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The Daily News - September 1980
[NOTE: Some of the events described in a day's news may have occurred on the previous day.]

Menachem Begin

Monday, 1 September 1980
President Carter and Ronald Reagan formally launch their presidential campaigns.....The Ku Klux Klan marches prior to Carter's speech in Tuscumbia, AL.....Father of Polish strike leader Lech Walesa appears with Reagan in New Jersey.....Campaign of independent candidate John Anderson said to be in financial straits.....In Gdansk, strikers go back to work after reaching agreement with Polish Communist Party.....In Hollywood, producers and Screen Actors Guild negotiate to end actors' strike.....Baptists attempt to prevent a Willie Nelson concert from being held in Big Spring, TX.....Maine bans shellfish harvest after several people are hospitalized with shellfish poisoning.....Teachers in Philadelphia go on strike.....Chun Doo Hwan inaugurated as South Korea's new president.....China (PRC) leader Deng Xiaoping reportedly says a third world war is inevitable.....U.S. envoy Sol Linowitz meets with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in effort to jump-start peace talks with Egypt.....Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi calls for merger of his country with Syria.....Brush fires burn out of control near Palm Springs, CA.....Underdog Hana Mandlikova defeats Martina Navratilova at U.S. Tennis Open.....15th Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon raises over $31million.
Tuesday, 2 September 1980
Ronald Reagan apologizes for yesterday's remarks regarding Tuscumbia, AL being the birthplace of the KKK, denies he tried to link President Carter with Klan.....Government plans to close Miami tent city for Cuban refugees.....Striking Polish coal miners wait for confirmation that Communist government has acceded to their demands before returning to work.....Transportation Secretary Neil Goldschmidt on hand for Ford's unveiling of new Escort and Mercury Lynx compact cars.....Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin agrees to resumption of peace talks with Egypt after U.S. elections.....Riot erupts in Paris as result of fishermen's strike in France.....Busing implemented in Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Los Angeles for school integration after decision of 17-year-old ACLU suit by Judge Paul Egly; Los Angeles education board says it will probably appeal decision.....Italy's Mt. Etna erupts.....Flooding claims lives in Arandas, Mexico.....University of Texas student newspaper editor cited for contempt of court after refusing to produce photo of Iranian demonstrator.....Japan puts sails on some tankers to counter increase fuel costs.
Wednesday, 3 September 1980
Abbie Hoffman, member of Chicago Seven, fugitive for six years after arrest on drug charges, surrenders to authorities.....Government workers union, previously supporting Sen. Ted Kennedy, endorses President Carter.....Machinists Union President William Winpisinger refuses to support Carter.....U.S. envoy meets with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, Carter announces resumption of Mideast peace talks.....Australian aborigines and Amax oil company in conflict over drilling in Noonkanbah region.....In Poland, a settlement ends coal miners' strike.....In letter to Iran's prime minister, Secretary of State Edmund Muskie reportedly makes commitment by U.S. to recognize Iranian government.....The Abscam conspiracy trial of Rep. John Jenrette begins.....General Motors will recall large number of cars due to possibility of defective pollution control devices.....Saudi Arabia reportedly buying out partners (Exxon, Mobil, Standard Oil of CA, Texaco) in Arabian American Oil Co.....NATO and Warsaw Pact military maneuvers taking place in Europe.....Carter asks western nations to provide financial aid to Poland; AFL-CIO establishing Polish workers assistance program.....Teachers go on strike in Newark, NJ.....Zimbabwe breaks diplomatic relations with South Africa.
Thursday, 4 September 1980
American hostages begin 11th month of captivity in Iran.....House committee questions wisdom of Defense Secretary Harold Brown in disclosing details of new Stealth bomber; Ronald Reagan charges Carter White House with leaking Stealth information to help campaign.....Reagan campaign manager calls for firing of Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti, who is the focus today of Senate investigation into Billy Carter-Libyan connection.....Independent candidate John Anderson's campaign ruled eligible to receive federal funds.....Urban League President Vernon Jordan leaves hospital, recovered from assassination attempt several months ago.....FDA announces link between caffeine and birth defects in lab animals.....AFL-CIO endorses President Carter, confirms donations to Polish trade unions.....Alaska establishes commission to look into possibility of secession from the U.S.....Scientists at Yale successfully complete gene transfer experiment.....Wisconsin asks federal government for help in handling problems at Ft. McCoy Cuban refugee camp.....U.S. increases agricultural credits for Poland.....First stage of draft registration is complete.....State Dept. responds to reports that Cuban troops are fighting alongside Soviets in Afghanistan.
