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The Daily News - January 1981
[NOTE: Some of the events described in a day's news may have occurred on the previous day.]

Alexander M. Haig

Thursday, 1 January 1981
A bomb is believed to be cause of explosion at Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya on New Year's Eve.....In Iran, Ayatollah Yahra Noori reiterates threat that American hostages may be put on trial.....Red Brigades claim responsibility for murder last night of Italian police general Enrico Calvaligi.....Mitsubishi and Peugeot are reportedly considering buying Chrysler's overseas plants.....Attempted jail takeover by inmates occurs in Lafayette, LA.....President Carter and family attend Sugar Bowl contest between Georgia and Notre Dame.....Indications are that China's Chairman Hua Guofeng has been deposed.....Greece becomes 10th nation to join European Economic Community.....Palau, former trust territory in Pacific, becomes self-governing.....Roger Smith becomes General Motors CEO.....Univ. of Georgia wins college football title by defeating Notre Dame in Sugar Bowl.
Friday, 2 January 1981
Increase in auto prices by Toyota and General Motors reported.....Citibank and Bank of America decrease prime lending rate.....A leak is reported in the Alaska Pipeline.....Former Navy pilot claims he dumped nuclear waste in the Atlantic in 1947.....Center for Disease Control announces nationwide flu epidemic.....Jordan claims Syria is behind massacre of alleged terrorist sympathizers in Aleppo, Syria.....Fire breaks out at La Scala Opera House in Milan, Italy.....Algerian diplomats deliver latest U.S. proposals to Iran for release of American hostages.....President-elect Reagan expected to consider repealing U.S. grain embargo against USSR, imposed by President Carter.....Racial attacks on blacks reported in Buffalo, NY.....U.S. Postal Service postpones implementing new zip code system.
Saturday, 3 January 1981
Sen.. Claiborne Pell (R.I.) claims Carter administration is not cooperating in request for information on Secretary of State-designate Alexander Haig's role in Watergate coverup.....Moderate commentators on Tehran Radio reportedly are suddenly silenced.....Warsaw newspaper says economic crisis may mean Polish workers will be laid off.....UN says Israeli forces destroyed bodies of five guerrillas they killed in southern Lebanon.....Record low temperatures registered in northeastern U.S......Britain's Princess Alice dies.
Sunday, 4 January 1981
Two Americans, Michael Hammer and Mark Pearlman, attorneys representing AFL-CIO, murdered in El Salvador.....Larry Murphy, aide to Virginia Governor John Dalton, commits suicide after shooting fiancee during altercation.....Oakland Raiders defeat Cleveland Browns in NFL playoff.....A mouse is successfully cloned in Switzerland.....Test tube twins expected in Australia.....Police question suspect in Yorkshire Ripper slayings.....Guadeloupe Liberation Army claims responsibility for explosion at Chanel perfume and fashion house in Paris.....Frankenstein opens -- and closes -- on Broadway.
Monday, 5 January 1981
97th Congress opens with Republicans in control of Senate and Democrats holding on to House.....Rep. Raymond Lederer's Abscam trial opens on same day he is sworn in for third term in House.....President-elect Reagan meets with Mexico's President Lopez Portillo in Juarez, Mexico.....Reagan denies El Salvador's government in "right-wing".....Reagan selects James Brady to be White House press secretary.....Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Ali Rajai makes no response to U.S. proposals for release of American hostages.....U.S. reportedly considering another military rescue attempt to free hostages.....Iran announces major offensive against Iraqi troops in Ahwaz, Iran......William Peter Sutcliffe is arrested re: Yorkshire Ripper murders.....Prime rate decreased by Morgan Guaranty Trust.....Call for elimination of Titan II missile system result of explosion in Arkansas silo last September.....Draft registration reportedly facing Supreme Court challenge and opposition of President-elect Reagan; anti-draft demonstration occurs in New York City as registration begins today.....Train collision occurs in Madrid, Spain.....Federal judge and state judge in conflict over case involving busing of three white students in Louisiana.
