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The Daily News - April 1981
[NOTE: Some of the events described in a day's news may have occurred on the previous day.]

John Hinckley in custody

Wednesday, 1 April 1981
Details of psychiatric tests on John Hinckley, held at Marine base in Quantico, VA, ordered sealed by federal judge.....Edwin Meese and James Baker appear on NBC's Nightline to reassure nation on President Reagan's condition in wake of assassination attempt; Meese reiterates administration's opposition to gun control.....22nd victim of Atlanta child killer identified; new information allegedly links killings to homosexual ring.....Abscam trial of Sen. Harrison Williams begins.....U.S. to stop economic aid to Nicaragua due to that country's support of leftist guerrillas in El Salvador.....Threat of nationwide strike in Poland dissipates; meat rationing begins today.....UN troops and Israeli soldiers reportedly clash in southern Lebanon.....English parliament calls for revoking tax-free status of Rev. Sun Yung Moon's Unification Church.....Tornado strikes Hurtsboro, AL; other twisters reported in Georgia and Mississippi.....Arson team investigates fire at Caesar's Palace Hotel, Las Vegas.....NASA sets April 10 as launch date for space shuttle Columbia.
Thursday, 2 April 1981
John Hinckley appears in DC court today, is then transferred to federal prison near Raleigh, NC; defense attorney objects to court's order for more psychiatric exams of defendant.....President Reagan and Press Secretary James Brady said to be shoiwng continued improvement after assassination attempt.....Senate passes resolution praising Secret Service Agents Jerry Parr and Timothy McCarthy as well as police officer Thomas Delahanty for their roles in saving president's life; House to begin hearings into efficiency of Secret Service in protecting president.....Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger says he is concerned about Soviet military activity around Poland.....Second technician dies as result of accident during testing of space shuttle Columbia two weeks ago.....VP George Bush announces increased food sales to Poland; Polish deputy prime minister meets with White House officials.....U.S. evacuates dependents of embassy personnel in Kampala, Uganda due to increased violence there.....Tentative settlement reached to end Philadelphia transit strike.....FBI videotapes played in Abscam trial of Sen. Harrison Williams.
Friday, 3 April 1981
First photo of President Reagan since shooting released to public.....Wounded Secret Service Afent Timothy McCarthy taken off hospital critical list.....John Hinckley, visited by parents today, to undergo psychiatric exam tomorrow in North Carolina federal prison.....Senate approves budget cuts in excess of those requested by Reagan administration.....Chrysler plant near Detroit, MI closing.....Continued Soviet military activity in and around Poland, including airlift into southwestern Poland, reported.....West German foreign minister meets with Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev in Moscow to discuss Polish crisis.....Palestinian guerrillas killed during Israeli raid into Lebanon.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig leaves on Mideast trip; itinerary includes Egypt, Israel and Jordan.....Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger leaves for trip to Britain, West Germany and Italy to discuss NATO.....Reagan names actor John Gavin ambassador to Mexico.
Saturday, 4 April 1981
White House spokesman says Soviet invasion of Poland is unlikely.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig arrives in Egypt, meets with Egyptian foreign minister re: Israel's withdrawal from Sinai.....Fighting between Syrian forces and Christian militia in Lebanon intensifies.....Coretta Scott King takes part in ceremonies in Atlanta on anniversary of death of Martin Luther King, Jr......Tornados reported as severe storm batters Midwest.....Trustee kills warden and guards in Huntsville, TX state prison.....USSR expected to call emergency meeting of Warsaw Pact re: Poland.....Moshe Dayan to form new political party in Israel.....Susan Brown, first woman to participate in Oxford-Cambridge boat race on Thames River, is member of winning team.
