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The Daily News - February 1981
[NOTE: Some of the events described in a day's news may have occurred on the previous day.]

Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson and reward
offered in the child murders

Sunday, 1 February 1981
FederaL Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker critical of Reagan administration hopes that proposed tax cut will be invested in business growth.....Two jetliners have landing gear failures; Washington DC woman complains of airliner engine cowling falling in her yard.....Philadelphia's school bus drivers and maintenance workers vote to strike.....In Poland, Solidarity calls off nationwide strike after reaching compromise with Communist government.....Ferryboat sinks in Indonesia.....Prehistoric campsite discovered in Ethiopia.....Former Connecticut Governor Ella Grasso reported in critical condition due to cancer.....Coast Guard rescues 80 ice fishermen on Lake Erie.....Release of American hostages said to be causing more conflict between Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr and religious fundamentalists.....Chinese Premier Zhao Ziyang issues warning to President Reagan re: Taiwan.....South Korean President Chun Doo Hwan arrives in Washington for meeting with Reagan.....Jerry Falwell said to be taking Penthouse to court for including interview with him in current issue.....Atlanta authorities impose curfew due to recent spate of child murders; curfew imposed in New Orleans due to juvenile crime.....Striking municipal workers in Steubenville, OH reach contract agreement with city.....France sends 60 Mirage fighter jets to Iraq.....NFC beats AFC 21-7 in NFL Pro Bowl.
Monday, 2 February 1981
State Department requests that Congress delay annual human rights report critical of South Korea until after President Chun Doo Hwan leaves Washington; President Reagan reiterates pledge to maintain American military presence in South Korea during meeting with Chun.....In USSR, Tass news agency objects to Secretary of State Alexander Haig's recent statement that Soviet Union sponsors terrorism.....Space shuttle launch delayed again.....Chrysler and United Auto Workers reach contract agreement.....Speaker of Iranian parliament asks Ayatollah Khomeini to silence President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr, who has criticized clergy.....Senate Foreign Relations Committee begins confirmation hearings for Deputy Secretary of State William Clark; critics note his lack of experience.....Virginia judge lifts temporary ban on sale of Penthouse issue that includes Jerry Falwell interview.....Education Secretary Terrel Bell said to be scrapping Carter bilingual education plan.....Ambassador Robert White removed from post in El Salvador after his criticism of Reagan administration.....FEC says Reagan campaign exceeded spending limits.
Tuesday, 3 February 1981
President Reagan meets with mayors concerned over effect of proposed budget cuts on their cities; president also meets with Congressional Black Caucus.....Soviet bombers reported flying near east coast of U.S......Lech Walesa, Jimmy Carter, Robert Mugabe among those nominated for this year's Nobel Peace Prize.....Gro Harlem Brundtland becomes Norway's first female prime minister.....Violence occurs as union protesters disrupt groundbreaking ceremony for Datsun plant in Smyrna, TN.....Mobil, Marathon and Amoco announce price hikes for gasoline and home heating oil.....Senate approves Raymond Donovan for Labor Secretary.....Closing arguments heard in treason trial of Marine Pfc Robert Garwood at Camp Lejeune, NC.....Former hostage Gregory Persinger begins court challenge of U.S.-Iran agreement that led to his release.....Swiss diplomat scheduled to meet with Cynthia Dwyer, American still held in Iran and accused of espionage.....FBI investigates Harold Smith re: embezzled funds and Muhammad Ali Professional Sports, Inc......Secretary of State Alexander Haig claims Cuba is intervening in El Salvador, where fighting is reported between government and leftist guerrillas.....House Ways & Means Committee approves increase in national debt ceiling.....Continued labor unrest reported in southern Poland.....Members of Senate International Trade subcommittee said to be planning legislation to limit Japanese auto imports.....Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger says U.S. may deploy neutron bomb in Europe.
