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The Daily News - November 1980
[NOTE: Some of the events described in a day's news may have occurred on the previous day.]

Saturday, 1 November 1980
Secretary of State Edmund Muskie denies President Carter made a politically-motivated deal with Iran for release of American hostages.....In Iran, Islamic Republic newspaper calls for massive demonstrations on November 4, election day in the U.S......U.S. intelligence says USSR is supplying fuel to Iran, and Soviet client states are providing military spare parts as well.....Greyhound bus drivers say they will go on strike at midnight tomorrow.
Sunday, 2 November 1980
Iranian parliament sets conditions for release of American hostages; President Carter suspends campaign to return to White House for discussions with advisers.....Iranian government rumored to be making plans to free hostages; Secretary of State Edmund Muskie says U.S. is opposed to piecemeal release.....Ronald Reagan refuses to comment on hostage situation.....Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger accuse Iran of trying to influence upcoming American election.....Hostage families hold ceremonies in Colorado and Washington, DC.
Monday, 3 November 1980
Militants holding American hostages in Tehran agree to hand prisoners over to Khomeini government; Ayatollah Khomeini praises militants for capuring U.S. embassy.....Algerian ambassador delivers Iranian conditions for release of hostages to U.S......On campaign trail, President Carter refuses to discuss hostage situation.....American corporations concerned about Iranian demand that all financial claims against it be dropped.....Carter administration said to be hoping to avoid delivery of military equipment bought by Iran prior to seizure of hostages.....Ceremony held in Heritage, PA honoring histages.....Fighting continues in Khorramshahr and Abadan between Iraqi and Iranian forces.....Iraq announces capture of Iranian oil minister; Iran demands his immediate release.....Another black child found dead in Atlanta possibly latest victim of serial killer.....On eve of national election, Carter campaigns in Missouri, Ronald Reagan in Illinois, and John Anderson in Minnesota.....Puerto Rican nationalists storm Reagan headquarters in San Francisco while Nancy Reagan is present.
Tuesday, 4 November 1980
One year anniversary of seizure of American hostages by Iranian militants in Tehran; Iranians celebrate capture of U.S. embassy.....State Dept. rejects Iranian request for a public response from U.S. government regarding its conditions for release of hostages.....Voting underway in U.S. national election; exit polls by all major networks show Ronald Reagan with substantial lead in presidential race.....Republican gains in Congress and statehouses expected.....Iraq's Saddam Hussein sets conditions for ending war with Iran; Iraqi offensive near Ahwaz, Iran is launched.....Libya invades Chad.
Wednesday, 5 November 1980
Ronald Reagan defeats President Jimmy Carter in presidential election; Reagan wins 43.9 million popular and 489 electoral votes, Carter wins 35.5 million popular and 49 electoral votes.....GOP pick up 53 seats in House and 13 in Senate, winning control of latter for first time since 1954.....Carter departs for presidential retreat, Camp David, blames his Moral Majority among other things for his defeat.....Carter promises smooth transition.....West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt said to be concerned about effect of Reagan's victory on prospects for detente.....Henry Jackson, William Simon, George Schultz, Caspar Weinberger and Alan Greenspan mentioned as possible Reagan cabinet appointees.....Transition team announced by Reagan camp includes Jackson, Richard Stone and Ed. Bennett Williams.....Iranian official says Reagan win will delay resolution of hostage situation.
Thursday, 6 November 1980
Sen. Ted Kennedy turning Judiciary Committee chairmanship over to Sen. Strom Thurmond.....Robert Dole, opponent of Reagan tax cut proposals, to occupy chairmanship of Senate Finance Committee.....Government reports third quarter trade deficit.....Iranian newspaper calls Reagan a "fascist cowboy".....Former FBI officials Mark Felt and Ed Miller convicted of violating civil rights with illegal break-ins.....Voter turnout in recent election said to be lowest in decades, with 52.6 percent of eligible voters participating.....President-elect Reagan holds first post-election news conference; names William Casey to head his transition team, reiterates pledge to institute federal hiring freeze.....Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher continues meetings with Algerian ambassador serving as go-between with Iran.....In China, indictment filed against widow of Mao Tse-tung for attempting to overthrow government.....Defeated Sen. Herman Talmadge calls for recount in Georgia.....Entertainer Wayne Newton testifies before federal grand jury in Connecticut about organized crime.
