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The Daily News - October 1980
[NOTE: Some of the events described in a day's news may have occurred on the previous day.]

Battle waged near Abadan, Iran

Wednesday, 1 October 1980
Sen. Ted Kennedy campaigns for President Carter in Boston.....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson's campaign blames Carter memo for banks pulling out of financing Anderson TV commercials.....Iranian air strikes against Baghdad hits nuclear power plant, and Iraqi attacks on Abadan refinery continue.....Kurdish rebels launch guerrilla attacks against Iraqi forces.....Iraq flies bombers to Kuwait, Oman and elsewhere for safekeeping.....Secretary of State Edmund Muskie sends letter to Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Rajai assuring Iran that U.S. will remain neutral in Iran-Iraq War.....Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti asking Supreme Court to uphold his order to deport Feodor Fedorenko, a former Nazi deathcamp guard.....Recovery efforts underway following major earthquake in Algeria.....West Germany halts economic negotiations with East Germany.....Anaconda Copper Co. shutting down operations in Montana due to environmental regulations.....Carter approves program to relocate residents of Love Canal, NY.....Major banks raise prime lending rate.....Two Soviet cosmonauts set sustained space flight record in Salyut 6 (176 days).....House passes emergency spending bill Rolls Royce introduces new model, Silver Spirit.
Thursday, 2 October 1980
Senate subcommittee issues report on its hearings into Billy Carter's Libyan connection; Billy responds on Chicago talk show.....Iraqi siege of Khorramshahr, Iran continues, while Iran claims successful paratroop drop into city.....Guards at Iraqi and Iranian embassies in Beirut do battle.....U.S. strengthening its naval presence in the Persian Gulf.....Saudi Arabia says it will increase oil production because of Iran-Iraq War.....Ronald Reagan campaigns at Pittsburgh, PA steel mill, criticizes President Carter's plan for reviving steel industry.....Actor Steve McQueen diagnozed with rare form of lung cancer.....Lillian Carter hospitalized in Georgia after a fall, has surgery for broken hip.....Smog alert continues in southern California.....A south Boston high school is closed due to racial unrest there.....House expels Rep. Michael Myers due to his Abscam conviction.....Iranian parliament said to be establishing commission to examine American hostage situation.....Conflict continues between oil producers and environmentalists over exploitation of resources in William O. Douglas Arctic Wildlife Range.....Larry Holmes defeats Mohammad Ali in Las Vegas boxing match; first time Ali has been knocked out in a fight.
Friday, 3 October 1980
96th Congress recesses until lame-duck session scheduled to follow November elections.....Rep. Robert Bauman arraigned today on charges he made sexual solicitations to underage boy.....Iran warns other Arab states not to collaborate with Iraq during war, launches major counterattack against Iraqi forces around Abadan, Khorramshahr and other occupied Iranian territories.....Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Rajai reportedly tells Swiss ambassador in Tehran that American hostage situation will not be resolved until war with Iraq is over....Neo-Nazi organization claims responsibility for bombing of Jewish synagogue near Paris.....Two Swiss residents face economic espionage charges for selling chocolate recipes to the Chinese and the Russians.....Polish workers engage in legal strike today; said to be first legal strike in a Communist nation.....Ronald Reagan appeals to religious fundamentalist in campaign speech.....Miami News endorses independent presidential candidate John Anderson.....FBI suspects attempt to assassinate Vernon Jordan is linked to other racially-motivated shootings.
Saturday, 4 October 1980
Luxury liner Prinsendam of Holland-America fleet burning in Gulf of Alaska; sea rescue underway, Coast Guard says all passengers recovered from lifeboats; 13 survivors flown by helicopter to hospital in Yakutat, AK.....In Iran-Iraq War, Iraq claims to be in control of vital Shatt-al-Arab waterway while heavy fighting is reported at Abadan.....Two Americans among the 19 killed in oil rig accident in Persian Gulf.....Newsweek survey shows Ronald Reagan has the electoral votes needed to win presidency.....Banks reportedly unwilling to loan money to campaign of independent presidential candidate John Anderson.....In Paris, demonstrators protest neo-Nazi bombing of synagogue yesterday.....New York Yankees clinch American League East baseball pennant.