Sunday, 5 April 1981
Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev arrives in Prague, Czechoslovakia to attend conferenceof Communist Party leaders.....TV Talk show host admits to hoax involving psychic Tamara Rand's alleged prediction of attempt on President Reagan's life.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig meets with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat before flying to Israel.....Soviet media attacks on Poland intensify.....White House says Reagan sent message to Brezhnev warning against invasion of Poland.....Reagan said to be kept fully informed of international events while in hospital.....Engine system problem of space shuttle Columbia resolved.....First Hispanic mayor of major U.S. city, Henry Cisneros, elected last night in San Antonio, TX.....Baseball season starts.
Monday, 6 April 1981
State Dept. says Soviet intentions re: Poland are unknown.....President Reagan, recuperating in hospital, may return to White House later this week; Press Secretary James Brady said to be improving.....Astronauts John Young and Robert Crippen finish training at Johnson Space Center, Houston, in preparation for Friday's scheduled launch of space shuttle Columbia.....Fighting continues in Beirut between Christian militia and Syrian troops; Secretary of State Alexander Haig suggests USSR encouraged the conflict in Lebanon to deflect attention from Polish crisis.....Haig meets with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin before traveling to Amman, Jordan to meet King Hussein.....Missing child added to list of black youth believed killed by Atlanta serial killer.....Andrew Young enters Atlanta mayoral race.....Rumanian President Nicolae Ceausescu calls for labor reforms to avoid problems currently facing Poland.....Reagan administration calls for easing safety and pollution regulations for auto industry.....FCC approves AT&T rate hike....Canned Heat's "Bear" Hite dies of heart attack, age 36, in North Hollywood.
Tuesday, 7 April 1981
Lech Walesa calls for end to confrontation between Solidarity and Polish government; Soviet military maneuvers in and around Poland end.....Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger attends NATO meeting of defense ministers in Bonn, West Germany.....Man is arrested in New York City for threatening life of president; letter to Jodie Foster found in his New Haven, CT hotel room similar to those of John Hinckley.....Secret Service Agent Timothy McCarthy, wounded in assassination attempt, released from hospital.....FBI interviews President Reagan about assassination attempt.....Abbie Hoffman receives prison sentence for drug conviction.....Grain elevator explodes in Corpus Christi, TX.....Delay in countdown for launch of space shuttle Columbia reported; astronauts Young and Crippen quarantined.....House Budget Committee to vote soon on Reagan's proposed budget cuts; committee said to favor Democratic alternative.....Fighting between Syrian troops and Christian militia in Lebanon is spreading.....Civilians in San Salvador suburb massacred; some blame government.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig arrives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.....Atlanta police release composite sketch of man seen with missing black child.....Army opposes memorial in Arlington National Cemetery for those who died in unsuccessful 1980 hostage rescue attempt in Iran.
Wednesday, 8 April 1981
Astronauts Young and Crippen arrive in Cape Canaveral, FL for Friday's scheduled launch of space shuttle Columbia.....Secret Service Director Stuart Knight says there's no connection between John Hinckley and Ed Richardson, arrested last night for threatening to kill the president.....Secret Service seeking increased funds for protection of president; urges lifting restrictions on domestic intelligence gathering.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig claims his Mideast tour a success; Saudi Arabian foreign minister disagrees with Haig's assertion that USSR is primary threat to peace and stability in region.....NATO defense ministers agree on modernization of western Europe's nuclear arsenal; issue warning to USSR re: Poland.....State Dept. says Soviet military maneuvers continue along Polish border.....Iranian prime minister said to be victim of major swindle perpetrated by Lebanese arms dealer.....Government says only terrorists were killed in alleged massacre in San Salvador suburb.....House Foreign Affairs Committee blocks Democratic attempt to halt military aid to El Salvador; committee also blocks military sales to Argentina.....President Reagan designates week of April 19 Victims' Rights Week.....Reagan administration defends plan to eliminate counseling centers for Vietnam vets.....Afghan President Babrak Karmal offers pardon to all rebels who surrender; increased Soviet military presence in Afghanistan reported.....USSR says space shuttle program will intensify arms race.....Gen. Omar Bradley dies, age 88.