Wednesday, 4 February 1981
President Reagan meets with Congressional leaders in goodwill mission on Capitol Hill; Reagan asks Congress to approve sale of F-16 fighter jets to South Korea.....Arrested nine months ago, American Cynthia Dwyer appears before Iranian court on spy charges.....Iran releases Mohi Sobhani, naturalized U.S. citizen, held since last September; American citizen Zia Nassery and four British missionaries still held in Iran.....Pro-separatist members of Basque regional parliament demonstrate during visit by Spain's King Juan Carlos.....Exxon, Shell and Texaco announce price hikes on gasoline and heating oil.....AT&T's 1980 profits at record high.....Rep. Jon Hinson arrested on sodomy charges.....Gen. David Jones, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, calls for increased defense spending.....Negotiations between government and labor leaders in southern province of Poland collapse.....Four Justice Dept. employees arrested for selling marijuana at workplace.....Civil Aeronautics Board approves air fare hikes as Reagan's decontrol of oil industry results in higher fuel prices.....Fire reported at home for elderly in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.....Jean Harris, accused of murdering "Scarsdale Diet" Dr. Herman Tanower, testifies at her trial.
Thursday, 5 February 1981
Marine Pfc Robert Garwood found guilty of collaboration during Vietnam War, becomes first Vietnam vet convicted of treason.....President Reagan gives nationally televised speech tonight on economic program.....USSR said to have conducted test of killer satellite this week.....Phillips Petroleum raising wholesale gas and heating oil prices.....French President Giscard d'Estaing and West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt meet to discuss U.S.-USSR relations.....Body of another murdered black child found in Atlanta.....In Washington state, Mt. St. Helen erupts again.....House approves administration's request for increase in national debt ceiling.....Attempted hijacking of Eastern Airlines jet on New York City-San Juan, Puerto Rico run reported.....Labor unrest occurs in several Polish provinces.....Clergy and supporters of President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr clash in Iranian parliament; Ayatollah Khomeini calls for end to political conflict.....Chief of naval operations says U.S. is now second to USSR in naval power.
Friday, 6 September 1981
Senate passes legislation to increase federal debt ceiling.....White House pleased by public response to President Reagan's televised speech last night re: economic program.....French President Giscard d'Estaing and West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt end Paris summit with pledge to cooperate with Reagan.....Government and labor union reach agreement to end strike in Poland's southern province.....Feud reportedly developing between State and Defense Depts. over neutron bomb deployment.....Reagan meets with American farmers to discuss grain embargo against USSR.....Captured documents said to reveal Ethiopia and Vietnam are supplying arms to leftist guerrillas in El Salvador.....Violence reported in Tehran, Iran between Islamic fundamentalists and leftists.....Volcanic activity continues at Mt. St. Helen.....A climatologist in Iowa predicts national drought.....Marxist-Leninist feminist organization in Rome claims responsibility for bomb that exploded at Taiwanese embassy; target was supposed to be Chinese (PRC) embassy.....Reagan, oldest American president, celebrates birthday.....Paul McCartney, Paul Harrison and Ringo Starr record tribute to late John Lennon.
Saturday, 7 February 1981
Sen. Ted Kennedy among those asking FBI to reopen investigation into alleged connection between Labor Secretary Raymond Donovan's former company and organized crime.....Three blacks convicted in beating deaths of three white motorists during last year's riots in Liberty City section of Miami.....San Francisco bus drivers wear black armbands after killings of two colleagues; police ride buses to prevent more attacks.....Vice-president George Bush says Justice Dept. stepping up assistance to Atlanta police searching for killer of black youths.....President Reagan signs bill increasing national debt ceiling.....Soviet Union accuses Solidarity union of challenging authority of Poland's communist government.
Sunday, 8 February 1981
American Cynthia Dwyer expelled from Iran after conviction on espionage charges.....Former Connecticut Governor Ella Grasso dies of cancer.....President Reagan seeks support for economic recovery plan at White House luncheon for state legislators and county officials.....Atlanta police search for another missing child.....Chief Justice Warren Burger criticizes American judicial system in speech in Houston, TX.....Deaths reported during stampede of soccer fans in Piraeus, Greece.....American Jim Morgan dies during international bobsledding race in Italy.....New York Islander hockey player Mike Bossy ties record of 50 goals in 50 games.....Pro-integration demonstration occurs in Alexandria, LA.....Elaine Zayak wins U.S. women's figure skating championship; Scott Hamilton wins U.S. men's figure skating.
