program.
Thursday, 7 August 1980
Iranians recently arrested during demonstration in Washington DC demonstrate there again; police protect them from American protesters.....More are executed in Iran on charges of conspiring to overthrow government.....Libya releases statement defending Billy Carter; Watergate attorney James Neal turns down offer to be special prosecutor for House subcommittee investigating "Billygate".....Hurricane Allen, second strongest hurricane since record-keeping began, heads across Gulf of Mexico for Texas coast; helicopter evacuating offshore oil rig workers crashes.....Romanian airliner crashes off coast of Mauritania.....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson changes mind, says he will not withdraw from race if Ted Kennedy becomes Democratic nominee.....Steelworkers union endorses Carter-Mondale ticket.....Propane leak from tanker closes George Washington Bridge, causing massive traffic jam in New York City.....U.S. Geological Survey recommends evacuation of aorea around Mt. St. Helens due to increased seismic activity.....Shane Acton arrives in Cambridge, England after setting world record for sailing solo around globe.....Solar-powered Gossamer Penguin flies at Edwards AFB, CA.
Friday, 8 August 1980
Hurricane Allen predicted to strike Texas coast tomorrow between Brownsville and Corpus Christi.....Federal Trade Commission accuses General Motors of selling autos with major defects.....In Washington, Mt. St. Helens erupts for fifth time this year.....Officials at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant suggest nuclear power consumers should share cost of accident.....In Akron, OH, Judge James Barbuto sentenced today following conviction for trading lenient sentences for sexual favors.....Iranians in U.S. joined by other Moslems in demonstration; Tehran radio broadcasts orders for Iranians to stage more protests in U.S. and Europe.....President Carter heads for Camp David retreat to work on acceptance speech.....Carter campaign says president will not release delegates despite pressure from Kennedy camp.....Carter said to have lowest poll numbers of any president in history.....Sen. Ted Kennedy reportedly relying on rules fight at upcoming convention to win Democratic presidential nomination.....Fire in hotel in Bundoran, Ireland blamed on Protestant extremists.....Entire village in Turkey is sentenced for rioting last year.
Saturday, 9 August 1980
Hurricane Allen makes landfall on Texas coast north of Brownsville, tornados and flooding reported; oil tanker Mary Ellen is wrecked on shore.....Poll of Democrats reveal majority favor open convention; some want Ted Kennedy to release his delegates or withdraw from race.....In San Francisco, families of hostages held in Iran meet ex-hostage Richard Queen.....In Iran, Mohammed Ali Rajai named new prime minister.....FBI investigates illegal transfer of funds from Iran into U.S. and conspiracy to commit terrorist acts.....Senate investigators question Billy Carter in Atlanta.....Commonwealth Edison found innocent of charges of safety rule violations at Rock Island, IL nuclear plant.....In Washington, Mt. St. Helens shows signs of further volcanic activity.
Sunday, 10 August 1980
Eye of Hurricane Allen located over Laredo, TX; hurricane is downgraded to tropical storm; National Guard con duty to prevent looting; storm damage in Corpus Christi said worst since 1919.....Carter campaign said confident of winning fight against open convention, while rules fight said to be keeping Kennedy campaign alive.....For the first time, one-half of delegates to Democratic convention will be women.....League of Women Voters says it will sponsor three debates between President Carter and Ronald Reagan; independent candidate John Anderson will be included if he has 15% in major public opinion polls.....Reagan wins poll of governors by U.S. News & World Report.....Air Florida jetliner hijacked to Cuba.....Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi says money given Billy Carter was a business loan.

"Carter v. Kennedy" button from 1980
Democratic Convention, New York City

Monday, 11 August 1980
Democratic convention at Madison Square Garden begins today; opening marred by debate on rule regarding open/closed convention; Kennedy camp calls Carter concessions on party platform a victory.....Secretary of State Edmund Muskie reportedly upset that he was not informed about administration's new nuclear strategy.....Philip Tone named special prosecutor for Senate subcommittee investigating Billy Carter's ties with Libya.....Five Pacific Conference (Pac-10) college football teams, including UCLA and USC, banned from bowl competition due to academic violations.....Ford Motor Co. introduces Lynx and Escort models.....Reggie Jackson hits his 400th home run.