Tuesday, 6 January 1981
Senate begins confirmation hearings for President-elect Reagan's Cabinet nominations.....Possible budget deficit this year a factor in budget cuts proposed by Senate committee.....Khomeini spokesman tells AP the ayatollah will announce decision soon on U.S. proposal for release of American hostages.....Government launches raids of leftist guerrilla camps in El Salvador.....California attempts to eradicate Mediterranean fruit fly infestation posing threat to state's agriculture industry.....Chrysler says it does not plan price increase on its autos; Ford Motor Co. says it will hike auto prices.....Reagan reiterates warning that Iranian's do not want to deal with him on American hostage situation.....Solidarity organizes strikes in three towns to support demand by Polish farmers for union recognition; Poland's government announces agricultural reforms.....New Iranian offensive against Iraq begins.....Ceremonial election of president and vice-president by Electoral College held today.....Chemical Bank of New York lowers prime lending rate.....Louisiana state judge tries to keep three white students in local school in opposition to federal judge's order to have them bused.
Wednesday, 7 January 1981
U.S. officials say final resolution of American hostage crisis in Iran may be near.....Ramsey Clark will not be prosecuted for violating President Carter's ban on travel to Iran.....Chrysler and UAW begin negotiating on wage freeze requested by ailing automaker.....President-elect Reagan completes Cabinet selections by nominating Terrel Bell as Education Secretary.....President Carter reportedly proposing salary hikes for high-ranking government officials.....Polish Communist government and Solidarity in conflict over length of work week.....Kenya claims PLO responsible for recent bombing of Jewish-owned Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi.....U.S.-China air route reopened today with Pan Am flight from Peking to San Francisco.....Education Dept. says state college systems in Alabama, South Carolina, West Virginia and Delaware still show signs of racial segregation.....Drop in stock market blamed on dire predictions by analyst Joseph Granville.....Environmentalists criticize Interior Secretary-designate James Watt at confirmation hearing today.....Attorneys for government and AT&T meet to try to settle antitrust suit before it goes to court.....Reagan announces he will retain Mike Mansfield, a Democrat, as ambassador to Japan.....Senate Democrats deny confirmation hearing for Secretary of State-designate Alexander Haig will be a "witch hunt".....Louisiana state judge Richard Lee defies federal judge's school integration order.
Thursday, 8 January 1981
Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher meets Algerian intermediaries in Algiers re: hostages held in Iran.....Solidarity warns new strikes possible over work week disagreement.....Chief Soviet interpreter at recent Vienna arms talks defects to West Germany.....Former CIA agent David Barnett sentenced after conviction for spying for USSR.....Power blackout occurs in Utah and parts of Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada.....Interior Secretary-designate James Watt and OMB Director-designate David Stockman in Senate confirmation hearings.....London postal worker intercepts bomb sent to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher by Scottish Socialist Republican League.....Funeral of Princess Alice, grandchild of Queen Victoria, takes place today.....President-elect Reagan insists on staying out of Iran hostage discussions.....Reagan reportedly not planning to declare national economic emergency after his swearing-in.....Hustler magazine journalist John Sullivan disappears in El Salvador.....Flu outbreak has reached epidemic levels in New York, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Alaska.....Airfare war underway between Eastern, Pan Am and New York Air.
Friday, 9 January 1981
Confirmation hearings begin today for Secretary of State-designate Alexander Haig; Haig testifies re: his role in Nixon administration and Watergate; committee Democrats unsuccessful in acquiring subpoena for Watergate tapes.....Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher and team remain in Algiers negotiating release of American hostages in Iran.....Offensive by leftist guerrillas in El Salvador scheduled for today is postponed.....Fire breaks out in Keansburg, NJ nursing home.....Remains of two more black children found in Atlanta, believed victims of serial killer.....IRA claims responsibility for bombing of RAF barracks outside London.....Train derailment occurs near Buffalo, NY.....Steamer on Amazon River in Brazil capsizes with many fatalities.....Treasury Dept. attorneys meet with bank officials re: possible transfer of frozen Iranian assets to Algeria; Chase Manhattan and Chemical Bank deny rumors that transfer of late Shah of Iran's wealth is part of hostage release deal.....Land rush underway in central Michigan following rumors of rich oil and gas deposits there.