Monday, 9 February 1981
Labor unrest in Poland intensifies; Prime Minister Josef Pinkowski replaced by General Wojciech Jaruzelski; Pentagon expresses concern over Soviet military activity near Polish border.....Rock 'n' roll great Bill Haley's death is reported.....Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger says President Reagan intends to keep Gen. David Jones as Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman.....Final Carter administration report on human rights criticizes USSR and South Korea.....Conference of nonaligned nations opens in New Delhi, India.....Meningitis outbreak reported in Houston, TX.....Egyptian President Anwar Sadat arrives in Luxembourg to address European Common Market.....To help ailing auto industry, Transportation Secretary Drew Lewis seeks postponement in implementation of auto safety devices.....Airline pilots say they will hold one-day work stoppage.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig attends funeral services for former Connecticut Governor Ella Grasso.....Morgan Guaranty Trust reduces prime interest rate.....Rep. Jon Hinson resigns congressional seat following recent charges of attempted sodomy.....Split in British Labor Party reported.
Tuesday, 10 February 1981
After delay in her release, Cynthia Dwyer leaves Iran.....President Reagan refuses comment on investigation by Los Angeles district attorney of son Michael and gasahol distribution corporation.....Lawyers for Marine Pfc Robert Garwood, convicted of collaborating with enemy during Vietnam War, call for dismissal of case, alleging judge acted improperly.....Deportation trial of John Demjanjuk, accused of being guard at Nazi death camp, begins in Cleveland, OH.....Conflic reported between Iranian and Iraqi representations at nonaligned nations conference in New Delhi, India.....Soviet admiral killed in military plane crash.....Seven social service programs originally scheduled for budget cuts by White House Office of Management and Budget will not be touched, says Reagan administration.....Polish supreme court offers compromise in farmers' demand for own union; Polish coal miners cancel planned strike as goodwill gesture aimed at new prime minister, Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski; State Dept. said to believe Soviet intervention in Poland is likely.....Knesset sets date for general election between Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Labor Party's Shimon Peres.....Blizzard impacts Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis and other parts of Midwest.....Tornados reported in Texas and Mississippi; twister strikes school in Bay Minette, AL.....Billy Carter reportedly repaying Libya moneys given him to act as that country's agent.....Vatican to restore Michelangelo's work in Sistene Chapel.....Fire at Las Vegas Hilton claims eight lives, injures 198.

Jean Harris, convicted of murdering
"Scarsdale Diet" Dr. Herman Tarnower

Wednesday, 11 February 1981
Arson suspected in last night's deadly fire at the Las Vegas Hilton; two suspects released.....Explosion occurs at Chicago chemical plant.....State Dept. says member of Cuban diplomatic mission is spy who encouraged American firms to violate embargo and orders him to leave country.....Appearing before Nevada gaming board for license as consultant to Caesar's Palace, Frank Sinatra denies any link to organized crime, gives President Reagan as character reference; temporary license is issued.....Polish farmers threaten to strike following supreme court ruling against formation of independent union.....Reagan administration launches nationwide public relations campaign re: proposed budget cuts.....Transportation Secretary Drew Lewis says one-day strike by airline pilots has been cancelled.....Interior Secretary James Watt recommends oil leasing off California coast; California Governor Jerry Brown and Sierra Club among those opposed.....In Iran, second anniversary of revolution that ousted Shah is commemorated.....London's The Economist claims Israel possesses large number of nuclear weapons.
Thursday, 12 February 1981
Hotel busboy admits setting fire in Las Vegas Hilton.....President Reagan and former hostage Bruce Laingren attend ceremony at Lincoln Memorial honoring birthday of 16th president.....USSR and East Germany announce joint military maneuvers.....Reagan administration said to be planning increase in weapons sales overseas.....Government troops clash with supporters of Joshua Nkomo in continuing guerrilla war in Zimbabwe.....Accident reported at TVA nuclear power plant in Daisy, TN.....Two Americans embark from Luxor, Egypt on round-the-world balloon flight aboard the Jules Verne.....Energy Dept. requests return of large sums of money taken from fines paid by Amoco and donated to charities by outgoing Carter official.