Friday, 5 September 1980
Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti defends his actions in testimony before Senate subcommittee investigating Billy Carter-Libyan connection.....Ronald Reagan meets with Henry Kissinger.....Workers go on strike at Gallo and United Vineyards in California.....Labor Secretary Ray Marshall says UC Berkeley must turn over all employment records or face losing federal funding.....In Poland, Communist Party Chairman Edward Gierek is reportedly very ill, resigns.....A terrorist car bombing occurs in Guatamala City, Guatamala.....Australia defeats France and earns right to face U.S. in America's Cup yacht race.....Chris Evert Lloyd beats Tracy Austin in U.S. Tennis Open semifinals; Hana Mandlikova defeats Andrea Jaeger.....World's longest auto tunnel opens in Swiss Alps.
Saturday, 6 September 1980
New Polish government headed by Stanislaw Kania, who replaces Edward Gierek after latter suffers heart attack.....New York's Liberal Party endorses independent presidential candidate John Anderson; endorsement said to secure Anderson a place on New York ballot.....U.S. envoy presents new proposal regarding Palestinian autonomy to Egypt and Israel.....Energy Secretary Charles Duncan says U.S. oil imports are down 37% this year.....Gulf and Texaco announce cuts in wholesale gas prices.....Marine PFC Robert Garwood, facing court-martial on charges he collaborated with enemy during Vietnam War, is arrested for sexually molesting a 7-year-old girl.....Chris Evert Lloyd defeats Hana Mandlikova to win U.S. Tennis Open.....Chantal Langlace sets new women's 100k record.....Susan Powell of Oklahoma is crowned new Miss America.
Sunday, 7 September 1980
In Poland, new Communist Party leader Stanislaw Kania issues warning to workers about future strikes.....Time magazine poll shows President Carter and Ronald Reagan running neck-and-neck in voter preference.....Federal investigation uncovers coupon fraud operations in major cities across the country.....John McEnroe defeats Bjorn Borg to win U.S. Open in five sets.....Beth Daniel wins LPGA World Series of Women's Golf.....Oakland A's pitching staff sets new record with 78 complete games.
Monday, 8 September 1980
President Carter courts military vote, signs legislation (that he previously opposed) increasing benefits for members of armed forces.....Independent candidate John Anderson chides Carter for refusing to debate him.....League of Women Voters expected to announce Anderson's inclusion in upcoming debate.....An Eastern Airlines flight bound for Florida from New York is hijacked to Cuba.....White House agrees to send more troops in response to violence reported at Cuban refugee camp, Ft. McCoy, WI.....Some Polish workers still striking despite accord reached by Communist government and labor leaders.....NATO and Warsaw Pact military exercises taking place in West and East Germany.....Syrian President Hafez al-Assad travels to Libya to discuss merging of the two nations.....Carter establishing special committee to explore ways to help ailing American auto industry.....Actors' strike continues in Hollywood, with negotiations set to resume at end of month.....Senators Howard Baker, John Tower and John Warner call for Senate investigation into leaks about new Stealth bomber.....Gunmen hold hostages in Portland, OR restaurant after unsuccessful robbery attempt.....Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin agrees to postpone moving government to Jerusalem.....Fires erupt at oil and gas wells off Texas and Louisiana coasts.
Tuesday, 9 September 1980
President Carter rejects invitation to League of Women Voters debate that includes independent candidate John Anderson; Ronald Reagan accepts invitation.....Virus at San Diego Children's Hospital said to be under control.....Discharged from USAF in 1975 due to his homosexuality, Leonard Matlovich wins legal judgment for reinstatement.....FBI investigating explosion of package in cargo hold of United Airlines jet in Sacramento.....Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Ali Rajai rejects request by Secretary of State Edmund Muskie for private negotiations on release of American hostages.....Police and squatters clash in Amsterdam.....USAF grounding many F-4 fighters to inspect possibly faulty ejection seats.....Gunmen holding hostages in Portland, OR restaurant surrender.....Britain closes embassy in Iran, begins deportation of Iranians arrested during recent demonstrations in London.....FCC approves plan for new low-power TV stations with programming geared toward minorities.