Saturday, 10 January 1981
Iranian negotiator says hostage crisis may be resolved before President Carter leaves office.....Polish workers stay at home, demand five-day work week; Soviet news agency Tass criticizes workers.....Rep. Ray Lederer is latest congressman convicted in Abscam trial; FBI Abscam operation itself goes on trial in Brooklyn, NY.....Democratic and Republican members of Senate Foreign Relations Committee said prepared to send Haig confirmation to full Senate for vote.....Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin said to be facing possible collapse of his government over issue of pay raise for teachers.....Plains, GA prepares to honor Carter with world's largest covered dish supper on January 20.....Leftist guerrillas launch major offensive in El Salvador.....Actor Richard Boone dies.
Sunday, 11 January 1981
Demonstrations against U.S. aid to El Salvador accompany memorial services held in D.C. for four Americans recently murdered in that country.....Dispute between financial and education ministers in Menachem Begin's cabinet may lead to collapse of Begin government in Israel.....Rita Jenrette, wife of former Rep. John Jenrette, who was convicted in recent Abscam trial, files for divorce.....Iran drops demand for U.S. to deposit $24 billion in Iranian funds in Algerian banks prior to release of American hostages.....Eleven children die in fire in East St. Louis; mother charged with neglect.....British team finishes fastest crossing of Antartica, 2500 miles in 75 days.
Monday, 12 January 1981
Iranian parliament said to be holding secret session tomorrow re: ending hostage crisis.....Senate confirmation hearings for Labor Secretary-designate Ray Donovan and Energy Secretary-designate James Edwards begin today; allegations made that Donovan's New Jersey construction firm has ties to organized crime.....Puerto Rican terrorist group Macheteros take responsibility for bombing Air National Guard fleet in San Juan.....Motor Trend names Chrysler's K-car "car of the year".....U.S. Steel announces a price hike.....Record cold wave reported along entire east coast.....Mexican President Jose Lopez Portillo gives President-elect Reagan an Arabian stallion as gift.....National Archives gives Watergate special prosecutor's file to Senate committee holding confirmation hearings for Secretary of State-designate Alexander Haig.....Seven politicians convicted in Abscam bribery trials seek to have their convictions overturned.....NAACP President Benjamin Hooks announces establishment of "Klan Watch".....UAW President Douglas Fraser announces union concessions offered to Chrysler to help latter avoid bankruptcy.....In El Salvador, two American and one South African journalist wounded when land mine explodes.....Reagans put home in Pacific Palisades, CA up for sale.....Dynasty debuts on ABC.
Tuesday, 13 January 1981
Transportation Secretary Neil Goldschmidt recommends trade restraint agreement with Japan for sake of ailing American auto industry.....Treasury Secretary G. William Miller says Chrysler's corporate survival plan inadequate.....Chrysler and UAW face deadline in negotiating new contract for federal board's consideration of Chrysler's loan request.....Leftist guerrilla offensive intensifies in El Salvador.....State Dept. resumes military aid to El Salvador.....South African journalist Ian Mates, wounded in bomb blast yesterday, dies today in El Salvador.....Conflict between federal judge and Louisiana state judge over school desegregation plan continues.....Solidarity leader Lech Walesa criticizes means used by protesting Polish farmers; Walesa arrives in Rome for meeting with Pope.....Mexico increases price of its natural gas.....Rita Jenrette gives FBI large sum of money found in belongings of husband, former Rep. John Jenrette.....Consumer Products Safety Commission proposes banning formaldehyde foam insulation.....Cold wave continues on east coast and in Midwest.....Norway to allow U.S. to store military weapons and equipment there.
Wednesday, 14 January 1981
Iranian parliament holds session today to act on legislation that would expedite release of American hostages.....Chrysler and UAW reach contract agreement.....Governors' conference calls for federal aid to American auto industry.....Cold spell causes serious damage to Florida's citrus crop.....Senate committees recommend confirmation of James Watt as Interior Secretary and James Edwards as Energy Secretary.....FDA approves extended-wear contact lenses.....USAF planes crash in Spain and West Germany.....Italy's Red Brigades says it will free kidnapped judge.....President Carter gives televised farewell address to nation tonight.....Delaware River Basin Commission considers declaring drought emergency for four northeastern states.....Justice Dept. takes action against two prosecutors and five FBI agents for leaks about Abscam operation.....American Motors said to be cutting car prices.....Labor strikes occur in two Polish cities over length of work week.....Urban League President Vernon Jordan calls on President-elect Reagan to pay more attention to blacks.