Friday, 13 February 1981
Marine Pfc Robert Garwood, convicted of collaborating with enemy in Vietnam War, is sentenced.....The body of another black child, believed to be victim of serial killer, is found in Atlanta.....Explosions reported in Louisville, KY sewers.....Lull in fighting between government troops and guerrillas in Zimbabwe.....Three former hostages file suit against Iran.....Conference of nonaligned nations held in New Delhi, India concludes.....Media mogul Rupert Murdoch purchasing The Times of London.....Gas line explodes near Beaumont, TX.....President Reagan's proposed budget cuts said to affect food stamp program, Consumer Products Safety Commission, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Federal Trade Commission and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.....Cubans seeking political asylum storm Ecuadorian embassy in Havana.....Israeli and Syrian fighter jets clash over Lebanon.....VP George Bush and wife Barbara place assets in blind trust.....New York Times publishes longest sentence ever printed (1,286 words).
Saturday, 14 February 1981
Fire breaks out in Dublin, Ireland's Stardust disco.....Earthquake strikes Naples, Italy.....Body of Atlanta serial killer's 16th victim identified.....Attempt by two Americans to circumnavigate globe in helium balloon blocked by Himalayan Mountains.....Prince Henri of Luxembourg marries Cuban refugee Maria Teresa Mestre.....Parade and ceremony held in Hermitage, PA for former hostages held in Iran and eight servicement killed in failed rescue attempt.....In Washington state, an earthquake occurs near Mt. St. Helen.....National Council on Arts opposed to proposed budget cuts in National Endowment for Humanities and National Endowment for Arts.....Postal rate commission considers hike in postal rates.....Salvadoran leftist guerrillas launch attacks around San Salvador.....Soviet embassy official tells CNN that USSR is not shipping arms to Salvadoran leftists.....Solidarity's Lech Walesa refuses government request for 90-day strike moratorium.....Ku Klux Klan rally in Santa Fe, TX held to protest presence of Vietnamese refugees in area.....Louisville, KY mayor declares city disaster area due to sewer explosions.
Sunday, 15 February 1981
At Camp David, President Reagan prepares speech on economic plan, said to be gaining support among Democrats for proposed budget cuts.....Dublin police suspect disco fire was result of arson; Irish Prime Minister Charles Haughey calls for national day of mourning for five killed in blaze.....Congress considers bill designed to force tobacco companies to produce self-extinguishing cigarettes.....Another black child victim identified in Atlanta, another said still missing.....Reagan administration said to be considering additional economic aid to Poland.....American skier Phil Mahre wins slalom contest in Sweden.....Richard Petty wins Daytona 500.....Widespread looting occurs in Cleveland, OH following Valentine party at disco.
Monday, 16 February 1981
KGB alleged to have tried blackmailing U.S. military attache in Moscow.....President Reagan offers briefing for former Presidents Carter, Ford and Nixon on economic plan.....Pope John Paul II embarks on Asian tour; bomb explodes prior to Pope's arrival in Karachi, Pakistan.....Czech leader Gustav Husak warns Poland of possible Soviet military intervention if labor unrest continues.....El Salvador refuses to cooperate with FBI investigation of murders of four missionaries there last December.....Police have composite sketch of suspect in murders of Atlanta black children.....Terrorists attack South Yemen embassy in Paris.....Eastern Bloc backs UN commission's plan to license journalists.....Closing arguments heard in trial of Jean Harris for murdering "Scarsdale Diet" Dr. Herman Tarnower.....Federal judge schedules arguments next week on legality of Reagan's federal hiring freeze.....PLO and Israel reject Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's proposal for Palestinian government-in-exile.
