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The Daily News - June 1981
[NOTE: Some of the events described in a day's news may have occurred on the previous day.]

Monday, 1 June 1981
President Reagan has White House meeting with Democratic congressional leaders on tax cut proposals; House Speaker Tip O'Neill calls meeting a media event; Reagan also meets with Sen. Ted Kennedy re: gun control legislation.....Pentagon decides not to give former hostage Joseph Subic medal of commendation due to Subic's sympathetic remarks re: Iran on Iranian TV while he was held captive..... Justice Dept. considers prosecuting USAF Lt. Christopher Cooke for unauthorized contact with Soviet embassy.....Syrian troops and Christian militia continue fighting in Beirut, Lebanon.....PLO representative to Belgium assassinated in Brussels; PLO says Israel is responsible ..... Interim President Roy Williams opens Teamsters Union convention, says Senate subcommittee report calling him an organized crime mole is false.....Many blacks reject observance of South African independence celebration.....Two-day coup attempt by Bangladesh army officers in Chittagong comes to an end..... Attorney General William French Smith discusses illegal immigration problem during tour of U.S.-Mexican border.....Captain of U.S. sub George Washington, which recently collided with Japanese freighter, reprimanded and relieved of command today.....Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr said to be in trouble with Khomeini regime.
Tuesday, 2 June 1981
President Reagan meets with congressional leaders again today re: tax cut proposal.....Two FDA officials suspended due to alleged bribery scandal.....House Ways & Means Committee approves cuts in Social Security program.....Israel conducts raid on suspected PLO base in southern Lebanon.....Former hostages Col. David Roeder, Col. Thomas Schaefer, and Capt. Paul Needham receive meritorious service awards.....House approves plaque at Arlington National Cemetery to honor those killed in unsuccessful Iranian hostage rescue mission.....Vietnam vets in Los Angeles will not end hunger strike despite passage of aid legislation by House; vet Ron Kovic says group wants to meet with Reagan.....Reagan White House reiterates support for Ernest Lefever, embattled nominee for Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights.....Senate hearing held into possible mismanagement of funds at National Cancer Institute .....Secretary of State Alexander Haig expresses concern over increased Soviet arms shipments to Nicaragua.....USAF test of laser weapon called a failure.....Reagan visits James Brady, wounded in assassination attempt and still hospitalized.....National poll in Israel shows Prime Minister Menachem Begin ahead of Shimon Peres in race for presidency.....Funeral held for assassinated Bangladesh President Ziaur Rahmen; general who led failed coup attempt is killed.....Forest fires rage in Alaska.
Wednesday, 3 June 1981
Pope John Paul II is sufficiently recovered from wounds received during recent assassination attempt return to Vatican.....Democrats' alternative two-year tax cut proposal rejected by White House.....Polish Communist Party leaders affirm commitment to reform.....Riot that erupted at Matsqui Prison near Vancouver, British Columbia now said to be under control.....Assault charges made against Oakland A's manager Billy Martin re: recent altercation with umpire.....Rep. Paul Simon pushes legislation proposing use of FBI computer system to track missing children.....Tornados reported in Denver, CO.....Israeli warships shell targets in northern Lebanon.....Four senators and five representatives targets of anti-abortion group in 1982 elections; Rep. Henry Hyde resigns from National Pro-Life Political Action Committee advisory board due to existence of "hit list".....Senate passes Reagan housing bill that shifts responsibility from federal to state/local government.....American auto sales show increase over a year ago.....Mother Teresa speaks against abortion during DC visit.....California study shows chance of heart attack deaths doubled by smoking.....President Reagan will not attend wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer; First Lady Nancy Reagan will be present.