Thursday, 15 January 1981
U.S. officials say American proposals for hostages held in Iran have been accepted.....President Carter sends proposed FY1982 budget to Congress; President-elect Reagan's OMB Director-designate David Stockman criticizes Carter budget.....Red Brigades release kidnapped Italian judge.....Solidarity's Lech Walesa meets with Pope John Paul II at Vatican.....France expresses concern over Libya's proposed union with Chad.....Drought emergency declared for parts of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware.....Arson blamed for last month's fire at Stouffer's Inn, Westchester County, NY.....Senate committees recommend confirmation of Education SecretaryTerrel Bell, Secretary of State Alexander Haig and UN ambassador-designate Jeane Kirkpatrick.....Hearings commence today for William French Smith, Attorney General-designate.....Senate Labor Committee postpones vote on confirmation of Ray Donovan as Labor Secretary; committee Chairman Sen. Orrin Hatch meets with FBI Director William Webster re: links between Donovan's construction firm and organized crime.....Legislation introduced in Senate to make this date, birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., a national holiday; ceremony honoring MLK held in Atlanta.....Dispute between federal and state judge over school desegregation in Louisiana ends.....Education Dept. says Texas, Kentucky and Missouri state college systems not adequately desegregated.....Newsweek photographer wounded while covering fighting in El Salvador.....Transit workers in Warsaw, Poland issue strike threat due to length of work week.
Friday, 16 January 1981
U.S. and Iran reportedly reach agreement on release of American hostages; legal and financial experts meeting with Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher and other negotiators in Algiers.....Fire destroys Rivercrest Country Club in Ft. Worth, TX.....In Louisiana, three students involved in busing issue absent from school due to death threats.....Transportation workers in Warsaw, Poland go on strike.....Belfast restaurant is firebombed by terrorists.....In Ireland, Protestant extremists arrested following terrorist attack on Bernadette Devlin McAliskey and husband Michael.....President Ferdinand Marcos lifts martial law in the Philippines.....AT&T reaches settlement with Justice Dept. re: federal antitrust suit.....Senate Judiciary Committee approves William French Smith as Attorney General.....Federal loan board postpones action on Chrysler's request for more aid.....Massachusetts schools closed due to natural gas shortage as cold wave continues in the Northeast.....Boxer Leon Spinks mugged, gold teeth stolen.
Saturday, 17 January 1981
Defense Secretary Harold Brown says U.S. relations with Iran may be restored gradually after American hostages are released.....Workman dies when scaffolding collapses at Lincoln Memorial during preparations for inauguration.....Hotel fires reported in Toronto, Canada and Kearney, NE.....U.S. criticizes USSR for press releases saying U.S. planned military incursion into Iran.....Physicians enroute to Tehran on Algerian plane to examine hostages.....Florida Citrus Commission announces embargo on sale of oranges.
Sunday, 18 January 1981
Iranian news agency confirms agreement for release of American hostages has been reached; President Carter returns to White House from Camp David to sign documents related to the agreement.....U.S. planes in Frankfurt, W. Germany readied to pick up hostages in Algiers.....Bank of England handles monetary details of agreement.....Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin proposes early elections.....Yoko Ono issues public letter thanking people for support following death of her husband, John Lennon.....Mafia and drug smuggling mentioned in connection with mysterious disappearance of American cargo ship Poet.....Bjorn Borg wins Grand Prix Masters tennis tourney.....Singer Wendy O. Williams arrested in Milwaukee for onstage obscenity.
Monday, 19 January 1981
American hostages in Tehran undergo physical exams by Algerian doctors in preparation for their release.....President Carter planning to greet hostages in West Germany after inauguration of Ronald Reagan.....Separate negotiations underway re: Cynthia Dwyer, another American held hostage in Iran.....Chrysler receives approval for additional federal loans.....New York City Mayor Ed Koch declares a drought emergency.....Senate committees approve more members of President-elect Reagan's Cabinet.....Supreme Court refuses to intervene in freedom of press case involving Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Jan Schaffer jailed last year for refusing to reveal Abscam sources.
Tuesday, 20 January 1981
Ronald Reagan is sworn in as 40th president, taking oath of office administered by Chief Justice Warren Burger.....Release of American hostages held 444 days in Iran is announced; celebrations held nationwide following news of release.....U.S. medical evacuation planes arrive in Algiers to transfer former hostages to hospital at Wiesbaden, W. Germany.....Reagan signs executive order freezing federal hiring in executive branch.....Former President Carter departs for Plains, GA.....Pub in Irish birthplace of Reagan ancestor renamed in honor of new president.....Muhammad Ali prevents man from committing suicide in Los Angeles.....Caspar Weinberger confirmed as Secretary of Defense by Senate.