Tuesday, 17 February 1981
President Reagan to recommend decrease in cost-of-living raises for federal employees; Congress and federal judiciary to forego pay raise approved by Carter administration.....Reagan administration says it will honor President Carter's agreement with Iran for release of American hostages.....Reagan ends Carter's controls on temperatures in federal buildings.....Reagan administration proposes IRS crackdown on runaway fathers.....Rep. J.J. Pickle announces shortfall in Social Security funds.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig calls for increased military aid to El Salvador.....Reagan meets with congressmen from farm states to discuss embargo against USSR, said to be favoring maintaining embargo following meeting in spite of campaign promise to end it.....Poland said to agree to recognize independent union for students as student strikes spread.....Students take over administration building at National University of Mexico in Mexico City and seize hostages.....Pope John Paul II arrives in Philippines, issues statement on human rights.....Canada approves loan guarantees to Chrysler's Canadian subsidiary.....Chrysler declares largest corporate loss in U.S. history.....UN commission abandons plan to license journalists.....Military judge denies defense mistrial motions in conviction of Marine Pfc Robert Garwood for collaborating with enemy during Vietnam War.....In Italy, Red Brigades terrorists murder head of Milan hospital.....Air California flight crashes at John Wayne Airport in Orange County.
Wednesday, 18 February 1981
President Reagan gives nationally televised speech on economic recovery plan tonight.....Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr. giving benefit concert to raise money for city of Atlanta's efforts to find killer of black children.....Reagan provides character reference for Frank Sinatra as latter applies for Nevada gaming license.....Government survey reveals possible decline in teen drug use in U.S......U.S. envoy Lawrence Eagleburger meets with American allies re: Soviet and Cuban supplying of Salvadoran guerrillas.....Democrats criticize Reagan administration in Congressional hearing on recent decontrol of oil industry.....South African officials deny Johannesburg newspaper's report suggesting nuclear explosions may have occurred near coast.....Threatened strike by British miners results in Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's decision not to close unprofitable state-run coal mines.....Test firing of space shuttle Columbia postponed.....Singapore Airlines installing slot machines on passenger jets.....Olympic athlete Susan Brown first woman in Oxford-Cambridge boat race on Thames River.....In Philippines, government allegedly tries to disguise slum during Pope's visit; Pope honors martyr Lorenzo Ruiz in ceremony attended by Mother Theresa.
Thursday, 19 February 1981
Black Caucus and AFL-CIO among organizations opposed to Reagan economic plan.....Mine workers demonstrate outside White House to protest proposed budget cuts; gates are stained with fake blood.....U.S. Postal Service given permission to raise stamp prices.....Frank Sinatra receives Nevada gaming license.....Philip Cline charged with starting Las Vegas Hilton fire last week.....Reagans leave Washington for vacation at California ranch.....Ford Motor Co. reports losses of $1.5 billion in 1980, biggest one-year loss for American company.....Commerce Dept. reports 4% growth rate in economy for 4th quarter of 1980.....British coal miners reject back-to-work order.....Bomb explodes near secret police headquarters in Moscow.....In Philippines, Pope John Paul II reaffirms Catholic Church's conservative stance on birth control, divorce and abortion.
Friday, 20 February 1981
Test firing of space shuttle Columbia occurs at Kennedy Space Center.....In Spain, Basque terrorists kidnap consuls of Austria, El Salvador and Uruguay; Spanish government faces crisis as Prime Minister-designate Calvo Sotelo fails to win confidence vote.....Kim Pring, former Miss Wyoming, wins libel suit against Penthouse; $36.5 million defamation settlement is largest ever.....18 black children now believed victims of Atlanta serial killer.....Transportation Secretary Drew Lewis said to favor limiting Japanese auto imports.....Polish farmers and government reach peace agreement; Soviet Union grants debt moratorium for Poland.....Cuban refugees complain that companies securing their release from Ft. Chaffee, AR camp require six months unpaid labor in return; Labor Dept. to investigate.....Over 60,000 federal employees said to owe money to Veterans Administration.....British coal miners end strike as government makes concessions.....Televised Democratic response to Reagan economic plan tonight includes Sens. Lawton Chiles and Gary Hart.....Peter Sutcliffe, suspected Yorkshire Ripper, is arraigned.....Reagan administration lifts ban on exports to Chile, imposed by previous administration due to alleged human rights violations by ruling military dictatorship.....Charities given money by Carter Energy Dept. resist Reagan administration efforts to have funds returned.