Friday, 7 November 1980
Iraqi troops said to be preparing to launch major offensive against Abadan, Iran; Iran claims its captured oil minister is being tortured in Baghdad.....Amtrak and Conrail trains collide near Dobbs Ferry station, in vicinity of New York City.....Explosion occurs in West Virginia coal mine.....Ford Motors recalling autos due to defective cooling fans.....Center for Disease Control warns against children with viral illnesses taking aspirin due to danger of Reyes syndrome.....Actor Steve McQueen dies today, of cancer.....State Dept. reportedly ready to respond to Iranian demands regarding release of American hostages.....Bolshevik revolution celebrated in Moscow.....President-elect Reagan said to be creating task force on Iran.....National Council of Churches calls for PLO to recognize Israel and Israel to include PLO in peace talks.....FDA recommends hair growth products be pulled from market.
Saturday, 8 November 1980
Former Iranian Foreign Minister Sadegh Ghotbzadeh arrested for criticizing Iran's government.....Iraqi troops attack Abadan, Iran; Iranian air strikes made against Iraq's Kirkuk oil refinery.....A severe earthquake is reported in northern California.....Voyager I discovers Saturn's fifteenth moon.....General Public Utilities announces delay in removal of reactor core at Three Mile Island, which will increase cleanup cost.....Joint Soviet-Polish military exercises said to be part of government effort to discourage planned labor strikes.....Five miners reported killed in recent explosion in West Virginia coal mine.....Haitian refugees stranded on Cay Lobos in the Bahamas said to be starving.....Pope John Paul II criticizes women's liberation movement.
Sunday, 9 November 1980
Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin arrives in New York City for meeting with President Carter; Begin's meeting with President-elect Reagan postponed.....Iran-Iraq War has caused gas prices in Iran to triple; sugar rationing has been instituted.....Polish workers threaten to strike as government and labor leaders haggle over contract wording.....Bahamian government launches effort to rescue Haitians shipwrecked on Cay Lobos for over a month.....Voyager I transmits photos of Saturn's rings to Earth.....Iran said to be awaiting U.S. response to its conditions for release of American hostages.....Arrest of former Iranian foreign minister for criticizing government said to be widening split between moderates and fundamentalists.....Syrian President Hafez al-Assad congratulates Reagan on election victory, urges him to tell Israel to vacate occupied territories.
Monday, 10 November 1980
Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher goes to Algeria to explain U.S. position regarding Iranian demands for release of American hostages.....General Motors said to be suing Iran for damages.....International Trade Commission says Japanese imports not the major problem with American auto industry.....Nationwide labor strikes in Poland cancelled; Polish supreme court credited with averting government-labor confrontation.....Michael Foot named new head of British Labor Party.....Jury selection begins in Abscam trials of Reps. John Murphy and Frank Thompson.....President-elect Reagan's foreign policy adviser, Brent Scowcroft, arrives in Moscow for unofficial visit.....Terrorist bombings reported in Christian sector of Beirut, Lebanon.....Reuters reports release of Sadegh Ghotbzadeh from Iranian prison by order of Ayatollah Khomeini.....In China, the Gang of Four (including Mao Tse-tung's widow) formally indicted.....Trial of KKK and Nazi Party members accused of killing Communist Workers' Party members in Greensboro said to be longest trial in North Carolina's history.
Tuesday, 11 November 1980
Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher returns from diplomatic mission to Algeria re: American hostages in ran.....Algerian intermediary to deliver U.S. response to Iranian demands to Tehran tomorrow.....First elements of U.S. rapid deployment force arrive in Egypt for joint American-Egyptian military exercises.....Latvian nationalists in protest at European security conference in Madrid; USSR objects to discussion of human rights.....Congress to meet tomorrow for first lame-duck session since the one called by President Truman in 1948; possible tax cut to be top of agenda, but House Majority Leader Jim Wright says one probably won't be enacted.....Atlanta police call in five of nation's top homicide detectives to aid in effort to solve cases of murdered black children.....Hurricane Jeanne enters Gulf of Mexico.....Haitian refugees stranded on Cay Lobos resist rescue for fear they will be returned to Haiti.....Forest fires rage in Kentucky and West Virginia.....UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim asking Sweden's Olof Palme to act as intermediary in Iran-Iraq War.