Sunday, 5 October 1980
Egyptian magazine claims Libya's Muammar Qadhafi is aiding Iran in its war with Iraq; Attempt to put ceasefire into effect seems to be failure.....Defense Secretary Harold Brown says U.S. will supply Saudi Arabia with more surveillance equipment to protect vital oil fields.....Palestinian terrorists claim responsibility for post office bomb in suburb of Tel Aviv, Israel.....Another terrorist bomb explodes in Paris.....West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt wins parliamentary election.....National Organization of Women endorses Democratic party platform but not President Carter, and denounces Ronald Reagan.
Monday, 6 October 1980
Jordan declares support for Iraq in its war with Iran; Iraqi air attacks launched at Tehran; Iraq claims capture of Khorramshahr, Iran; Iraq reportedly receiving military supplies from USSR through Ethiopia and South Yemen.....Passengers of burning Dutch liner Prinsendam praise Coast Guard rescue efforts in Gulf of Alaska.....South Carolina woman found dead from toxic shock syndrome said to have used Rely tampons; Proctor & Gamble's TV ads warning women about use begins today.....Conservative group calls for Rep. Robert Bauman to resign from Congress after his arrest on morals charge.....Supreme Court refuses to intervene in school busing cases.....Coast Guard seizes large quantity of marijuana from ships stopped off Florida coast.
Tuesday, 7 October 1980
President Carter criticized for last night's speech in Chicago in which he implies the election of Ronald Reagan to the presidency would lead to disunity among Americans.....Iran disputes reports that Iraq has captured city of Khorramshahr.....Jewish organizations and leftist groups said to be behind demonstrations throughout France held to criticize President Giscard d'Estaing for inaction after synagogue bombing; anti-Semitic violence continues throughout country.....North Korea said to be sending arms to Iran.....U.S. advises Jordan's King Hussein not to get involved in Iran-Iraq War.....Maria Magdalena Henriquez, spokeswoman for human rights organization, murdered in El Salvador.....Effort underway to tow fire-damaged Dutch liner Prisendam from Gulf of Alaska to Oregon port.....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson on all 50 state ballots following yesterday's ruling in Georgia.
Wednesday, 8 October 1980
Teamsters Union endorses Ronald Reagan.....Iran conducts air raid against Baghdad, Iran; continued fighting for Iran's Abadan refinery reported; Iran attacking on neutral ships in Shatt al Arab waterway.....Syrian President Hafez al Assad signs friendship treaty with USSR in Moscow.....U.S. International Trade Commission opens hearings on how to help American auto industry cope with Japanese imports.....In Hollywood, a tentative settlement of performers' strike is reported.....Kansas City Royals and New York Yankees meet in first game of American League championship series.....West German Jaromir Wagner makes successful transatlantic crossing on top of airplane.....U.S. offers early warning radar systems to Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and United Arab Emirates out of concern that Iran may attack region's oilfields, also offers to protect neutrality of Arab nations during Iran-Iraq War.....EPA challenges Reagan's claim regarding pollution caused by Mt. St. Helen eruption.....Fire breaks out again on crippled Dutch liner Prisendam in Gulf of Alaska.....Former Rep. Charles Diggs, convicted for payroll kickback scheme, wins parole.....FBI arrests suspect in alleged blackmail of Rep. Robert Bauman, who declares his homsexuality and says he will run for reelection though Republican party has decided to withhold campaign funds following his arrest on morals charge.....Explosives expert Johnnie Howe kills himself and daughter with car bomb in Cotati, CA......Bob Marley collapses on stage, rushed to Sloan-Kettering Hospital.