Thursday, 9 April 1981
Favorable weather forecast announced for tomorrow's launch of space shuttle Columbia, which will be first U.S. manned space mission since 1975.....23rd victim of Atlanta child killer discovered.....Polish Communist Party boss Stanislaw Kania meets with party rank-and-file in Gdansk; Secretary of State Alexander Haig in Madrid and Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger in Rome express concern about Polish situation.....Ceasefire brokered between Christian militia and Syrian troops in Lebanon.....Treasury Secretary Don Regan criticizes alternative tax cut plan proposed by Rep. Dan Rostenkowski.....Senate Budget Committee approves proposed Reagan defense budget.....Ed Richardson indicted in New Haven, CT for threatening president's life.....Officers of Sam Goody Corp. convicted for counterfeiting tapes and records.....UN conference on African refugees opens in Geneva.....Reagan administration admits right-wing extremists pose threat in El Salvador.....Former FBI Director L. Patrick Gray files suit against Justice Dept. re: illegal wiretapping scandal.....U.S. nuclear sub George Washington collides with Japanese freighter Nisso Maru in East China Sea; freighter sinks.
Friday, 10 April 1981
Today's launch of space shuttle Columbia scrubbed due to computer problems.....Riot breaks out in Brixton section of London; economic and racial problems cited as cause.....President Reagan to be discharged from hospital this weekend; Reagan cancels trips to California for wedding of daughter Maureen and to Mexico for meeting with President Lopez Portillo.....In Senate Budget Committee, three Republican senators join Democrats in voting against Reagan budget cuts due to deficit projections.....Two New York City banks increase prime interest rate.....Polish Prime Minister Wojciech Jaruzelski threatens to resign unless unions cooperate in resolving country's economic crisis.....Syrian troops and Christian militia resume fighting in Beirut and Zahle, Lebanon as ceasefire breaks down.....Ford Motor Co. rejects merger with Chrysler as suggested by government loan guarantee board.....Cuban refugee killed in attempted hijacking of Eastern Airlines flight from New York to Miami.....Imprisoned IRA member Bobby Sands wins seat in British parliament.....Volcanic activity reported at Mt. St. Helens.....Canadian government cancels seal hunt on Prince Edward Island after citizens protest.....Reagan administration to encourage offshore oil and gas exploration; California Governor Jerry Brown opposes oil exploration approved by Interior Secretary James Watt in Santa Maria basin.....Assistant Attorney General Lowell Jensen testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee on Reagan administration's support for reimposing death penalty.....Tornados strike Iowa.

Patch of first space shuttle mission

Saturday, 11 April 1981
President Reagan discharged from George Washington Univ. Hospital, returns to White House; police officer Thomas Delahanty, wounded in assassination attempt, also discharged.....Launch of space shuttle Columbia rescheduled for tomorrow.....Lech Walesa refuses to resign despite criticism from some Solidarity members.....Ceremony at Warsaw Univ. for Polish students involved in free speech movement ten years ago.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig meets with West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt in Bonn.....Violence continues in El Salvador.....FBI says bullets found at scene of murder of four American missionaries in El Salvador like those used by government troops.....Rioting continues in Brixton section of London.....Widespread fighting reported in Afghanistan between Soviet troops and rebels.....Reagan sends regrets to Japan re: sinking of freighter after collision with U.S. submarine, offers to pay damages.....Valerie Bertinelli marries rocker Eddie Van Halen.....Larry Holmes wins heavyweight boxing championship.
Sunday, 12 April 1981
Launch of space shuttle Columbia, carrying astronauts John Young and Robert Crippen, a success; NASA looks into potential problems due to missing heat tiles on orbiter; Reagan sends message of congratulations to astronauts; this the 20th anniversary of first manned space flight by Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.....Boxer Joe Louis dies.....VP George Bush attends anniversary ceremony at Tuskegee Univ in Alabama.....General Motors president acknowledges that X-cars are poorly constructed.....Racial violence continues in Brixton area of London.....Peace rally held in Warsaw, Poland.....Tom Watson wins Golf Masters Championship.