Wednesday, 12 November 1980
Iran and Iraq accept Olof Palme as special UN envoy; Palme to seek mediation to end Iran-Iraq War.....Delta purchase of Boeing 757s said to be largest aircraft purchase in American history.....Washington Star says James Baker III to be President-elect Reagan's choice for White House chief of staff.....Air traffic computer at Cleveland, OH breaks down.....President Carter defends his early concession on Election Day.....Soviet leader Leonid Breshnev is critical of European security conference in Madrid; conference deadlocked on human rights issue.....Exiled Soviet dissident Andrei Amalrik dies in auto accident enroute to conference.....Lame-duck session of Congress opens; House approves Alaska Lands Bill.....Unidentified plane attacks Kuwaiti outpost on border with Iraq; Iraq claims shootdown of Iranian plane at Kuwaiti border.....Portugal refuses to allow any nation to use its ports to transport military supplies to Iran.....Bahamian authorities forcibly remove Haitian refugees from Cay Lobos.....Workers trapped in collapse of building during demolition job in Ottumwa, IA.....Study shows benefit of certain type of cholesterol in preventing heart attacks among women and blacks.....Carter criticizes Reagan's budget claims....New York Mayor Ed Koch admits he tried marijuana.
Thursday, 13 November 1980
House Ethics Committee begins investigation of Rep. John Jenrette, caught in Abscam sting and defeated in reelection bid.....Defense Secretary Harold Brown arrives in Brussels for NATO conference.....U.S. transport plane crashes in Egypt.....Helicopter with ABC and NBC news crews reported missing near the Bahamas.....Iranian jet fighters fire at Kuwaiti border outpost.....Iraq claims to be consolidating its gains in Iran's Khuzistan province.....President Carter meets with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin at White House.....Militants holding American hostages in Tehran say they are about to hand prisoners over to Iranian government.....Senate votes to restrict Justice Dept. enforcement of busing for school integration....FEC approves funds for John Anderson due to his showing in recent election; Anderson campaign said to be burdened with debt.....Griffin Bell, U.S. delegate to Madrid security conference, criticizes USSR for jamming Western broadcasts, for human rights record, and for Afghanistan invasion.....Poland requests emergency economic assistance from U.S., West Germany and Japan.....United, American and Eastern airlines announce increase in New York-California fares.....Georgia judge dismisses charges against Albany Herald reporter and wife accused of helping convicts escape.....Municipal workers in Los Angeles go on strike.....Voyager I said to have now passed out of solar system.....Britain's National Gallery pays record price for Albrecht Altdorfer's painting, "Christ Taking Leave of His Mother".....Prince Charles reportedly may marry Lady Diana Spencer.
Friday, 14 November 1980
Edwin Meese is designated counselor to president, a cabinet position in future Reagan White House; Reagan campaign manager William Casey considered for post of CIA chief.....Federal government says Love Canal cleanup of hazardous waste is impossible.....Federal Reserve Board increases discount rate.....A school bus is hijacked in Belgium.....Opening arguments presented in trial of Marine Pvt. Robert Garwood, accused of collaborating with enemy during Vietnam War.....After reign of only a few hours, West Germany's Gabriella Brum resigns as Miss World, replaced by Miss Guam, Kimberly Santos.....European security conference in Madrid reaches agreement on agenda; USSR agrees to full debate on Afghanistan invasion and human rights record at conference.....Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says two Toyota models pose danger of gas tank explosion on collision.....John Harvey Adamson given death sentence in Arizona for murder of Tucson reporter Don Bolles.....Anita Bryant says she has changed her views on homosexuality in Ladies Home Journal interview.....Conservative Human Events expresses concern over moderate tilt of likely Reagan White House team.....Defense Secretary Harold Brown asks European allies to keep their defense spending commitments during NATO meeting in Brussels.....Continued labor unrest in Poland results in meeting between labor leader Lech Walesa and Communist Party boss Stanislaw Kania.....Third pilot said to be involved in 1978 airplane collision over San Diego is found.