Ronald Reagan sworn in as 40th president of the United States, January 20

Wednesday, 21 January 1981
Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Edmund Muskie and others meet with former hostages in West Germany, who are being checked by doctors at military hospital at Wiesbaden; some hostages claim they were abused by their captors.....Prime Minister Mohammed Ali Rajai justifies Iranian terrorism.....Economic sanctions imposed by western nations on Iran being lifted.....President Reagan's first day on the job; calls for resignation of Carter employees and firing of inspector generals; official First Family photo taken.....Senate confirms Richard Schweiker as HHS Secretary and Bill Brock as U.S. trade negotiator.....Secretary of State-designate Alexander Haig wins confirmation battle.....Ted and Joan Kennedy announce plans for divorce.
Thursday, 22 January 1981
Iran denies former American hostages were mistreated; U.S. expected to honor agreements with Iran in spite of allegations that hostages were treated badly.....Lech Walesa urges general strike by Polish workers; some American news agencies ordered out of Poland by government.....IRA claims responsibility for murder of Sir Norman Stronge and his son last night.....Vice-president George Bush to head task force studying government regulations.....London Times sold conditionally to Rupert Murdoch.....Anti-abortion rally held in D.C. supporting constitutional amendment to ban abortion.
Friday, 23 January 1981
House passes resolution declaring next Thursday a day of thanksgiving for release of American hostages, scheduled to return to U.S. on Sunday.....Soviets allege CIA brainwashed former hostages into making accusations against Iran.....Joint Polish-Soviet military maneuvers underway inside Poland as labor unrest continues.....Death sentence of dissident Kim Dae Jung commuted by South Korean President Chun Doo Hwan.....Philadelphia Eagles and Oakland Raiders prepare for Sunday's Super Bowl contest.....14th victim of murderer of black children in Atlanta is found.....President Reagan meets with congressional leaders to discuss economy.....Reagan nominates John Marsh as Army Secretary, John Lehman as Navy Secretary and Verne Orr as Air Force Secretary.
Saturday, 24 January 1981
Polish workers go on strike for five-day work week.....Earthquake reported in Sichuan, China.....President Reagan schedules welcoming ceremony for hostages at White House next Tuesday; press told they will not be allowed at reunion of hostages with their families at West Point tomorrow.....Colombian terrorists holding hostage Chester Bittermann issue demands in letter to Reagan.....President Chun Doo Hwan lifts martial law in South Korea.....Casualties reported in accident at hydroelectric plant in Fresno, CA.
Sunday 25, January 1981
American hostages held in Iran return to U.S., are reunited with families at West Point, NY; President Reagan and First Lady meet with hostage families.....Sentences pronounced in Gang of Four trial in China.....Polish government agrees to negotiate with striking trade unions on work week length.....Arab summit opens in Mecca, Saudi Arabia; meeting boycotted by Iran due to presence of Iraq; Egypt ostracized due to treaty with Israel.....Prisoners attempt escape from New York City jail by hijacking helicopter.....Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Sen. Charles Percy says Iran should be punished for taking Americans hostage.....Fanny Thomas, oldest living American, dies in San Gabriel, CA.....Oakland Raiders defeat Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl, become first wildcard team to win NFL championship.
Monday, 26 January 1981
President Reagan signs congressional resolution honoring hostages; doctors say some hostages exhibit psychological problems.....Arab summit in Saudi Arabia includes PLO; Egyptian President Anwar Sadat not invited.....Rep. Richard Kelly and codefendants in Abscam bribery trial are convicted.....Reagan reportedly in no hurry to implement agreement with Iran re: release of American hostages.....Three students involved in recent Louisiana busing controversy enroll in all-white private school.....Israeli Knesset approves Prime Minister Menachem Begin's plan to increase number of Jewish settlements on West Bank.....Fatalities reported in South African floods.