Thursday, 4 June 1981
President Reagan claims he has bipartisan support for tax cut thanks to conservative Southern Democrats.....Special envoy Philip Habib leaving for Mideast to resume diplomatic efforts to end Lebanon missile crisis.....Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin conclude Sinai summit.....In Poland, Solidarity approves a June 11 "warning" strike in Bydgoszcz.....Protests at docking of USS Midway at naval base near Tokyo, Japan.....Senate Foreign Relations Committee meets again with Ernest Lefever, nominee for Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights.....James Earl Ray, killer of Martin Luther King, Jr., stabbed at Tennessee's Brushy Mountain State Prison.....In Miami, racketeering indictments handed down against alleged organized crime figures and labor union officials like Santo Trafficante.....Roy Williams, indicted on bribery charges, elected president of Teamsters Union at Las Vegas convention.....Sen. Jesse Helms withdraws opposition to nomination of Chester Crocker as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs.....Atlanta police question Wayne B. Williams re: string of child murders.....Mother Teresa has White House meeting with President Reagan.....Education Secretary Terrel Bell supports tuition tax credits for private schools.....Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announces out-of-court settlement of minority discrimination charges against Sears, Roebuck & Co......Craig Crimmins convicted for Metropolitan Opera House murder of Helen Mintiks.
Friday, 5 June 1981
Senate Foreign Relations Committee rejects Ernest Lefever as Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights; Lefever withdraws his nomination.....Israel said to be moving missiles into southern Lebanon to counter presence of Syrian missiles.....U.S. may lift trade restrictions against China.....Polish Supreme Court orders release of jailed dissidents.....Released by Atlanta police, Wayne Williams, suspect in child murders, said to be under surveillance.....Test tube twins born in Australia.....President Reagan presents Ethel Kennedy with Robert F. Kennedy medal.....Pleasant Colony could win Triple Crown of horse racing tomorrow at Belmont Stakes.....Illegal Haitian refugees to be deported.
Saturday, 6 June 1981
Summing wins Belmont Stakes; Pleasant Colony, winner of Kentucky Derby and Preakness, comes in third.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig says U.S. and USSR have agreed to discuss the Euromissiles.....Ceremonies held in France for D-Day invasion of Normandy.....Soft coal miners vote on new contract.....Hana Manlikova wins women's French Open.....Maya Yang Lin wins design competition for Vietnam War Memorial.
Sunday, 7 June 1981
Pope John Paul II appears in St. Peter's Square for first time since assassination attempt.....Foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait propose Lebanese peace plan.....Bjorn Borg wins French Open, defeating Ivan Lendl; Tom Watson wins Atlanta golf classic.....Soft coal miners ratify new contract and end strike.....Deadly train accident occurs in Bihar, India.
Monday, 8 June 1981
Israeli air raid destroys Osirak nuclear power plant under construction in Iraq; U.S.-made fighter jets used, State Dept. spokesman says U.S. condemns raid, Israel may have violated agreement with U.S. by using American-made aircraft in act of aggression; French technician killed, French Prime Minister Pierre Mauroy condemns attack.....President Reagan meets with Mexican President Lopez Portillo at Camp David.....Solidarity representatives meet with Polish deputy premier, discuss planned strike unless government acts against those accused of attacking union members.....Moslem hardliners clash with supporters of President Abolhassaqn Bani-Sadr in Tehran, Iran.....Patti Davis, president's daughter, said to have participated in anti-nuke rally in Los Angeles over the weekend.
Tuesday, 9 June 1981
Reagan administration may postpone planned shipment of F-16 fighters to Israel in response to Israeli raid on Iraqi nuclear power plant; Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin says raid was self defense, says Osirak facility would have been used to manufacture nuclear warheads.....President Reagan meets with National Security Council to discuss Israeli raid.....Treasury Secretary Donald Regan presents final Conable-Hance tax cut package to Capitol Hill; National Association of Manufacturers endorses plan .....House votes to prevent enforcement of school busing by Justice Dept......Chicago suburb of Morton Grove passes nation's toughest gun control measure, outlawing sale and possession.....Soviet Union allowed to buy additional grain from U.S. in first talks held since President Carter's grain embargo..... L.A. Dodgers pitcher Fernando Valenzuela guest at luncheon given by Reagan for Mexican President Lopez Portillo.....Reagan agrees to participate in Central American summit in mexico on condition that Fidel Castro does not attend.....Vietnam vets' hunger strike and sit-in at Los Angeles VA hospital reported.....Cindy Spicer, youngest heart transplant patient, discharged from Minneapolis, MN hospital.....Password game show host Allan Ludden dies.....Saudi Arabian King Abdel Aziz al Saud Khalid meets Queen Elizabeth in London.....Communist Party central committee meets in Warsaw, vows crackdown on counterrevolutionary activities in Poland.