Wednesday, 10 September 1980
President Carter says he will debate other candidates after a one-on-one debate with Ronald Reagan.....Carter campaign aide says independent candidate John Anderson a greater threat to president's reelection than Reagan.....Former naval operations chief Elmo Zumwalt, now a Reagan adviser, says Carter approved leaks about Stealth aircraft.....State Dept. indicates it is willing to discuss Iranian demand for a formal apology by U.S. as part of a deal to free American hostages held in Tehran.....Egyptian President Anwar Sadar says Palestinian autonomy talks with Israel will resume later in month at the UN.....Libya and Syria announce a formal merger.....House passes resolution demanding White House turns over all documents relevant to Billy Carter-Libyan connection within a week.....Jacob Javits loses New York Republican primary to Alfonse D'Amato; Mary Buchanan wins Colorado Republican primary and will challenge Democrat Gary Hart for Senate spot.....Surgeon General Julius Richmond approves dispensing marijuana pills to cancer patients.....Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker criticizes tax cut proposals of both Carter and Reagan.....Fighting breaks out again between Iran and Iraq.....House and Senate committees reject Carter's plan to sell nuclear fuel to India.....Romania's Communist government says it will shift emphasis from military spending to improving living conditions for citizens.....China's People's Congress approves Zhao Ziyang as new prime minister.

Image from the Iran-Iraq War

Thursday, 11 September 1980
Congress considers legislation calling for federal funding for toxic waste cleanup, receives Surgeon General's report on dangers of hazardous waste.....Republican National Chairman Bill Brock accuses President Carter of illegally using powers of his office for reelection campaign.....Ronald Reagan meets with Longshoremen's Union President Thomas Gleason in Buffalo, NY, is confronted by pro-Carter demonstration.....President Anwar Sadat gives approval for large-scale U.S. military exercises in Egypt.....In South Korea, government prosecutors ask for death penalty in trial of opposition leader Kim Dae Jung.....New constitution, said to ensure power of ruling military dictatorship through 1997, voted on in Chile...Iran's revolutionary council is dissolved, all power now rests with parliament and government of Prime Minister Mohammad Ali Rajai.....Parents take over school in Forest Hills area of Los Angeles after federal court orders it closed and students bused elsewhere.....The Marlborough diamond is stolen in robbery of London jewelry store; two suspects detained at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.....Agriculture Dept. plans to destroy large number of exotic birds at Pet Farm, Inc. in Miami due to outbreak of Newcastle disease.....Drug raid in San Francisco involves seizure of Franklin Roosevelt's yacht Potomac.....Cuban UN delegate assassinated in New York City; anti-Castro group Omega 7 claims responsibility.
Friday, 12 September 1980
Ayatollah Khomeini releases list of demands U.S. must meet to secure release of American hostages held in Iran, including return of late Shah's assets and release of Iranian assets frozen in U.S.; list does not include formal apology from U.S......Military coup occurs in Turkey; Prime Minister Suleiman Denirel placed in custody; coup led by Chief of Staff General Kenan Evren and said to be response to economic problems and increased terrorism.....Passengers and stewardess of Eastern Airlines flight foil hijacking attempt.....U.S. enters into economic aid arrangement with Poland.....Bombings in Manila said to be response to continuance of martial law in the Philippines; an American, Annie Kuzmuk, is killed.....In Chile, Premier Augusto Pinochet wins referendum to continue military rule.....NATO military exercises said to include chemical warfare training.....In Rose Garden ceremony, President Carter presents Congressional Medal of Honor to Anthony J. Casamento for his actions in combat 38 years ago.....Joseph Scalise and Arthur Rachel, arrested yesterday at O'Hare International Airport, charged with robbery of London jewelry store.....Southern Pacific and Santa Fe Railroads report halting previously announced merger.....Prime lending rate raised by Citibank, Chemical Bank and others.....EPA mileage efficiency tests find VW Rabbit and Toyota Starlet best, Pontiac Firebird and Chevrolet Corvette worst.....Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist orders Los Angeles to proceed with school busing plan.