Thursday, 9 October 1980
National Maritime Union, which endorsed Jimmy Carter in 1976, endorses Ronald Reagan.....Missiles reportedly now being used in Iran-Iraq War.....President Carter set to sign legislation authorizing relocation of Cuban refugees to Puerto Rico.....Mt. St. Helen erupts in Washington state.....Defense Secretary Harold Brown defends U.S. military preparedness.....Carter's campaign swing through Tennessee includes stop at Grand Ole Opry.....National Institute of Health's egg transplant procedure described as possible alternative to test-tube fertilization.....Trucks collide near Dyersburg, TN, with one carrying classified military electronic equipment.....Mutilated body of murdered black found in suburb of Buffalo, NY.....Terrorists in El Salvador announce that South African ambassador Archibald Dunn, kidnapped last year, has been killed.....Berkeley professor Czeslaw Milosz wins Nobel Prize for literature.....White House ceremony today to announce hydroelectric projects in states where Carter and Reagan are in close race.....Iranian troops allegedly commit atrocities against crew of neutral ships trapped in port of Khorramshahr.....International agreement reached in Geneva outlawing use of weapons like napalm against civilians.....CIA says White House had advanced warning of Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.....First home banking by computer occurs in Knoxville, TN.....Princess Caroline of Monaco divorces Philippe Junot.
Friday, 10 October 1980
Campaign of independent presidential candidate John Anderson said to still be a danger to President Carter's reelection bid.....Carter vows to moderate criticisms of Ronald Reagan for rest of campaign.....Libya becomes first Arab state to openly declare support for Iran in its conflict with Iraq; Both sides say they expect conflict to escalate and both conduct air strikes today; Palestinian guerrillas said to be accompanying Soviet rockets to Iran; UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim asks both nations to insure safety of oil tankers passing through Shatt al Arab waterway.....Pair of earthquakes reported in Algeria, 4500 killed.....Larry Layton, Peoples Temple member, indicted for taking part in murder of Rep. Leo Ryan in Jonestown, Guyana.....Government says Proctor & Gamble's Rely tampons not the only brand linked to toxic shock syndrome.....Philadelphia Phillies battle Houston Astros for baseball's National League championship.....Carter signs legislation reimbursing Florida for that state's expenses in caring for Cuban refugees.

Train overturned by earthquake at
El Asnam, Algeria

Saturday, 11 October 1980
El Asnam, Algeria, said to be destroyed by recent severe earthquakes; President Carter promises U.S. relief aid.....Iraq charges Syria, North Korea and Libya with aiding Iran, cuts diplomatic relations with all three nations.....Missile frigate USS Leahy ordered to Persian Gulf.....Military experts assembled by Reagan campaign to criticize Carter's military policies.....Fire-damaged Dutch liner Prisendam sinks while being towed in Gulf of Alaska.....Two Soviet cosmonauts who have set new record for space endurance return to Earth.....Series of murders of black children in Atlanta reported.....Leukemia victim in USSR said to be dying because government won't let him travel to U.S. for treatment.
Sunday, 12 October 1980
Aftershocks rock area around El Asnam, Algeria, already destroyed by recent earthquakes; American cargo planes carrying relief supplies arrive in Algeria.....Justice Commandos of Armenian Genocide claim responsibility for two explosions, one in front of Turkish UN mission in New York City, the other at Los Angeles travel agency; another explosion occurs at Turkish airline office, London.....Iraqi forces said to be within a few miles of Iran's Abadan oil refinery, a key strategic target; Iraqi air attack on Isfahan, Iran reported.....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson insists he can still win during appearance on Face the Nation.....Seven stabbed at Blood, Sweat & Tears concert in Los Angeles.