Philip Habib tries to find peaceful
solution to Lebanese crisis

Wednesday, 10 June 1981
Shipment of four fighter-bombers to Israel delayed until Congress determines whether Israeli raid on Iraqi nuclear facility violated U.S. law.....Arab League requests UN Security Council impose trade embargo on Israel.....President Reagan's envoy Philip Habib meets Lebanese prime minister in continuing effort to forge agreement on Lebanon missile crisis.....Major league baseball players' strike said likely tomorrow .....Jonesboro, TN munitions plant reportedly contaminated by unsafe levels of radioactivity..... New England Journal of Medicine proposes heavy tax on cigarettes.....Supreme Court considers request to block transfer of Iranian assets in U.S., part of agreement for release of American hostages.....Ayatollah Khomeini strips President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr of duties as commander of Iran's armed forces..... Continuing strike by construction workers prevents coal miners from returning to work after their own strike ends.....IRA gang called M-16 stages jailbreak in Belfast, N. Ireland.....Power struggle said to be underway in Poland's Communist Party central committee.....Commemorative stamp featuring Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer issued today in Britain.....Congressional opposition to Reagan administration's block grant proposal said to be growing.....Former President Jimmy Carter asks White House to permit him to shop at military exchanges.....Pete Rose ties Stan Musiel's National League record of 3,630 hits.....England's Sebastian Coe sets 800m record (1.41.73) in Florence.
Thursday, 11 June 1981
President Reagan meets with Arab nation ambassadors re: Israeli bombing of Iraqi nuclear facility; Israel's Prime Minister Menachem Begin insists Iraq was making bomb, accuses Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger of trying to shut down aid to Israel.....Efforts continue to rescue six-year-old boy from deep well in Italy.....An earthquake strikes Iran, killing 1500 people.....State Dept. denounces threatening letter sent by Soviets to Polish Communist Party leaders.....American Medical Association refuses to sell its tobacco stock, even while calling for federal subsidies for tobacco growers to end.....Fourteen labor leaders, including indicted Teamsters boss Roy Williams, attend White House meeting on tax cuts.....House votes 293-88 not to cut neutron bomb funding.....Pakistan claims Afghan MiG jets attacked passenger bus.....Supreme Court to rule on legality of financial agreement that was part of deal to secure release of American hostages in Iran; New York federal court rules it was unconstitutional for President Carter to stop damage claims against Iran.....Over 250 S&Ls (5% of total) said to be in trouble.....Standard Oil, Gulf, Mobil and Phillips cutting gas prices.
Friday, 12 June 1981
Major league baseball players go on strike.....Armed militants surround home of Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr, who claims coup is being staged.....Polish premier says country is nearing economic collapse, urges Solidarity to purge anti-Socialists; five cabinet changes reported, including justice minister.....Visit to China by Secretary of State Alexander Haig first high-level contact between that government and Reagan administration.....UN Security Council meeting re: Israeli raid on Iraqi nuclear facility; head of International Atomic Energy Agency says any clandestine bombmaking at Osirak would have been detected, recommends expulsion of Israel from organization.....President Reagan presides over White House meeting of mayors.....Teamsters President Roy Williams arraigned in federal court in Chicago, pleads innocent to conspiring to bribe Nevada Senator Howard Cannon.....IRS seizes property of Billy Carter in Plains and Buena Vista, GA, will auction it off to pay back taxes..... Reagan declares July 17 POW/MIA Recognition Day.....Soviet spy sub located off Long Island; suspected of waiting for launch of first U.S. sub to carry Trident missile.....Press Secretary James Brady, wounded in assassination attempt of president, seen by public for first time since shooting on film viewing get-well message painted on truck driven from Pensacola, FL.....Attempts to rescue six-year-old boy trapped in well in Italy continues; Italian president visits scene.....Larry Holmes defeats Leon Spinks for WBC heavyweight boxing title.....Raiders of the Lost Ark premieres.