Tuesday, 12 August 1980
Sen. Ted Kennedy withdraws from presidential race, says he will campaign for Carter-Mondale ticket.....Democratic convention marked by battles on employment, abortion, ERA and health insurance.....Kennedy camp loses floor flight for comprehensive national health program at Democratic convention; Carter camp tries to present unified front, fails to reach compromise with Kennedy on economic issues; International Machinist Union President William Winpisinger organizing massive walkout.....Feminist leaders Betty Friedan and Eleanor Smeal say they will support independent presidential candidate John Anderson if President Carter does not campaign vigorously for ERA.....Ayatollah Khomeini institutes tighter censorship on Iranian press.....Parts of south Texas declared disaster areas in wake of Hurricane Allen.....Secured to a wire, stuntman Dar Robinson jumps off CN Tower in Toronto.
Wednesday, 13 August 1980
President Carter arrives in New York City for Democratic convention; Ted Kennedy says he will appear on podium with Carter tomorrow night in show of unity; price of Kennedy appearance said to be a jobs program; Carter objects to economic plank in platform; MX missile plank in platform called a victory for Carter administration; black delegates discuss walkout if Carter fails to endorse Kennedy's jobs program plank.....Independent candidate John Anderson travels to New York City to recruit disaffected Kennedy voters.....Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Fahd calls for holy war against Israel.....USSR calls for return of 12-year-old Russian child allowed to remain in U.S.....Air Florida jet hijacked to Cuba by refugees, second hijacking in four days; hijackers arrested in Havana.....Fugitive financier Robert Vesco said to be mastermind of scheme to bribe U.S. officials in order to acquire American planes for Libya.....Three nurses charged with mercy killing of cancer patient in New Bedford, MA; grand jury investigating other deaths at hospital.....East and West Germany hold first formal summit meeting.....Jane's Fighting Ships staff pick USSR over U.S. in hypothetical naval war.
Thursday, 14 August 1980
President Carter gives acceptance speech at Democratic convention; black delegates decide against walkout even though Carter fails to endorse jobs program.....Carter attacks Ronald Reagan, Reagan calls Carter to congratulate him on nomination.....Independent candidate John Anderson names Mary Crisp, former co-chairman of Republican platform committee, as campaign chairman.....Moscow's call for new nuclear arms talks no longer includes condition that NATO not deploy cruise missiles in Europe.....Polish shipbuilders embark on wildcat strikes for higher wages.....Iranian Foreign Minister Sadegh Ghotbzadeh labels USSR as "Satanic" as U.S.....Trial of South Korean dissident Kim Dae Jung on charges of conspiracy to overthrow government begins.....In Ft. Worth, TX, a district judge halts plans to exhume body of Lee Harvey Oswald to determine if body really is Oswald's.....Billy Carter testifies before Senate investigators regarding his ties with Libya.....National Airlines jet hijacked to Cuba, third such hijacking this week.....Playboy centerfold Dorothy Stratten murdered by estranged husband Paul Snider, who kills himself.
Friday, 15 August 1980
Flash flooding and mudslides reported along Allegheny River in eastern Pennsylvania.....Research group claims they may have located USS Titanic, sunk in 1912.....In Washington, Mt. St. Helens erupts again.....Billy Carter to place Plains, GA softball field and service station on market in effort to pay off debts, criticizes Senate for releasing his confidential testimony to the press and says the government is tapping his phone.....Carter camp disgruntled over behavior of Sen. Ted Kennedy during appearance on convention podium with president.....Secretary of State Edmund Muskie reportedly considers resigning because White House did not inform him of administration's new nuclear policy.....Egyptian President Anwar Sadat suggests summit with Israel and U.S. after American presidential election.....Congressional subcommittee investigates rash of near collisions due to air traffic control computer breakdowns.....Rising food prices blamed for surge in inflation.....In San Francisco, Brinks guard steals large sum of money from armored truck.....Death toll rises during general strike in El Salvador.....Rioting Hindus and Moslems clash in India.