Monday, 13 April 1981
Rocket boosters used for launch of space shuttle Columbia recovered; Coast Guard escorts Russian trawler out of recovery area; VP George Bush converses with astronauts Young and Crippen.....President Reagan resumes partial work schedule; meets with Secretary of State Alexander Haig and Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger.....Reagan says he will not compromise on tax and budget proposals.....Ceremony at State Dept. honors former American hostages in Iran; Secretary Haig presents former hostages with Medals of Valor.....Japan critical of refusal by captain of U.S. sub George Washington to rescue crew of freighter that sank following collision.....First Coca-Cola bottling plant in China opens outside Peking.....Pulitzer Prize awarded to John Kennedy Toole for A Confederacy of Dunces.....More rioting reported in Brixton section of London.....Crowd begins to gather at Edwards AFB for tomorrow's landing of Columbia.
Tuesday, 14 April 1981
Space shuttle Columbia lands successfully at Edwards AFB, California; next space shuttle flight scheduled for September.....New food rationing program announced in Poland.....Soviet newspaper Pravda claims Afghan rebels are using new U.S. land mines.....Fighting continues in Beirut between Syrian forces and Israeli-backed Christian militia.....British civil servants strike.....Negotiations between striking American coal miners and mining companies resume.....Chemical fire reported in Golden, CO.....Former hostages held in Iran vacation at famous Greenbriar Hotel in West Virginia, paid for by hotel, airlines and government.....Funeral held at Arlington National Cemetery for Gen. Omar Bradley.....President Reagan has phone conversation with wounded Press Secretary James Brady.....Atlanta's Public Safety Commissioner Lee Brown contradicts claim by FBI Director William Webster that some of the child murders in the city have been solved.....Health & Human Services Secretary Richard Schweiker announces federal grant for Atlanta hospitals to treat children affected psychologically by series of murders.....Calm prevails today in Brixton section of London after several days of rioting.
Wednesday, 15 April 1981
Washington Post unable to accept Pulitzer Prize due to fraudulent article by Janet Cooke re: child heroin addict; Teresa Carpenter of Village Voice receives award as a result.....President Reagan pardons two former FBI agents convicted of illegal break-ins during Vietnam War.....Columbia astronauts John Young and Robert Crippen debriefed, meet with crew of next shuttle flight.....U.S. and other creditor nations agree to extensions for Poland's debt repayment.....Polish Communist Party rank-and-file criticize handling of labor unrest and economic crisis by party leaders; Polish farmers continue to strike in Bydgoszcz.....FBI thinks five child murders in Atlanta not linked to serial killer.....Salvadoran arrested in Miami, FL in connection with murders of two Americans in El Salvador.....Soviet defector Maxim Shostakovich and son granted political asylum in U.S......Reagan approves burial of Joe Louis in Arlington National Cemetery.
Thursday, 16 April 1981
Rescue efforts underway after explosion in Colorado coal mine that traps mainers.....NATO Secretary Joseph Luns meets with President Reagan and Secretary of State Alexander Haig re: resuming U.S.-USSR arms talks.....Democrats on House Budget Committee reportedly willing to back increased defense spending.....Corsican nationalists responsible for bombing that occurs at Ajaccio airport prior to arrival of French President Giscard d'Estaing.....Terrorist bomb discovered at U.S. Army base in Wiesbaden, West Germany.....Israel downs hot air balloon used by Palestinian guerrillas to cross border from Lebanon; Israeli raids into southern Lebanon reported.....Japanese auto industry representative visits Congress re: possible imposition of limits on auto imports from Japan.....Japanese Prime Minister Zenko Suzuki rejects American explanation for U.S. submarine's failure to rescue survivors after it accidentally sinks Japanese freighter.....Six nations adjacent to South Africa accuse U.S. of backing minority white government there.....Polish parliamentary committee recommends legalizing Rural Solidarity union for farmers.....Municipal employees' strike in Yonkers, NY expands.....Forest fire rages in North Carolina.....Attorney General William French Smith to form task force to investigate increase in violent crime.....Demonstrators protesting U.S. policy towards El Salvador arrested at State Dept......Imprisoned terrorists in West Germany end hunger strike.....Vietnamese refugees along Texas coast file suit against KKK and local fishermen in effort to gain federal protection.