Monday, 13 October 1980
More aftershocks hit El Asnam, Algeria in wake of earthquake last Friday....In Iran-Iraq War, battle waged for Abadan oil refinery; Iran says neutral ships trapped in Shatt al Arab waterway will be allowed to leave; Iraqi air strike made against Isfafan, Iran's second largest city.....Iranian terrorists hijack Turkish jet enroute to Ankara.....President Carter, George Bush and John Anderson present at New York City's Columbus Day parade; Luciano Pavarotti is grand marshal.....Rep. John Jenrette seeking reelection despite recent Abscam conviction.....An explosion rips through Atlanta day care center.....East Germany imposes new restrictions on visitors from the West.....Philadelphia Phillies and Kansas City Royals prepare for first game of World Series tomorrow.....Cuba will release all American prisoners held there.....Adolfo Perez Esquivel wins Nobel Peace Prize.....Six blacks murdered in Buffalo, NY.
Tuesday, 14 October 1980
Supreme Court rejects appeal by former Rep. Michael Myers, allowing public broadcast of the FBI's Abscam tapes.....Ronald Reagan promises to place first woman on Supreme Court if he is elected.....Iran's naval commander warns that Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz might be mined; Iranian air strike against Baghdad reported; Iraqi offensive against Abadan refinery continues.....Commandos end hijacking of Turkish plane by Iranian terrorists which began yesterday.....Palestinian autonomy talks between Israel and Egypt resume today in Washington.....Two Palestinian mayors deported following recent murders of Israeli settlers on West Bank appeal their expulsion.....People's National Party leader Roy McGann murdered today, latest violent incident in current Jamaican political campaign.....Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev calls for resumption of arms control talks.....First game of World Series between Philadelphia Phillies and Kansas City Royals occurs today.
Wednesday, 15 October 1980
In Iran-Iraq War, both sides conduct air raids, Iran begins gas rationing, Tehran radio says large number of Iraqi troops have been killed.....Soviet and Afghan troops clash in Kabul over Afghan army's opposition to President Babrak Karmal.....Gen. Frederick Kroesen says U.S. military in Western Europe not combat-ready.....Carter campaign invites Ronald Reagan to one-on-one debate.....President Carter makes campaign appearance in Boston with former rival for Democratic nomination, Ted Kennedy.....Summit between Carter, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin is postponed.....James Callaghan resigns as head of British Labour Party.....Lawrence Klein wins 1980 Novel Prize for economics.
Thursday, 16 October 1980
President Carter denies a deal has been struck with Iran for release of American hostages.....Iran and Iraq trade air strikes; Iraqi offensive against Abadan, Iran continues.....Southern Christian Leadership Council's Rev. Ralph Abernathy endorses Ronald Reagan for president.....French President Giscard d'Estaing holds talks with Chairman Hua Guofeng during visit to China.....Passengers abandoned in Barbados when crew of Cunard Countess luxury liner go on strike.....Team undertakes first repairs in damaged reactor building at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant....Rocky Mountain states struck by snowstorm.....Major battle between Soviet troops and Afghan rebels reported near Kabul.
Friday, 17 October 1980
Debate between President Carter and Ronald Reagan set for October 28 in Cleveland; not included in debate, independent candidate John Anderson says League of Women Voters knuckled under to Carter White House.....A freight train wreck is reported at Plains, GA.....In Washington State, Mt. St. Helen erupts again, ash falls on Portland and Vancouver.....Catholic bishops in Poland speak out in favor of free trade unions.....Reagan said to have received a plurality of major newspaper endorsements.....Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev accuses U.S. of reviving the Cold War.....Israeli troops conduct search-and-destroy mission against terrorist camps in southern Lebanon.....Civil Aeronautics Board recommends Pan Am for new direct service between U.S. and China.....Queen Elizabeth visits with Pope John Paul II.....Iran's Mohammed Rajai in New York City to report to UN on Iran-Iraq War.....Commerce Dept. announces an upward turn for U.S. economy.....Shortage of pilots forcing USAF to recruit older men.....Morris Udall announces he is afflicted with Parkinson's disease.