Saturday, 16 August 1980
Cuban refugees hijack Delta, Eastern and Republic passenger jets.....State Dept. approaches Castro regarding repatriation of disenchanted refugees t o Cuba.....Republican VP candidate George Bush traveling to Japan and then China (PRC).....President Carter on fishing trip in Pennsylvania.....Census Bureau reports increase of 80% in single parent families.....White House denies plan to invade Iran to rescue hostages as reported by columnist Jack Anderson.....Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr survives helicopter crash.....Scotland Yard investigates fire at Longon nightclub that killed 37; fire reportedly started by gasoline bomb.....In South Korea, hopes for democracy dealt blow with resignation of President Choi Kyu Hah; General Chan Too Huan says he intends to be next president.....Polish shipyard workers in Gdansk strike to protest high food prices.....USAF F-4 plane crashes near Cairo.
Sunday, 17 August 1980
FAA says new wave of hijackings worst threat to airline security in a decade; armed federal air marshals are assigned to airlines; two Cuban refugees arrested for attempted skyjacking.....Fishermen protesting increased fuel costs and lower prices for their catch blockade port of Boulogne, France.....Bad weather forces abandonment of search for wreckage of Titanic.....British embassy in Tehran closed following week of demonstrations by militants demanding release of Iranian students jailed after demonstrating in London.....Telephone employees go on strike in New York and California.....Dutch government expected to move embassy out of Jerusalem.....Egyptian President Anwar Sadat declines invitation by Morocco's King Hassan to join other Arab nations to wrest control of Jerusalem from Israel.....World Bank says economic prospects for Third World nations is bleak, global poverty on the rise.....FBI agent Marvin Teal is arrested as suspect in Billings, MT bank robbery.
Monday, 18 August 1980
Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) endorse Ronald Reagan, first presidential endorsement by organization in 80 years; Reagan defends Vietnam War in speech to VFW convention.....Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin is reportedly very ill.....Four British citizens, including journalist, arrested in Tehran on spy charges; Iranian Foreign Minister Sadegh Ghotbzadeh orders Britain to release jailed Iranian demonstrators in London.....White House complies with requests for more information by Senate subcommittee investigating Billy Carter's ties with Libya.....Detroit files suit against federal government, claims census undercounted its population.....Ecuador is rocked by an earthquake.....Striking fishermen attack ferry at Cherbourg, France.....Labor unrest spreads through Poland.....Senate will vote to halt filibuster on Alaska lands bill.....Iraq expels all Syrian diplomats after arms and explosives are found in Syrian embassy, Baghdad.....Heavy rains cause flooding in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.....First panda cup born in the West dies.
Tuesday, 19 August 1980
Polish workers remain on strike despite aggressive moves by Communist government; strikes reportedly spreading from Gdansk along Baltic coast.....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson attacks policies of President Carter and Ronald Reagan in appearance before American Legion.....Israel conducts raid into southern Lebanon, reportedly biggest in two years, supervised by Prime Minister Menachem Begin from border command post.....After stopover in Tokyo, Republican VP candidate George Bush heads for China to reassure government there about Reagan's Taiwan policy.....Government says highway death toll will rise due to proliferation of small cars.....Deadly warehouse explosion occurs in Khuzestan, Iran.....Senate approves Alaska lands bill.....FHA raises mortgage rates, Chase Manhattan Bank raises prime interest rate.....A volcano in Iceland erupts.....NBA launches investigation in wake of Los Angeles Times story that large number of pro basketball players use cocaine.....Striking fishermen allow port of Cherbourg, France to open for one day so that British tourists can return home.....Riot breaks out in Amsterdam when police evict urban squatters.