Tuesday, 27 January 1981
Former hostages hold press conference at West Point then fly to D.C. for White House reception.....Senate confirms William Casey as CIA Director and David Stockman as OMB Director.....FBI investigates allegations that Labor Secretary-designate Ray Donovan's construction company has links with organized crime.....Arab summit considers boycott against Israel.....European security conference resumes in Madrid, Spain.....President Reagan expected to remove oil and gas price controls soon.....Three of the charges against Marine Pvt. Robert Garwood dismissed during his trial for collaborating with enemy during Vietnam War.....Strikes reported throughout Poland.....Indonesian ocean liner sinks in Java Sea.....Eastern Airlines president announces cancellation of proposed merger with Braniff.....In Nashville, TN, Siamese twins die during surgery to separate them.
Wednesday, 28 January 1981
American grain embargo against USSR under review by President Reagan.....Solidarity threatens nationwide strike in Poland next week.....Reagan ends price and allocation controls on domestic petroleum; five U.S. oil companies announce price increases.....Iranian ayatollah challenges U.S. to prove former hostages held in Iran were mistreated.....During White House visit, Jamaican Prime Minister Edward Seaga offers former hostages free vacations in Jamaica.....Ayatollah Khomeini rejects President Saddam Hussein's peace offer to end Iran-Iraq War.....Treasury Secretary Donald Regan asks Congress to raise national debt limit.....Doctors at University of Texas unveil artificial heart, successfully implanted in animals.....Energy savings reported in Ft. Lauderdale, FL after use of confiscated marijuana in its power plants.....Freighter Olympic Glory spills one million gallons of oil into Galveston Bay, TX after ship collision.....William J. Casey named new CIA director.
Thursday, 29 January 1981
President Reagan holds first news conference, discusses moratorium on pending federal regulations, U.S.-USSR relations, abolition of Council on Wage & Price Control.....State Dept. attacks USSR for supporting international terrorism.....Lech Walesa calls for strike moratorium while Polish government and Solidarity plan to begin negotiations tomorrow; USSR issues warning to Polish labor movement.....Today declared national thanksgiving day for release of hostages held in Iran; ceremony held in Washington National Cathedral.....Senate confirms Jeane Kirkpatrick as UN ambassador; Senate Labor Committee approves Ray Donovan as Labor Secretary; FBI unable to confirm any links between Donovan's construction company and organized crime....Spanish Premier Adolfo Suarez resigns.....Israel conducts air raids in southern Lebanon in retaliation for Palestinian rocket attack on Israeli border town.....Airline pilots threaten a work stoppage next month to protest FAA management.
Friday, 30 January 1981
Tentative agreement reached between Polish government and Solidarity on work week length.....New York City parade held for former hostages.....Arab summit concludes with declaration of economic warfare against Israel.....OPEC conference held in Vienna.....Gold prices on the decline.....Virginia court delays distribution of this month's Penthouse containing interview with Moral Majority leader Jerry Falwell.....OMB Director David Stockman recommends cuts in foreign aid.....Business leaders meeting with President Reagan re: economy.....Smog problem in Georgia and Florida reportedly due to smoke from bog fire.....Reagan responds positively to request by Atlanta, GA for more federal help in finding murderer of black children there.....Reagans place their assets in blind trust.....USAF bomber crashes near Portsmouth, NH.....State Dept. defends recent refusal to allow Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin to use its private entrance.....Reagan meets with House Appropriations Committee chairman re: food stamp program.
Saturday, 31 January 1981
Five-day work week, farmers' union and press access by union in compromise reached by Polish government and Solidarity.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig opposes cuts in foreign aid proposed by OMB Director David Stockman.....Demonstration occurs in Frankfurt, W. Germany against U.S. support for ruling junta in El Salvador.....Air Force General David Jones urges Congress to support new multi-purpose bomber to replace B-52.....Eastern Airlines and New York Air wage price war to control New York City-D.C. air route.....George Blanda, Jim Ringo, Willie Davis and Morris Badgro elected to pro football's Hall of Fame.....Renaldo Nehemiah sets new indoor hurdle world record during Los Angeles track meet.....Sailors from Orlando, FL Naval Training Center search county dump for classified material accidentally thrown away.....Vietnam vets, bitter over welcome shown former hostages, demonstrate in Indianapolis, IN.....PLO said willing to recognize Israel's right to exist in exchange for creation of Palestinian state.....Fighting in border dispute between Peru and Ecuador continues.