Friday, 17 April 1981
Solidarity allowed to broadcast weekly program and statements on Polish TV and radio.....American Petroleum Institute reports decrease in U.S. gas consumption in March.....U.S. Navy accepts responsibility for last week's collision of nuclear sub with Japanese freighter; Reagan administration agrees to pay damages to families of slain Japanese crew members.....Cuban-American veterans commemorate Bay of Pigs in Miami, FL ceremonies.....Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev calls for non-military use of space following successful flight of U.S. orbiter Columbia.....Funeral service for boxing great Joe Louis held at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas; Muhammad Ali, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Jesse Jackson among those present.....Reagan administration considers resuming arms sales to Guatemala as terrorist violence between left- and right-wing extremists continues there.....Municipal employees' strike in Yonkers, NY ends.....Male panda imported from London to mate with female panda Ling-Ling at Washington DC zoo attacks her instead.....Defense Dept. conducts test in Nevada desert in anticipation of MX missile system deployment; surrounding communities object.....Federal judge orders reinstatement of busing plan in Los Angeles.....Reagan administration says no import limits will be set on Japanese autos.
Saturday, 18 April 1981
Commerce Secretary Malcolm Baldrige says grain embargo against USSR will probably be lifted soon.....Drought continues in Midwest.....Federal investigators try to determine cause of yesterday's midair collision between Air US commuter flight and plane carrying skydivers near Loveland, CO.....Japan reportedly planning to voluntarily reduce auto exports to U.S......Large anti-nuclear demonstration occurs in Brussels, Belgium.....UN Security Council debates proposed boycott of South Africa to force that nation to grant independence to Namibia.....Reagan administration seeking abolition of Clark Amendment which forbids U.S. aid to UNITA guerrillas in Angola.....Riot reported at Ft. Chaffee, AR Cuban refugee camp.
Sunday, 19 April 1981
Christian militia launch artillery attack on Syrians at Sidon, Lebanon.....Body of another young black male found in Atlanta.....Week-long celebration of Bay of Pigs victory concludes in Cuba.....Federal appeals court overturns lower court's ruling to reinstate Los Angeles busing program; U.S. Supreme Court may intervene.....Earthquake reported near China Lake, CA.....Pope John Paul II reiterates anti-abortion stance in Easter address.....Terrorist bombing occurs in Davao, Philippines.....Violence continues at Cuban refugee camp at Ft. Chaffee, AR.....Residents of Centralia, PA fearful as underground coal mine fire continues to burn after 20 years.....On NBC's Meet the Press, Sheik Ahmad Zaki Yamani says Saudi Arabia intentionally created international oil glut.....Congressional hearings on abortion issue to begin next week.....Deadly tornado rips through Tulsa, OK.....Lee Trevino wins golf's Tournament of Champions.....Pawtucket Red Sox defeat the Rochester Red Wings after 33 innings of baseball.