Saturday, 18 October 1980
Iran's Prime Minister Mohammed Ali Rajai accuses U.S. of aiding Iraq in war, suggests U.S. should remove AWACS planes from Saudi Arabia, says Iranian parliament may soon set conditions for release of American hostages.....President Carter says he wants Senate approval of SALT II treaty after November elections.....Ronald Reagan attends homecoming at alma mater, Eureka College, during campaign swing through home state of Illinois.....Rep. Michael Myers, convicted in Abscam trial, running for reelection in Pennsylvania district.....Voting results in Australian election shows Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser's reelection likely.....Afghan army plot to overthrow Soviet-backed government said to have failed.....The kidnapping and killing of black children continues in Atlanta as volunteers discover body of one victim.....Brooke Alexander, 18, of Hawaii crowned Miss World USA.
Sunday, 19 October 1980
A Reagan rally is held in Plains, GA, President Carter's hometown.....U.S. says it will not remove AWACS planes from Saudi Arabia as suggested by Iranian prime minister.....In Iran-Iraq War, both sides ignore call for ceasefire due to Islamic holy day; war said to be dividing Moslem nations.....President Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines survives bomb blast without injury.....More volcanic activity reported at Mt. St. Helen.....Danny and Dave Edwards win national team golf championship.....Price of gold reportedly bringing prospectors back to old goldfields in Georgia.
Monday, 20 October 1980
Sen. Ted Kennedy and Mohammad Ali join President Carter, campaigning in New York City.....Ronald Reagan calls for new arms control negotiations with USSR and the scrapping of SALT II.....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson challenges poll used by League of Women Voters to justify his exclusion from next debate, as Reagan and Carter aides work out debate specifics.....Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Ali Rajai rejects U.S. offer for high-level meeting; speaker of Iranian parliament says American hostages will probably be released in near future.....In Iran-Iraq War, fighting continues at Abadan and Khorramshahr.....FDA recommends warning labels on tampons re: toxic shock syndrome.....Warsaw Pact ministers meet in Poland.....President Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines blames political opposition leader Benigno Aquino for bomb explosion yesterday.....Patricia Hearst seeks new hearing in hopes of overturning her conviction for bank robbery.....Greece rejoins military arm of NATO.....President of American Public Health Association criticizes state of U.S. health care.....After 17-year battle (publicized by film Norma Rae), J.P. Stevens textile company agrees to first union contract in its history.....Hearings begin on construction of Diablo Canyon on earthquake fault in California.
Tuesday, 21 October 1980
Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Ali Rajai meeting with Katherine Keough, wife of hostage and president of hostage family organization.....Secretary of State Edmund Muskie denies negotiations with Iran for release of hostages are in progress.....Iraqi siege of Khorramshahr, Iran continues.....Anti-American sentiment said to be on the rise in Iran since war with Iraq began.....Atlanta authorities recruit New Jersey psychic Dorothy Allison to help in solving string of murders of black youth.....Dick Tuck of National Lampoon reportedly in possession of Richard Nixon's White House tapes; Nixon attorneys object to tapes being broadcast.....Rep. John Murphy, indicted in Abscam conspiracy, files lawsuit against the New York Times.....Polish government says it will recognize largest independent union in Poland.....Philadelphia Phillies win the World Series, first time in franchise history......Mikhail Gorbachev elected to Soviet Politburo.
Wednesday, 22 October 1980
Iranian officials say American hostages may be released next week, but State Dept. cautions against optimism.....Iran ready to accept UN mediation to end war with Iraq.....President Carter alleges Ronald Reagan is using hostage situation for political gain.....A high-ranking CIA official expected to be indicted this week on charges of spying for Soviets.....New Castle, DE evacuated following explosion at Amoco chemical plant.....U.S. and China formalize huge grain deal.....Galileo, 17th century scientist branded a heretic, to get new trial in the Vatican.....Philadelphia Phillies win the world series.....Census Bureau says median family income in U.S. is about $20,000.....Federal jury acquits co-defendants indicted in FBI Brilab insurance sting.....Busing program in Los Angeles declared a failure.....Israeli bombers strike Palestinian guerrilla camps in Lebanon.....USSR admits to an extremely poor grain harvest.....South Korean voters approve new constitution ending one-man rule, elections set for next March.....Miami Beach city commission says it cannot pay hotel bills for 1500 Cuban refugees; Boston appeals court decision paves way for Carter administration to move Cuban and Haitian refugees to Puerto Rico.....Government study shows U.S. falling behind other nations in math and science education.....The London Times is up for sale.