Saturday, 13 September 1980
Turkish people reportedly supportive of yesterday's military coup; new regime disbands left- and right-wing parties; country expected to remain in NATO.....Rev. Jesse Jackson endorses President Carter.....Search and rescue mission underway after Florida Commuter Airlines plan crashes into sea near the Bahamas during thunderstorm.....Meeting between Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and leaders of Canada's ten provinces regarding power-sharing called a failure.....A severe drought is reported in the eastern U.S......FDA to explore allegations that Benedictin, used to relieve nausea during pregnancy, causes birth defects.....Poland says government radio will soon begin broadcasting Catholic Mass, one of the demands made by striking workers.....Chemical dumping suspected in outbreak of mystery illnesses among residents of Frayser area, Memphis.
Sunday, 14 September 1980
Iranian parliament to begin debate on American hostages Tuesday.....Sen. Howard Baker describes four conditions for release of hostages made by Ayatollah Khomeini as reasonable.....President Carter's campaign manager, Tim Kraft, being investigated for cocaine use in 1977; Kraft leaves campaign; Justice Dept. accused by some of trying to ruin Carter's reelection chances.....OPEC nations meeting in Vienna tomorrow, said to be looking for unified system of price increases.....Polish government's rules regarding new unions said to be very strict, workers threaten new strike.....FBI investigates whether crash of commuter flight to Bahamas was result of sabotage.....Connecticut state police arrest Ku Klux Klan leader Bill Williamson for violating firearms ban.....London conference of consumer and producer nations expected to reach agreement on regulating coffee prices.
Monday, 15 September 1980
President Carter accuses Ronald Reagan of playing politics with fate of American hostages held in Iran, defends campaign manager Tim Kraft who resigned due to cocaine charges.....Secretary of State Edmund Muskie denies Canadian newspaper report that U.S. is secretly negotiating for release of hostages.....Iranian parliament receives letter from the families of hostages.....League of Women Voters and representatives of Reagan and independent candidate John Anderson agree on rules for next Sunday's presidential debate.....Congress criticizes Carter administration for not taking advantage of oil glut to increase U.S. petroleum reserves.....Abbie Hoffman brought before judge in New York City on bail-jumping charges.....Trial of former FBI director L. Patrick Gray and two aides on charges they were involved in illegal break-ins begins today; Richard Nixon reportedly will be called as witness.....Appeals court overturns convictions of three anti-Castro Cubans accused of 1976 murder of Chilean diplomat.....Turkey's new military junta cracking down on terrorism, names top economist as interim prime minister.....At OPEC meeting in Vienna, Saudi Arabia opposes demands by other members for production cutbacks.....National Geographic Society expedition discovers HMS Breadalbine, sunk 127 years ago in arctic waters.....Authorities expect community backlash in Ft. McCoy, WI following arrest of Cuban from refugee camp for murder of his sponsor, Bernice Taylor.
Tuesday, 16 September 1980
Debate on American hostages by Iranian parliament is delayed; Iran reportedly establishing special commission to review hostage situation.....Campaigning in Atlanta, GA, President Carter attempts to link Ronald Reagan to racism, re: Reagan's stance on 1964 Civil Rights Act.....In Turkey, arrests of political extremists and suspected terrorists continues in aftermath of military coup.....Fire breaks out in DC-10 at London's Heathrow Airport.....Soviet soldier seeks asylum at U.S. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan.....Admiral Elmo Zumwalt testifies at House hearing that aide to National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski leaked Stealth information to Washington Post.....America's Cup yacht race between U.S. and Australia is underway.....First day of busing for school integration in Los Angeles.....EPA planning investigation of nation's schools for asbestos contamination.....Participants at OPEC conference, Vienna, unable to agree on long-range pricing plan.....Rocket attack launched against U.S. embassy in San Salvador.....UN General Assembly names former Nazi, Rudiger von Wechmar, new president.