Monday, 20 April 1981
Violence reported in Belfast and Londonderry, Northern Ireland, over the Easter weekend.....Cuba releases four Americans captured yesterday after straying into Cuban waters.....Body of young black found in Atlanta today, may be 25th victim of serial killer.....Fighting continues in Lebanon between Christian militia and Syrian troops, Israelis and Palestinians.....Toshihito Seko and Allison Roe win Boston Marathon.....John Phillips of rock group Mamas & Papas begins serving sentence for drug pushing.....NAACP drops efforts to forestall halting of busing in Los Angeles with appeal to U.S. Supreme Court.....Arizona rancher convicted and sentenced for robbing and torturing illegal aliens.....Japan reveals leak at Tsuruga nuclear power plant was covered up for forty days.....White House calls for moratorium on government publications and films.....Accident reported at Rainier, OR nuclear power plant.....President Reagan absent from annual White House Easter egg roll due to continuing recuperation from shooting.....Zimbabwe celebrates first anniversary of independence.....Tensions rises in Northern Ireland as hunger strike by imprisoned IRA member Bobby Sands reaches critical stage.

Bobby Sands

Tuesday, 21 April 1981
President Reagan meets with eight governors to seek support for his economic plan; agrees to compromise with Congress on budget proposals.....Reagan administration wants to sell AWACS surveillance aircraft to Saudi Arabia pending Congressional approval.....Justice Dept. findings re: conduct of government officials during Billy Carter association with Libya released today; former President Jimmy Carter and former Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti cleared of any wrongdoing.....Vince Tamborello dies in pileup of horses and drivers at Chicago's Maywood Park harness racetrack.....British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher refuses to meet with Irish politicians re: imprisoned IRA member Bobby Sands and his demands for treatment of IRA prisoners.....Legislation drafted in West Germany would ban publication and sale of Hitler's Mein Kampf.....Boxing great Joe Louis buried in Arlington National Cemetery.....Palestinian counterattack follows Israeli assault on Tyre and Sidon in Lebanon; Syrian troops and Christian militia continue to clash in Beirut.....Plaintiffs in trial of former VP Spiro Agnew seek restitution in case involving kickbacks Agnew allegedly received while governor of Maryland.....Former Yippie Abbie Hoffman begins prison sentence today.
Wednesday, 22 April 1981
Meeting with U.S. Ambassador Samuel Lewis, Prime Minister Menachem Begin states Israel's objection to Reagan administration's proposed sale of AWACS surveillance planes to Saudi Arabia.....Violence follows funerals of two youths killed by British army truck during recent riots in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.....CORE Director Roy Innis claims to have photo of suspect in Atlanta child killings; says he will make arrest if police don't.....Sen. Harrison Williams takes stand in his Abscam trial, denies any wrongdoing.....House hearings on drug abuse in entertainment industry get underway.....FDA okays video display terminals after investigating their radiation emission levels.....Defense Dept. said to be considering development of state militias.....Former Nixon attorney general, Richard Kleindienst, arraigned on perjury charges.....Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne moves out of housing project, claims her presence led to decrease in crime rate there.....Largest bank robbery in U.S. history ($33 million) takes place in Tucson, AZ......West German metal workers strike.....Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Fernando Valenzuela has 3rd shutout in four starts.
Thursday, 23 April 1981
Deaths reported due to tornados in and around Houston, TX.....Police and FBI investigate claim by CORE Director Roy Innis that he knows identity of Atlanta child killer.....Soldier stationed at Ft. Benning, GA arrested for allegedly perpetrating racial attacks; may be linked to murders of blacks in Buffalo, NY.....British government refuses to allow Ramsey Clark and Father Daniel Berrigan to meet with imprisoned IRA member Bobby Sands.....USAF investigating whether plane lost over Gulf of Mexico was shot down by its own missiles.....Senate Judiciary subcommittee begins hearing on legislation to determine when life begins; pro-abortion demonstration occurs on Capital Hill; hearings opposed by ACLU and Planned Parenthood.....Barbados refuses to honor British request for extradition of Great Train Robber Ronald Biggs, who is set free.....Father and stepmother of Lady Diana Spencer accused of profiteering from their daughter's upcoming wedding to Prince Charles.....Increase in Social Security benefits due to rise in consumer price index.....Physicians in Boston, MA perform first brain surgery ever on fetus in mother's womb.