Saturday, 21 February 1981
VP George Bush announces creation of federal task force to help Atlanta authorities catch killer of black children....Sen. Robert Byrd says Democrats will support Reagan budget cuts but may oppose tax cuts.....Governors meeting in DC said to favor Reagan idea of block grants to states.....Spanish government refuses to negotiate with Basque separatists who kidnapped three foreign diplomats.....Bomb explodes at Radio Free Europe's Munich studios.....Television writers and directors threaten walkout.....Sleeping gas used in robbery aboard Milan Ostend Express train.....Ireland's Eamonn Coghlan sets new indoor mile record in San Diego race.....Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker announces tight money supply, key element of Reagan economic plan.....Saudi Arabia said to be considering oil production cutback and hike in oil prices.....Federal court judgment gives money to people who reside near Pennsylvania's Three Mile Island nuclear plant.....Deputy Secretary of State Frank Carlucci says U.S. won't increase NATO spending unless European allies do.....First space shuttle flight scheduled for April 9.....Pope John Paul II gives shortwave radio address to all Asia from Philippines.
Sunday, 22 February 1981
Reagan administration issues warning to Cuba and USSR re: sending arms to Salvadoran leftist guerrillas.....26th Communist Party Congress opening in Moscow tomorrow.....Reagan returns to Washington from California ranch to lobby for passage of his economic recovery plan.....Pope John Paul II stops off at Guam to hold papal mass before proceeding to Japan.....Four Americans returned to U.S. after being imprisoned in Turkey for hashish smuggling.....A tax revolt by autoworkers reported in Flint, MI.....Israeli attacks made against Palestinian position in southern Lebanon.
Monday, 23 February 1981
Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev proposes meeting with President Reagan, gives speech at 26th Communist Party Congress in Moscow.....In Madrid, members of Civil Guard seize lower house of Spanish parliament at gunpoint in coup attempt; in Valencia, troops occupy radio stations.....Reagan meets with governors at DC conference.....ABC/Washington Post poll shows majority of public support Reagan economic plan.....General Motors recalling autos with defective rear suspension; 6.5 million cars affected.....Census Bureau shows 17% growth in black and 61% growth in Hispanic population in U.S. during 1970s.....Reagan administration publishes documentation alleging Soviet and Cuban aid to leftist guerrillas in El Salvador.....Marine Pfc Robert Garwood indicted by North Carolina grand jury for sexually molesting girl.....Shell tanker runs aground in Jamaica, causes oil slick.....Energy Dept. issues warning of "greenhouse effect" due to coal use by industrialized nations.
Tuesday, 24 February 1981
President Reagan responds by letter to Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev's suggestion for superpower summit.....Fidel Castro addresses Communist Party Congress in Moscow.....Jean Harris convicted of murdering "Scarsdale Diet" Dr. Herman Tarnower.....Attempted takeover of Spanish parliament by right-wing military officers ends.....House Ways & Means Committee begins debate on Reagan's proposed tax cut.....Vietnam vet Sgt. Roy Benavidez receives Congressional Medal of Honor in White House ceremony.....In London, engagement of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer announced.....Reagan reaffirms U.S. commitment to Israel in meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir.....Terrorist attack reported at Leonardi da Vinci Airport, Rome.....Geils & Foerst Marine Elec. Co. of New York enters plea on charges of violating President Carter's ban on trade with Iran.....Pentagon confirms more U.S. troops will be sent to El Salvador; Reagan says El Salvador will not turn into another Vietnam.....Administration approves sale of fighter jet equipment to Saudi Arabia despite Israeli objections.....Earthquake reported in Athens, Greece.
Wednesday, 25 February 1981
Reagan administration says proposed budget cuts based on wrong statistics, blames Carter administration.....Two more children reported missing in Atlanta.....Baseball Player's Association votes to strike in near future due to players-management conflict over free agents.....More earthquakes reported near Athens, Greece.....Spanish parliament confirms Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo as new prime minister.....Pope John Paul II visits Hiroshima and Nagasaki during Japanese visit.....British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher arrives in Washington tonight for meeting tomorrow with Reagan.....Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker says he supports Reagan budget cuts.....Chrysler Corp. reaches agreement with bank creditors.....Auto collides with crowd watching Anheuser-Busch Clydesdale horses in Chapel Hill, NC.....Young child said to have robbed New York City bank.....Former hostage John McKeel, Jr. files suit against Iran; Carter executive order prohibits such action.....Shooting by disgruntled employee at Diamond Paper Co. in Cincinnati, OH reported.....Underground fire in coal mine said to pose threat to Centralia, PA.