Saturday, 15 November 1980
Special committee dealing with American hostages remains in session as rest of Iranian parliament adjourns for religious holiday.....Iranian news agency reports that American journalists will once more be allowed in Iran.....Anti-clergy protest held in Tehran.....President-elect Reagan's economic advisers, including William Simon, Alan Greenspan and Arthur Burns, meet in Los Angeles.....Democratic Party seeks new national committee chairman.....John Paul II arrives in West Germany for first papal visit to that country in 200 years.....In China, the Gang of Four are formally indicted.....In Afghanistan, towns of Herat and Kandahar are under heavy Soviet air and artillery attack.....Iranian and Iraqi forces battle at Susangerd.....USAF Sgt. William Herrington murdered by terrorists in Adena, Turkey.....Two members of Harlem Globetrotters arrested in Sao Paulo, Brazil on drug charges.....Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley meets with representatives of three municipal unions now on strike.....In Kentucky, first known birth by a paid surrogate mother is reported.....Conservative think-tank Heritage Foundation makes recommendations to Reagan on his future administration; Democratic Senator Robert Byrd criticizes such groups.....Doctors say new drug may help solve rejection problem in organ transplants.
Sunday, 16 November 1980
Brush fires burn out of control in southern California.....President-elect Reagan meets with economic advisers in Los Angeles.....In Iran-Iraq War, battle rages near Susangerd, Iran while Iranian air strike is launched on Abdali, Kuwait.....On Meet the Press, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin encourages Reagan to keep American forces in Mideast, says Israel will sign mutual defense treaty with U.S.....Republican governors gather for conference in Philadelphia.....Explosions at munitions plant in Bangkok, Thailand said to be accidental.....Refugees stranded on Cay Lobos (Bahamas) returned to Haiti today.
`Monday, 17 November 1980
Jury in Greensboro, NC trial of KKK and American Nazi Party members charged with murders during anti-Klan rally in 1979 finds defendants not guilty.....Senate approves legislation preventing Justice Dept. from enforcing school busing.....President-elect Reagan flies to Washington for pre-inauguration planning.....Snowstorms reported in Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and windstorms in Florida and California, as brush fires continue to burn in southern California.....Prime lending rate increased today, said to be the highest since May.....Kuwait issues warning to Ayatollah Khomeini following Iranian air attacks on Kuwaiti targets; Kuwaiti leaders reportedly meeting with Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein.....Chrysler cuts back on overtime at two K-car factories.....In West Germany, visiting Pope John Paul II meets with Lutheran leaders in hopes of healing rift between Lutheran and Catholic Churches.....U.S. opening a trade fair in Peking.....Women demonstrate at Pentagon to protest link between arms race and violence against women; another demonstration in Bellevue, Washington against Mormon Church's anti-ERA policy.....Supreme Court rules against Kentucky state law requiring that Ten Commandments be posted in school rooms.....Haitian exiles protest at Haiti's consulate in Miami, allege that Haitian government has killed some who attempted to leave country.
Tuesday, 18 November 1980
President-elect Reagan meets with Congressional leaders of both parties, promises to cooperate with Congress; Reagan also visits Teamsters headquarters.....Republican governors conference asks Reagan to cut taxes and reduce federal spending.....Iran attacks civilian convoy in Kuwait, claims Kuwait is supplying Iraq.....UN peace mission arrives in area.....Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin ends visit to U.S., said to be facing no-confidence vote in Knesset.....Personal income and spending has increased, according to Commerce Dept......Justice Dept. investigating case of six KKK and Nazi Party members found not guilty of murder in Greensboro, NC trial.....Ford Motor Co. and UAW appealing to Congress to cut Japanese imports.....Sales of Chrysler K-cars below predictions.....Brush fires in southern California said to be now mostly contained.....Caterpillar justifies sale of pipe-laying machinery to USSR in spite of trade sanctions leveled due to Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.....Bahama to expel fugitive financier Robert Vesco, who blames White House for expulsion.....Korean Airlines 747 crashes in Seoul.....Pro-Israel Arab mayor in Gaza Strip killed in violence following yesterday's shooting of Arab youth by Israeli troops.....Four-day joint American-Egyptian military exercise to begin tomorrow in Egypt.....Senate Finance Committee recommends legislation to fund federal cleanup of toxic waste sites; new regulations on toxic waste disposal go into effect tonight.....Two NBC newsmen wounded while covering Iran-Iraq War in Khorramshahr.