Saturday, 13 June 1981
Marcus Sarjeant, 17 years old, charged with treason after firing six blanks at Queen Elizabeth.....Six-year-old boy in well in Italy dies; rescue efforts end.....Syrian TV shows shootdown of unmanned Israeli reconnaissance plane.....Two convicted IRA members, Patrick Agnew and Kieran Doherty, elected to Parliament; Britain not expected to let them take their seats.....Mayors said to be worried about Reagan plan to let states determine how to spend federal funds.....Writers Guild of America continues two-month strike.....Tornado kills one in Cardington, OH; flooding reported in Illinois.....200 Haitian refugees land in Florida.....John Benish and Manny McGuire return home to Wisconsin after 14-month trip across the West in covered wagon.....Ayatollah Khomeini says Iranian parliament can begin proceedings against President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr.....U.S. delegation led by Assistant Secretary of State William Clark meets with eight factions in Namibia, discuss that country's independence from South Africa.....On Tomorrow, Tom Snyder interviews mass murderer Charles Manson.
Sunday, 14 June 1981
U.S. and China agree that USSR is threat to world peace.....Iranian parliament postpones debate on fate of President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr; Ayatollah Khomeini reportedly now saying Bani-Sadr can remain president.....Iraqi foreign minister says U.S. knew in advance Israel's plan to bomb Osirak nuclear facility.....Texas hammered by severe storms.....National Guard called in after tornado destroys Cardington, OH; search for victims continues; Ohio governor asks for federal disaster relief.....Supreme Court to rule on privacy rights for convicts.....President Francois Mitterand's Socialist Party big winner in French parliamentary elections.....Delegates from 28 states attend Men's Rights Conference in Houston, TX.....Pilot attempts to cross English Channel in solar-powered plane.....Navy ships find boats filled with refugees in South China Sea.....Six thousand death camp survivors meet at Jerusalem Convention Center, renamed Survival Village, for first world reunion.....Donna Young wins LPGA Championship..... "No Nukes" concert held at the Hollywood Bowl.
Monday, 15 June 1981
U.S. and Israel disagree over whether Israeli raid on Iraqi nuclear reactor was justified; France calls on Israel to make reparations; UN Security Council debates matter for third day.....Reagan envoy Philip Habib arrives in Syria to discuss Lebanese missile crisis.....Brush fires burn out of control in California; cleanup underway in Minneapolis after five tornados strike; flooding reported in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Illinois; tornado damage also reported in Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin.....Car sales up 11.6% in U.S......Reagan administration gives details of $3 billion economic and military aid package for Pakistan.....Reagan meets with GOP congressional members re: tax cut package.....Supreme Court rules against prisoners, decides double celling does not inflict unnecessary pain; court also rules 1977 strip mining law constitutional.....National Chemical Bank lowers prime rate to 19%.....Air traffic controllers seeking pay hike and reduced work week threatening strike.
Tuesday, 16 June 1981
President Reagan holds first news conference since assassination attempt, says tax cut will help poor and that U.S.-Taiwanese relations won't be changed by the lifting of arms sales embargo on China..... Senate votes to provide treatment for Vietnam vets exposed to Agent Orange.....Traces of marijuana found in remains of some of the servicemen killed in aircraft crash aboard USS Nimitz last month..... Housing starts down 14%.....President Ferdinand Marcos wins reelection for six more years in the Philippines.....Senate Budget Committee okays $29.6 billion in cuts for 1982.....House passes resolution urging Reagan to comply with World Health Organization code for marketing infant formula .....Heat wave reported in Florida, more flooding in Tewxas and Indiana, brush fires in California.....Sen. Jesse Helms sponsors anti-busing constitutional amendment.....Memorial service in Soweto leads to violence; South African police disperse crowd with tear gas.....William Wrigley will sell Chicago Cubs to Chicago Tribune parent company for $20.5 million.....John S. Knight, founder of Knight-Ridder newspaper group, is dead.