Friday, 24 April 1981
President Reagan lifts grain embargo imposed on Soviet Union by his predecessor; decision opposed by Secretary of State Alexander Haig; dock workers agree to handle grain shipments to USSR, vow to continue boycotting other cargo for Soviet Union.....Reagan returns to work in Oval Office for first time since assassination attempt.....U.S. diplomats do not attend May Day parade in Moscow in protest of Soviet presence in Afghanistan.....Atlanta Public Safety Commissioner Lee Brown says suspect in child murders identified by CORE Director Roy Innis has been cleared.....Britain to allow representatives of human rights commission to meet with imprisoned IRA member Bobby Sands.....Activities of Senate subcommittee on security and terrorism criticized as McCarthyism resurrected.....Labor Secretary Raymond Donovan participates in raid on sweatshops in New York City's Chinatown.....Associate of Spiro Agnew testifies in Annapolis, MD trial that former VP admitted to taking bribes.....IBM-PC computer is introduced.
Saturday, 25 April 1981
President Reagan leaves White House for first time since being shot, to spend weekend at Camp David presidential retreat.....President's daughter Maureen married Dennis Revell in Beverly Hills.....Violence continues in Northern Ireland over death of youth in recent riot.....Blizzard strikes British Isles.....Anti-nuke demonstrations takes place in Denver and elsewhere across U.S; anti-nuke rally at Groton, CT during launching of new nuclear submarine......Operators of Japan's Tsuruga nuclear power plant admit another accident occurred there prior to recent mishap.....Warren Richardson withdraws name from consideration as Assistant Health & Human Services Secretary following revelations he was allegedly connected to anti-Semitic organization.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig warns USSR of consequences should Soviets invade Poland; U.S. seeks support from allies for more economic aid to Poland.....Ceremonies held in Hermitage, PA and Milwaukee, WI for commandos slain in failed hostage rescue attempt last year in Iran.....UPI says Japanese automakers have agreed to voluntarily decrease exports to U.S......Imprisoned IRA member Bobby Sands refuses to meet with mediators who want him to end his hunger strike; demonstration supporting Sands occurs outside his Belfast prison.
Sunday, 26 April 1981
President Valery Giscard d'Estaing and Francois Mitterand face runoff after today's election in France.....Demonstration by supporters of imprisoned IRA member Bobby Sands, currently on hunger strike, occurs in Belfast.....Reagan administration decides to delay sale of AWACS surveillance planes to Saudi Arabia.....Washington Post says Japanese automakers won't voluntarily reduce their exports to U.S......Earthquake reported in California's Imperial Valley.....FBI said to have solid evidence linking El Salvador's National Guard to murders of four Americans; Reagan administration pressures President Jose Napoleon Duarte to arrest those responsible.....Israeli air attacks launched against Palestinians in southern Lebanon; Syrian air attacks target Christian militia in Sannine Mtns; Israeli/Syrian dogfight unconfirmed......Congress declares today Vietnam veterans' recognition day.....Vietnam holds first national elections since Communists took over country in 1976.....Polish government and Solidarity reach agreement on new labor law.
Monday, 27 April 1981
Gerald Ford dedicates his presidential library at Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor.....Tensions worsen in Belfast as jailed IRA member Bobby Sands' hunger strike continues.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig warns that grain embargo could be reinstated if USSR invades Poland.....Western nations give loan extensions to financially-strapped Poland.....Space shuttle Columbia leaves Edwards AFB, CA for Cape Canaveral, FL to be outfitted for next mission.....U.S. Supreme Court rules that abortions after first trimester must be performed in hospitals.....Another body of black youth discovered in Atlanta, GA.....Blizzard continues in England.....Paul McCartney and George Harrison attend wedding of Ringo Starr and actress Barbara Bach.....Group unhappy with city services and public schools in Boston, MA occupy building; police and fire dept. members rally against Mayor Kevin White's budget cuts.....Israeli air raids continue on Palestinian guerrilla positions in southern Lebanon; Christian militia still battling Syrian troops in and around Beirut.....Fellow members of Senate Foreign Relations Committee blame Sen. Jesse Helms for holding up Reagan appointments.....United Mine Workers announces tentaive agreement with anthracite coal mine owners; strike by soft coal miners continues; nonunion coal mines in Kentucky reopen under guard due to threat of violence by union strikers.....Judge rules against Spiro Agnew in Annapolis civil suit re: bribes while former VP was Maryland's governor.....Sen. Alan Cranston warns that India and Pakistan are both preparing to undertake nuclear testing.