Wednesday, 19 November 1980
Hashemi Rafsanjani, speaker of Iranian parliament, in Algiers for meetings re: American hostages.....Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr speaks out against growing influence of clergy in Iran.....President-elect Reagan calls on South Korea to spare life of convicted dissident Kim Dae Jung.....Reagan makes courtesy call on Supreme Court, receives security briefing from CIA head Stansfield Turner, and meets with Senators John Tower and Ted Kennedy.....Congress approves FY 1981 budget.....Prime Minister Menachem Begin survives no-confidence vote in Israeli Knesset.....Cuban and Haitian refugees arrive in Florida.....Polish labor union Solidarity forces dismissal of governor in province of Czestochowa.....Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker denies rumors he will resign.....John Paul II's visit to West Germany ends today; Pope warns of rising neo-Nazism.....The Yorkshire Ripper claims 13th victim, Jacqueline Hill, in Leeds, England.....Strike of municipal workers in Los Angeles ends today.....Continued Arab rioting on West Bank reported.....Head of Justice Dept.'s Civil Rights section says Carter administration will file suit against school systems that have not implemented school busing plans.....Agriculture Dept. predicts rising food prices, especially meat, poultry and sugar.....Coast Guard calls off search for missing NBC and ABC newsmen missing near Bahamas.....CBS bans Calvin Klein ads featuring Brooke Shields.
Thursday, 20 November 1980
Ronald and Nancy Reagan meet with Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter at White House.....Saudi Arabia reportedly allowing arms shipments from France and East Germany to Iraq to pass through its Red Sea ports.....Secretary of State Edmund Muskie says U.S. accepts Iranian conditions for release of American hostages, in principal.....Trial of the Gang of Four begins in China.....Polish police raid Warsaw offices of independent labor union Solidarity.....UN General Assembly issues second condemnation of Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.....Photos made public of Soviet reconnaissance planes recently intercepted by U.S. fighters near Iceland.....UN peace envoy Olof Palme meets with Iranian leaders.....In North Carolina, demonstrations protest recent acquittal of KKK and Nazi Party members in murder trial; one defendant claims he was shot at last night.....U.S. Geological Survey report says Mount St. Helens eruption on 5.18.80 triggered largest avalanche in history.....Iraqi planes reportedly attack Khomeini headquarters in Qum.....Rep. John Murtha testifies against Reps. John Murphy and Frank Thompson in Abscam trial.....Continental IL Bank increases prime lending rate.

Deadly fire at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, November 21

Friday, 21 November 1980
A major fire breaks out in the MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas; death toll is high (84); Billy Graham visits survivors.....Another hotel fire reported in northern Japan.....Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin meets with President-elect Reagan's top aides.....Reagan confers with interim foreign policy advisory board that includes Henry Kissinger, Henry Jackson and John Tower; he meets also with Gerald Ford.....Prime lending rate rises, as do FHA and VHA home mortgage rates.....Former Iranian Foreign Minister Sadegh Ghotbzadeh reportedly calls for release of American hostages.....State Dept. says Polish request for increased aid will be left up to Reagan administration....A three-train collision occurs in southern Italy.....Settlement of discrimination lawsuit brought against Los Angeles Police Dept. said to be largest in history.....Layoffs in auto industry on the rise this month.....Senate approves Carter defense budget.....Israel's former defense minister, Ezer Weizman, forming new political party to challenge Prime Minister Menachem Begin.....House passes legislation preventing Justice Dept. enforcement of school busing.....Atlanta Constitution reveals that former UN Ambassador Andrew Young plans to run for mayor of Atlanta.....John Lennon and Yoko Ono pose nude for photographer.....Kristen identified as culprit in J.R. shooting on CBS' Dallas.
Saturday, 22 November 1980
Iranian news agency says U.S. response to Iranian conditions for release of American hostages was evasive.....Hostage families said to be frustrated with State Dept......Syria and four other nations supporting Iran in Iran-Iraq War boycott Arab League summit meeting in Amman, Jordan.....Former Peoples Temple member Larry Lawton returns to U.S. to face conspiracy charges in connection with death of Congressman Leo Ryan at Jonestown, Guyana.....Actress Mae West dies as does former Speaker of the House John McCormack.....Kenneth Swyers dies in attempt to make parachute landing atop St. Louis' Gateway Arch.....Audience for last night's Dallas episode revealing who shot J.R. said to be largest in TV history.....NAACP Director Benjamin Hooks requests that President-elect Reagan make nationwide address to reassure blacks upset by his election.....Black coalition meeting in Philadelphia discusses formation of third political party.