Wednesday, 17 June 1981
Supreme Court rules on measure to protect textile workers from brown lung disease; court also rules employers don't have to change schedules to accommodate reservists' training.....Reagan administration pursuing closer diplomatic ties with South Africa.....Commerce Dept. says personal income up .6 of 1% in May, and personal spending was up .7 of 1%.....Gunman kills four in bank before being shot by police in Rochester, NY.....Vietnam vets participating in sit-down at White House are arrested.....President Reagan signs bill extending aid for VA medical schools.....Transportation Secretary Drew Lewis threatens to prosecute any air traffic controllers who illegally strike.....Proctor & Gamble withdrawing sponsorship of 50 TV programs because of sex and violence.....Brazil denies newspaper story that uranium shipment sent to Iraq last year was intercepted by fighter jets.....Two NBC reporters arrested in Iraq and accused of being Israeli spies are released.....House Ways & Means Committee says no to Reagan proposal to cut business taxes.....Prince Charles visits New York City; 2,000 pro-Irish demonstrators protests outside Lincoln Center where Charles attends Royal Ballet performance.....14 killed when Moslems and Christians clash in Cairo.
Thursday, 18 June 1981
Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart announces retirement next month; President Reagan questioned re: his promise to appoint woman to the court.....U.S. to join Iraq and UN Security Council in condemning Israeli raid on Iraqi nuclear facility.....Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin tells U.S. envoy Philip Habib that negotiations re: Syrian missiles in Lebanon cannot go on forever.....Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr said to be on the run; Moslem fundamentalists demanding his impeachment and execution.....Small plane crashes into Crystal, MN dwelling, Minnesota linebacker Jeff Sieman in dwelling but not seriously injured.....Defense Dept. admits drug and alcohol abuse a problem in the military.....California judge rules that Khashoggi divorce case, involving billions of dollars, should be tried in England.....New vaccine for hoof-and-mouth disease reported thanks to efforts of Agriculture Dept. and Genentech of California.....World's largest flag unfurled in New York City.
Friday, 19 June 1981
White House and Congress issue warning to air traffic controllers threatening illegal strike on Monday..... Negotiations to end major league baseball players' strike are called off.....Israel rejects UN resolution condemning its attack on Iraqi nuclear plant.....USSR denounces Reagan administration's decision to lift ban on arms sales to China, reacts to news that U.S. is monitoring Soviet missile activity from stations in China.....Attorneys for Wayne Williams seek court injunction against media surveillance present since he became suspect in Atlanta child killings.....Former Agriculture Secretary Earl Butz sentenced in income tax evasion trial.....Tensions on the rise in Egypt between Christians and Moslems.....European Space Agency launches two satellites.....George Washington's false teeth stolen from Smithsonian Institute.....Sen. Lowell Weicker ends filibuster against antibusing legislation.....Conservative political action committee pressures Republicans to support Reagan budget plan.....USAF levels more charges against Lt. Christopher Cooke, accused of making unauthorized visits to Soviet embassy; Cooke represented by F. Lee Bailey.
Saturday, 20 June 1981
Pope John Paul II back in hospital.....Government represented by Transportation Secretary Drew Lewis negotiating with air traffic controllers' union (PATCO) to avert illegal strike.....Tornado reported in Lawrence, KS.....Anti-abortion convention held in Omaha, NE.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig attends Southeast Asia conference in Manila, says U.S. will challenge Soviet adventurism.....Anti-nuclear demonstrators in Hamburg protest West Germany's role in NATO.....20th anniversary of Peace Corps celebrated.....North Carolina, federal government and NAACP reach settlement in alleged racial discrimination at colleges in that state.....FBI prevents arms shipment to IRA, arrests made in New York City.....In Iran, street violence continues between Moslem fundamentalists and supporters of vanished President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr.

Wayne B. Williams, arrested
in Atlanta, June 21

Sunday, 21 June 1981
Suspect in Atlanta child murders arrested identified as Wayne Williams by Police Commissioner Lee Brown at news conference.....Negotiations between government and air traffic controllers continue..... Avalanche buries climbers on Mt. Rainier in Washington state.....Iranian parliament votes to impeach President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr, who is ordered arrested on sight.....Socialists victorious in French national assembly elections.....Peking police chief blames rising crime rate on Western influences..... Former Secretary of State Cyrus Vance critical of Reagan administration's decision to sell arms to China.....Pope John Paul II back in hospital due to infection.....Exiled Novel Prize-winning writer, Czeslaw Milosz, returns to a hero's welcome in Poland.