Wednesday, 17 September 1980
Gen. Anastasio Somoza, Jr., former Nicaraguan dictator ousted last year, is assassinated in Asuncion, Paraguay.....Terrorists seize OAS building in San Salvador.....Delta Airlines jet hijacked to Cuba.....B-52 bomber said to be carrying nuclear weapons catches on fire in North Dakota.....Cuban refugees still arriving in Key West, FL despite blockade by Navy and Coast Guard.....Iran-Iraq border dispute said to be escalating.....OPEC nations reach accord on price increase.....National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski testifies in last day of public hearings of Senate committee investigating "Billygate".....South Korean dissident leader Kim Dae Jung given dealth penalty at treason trial.....Center for Disease Control issues warning regarding tampons and toxic shock syndrome.....White House asks CIA and Justice Dept. to investigate allegedly forged presidential memo on Africa which is said to be racist.....Governor Dixy Lee Ray loses to state senator, James McDermott, in Washington's general primary.....President Carter and China's vice-premier sign trade treaty.....Reuters announces start of trial for "Gang of Four," including Mao Tse-tung's widow, Jiang Quing, in China.
Thursday, 18 September 1980
Pentagon says USSR has possibly violated 1979 Threshold nuclear test ban treaty.....82nd Airborne participates in NATO military exercises, West Germany.....Iranian parliament fails to establish commission to review American hostage situation.....Local authorities harass U.S. embassy personnel in Kabul, Afghanistan.....House rejects sale of nuclear fuel to India.....Cuban government agrees to return hijackers of Delta jet to U.S......Egyptian actor Omar Sharif blacklisted due to violation of Arab anti-Israeli boycott.....London's International Institute for Strategic Studies reports Soviet military strength is superior to that of the U.S. and its allies; Pentagon disagrees.....Supreme Court rejects Ohio's attempt to keep independent presidential candidate John Anderson off ballot.....Texaco and Standard Oil of CA announce price cuts for wholesale gasoline.....EPA discovers nuclear waste dump off San Francisco bay is leaking radiation into ocean.....State Dept. confirms that two Cuban soldiers sought political asylum at U.S. embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.....Streetcar workers in Katowice, Poland go on strike.....America's Cup competition called off today due to bad sailing weather.....Parental takeover of Los Angeles school closed by court order ends today.....Government announces plan to help Florida cope with Cuban and Haitian refugees.....Greta Garbo is 75 today.
Friday, 19 September 1980
Pentagon declines to comment on explosion of Titan II missile in Arkansas today; people evacuated from towns of Bee Branch, Damascus and Gravesville.....Soviet military activity near Polish border said not to be part of recent Warsaw Pact maneuvers held in East Germany.....Cuban and Soviet cosmonauts prepare to dock ship with orbiting space station.....Paraguayan police kill alleged leader of team that assassinated Anastasio Somoza, Jr., whose body arrives in Miami.....Ft. Worth, TX judge rules against exhumation of Lee Harvey Oswald's remains; request made after British author contended body was not Oswald's.....TV announcer among those indicted by grand jury investigating alleged fixing of Aprl 24th Pennsylvania lottery.....Idaho reporter Ellen Marks jailed after refusing to tell location of fugitive she interviewed.....FHA and VA home loan lending rates increased.....Government announces increase in price supports for farmers.....House approves funding for cleanup of oil- and gas-polluted waterways.....Militants holding U.S. embassy, Tehran invite Iranian parliament to tour facility.....Soviet ship containing precious metals, sunk in 1905 during Russo-Japanese War, discovered off Japanese coast.....America's Cup yacht race between U.S. and Australia resumes.
Saturday, 20 September 1980
Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr takes command of Iran's armed forces as border war with Iraq escalates.....British bantamweight champion Johnny Owen has emergency brain surgery after bout with WBC champ Lupe Pintor.....Residents return to Damascus, AR in wake of explosion of Titan II missile in silo.....Funeral of Anastasio Somoza, Jr. held in Miami, FL.

Anderson-Reagan debate, Baltimore, Sept. 21

Sunday, 21 September 1980
Nationally televised debate between Ronald Reagan and John Anderson occurs tonight in Baltimore.....Iran-Iraq conflict continues with battle at Shatt al Arab on Persian Gulf.....Catholic mass broadcast for first time in Poland as part of workers' demands in recent strike.....Crash occurs at airbase at Biggin Hill, England during air show celebrating RAF's role in Battle of Britain.