Sunday, 23 November 1980
Series of earthquakes strike Naples, Italy; 4800 die.....Iranian judge predicts American hostages will still be in Iran when Ronald Reagan becomes president.....Services held in Miami for two news crew members missing and presumed dead following disappearance of helicopter near Bahamas.....Ten sperm whales found beached near St. Augustine, FL.....Owners of MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, site of recent deadly fire, defend hotel's inadequate fire safety system.....Algerian intermediaries enroute from Iran to U.S., possibly with Iranian answer to American response to Iran's conditions for release of hostages.....Syria, Libya, Algeria and South Yemen may hold counter summit after boycotting Arab League meeting; all four nations support Iran in Iran-Iraq War.....Commission on Civil Rights asks President Carter to veto legislation passed by Congress that would prevent Justice Dept. from enforcing school busing.....Two remaining fugitives of Weather Underground are negotiating a surrender to authorities.
Monday, 24 November 1980
Search for survivors continues in aftermath of earthquakes that devastated southern Italy.....Fire reported at Hannah's Club in Reno, NV.....Workboat collides with freighter on lower Mississippi River.....UN Envoy Olof Palme returns to New York City after unsuccessful attempt to mediate end to Iran-Iraq War.....Senate approves "superfund" for cleanup of hazardous waste sites.....Railway workers strike reported in Warsaw and Gdansk, Poland.....Trial of Gang of Four resumes in Peking.....In Las Vegas, fire department said to have tried to persuade MGM Grand Hotel owners to install comprehensive sprinkler system some months before deadly fire.....President-elect Reagan confers with advisers on cabinet appointments.....Reagan's son Ron marries Doria Palmieri.....Consumer Products Safety Commission investigating claims that formaldehyde-based foam insulation is linked to cancer.....Brush fires break out in San Bernardino Valley, California.....West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt claims Britain, France and West Germany support Reagan in his desire to renegotiate SALT II.
Tuesday, 25 November 1980
More earthquakes reported in southern Italy; Pope John Paul II visits ravaged area to console survivors; President Carter sends letter of condolences to Italian president.....Authorities say brush fires raging in southern California are work of arsonist.....First lawsuit related to MGM Grand Hotel fire in Las Vegas filed by Mexican guests.....Algerian delegation arrives in Washington DC with Iran's response to U.S. reply to conditions set for release of American hostages held in Tehran.....Arab League summit in Jordan the scene of divisiveness due to Iran-Iraq War.....Increased Syrian military presence along Jordanian border reported.....Jewish-owned travel agency in Paris attacked by terrorists.....Threat of more strikes adds to labor unrest in Poland.....Soviet troops along Polish border put on alert, according to State Dept......New York state select committee on crime hears testimony re: organized crime role in hazardous waste disposal crisis.....Ford Motor Co. settles government lawsuit of discrimination against women and minorities.....Defense Dept. denies rumors of problems in construction of Trident submarine USS Ohio.....Most of Marion, IN fire dept. arrested after refusal to end strike.....Sugar Ray Leonard wins WBC welterweight championship by defeating Roberto Duran in New Orleans.....France conducts nuclear test on Muruora Island.
Wednesday, 26 November 1980
Firefighters still trying to contain brush fires raging in San Bernardino Valley, California.....Rescue efforts continue in aftermath of series of earthquakes in southern Italy.....Butane leak suspected in explosion at plant in Indian Trail, NC.....U.S. and Algerian representatives meet in Washington re: American hostages held in Iran.....Arrest of two Polish labor leaders expected to result in strikes; Soviet dependents to be evacuated from Poland; Soviet invasion said not imminent.....Syrian military buildup at border forces Jordan to put its armed forces on full alert.....Federal judge overturns Abscam convictions of three Philadelphia councilmen.....In South Africa, three black nationalists involved in attack on police are given death sentences.....Mysterious vapors along Florida's east coast result in bird die-off and eye problems for humans.....Louisiana Boxing Commission fines Roberto Duran for quitting fight with Sugar Ray Leonard in New Orleans last night.....In Greensboro, NC, district attorney drops charges against ten KKK and Nazi Party members after acquittal of six Klansmen in recent murder trial.....An earthquake is reported in Colombia.....Firefighters released from Marion, IN jail after strike is settled.....Fatal train-gas truck collision occurs in Louisiana.