Strikers at the Gdansk shipyards

Wednesday, 20 August 1980
In Poland, Warsaw police arrest leaders of dissident group called KOR; USSR jams Western broadcasts to conceal news of strikes from spreading; Soviet dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, living in Vermont, issues statement in support of Polish strikers.....Defense Secretary Harold Brown says Soviet missile system probably superior to that of the U.S.....Yesterday's crash of L-1011 Tristar plane in Saudi Arabia said to be worst air disaster in that nation's history; 301 dead.....PLO raid on Metulla, Israel reported; Israelis retaliate.....Father of Anne Frank, last surviving member of family, dies in Switzerland.....Ronald Reagan stresses lack of U.S. military strength in speech to American Legion in Boston.....U.S. said to be developing new Stealth bomber invisible to radar.....AFL-CIO senior council recommends endorsement of President Carter.....U.S. only member to abstain from UN Security Council vote censuring Israel for Jerusalem annexation.....Vatican will allow married Episcopalian priests who become Roman Catholic to remain married.....National Highway Safety Administration begins hearings on alleged defects in transmissions for 1972-79 Fords.....Italy's Reinhold Messner makes first solo ascent of Mt. Everest.
Thursday, 21 August 1980
President Carter and rival Ted Kennedy make joint campaign appearance in Boston.....Kennedy goes on to campaign for Carter in Detroit.....In Peking, Republican VP candidate George Bush meets with Premier Deng Xiaoping.....Voice of America and BBC accuse USSR of blocking their Russian-language broadcasts because of their reporting on Polish strikes.....State Dept. calls for release of dissidents arrested in Poland.....Longshoremen's Association president orders union members to stop unloading Polish ships in American ports.....Billy Carter testifies before subcommittee investigating his dealings with Libya, learns that two of his associates are being investigated for drug smuggling.....Soviet nuclear submarine catches fire near Okinawa.....Israeli forces clash with Palestinians in southern Lebanon.....Anti-Khomeini group claims responsibility for bombing near meeting of Khomeini supporters at UC Berkeley.....Actors and TV producers start negotiations to end two-week-old strike.....Tanker carrying gasoline catches fire after colliding with Chevron oil rig in Gulf of Mexico.....Pan Am and Caterpillar Tractors announce major layoffs.
Friday, 22 August 1980
Cost of living reportedly rose last month for most Americans.....Senate subcommittee concludes questioning of Billy Carter regarding his ties to Libya.....Roman Catholic Church supports strikes in Poland.....Meeting between Helmut Schmidt and Erich Honecker, leaders of West and East Germany, cancelled due to developments in Poland.....President Carter gives campaign speech to American Federation of Teachers in Detroit.....Carter says he does not want independent candidate John Anderson in debates, tentatively scheduled for Portland, Cleveland and Baltimore.....Ronald Reagan makes campaign appearance before Moral Majority.....Cuban government reports hijackers of American planes have been arrested.....French navy breaks fishermen's blockade.....Afghanistan expels defense attache at U.S. embassy, Kabul.....U.S. and Somalia sign agreement on U.S. military access to bases in Berbera and Mogadishu.....Flooding reported in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.....Military takeover of South Korea reported following resignation of president.
Saturday, 23 August 1980
Pentagon report concludes that poor planning was a reason for failure of Iran hostage rescue mission.....Polish government agrees to negotiate with strike leaders, including Lech Walesa.....Soviet flag burned during demonstration in front of Polish consulate in New York City in support of striking workers.....Republican VP Bush and Chinese news agency give different views on Bush's trip to China (PRC); Ronald Reagan expresses support for official relations with Taiwan.....White House says President Carter will officially start campaign on Labor Day in Tuscumbia, AL.....Jury convicts ERA lobbyist Wanda Brandstetter of bribery.....Owner Bill Veeck sells Chicago White Sox baseball team, while Charles Finley sells Oakland A's to Walter A. Haas, chairman of the board at Levi Strauss.....Census reveals more women than men are attending college for first time since World War II.....Japan protests passage of disabled Soviet nuclear sub through its territorial waters.