Monday, 22 September 1980
Iran blockades Iraqi ports while Iraqi air raids strike Iranian targets; Iraq's ruling council issues declaration of war; Ayatollah Khomeini calls on Iraqi army to desert Saddam Hussein; Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr says Iraq backed by U.S......Iranian parliament members tour U.S. embassy, Tehran, held by militants.....Following debate with independent candidate John Anderson, Ronald Reagan seeks one-on-one debate with President Carter.....Rely tampons, linked to toxic shock syndrome, recalled by Proctor & Gamble.....USAF refuses to confirm that nuclear warhead was threatened by blast in Arkansas missile silo, begins effort to settle claims of residents for damage done by explosion.....Two men attempt transcontinental balloon crossing in U.S......House approves legislation protecting newsrooms from police searches.....Bowling alley employees murdered by robbers in Boston, MA.....Sandinista government in Nicaragua calls for U.S. to extradite family of Anastasio Somoza, Jr. and other exiles.....Several OPEC nations announce cuts in oil production.....Wine workers' strike in California is settled.
Tuesday, 23 September 1980
Iraqi planes bomb Iran's Abadan oil refinery, the largest in the world; Americans and Britons killed during Iranian air raid on Basra chemical plant in Iraq.....UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim calls emergency meeting of Security Council to discuss Iran-Iraq conflict.....U.S. prepares Ft. Allen, former naval base in Puerto Rico, for Cuban and Haitian refugees now in Florida.....Police conduct raid on counterfeit ring in San Jacinto, CA.....Transcontinental balloon crossing fails.....Some Southern University students try to prevent band from playing at Ronald Reagan campaign appearance at LSU.....President Carter criticized for insinuating that Reagan is a warmonger.....Nuclear warhead from Titan II missile that recently exploded in Arkansas is flown to Pantex weapons plant in Amarillo, TX for examination.....Cost of living, particularly food prices, increased in August, report says.
Wednesday, 24 September 1980
Fighting between Iran and Iraq intensifies, but experts say it might wind down soon due to shortages of fuel and ammunition.....Conflict threatens international oil supplies that pass through Strait of Hormuz.....Campaigning in Texas, Ronald Reagan refuses State Dept. briefings on conflict offered by Carter administration.....
House Ethics Committee votes to dispel Rep. Michael Myers due to his Abscam bribery conviction.....Health & Human Services Secretary Patricia Harris compares American fundamentalist religious groups to Ayatollah Khomeini.....House Armed Services Committee to look into safety of Titan II missile after last week's explosion in Arkansas.....Alaska's legislature reportedly repealing state's income tax.....Justice Dept. and Chicago school board agree on desegregation plan.....Crime rate in 1979 said to have increased over that of 1978.....Government officials accused of taking kickbacks in relief program for Cambodia.....Largest merger in railroad history, between Chessie System and Seaboard Coast Line Industries, announced.....Senate approves sale of nuclear fuel to India, previously rejected by House.....Voters in Maine referendum yesterday support nuclear power use.....Left- and right-wing extremists continue to clash in El Salvador.
Thursday, 25 September 1980
Iran and Iraq agree to seek diplomatic resolution to border conflict; westerners flee Iraq as air raids continue; Secretary of State Edmund Muskie meets with Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko regarding the Iran-Iraq War, as well as nuclear arms reduction in Europe; Shah's son, Reza Pahlavi, offers to fight in Iranian army, while Empress Pahlavi blames war on Ayatollah Khomeini; U.S. postpones shipment of engines for Iraqi missile frigates; Egyptian President Anwar Sadat suggests U.S. could use war to topple Khomeini....League of Women Voters agrees to President Carter's request that independent candidate John Anderson be left out of next presidential debate.....Tentative agreement reached to end performers' strike in Hollywood.....U.S. wins America's Cup yacht race, defeating Australia.....U.S. confirms aerial clashes with Libyan planes since September 16.....Federal Reserve Board raises interest rate it charges banks.....Government begins relocating Cuban refugees from Miami to Ft. Chaffee, AR.....A strike is announced at Pacific Southwest Airlines.....Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham dies.