Thursday, 23 October 1980
U.S. calls for emergency meeting of UN Security Council in effort to end Iran-Iraq War; both Iran and Iraq claim naval victories...Independent presidential candidate John Anderson accuses President Carter of using hostage situation for political gain.....Iranian parliament continues secret debate on fate of American hostages.....Prominent Democrat Eugene McCarthy, a presidential candidate in 1976, endorses Ronald Reagan.....Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin resigns due to poor health, replaced by Nikolai Tikhonov.....Explosion occurs at school in Ortuella, Spain.....Flooding occurs when railroad embankment gives way near Stockton, CA.....Senate testimony links Democratic national chairman John White to fugitive financier Robert Vesco.....Israeli cabinest reportedly considering proposal to annex Golan Heights.....Brooklyn grand jury asked to indict Sen. Harrison Williams on charges stemming from Abscam investigation.
Friday, 24 October 1980
Iraq claims to have taken Iranian port of Khorramshahr on vital Shatt al Arab waterway.....UN Security Council debate on Iran-Iraq War adjourned after brief meeting.....CIA official David Barnett indicted by Baltimore grand jury for spying for Soviets.....Earthquake reported in southwestern Mexico, while windstorm hammers Anchorage, AK.....`1977 VW Rabbits and Siroccos recalled due to noncompliance with clean air standards.....Nuclear Regulatory Commission to publicize rail and road routes used to transport spent nuclear reactor fuel.....President Carter downplays hopes for imminent release of American hostages in Iran.....Phoenix, AZ business struck by bomb disguised as Halloween gift.....Afghanistan President Babrak Karmal remaining in Moscow after scheduled visit, allegedly for health reasons.....New England towns compete for lowest energy consumption.....British conduct nuclear test at Nevada Test Site.....Polish government legalizes Solidarity labor union.
Saturday, 25 October 1980
Today is 357th day of captivity for American hostages held in Tehran; President Carter continues to downplay chances hostages will be released shortly.....Iraq says major Iranian counterattack at Abadan has been thrown back.....Vietnam vet arrested in Lawton, OK for stealing cannon from Ft. Sill.....In Atlanta, more than 2000 volunteers participate in search for more missing black children; psychic Dorothy Allison says two people acting separately are responsible for murders of black youth.....Afghanistan's UNESCO delegate denounces Soviet invasion of his country, then seeks political asylum.....Newly elected Philadelphia Mayor William Green pledges to control police dept. recently charged with widespread brutality.....Mike Weaver wins heavyweight boxing championship.
Sunday, 26 October 1980
Vice-president Walter Mondale says U.S. will not negotiate with Iran regarding embargoed military spare parts until American hostages are freed; Iranian parliament continues to debate fate of hostages.....Terrorist bombs explode in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.....The Chicago Tribune endorses Ronald Reagan while the New York Times endorses President Carter.....Iraq launches missile attack on Dizful, Iran.....Alberto Salazar and Grete Waitz win the New York City Marathon.....Marcello Caetano, Premier of Portugal, dies.