Sunday, 24 August 1980
Polish premier and other top officials dismissed by Communist Party leader Edward Gierek due to their handling of workers' strike.....Israeli warplanes shoot down Syrian MiG-21 over southern Lebanon.....Terrorist bombing reported along Tel-Aviv-Jerusalem highway, PLO guerrillas claim responsibility.....Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin condemns UN vote censuring Israel for annexing Jerusalem.....China (PRC) critical of Ronald Reagan's proposal to restore U.S. relations with Taiwan.....A train derailment occurs near Stockholm, Sweden.....Tom Watson wins World Series of Golf, said to be first pro golfer to earn more than $500,000 in a year.....Time Magazine reports that Iran's foreign minister has urged parliament not to put American hostages on trial.....Kermit the Frog named "chairman" of UNICEF's 1980 campaign.....Ralph Nader consumer watchdog group accuses many senators and congressmen of accepting campaign contributions from chemical industry opposed to Superfund.....A brewery strike has reportedly caused a "beer drought" in British Columbia.
Monday, 25 August 1980
President Carter and Ted Kennedy meet at White House to discuss president's economic renewal program.....In Poland, strikers refuse to negotiate until communications between Gdansk and rest of nation are restored; Communist Party leader Edward Gierek makes major concessions to striking workers.....Militants in Iran threaten to kill American hostages if U.S. attempts another rescue attempt.....Bethlehem Steel Co. fined on bribery charges.....Zimbabwe joins the UN.....Patrick Lucey is named as running mate for independent presidential candidate John Anderson.....Ronald Reagan and George Bush give joint news conference to clarify ticket's position on Taiwan; Reagan says he will abide by Taiwan Relations Act.....In speech to AFL-CIO convention, VP Walter Mondale criticizes Reagan for lack of foreign affairs experience.....Warsaw Pact prepares for large-scale military maneuvers in East Germany.....FAA approves new DC-9 Super 80 to fly commercially.....Pitcher Ferguson Jenkins arrested at Toronto ballpark for possession of cocaine, hashish and marijuana.....A gas well explodes in Gulf of Mexico.....Armed convicts take control of Quebec prison.....42nd Street opens at New York City's Winter Garden for the first of 3,486 performances.
Tuesday, 26 August 1980
Concern grows that continuing labor unrest in Poland may lead to Soviet military intervention.....Representatives for President Carter and Ronald Reagan discuss details of presidential debates with League of Women Voters.....Carter accepts invitation from National Press Club to debate with Reagan.....U.S. ambassador to China (PRC) criticizes Reagan's China policy.....Airline Pilots Association takes FAA to court over its certification of the DC-9 Super 80, which crashed twice during testing.....A gasoline tanker explodes on New Jersey Turnpike near Newark.....52-hour vigil for American hostages in Iran begins today in Hermitage, PA.....Congress overrides Carter's veto of bill that increases pay for doctors and dentists at V.A. hospitals.....Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev sends letter to U.S. calling for nuclear arms reduction.....Chase Manhattan and other banks raise prime lending rate.....French fishermen continue to blockade ports despite French navy's efforts to break blockade.....Billy Carter testifies before New York City grand jury regarding Libya's efforts to influence deliveries of military aircraft.
Wednesday, 27 August 1980
A bomb is discovered in a Stateline, NV casino, area is evacuated and authorities detonate device.....International Longshoremen's Association boycotting shipments to and from Poland to show solidarity with Polish strikers.....Ronald Reagan seeks endorsement of Teamsters Union.....Somalia accuses Ethiopia of invading its border; Soviet advisers and Cuban troops reportedly with Ethiopian army.....U.S. ambassador John Gunther Dean survives assassination attempt in Beirut.....Truck drivers block roads in Boulogne to protest blockade of ports by French fishermen.....Steve Ovett sets new record for 1500-meter run.....Unemployment reaches record high in Britain.....Campaigning in Minnesota, VP Walter Mondale defends Carter's grain embargo of Soviet Union.....Sen. Herman Talmadge (GA) wins renomination despite Senate censure for financial misconduct.....House Armed Services Committee investigates why development of Stealth bomber was kept secret from Congress.....Gen. Chun Doo Kwan named president of South Korea, election said to dash hopes for democracy.....House committee approves legislation exempting hostages held in Iran from income taxes during captivity.....Fire breaks out in Chicago chemical warehouse.....A reporter and his wife are indicted for helping four inmates escape from Georgia prison.....A jetliner is hijacked to Cuba, the seventh in three weeks.