Thursday, 26 February 1981
British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher meets with President Reagan at White House.....Pentagon insists leftist guerrillas, and not right-wing terrorists, pose greatest threat in El Salvador.....Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev meets with Fidel Castro re: Cuban involvement in El Salvador.....El Salvadoran guerrillas announce death of USAF radio operator Jerome Racine.....Deane Hinton nominated as U.S. ambassador to El Salvador.....Actor John Gavin said to be Reagan choice for U.S. ambassador to Mexico.....Reagan administration confirms plans to sell F-15 fighters to Saudi Arabia.....Coalition asks court to order Reagan to reinstate oil price controls.....Pakistani police arrest opposition leaders, including widow of executed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.....UN transport plane crashes into sea near Philippines; one known survivor.....National Association of Manufacturers and U.S. Chamber of Commerce opposed to changes in Social Security system recommended by presidential commission.....Rep. Jonathan Bingham demands investigation into Argentine airliner's near miss of New York City's World Trade Center last week.....Pope John Paul II stops in Alaska on way home from Asian tour.....Two children reported missing in Atlanta yesterday found; child discovered last December added to list of victims of serial killer.....Wells Fargo says bank officer involved in embezzlement scheme by Harold Smith, operator of Muhammad Ali Professional Sports.....Three Anglican missionaries detained in Iran since August 1980 are freed.
Friday, 27 February 1981
National Security Council meeting held to consider Joint Chiefs of Staff recommendations re: Cuban involvement in Western Hemisphere; Reagan administration said to be threatening action to stop Cuban intervention in El Salvador.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig says Nicaragua is supplying Salvadoran guerrillas with weapons, issues warning to Nicaraguan government.....U.S. Navy personnel arrive in El Salvador; Joint Chiefs of Staff approve dispatch of more American military personnel.....Leftist guerrillas seize San Lorenzo in El Salvador.....Senate subcommittee investigates possible links between longshoremen's union and organized crime.....TV Guide founder Walter Annenberg fives PBS huge donation for televised college instruction program.....Iran frees British hostages.....British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher receives honorary degree from Georgetown University.....Soviet Premier Nikolai Tikhanov calls for better U.S.-USSR relations.....Bomb explosions before parade in Madrid said to be work of right-wing terrorists.....Athens' Parthenon reportedly damaged by recent earthquakes.....Nine-year-old New York City bank robber "Billy the Kid" surrenders to FBI.....United Mine Workers calls a two-day strike in March to protest proposed changes in black lung benefits program.....Federal air quality study recommends easing clean air standards.
Saturday, 28 February 1981
White House talks between British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and President Reagan continue.....Bombings reported in El Salvador.....U.S. Catholic Conference opposed to more military aid for El Salvador.....Soviet newspaper Pravda says documents showing USSR involvement in arming Salvadoran guerrillas are CIA forgeries.....Antinuclear demonstration occurs in Brokdorf, West Germany.....Radioactive rats may be new problem at Three Mile Island nuclear plant.....Three British missionaries recently held in Iran welcomed home at London's Heathrow Airport by Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie; British businessman still imprisoned in Iran.....Former hostage Sgt. John McKeel, Jr. king of Mardi Gras Bacchus Parade in New Orleans.....Basque separatists in San Sebastian release diplomat hostages, announce ceasefire in terrorist campaign against Spain.....Six human rights activists arrested in Argentina.....U.S. and Egyptian negotiators meet in Cairo re: multinational force to patrol Sinai peninsula.....Nation's largest chemical storage pool of toxic substances at Epping, NH said to be nearly overflowing due to heavy rains.....Soviet ship rescues crew of burning South Korean cargo vessel.....National League of Cities supports most of Reagan's proposed budget.