Monday, 27 October 1980
President Carter and Ronald Reagan prepare for tomorrow's debate in Cleveland.....Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr said to possess letter from White House stating U.S. accepts conditions for release of American hostages.....Iran admits loss of city of Khorramshahr to Iraqi troops.....Pope John Paul II criticizes aritificial insemination, birth control, genetic engineering and organ transplants.....Americans released from Cuban prisons by order of Fidel Castro arrive in U.S......OSHA scientists release study showing unusually high incidence of deaths from brain cancer among workers at Union Carbide petrochemical plant in Texas City, TX.....General Motors reports 3rd quarter loss.....Paul Kantner of Jefferson Starship suffers stroke.
Tuesday, 28 October 1980
President Carter and Ronald Reagan meet in debate in Cleveland, OH.....Independent presidential candidate John Anderson prepares own version of debate on CNN.....Leon Jaworski, former Watergate prosecutor, asks attorney general to investigate alleged election law violations by Carter campaign.....Iranian parliament postpones further debate on American hostages due to religious holiday; Paris newspaper Le Monde says majority of Iranian parliament members support release of hostages.....Ayatollah Khomeini speech today does not focus on hostage situation, as hoped by U.S......Iraqi assaults on Abadan, Iran continue; Saudi Arabia breaks diplomatic relations with Libya, which is supporting Iran in war.....Ford reports 3rd quarter loss exceeding that announced by General Motors yesterday.....Wall Street Journal alleges Reagan advisor Richard Allen used position in Nixon administration to get consulting contracts for himself and others.....Union leaders meet with Polish deputy prime minister in attempt to avert strike at Gdansk shipyards.....Carter administration denies Saudi Arabia's request for F-15 fighter planes.....Israeli government critical of former defense minister, Ezer Weizman, for associating with Carter campaign.....Voyager I discovers more moons around Saturn.
Wednesday, 29 October 1980
French companies allegedly shipping arms to both sides in Iran-Iraq War; both sides conduct air strikes today.....Iranian parliament resumes debate on American hostages.....In same courthouse where his aides were convicted of Watergate crimes, Richard Nixon testifies in trial of former FBI officials accused of illegal break-ins in 1970s.....Chrysler reports 3rd quarter loss.....Major banks increase prime rate.....Joseph Paul Franklin arrested in shootings of Vernon Jordan and other blacks.....Both President Carter and Ronald Reagan claim victory after last night's presidential debate.....Former Tennessee Governor Ray Blanton indicted on charges he sold liquor licenses illegally.....1980 federal deficit said to be largest in U.S. history.....An explosion rocks Peking railroad station.
Thursday, 30 October 1980
Foreign policy adviser Richard Allen resigns from Reagan campaign after allegations he used his position in Nixon administration for personal gain.....First public session of debate on American hostages conducted by Iranian parliament, boycotted by some members.....Continued fighting at Abadan, Ohwaz and Dizful in Iran between Iraqi and Iranian troops.....Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev meets with Polish government officials as tensions mount in Poland due to labor unrest.....Nissan Motors to open Datsun plant near Nashville, TN.....Sen. Harrison Williams indicted on charges stemming from FBI Abscam operation.....White House Press Secretary Jody Powell accuses Republican senators of leaking Justice Dept. report criticizing President Carter for his role in Billy Carter/Libya affair.....Carter makes campaign appearance in Michigan with father of Polish labor leader Lech Walesa.....Election held today in Jamaica marred by violence......Justice Dept. said to be investigating Jesse Jackson as possible agent acting for Libya.....Honduras and El Salvador settle boundary dispute.
Friday, 31 October 1980
Tehran Radio announces agreement reached for release of American hostages, claim dismissed by U.S. State Dept.....Shah of Iran's son proclaims himself Iranian ruler while exiled in Cairo.....Opposition leader Edward Seaga wins election over Prime Minister Michael Manley in Jamaica, as political violence continues.....Iraq claims President Carter offered Iran military spare parts in exchange for release of hostages.....Polish labor unions said to be winning concessions from government after strike threat.....Carter attacks Ronald Reagan's position on Medicare while campaigning in the South.....New hot air balloon altitude record set by Julian Knott.....Consumer Products Safety Commission recalls Pot Belly toys.