Thursday, 28 August 1980
President Carter and Ronald Reagan criticize each other's economic plan; Carter's said to favor business over the individual.....Reagan insists independent candidate John Anderson be included in first presidential debate; Carter refuses to be part of debate that includes Anderson.....Anderson's campaign said to be in financial trouble.....FBI searches for extortionists who planted bomb in Nevada casino.....Prison standoff in Montreal ends, convicts release hostages.....In Wisconsin, construction worker finds notebook of Arthur Bremer, would-be-assassin of George Wallace.....Striking workers in Gdansk break off negotiations with Polish government.....General Motors calling back many laid-off workers.....Ethiopia denies it has invaded Somalia.....Amnesty International calls on Iran to stop executions of those allegedly involved in plot to overthrow government.....White policeman charged with murder in recent shooting of black youth in Philadelphia.....Italian police arrest twelve right-wing terrorists in connection with recent bombing of Bologna train station.....Riot in Cuban refugee camp at Indiantown Gap, PA.
Friday, 29 August 1980
Polish workers' strike spreads to Warsaw.....Cuban refugees in Lima, Peru attempt to hijack plane and demand flight to U.S......Cubans wanting to leave country storm Peruvian embassy in Havana.....Ronald Reagan and staff devising new strategy in wake of controversies stirred by candidate's statements regarding Taiwan, evolution, economic depression and President Carter's religious convictions.....Abscam bribery/conspiracy trial of Rep. Michael Myers and codefendents goes to jury today.....American hostages in Iran mark their 300th day in captivity.....State Dept. recommends that the Commerce Dept. not sell commercial jets to Iraq due to that nation's support of terrorism.....Carter announces a federal pay hike.....Center for Disease Control reports increased number of malaria cases in U.S......Fire reported at Suffolk Downs racetrack near Boston.....Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev attacks Carter's new nuclear policy.....Yacht Freedom, captained by Dennis Connor, chosen to represent U.S. in America's Cup race next month.....Coast Guard discovers boat with 32 Cuban refugees rendered unconscious by carbon monoxide from faulty exhaust, one dead.
Saturday, 30 August 1980
Polish government agrees to strikers' demand for right to organize free trade unions and right to strike.....Attempted hijacking of plane in Lima, Peru by Cuban refugees ends with surrender of hijackers.....A drilling rig off the Texas coast explodes.....Stagnant water caused by drought contributing to spread of encephalitis, carried by mosquitos; no vaccine exists for disease.....Rep. Michael Myers and three others convicted in Abscam case.....American reporters allowed to attend opening of Chinese parliament for first time.....Stagehand at New York City's Metropolitan Opera arrested for recent murder of violinist Helen Hagnes Mintik.....Former President Gerald Ford criticizes Ronald Reagan's China position, but predicts Reagan will win election in November.....25 more executions take place in Tehran; heavy fighting occurs in Kurdish-controlled area around Mahabad, Iran.
Sunday, 31 August 1980
Strike by Polish workers ends following concessions by government; Soviet newspaper links strikers with foreign subversive groups.....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson officially opens campaign at home in Rockford, IL.....Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Ali Rajai announces new cabinet; President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr reportedly disapproves of some of Rajai's picks.....Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi says nothing wrong with using President Carter's brother Billy in attempt to influence U.S. policy.....Pope John Paul II accepts invitation to visit UK, will be first papal visit in British history.....Forest fires rage near Palm Springs, CA.....Six British military men attempt crossing of English Channel by parachute, are arrested by local police after landing in France.