Thursday, 27 November 1980
Return of Shah's wealth to Iran and cancellation of American claims against Iran said to be sticking points in U.S.-Iranian negotiations for release of American hostages.....The hostages spend their second Thanksgiving in captivity.....Heavy fighting reported in parts of Iran as UN envoy Olof Palme says prospects for ending Iran-Iraq War are dim.....In Italy, 10,000 people reportedly dead in Abalino due to recent earthquakes.....Hopes of containing brush fires in southern California rise as high winds subside.....Polish government releases workers arrested for publishing stolen document; planned labor strike is postponed.....Three Russian cosmonauts launched to test Soyuz spacecraft.....Overthrust Belt in Rocky Mountains believed to contain large reserves of oil.....Snowstorm reported in Midwest; St. Louis is hardest hit.....Arab League summit ends with call for immediate ceasefire in Iran-Iraq War.....Organization of American States reaches agreement on human rights resolution.....Justice Dept. expects dismissal of charges against former FBI chief Patrick L. Gray in connection with illegal break-ins against Weathermen in 1970s.....Arson suspected in fire along Monterey, CA's Cannery Row.....Priscilla Joyce Ford attacks pedestrians with auto in Reno, NV.
Friday, 28 November 1980
William Simon declines offer to join cabinet of President-elect Reagan; George Shultz withdraws his name from consideration for cabinet post.....Sen. Charles Percy concludes meetings with Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and other top officials in Moscow, says Soviets realize SALT II must be renegotiated.....American hostages are no longer held in embassy compound, according to militants in Tehran.....An earthquake reported in eastern California and western Nevada.....President Carter declares three California counties disaster areas due to widespread destruction caused by brush fires.....Polish leader Lech Walesa warns fellow workers against escalating labor unrest.....Soviet cosmonauts board Salyut space station.....Police in northern India accused of blinding criminals.....In Britain, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's ratings drop as unemployment rises.....Right-wing "death squad" claims responsibility for attack on meeting of Salvadoran leftist leaders.....Judge orders Beatrice Foods to divest itself of Tropicana subsidiary.....Boxer Roberto Duran says he will return to ring despite furor over his quitting recent "supermatch" with Sugar Ray Leonard.
Saturday, 29 November 1980
President Carter meets with top advisers at Camp David re: American hostages held in Iran.....Militants say hostages now in custody of Iranian government.....Iran and Iraq make conflicting claims about naval battle in Persian Gulf.....Syrian and Jordanian troops square off along border.....Outbreak of typhoid reported in area of southern Italy ravaged by earthquakes; aftershocks and bad weather hamper rescue efforts.....New York Times says Reagan administration will provide military support to Salvadoran government in its struggle with leftist guerrillas.....Leftists and right-wingers engage in gun battles in El Salvador.....Train-truck collision reported in Paw Creek, NC.....Racial quotas are court-ordered for Cleveland, OH high school basketball teams.....Polish government and labor leaders meet to resolve labor disputes.....President-elect Reagan in Palm Springs, CA for Eisenhower Memorial Hospital fundraiser.....National League of Cities meeting in Atlanta to address possible Reagan administration attitude toward urban area problems.....Reagan aide Ray Klein travels to Taiwan to meet with President Chiang Ching-kuo.....Evanston, IL fire chief fired for refusing to promote three blacks.
Sunday, 30 November 1980
Iran sends communique to U.S. re: American hostages; President Carter promises quick response; whether hostages are in custody of Iranian government or militants cannot be determined.....President-elect Reagan is said to have made some key cabinet selections; Reagan press secretary Lyn Nofziger resigns.....Polish workers make new demands; threat of Soviet invasion of Poland now said to be serious.....More tremors reported in earthquake-ravaged southern Italy.....Two light planes collide over Hilton Head, SC.....Conflict reported between people of Gloucester, MA and members of Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church.....Saudi Arabia engaged in attempt to prevent outbreak of war between Syria and Jordan.....Justice Dept. recommends Charleston, SC be sued because of school segregation.....White firemen in Evanston, IL filing claim with EEOC over promotion of three blacks