Friday, 26 September 1980
Islamic nations forming task force to mediate between warring Iran and Iraq; fighting over Shatt al Arab waterway continues; President Carter issues warning after Iran threatens to close Strait of Hormuz, through which much of the West's oil is shipped; Iraqi planes bomb Abadan refinery, while Iranian planes bomb Baghdad; Ronald Reagan accepts State Dept. briefings on war.....Cuban government closes Mariel harbor to halt departure of refugees.....Senate formally opposes President Carter's grain embargo against USSR in retaliation for Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.....Afghanistan gunships attack Pakistani border outpost.....Terrorist bombing occurs at Munich's Oktoberfest kills 12.....Energy Dept. insists no health hazard was created by radioactive gas leak following yesterday's underground nuclear test in Yucca Flats, NV.....Residents of Guy, AR report strange illnesses since explosion of Titan II missile in nearby silo; USAF sends experts to test water and soil.....First Cuban cosmonaut returns to Earth after visit to Salyut 6 space station.....Surgeon General recommends women stop using tampons due to risk of toxic shock syndrome.
Saturday, 27 September 1980
Air raids and artillery attacks by both sides reported as war between Iran and Iraq continues; UN Security Council members sharply divided over what to do about the conflict; Iraq captures capital of Iran's Khuzistan province; Pakistan President Zia ul-Haq sent to Iran by Islamic UN nations to mediate dispute; Iraqi oil pipeline through Turkey is blown up.....U.S. embassy, Beirut, under heavy guard after attack by pro-Iranian group....Right-wing terrorists claim responsibility for bombing at Munich's Oktoberfest.....Proctor & Gamble to launch major ad campaign warning customers of toxic shock syndrome risks connected with use of its Rely tampons.....New York's Whitney Museum pays $1 million for Jasper Johns painting, Three Flags.
Sunday, 28 September 1980
Iraqi troops lay siege to Iran's Abadan refinery; fighting centers around vital Shatt al Arab waterway; UN Security Council adopts resolution calling on both sides to stop fighting.....Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher says U.S. will work with allies to keep open Strait of Hormuz, allied naval action is not ruled out.....Six neo-Nazis arrested in connection with recent terrorist bombing at Munich's Oktoberfest.....Ground water near site of missile explosion at Damascus, AR said to be contaminated.....Baseballs' National League pennant race between Montreal Expos and Philadelphia Phillies is underway.....Congressional Black Caucus expresses unhappiness with all presidential candidates.....Many Canadian air traffic controllers call in sick to show support for striking colleagues in Toronto.....Workers at Gdansk shipyards threaten another strike if Polish government does not move quickly to fulfill agreement that ended recent strike.....Jaromir Wagner becomes first to fly across the Atlantic standing on a wing.
Monday, 29 September 1980
Iraqi President Saddam Hussein offers ceasefire to end fighting between Iran and Iraq.....League of Women Voters cancel VP debate after Walter Mondale and George Bush decline to participate.....Leon Jaworski, Watergate special prosecutor, reportedly heading organization called Democrats for Reagan.....A confidential report questioning the combat readiness of USN aircraft carriers is leaked.....NATO war games come to an end in West Germany.....Poland's trade unions announce strike to begin Friday because government refuses to pay promised wage increases.....The development of a possible vaccine for hepatitis-B is reported.....Justice Dept. is suing Conservation Chemical Co. of Kansas City, MO for dangers posed by chemical waste site.....Senate subcommittee report on "Billygate" criticizes President Carter and his staff, Billy Carter, Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti, CIA Director Stansfield Turner and others.....Metropolitan Opera cancels its 1980-81 season after failure to reach agreement with striking musicians union.....USAF discloses development of laser beam weapon.....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson criticizes fundamentalist groups for getting involved in politics.
Tuesday, 30 September 1980
U.S. sends four AWAC surveillance planes to Saudi Arabia to help that nation protect its oilfields from possible attack.....Iranian air attack on Baghdad reported; Iraqis intensify efforts to capture Iran's Abadan oil refinery; Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev urges Iran and Iraq to negotiate; sea traffic in Persian Gulf said to be normal despite conflict.....House approves extending unemployment benefits.....A memorial service is held for victims of terrorist bombing at Munich's Oktoberfest last Friday.....Syria calls for Israel's expulsion from the UN.....President Carter makes proposals to aid U.S. steel industry due to strong competition by Japan and Europe.....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson calls for end to price supports for tobacco producers in speech at Chapel Hill, NC.....Robert McNamara criticizes U.S. re: global poverty in retirement address at World Bank.....Fire breaks out at Scarborough Downs, ME, the fifth serious fire at a New England horsetrack in recent weeks.