Tuesday, 28 April 1981
President Reagan delivers speech on economy to joint session of Congress, his first public appearance since assassination attempt.....Senate Budget Committee approves Reagan's proposed budget revisions package.....House Ethics Committee calls for expulsion of Rep. Raymond Lederer due to Abscam conviction.....Israel reports shootdown of Syrian aircraft over Lebanon.....Imprisoned IRA member Bobby Sands, on hunger strike, given last rites.....French Communist Party endorses socialist candidate Francois Mitterand for president.....U.S. Trade Representative Bill Brock travels to Japan to discuss Japanese auto exports to America.....West Germany rejects request for military armament from Saudi Arabia.....Judge orders Boston public schools to stay open despite lack of funds.....26th victim of Atlanta child murderer is identified.....New Orleans Saints draft Heismann Trophy winner George Rogers.....Anti-government demonstration reported in Tehran.
Wednesday, 29 April 1981
Disunity reported in Democratic ranks re: President Reagan's proposed budget cuts.....In Washington DC, railroad workers demonstrate against proposed cuts in Amtrak budget.....Emissary of Pope John Paul II tries to persuade jailed IRA member Bobby Sands to end his hunger strike.....Israel attacks Beaufort Castle in southern Lebanon, Palestinians counter with rocket attack.....Rep. Raymond Lederer to resign next week due to Abscam conviction.....Prime Minister P.W. Botha calls for social change on election day in South Africa.....Trial of confessed Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe begins.....Surviving Beatles (Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr) reportedly will cut new record rogether.....Japan celebrates birthday of Emperor Hirohito.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig says U.S. has appealed to USSR to use its influence with Syria to help end bloodshed in Lebanon.....Syria installing Soviet-made SAM-6 missiles in Lebanon to counter Israeli air attacks.....Buffalo, NY grand jury indicts Georgia man in last year's racial killings.....Guatemalan native arrested as arson suspect in last year's fire at Stouffer's Inn in New York.....White House Press Secretary James Brady said to be suffering from increased pressure on brain following wounding in last month's assassination attempt.....U.S. Supreme Court deadlocked in case involving access to business records of federal contractors.....Marilyn Barrett filing palimony suit against tennis star Billie Jean King....Philadelphia Phillies' Steve Carlton becomes first left-handed pitcher to strike out 3,000 batters.
Thursday, 30 April 1981
U.S. concerned over presence of Soviet missiles manned by Syrian forces in Lebanon; Israel escalating military activity; Palestinian rocket attack on Israeli town of Kiryat Shmona said to be in retaliation for Israeli raid on guerrilla bases in southern Lebanon; USSR blames U.S. for Mideast violence.....White House ceremony commemorates Holocaust; Elie Wiesel attends.....Papal envoy returns to Rome having failed to persuade jailed IRA member Bobby Sands to end hunger strike; Sands said to be near death; British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher again refuses to give Sands political prisoner status..... House begins debate on Reagan budget proposals.....Rev. Jerry Falwell of Moral Majority and Rev. Donald Wildmon of Coalition for Better TV challenge major networks to debate.....Prince Charles arrives at Andrews AFB for three-day visit to U.S......New York City celebrates Empire State Building's 50th anniversary.....Prime Minister P.W. Botha's party retains power following South African elections.....American reporter and AP photographer wounded during skirmish in San Salvador.