Monday, 22 June 1981
Mark David Chapman pleads guilty to murdering John Lennon.....Supporters of ousted Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr executed.....Air traffic controllers' strike, scheduled for today, called off; government and PATCO officials reach tentative agreement.....Several climbers reported killed in yesterday's avalanche on Mt. Rainier.....U.S. Postal Service wants another rate hike.....Atlanta's District Attorney Lewis Slaton denies he was pressured by state and Justice Dept. to arrest Wayne Williams for murder of Nathaniel Cater.....Treasury Secretary Donald Regan blames House Ways & Means Committee for delay in a tax cut.....Citibank and Chemical Bank increase prime lending rate.....Pope John Paul II said to be suffering from pleurisy.....Largest citizenship ceremony in U.S. history held in Los Angeles.....Supreme Court rules against Richard Nixon and his aides in case involving illegal wiretapping .....Communist central committee meeting in Kremlin attacks anti-socialist elements in Poland.
Tuesday, 23 June 1981
Wayne Williams appears in Atlanta court charged with murder; police said to be working to link him to more child murders.....President Reagan hosts House Democrats at White House breakfast, seeking support for budget proposals.....White House accepts Senate Finance Committee's proposed amendment to tax cut plan.....Arson blamed for Napa Valley, CA forest fire.....French President Francois Mitterand appoints Communists to government positions.....Iraqi President Saddam Hussein calls for Arab unity in development of nuclear weapon.....USAF's second test of antimissile laser weapon is successful.....Federal judge takes U.S. citizenship away from former Nazi death camp guard John Demjankjuk.....Police clash with squatters in West Berlin.....John McEnroe fined for behavior at Wimbledon yesterday.....Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev advocates arms control talks with U.S. in speech to Communist central committee.....Detroit Mayor Coleman Young says city faces bankruptcy .....State workers in New Hampshire go on strike.....Vietnam vets on hunger strike protest in Lafayette Park across from White House, demand to meet president.
Wednesday, 24 June 1981
President Reagan appears before National Jaycee convention in San Antonio, TX to gain support for economic plan.....House Rules Committee limits floor debate on Reagan economic package..... Administration urges more cuts in social programs.....Air traffic controllers expected to reject settlement proposed by government and union leadership.....Senate challenges sale of AWACS to Saudi Arabia proposed by administration; House issues resolution of disapproval of sale.....Supreme Court hears arguments re: constitutionality of President Carter's agreement with Iran to secure release of American hostages.....More executions of supporters of ousted President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr reported in Iran.....VP George Bush in Paris for meeting with French President Francois Mitterand.....State Dept. critical of Mitterand's inclusion of Communists in government of France.....Forest fire still burning in California's Napa Valley.....Detroit voters okay tax hike to help financially-strapped city.....World Bank approves loan to China.....Administration drops objection to 9-digit zip code.....Attorney General William French Smith says Reagan administration inclined to support corporate mergers.
Thursday, 25 June 1981
President Reagan wins victory in Congress on economic package as House adopts Gramm-Latta resolution.....Reagan tax cut plan approved by Senate Finance Committee with one member, Sen. Bill Bradley, opposed.....Supreme Court says male-only draft registration is constitutional.....Defense Intelligence Agency director says he thinks Americans still held prisoner in Southeast Asia.....Special envoy Philip Habib leaves Beirut after most recent attempt to resolve Syrian-Israeli missile crisis, has elicited promise from Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin not to attack Syrian missile bases..... Begin and opposition candidate Shimon Peres in televised debate as Israeli general election looms..... Egypt and Israel reach agreement on multinational peacekeeping force for common border.....Brooke Shields appears before Congressional committee conducting hearings on smoking.....Justice Dept. launches legal proceedings for deportation of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, head of Unification Church .....Americans Amanda McKerrow and Simon Dow win gold medal in Bolshoi ballet competition, Moscow; they are first Americans ever to win top honors.....Postal workers reported picketing in some cities.....Joint Soviet-Polish military exercises underway in Silesia (southwest Poland).....Reward offered in Iran for information on location of ex-president, Abolhassan Bani-Sadr, who is in hiding.....Violence erupts between squatters and West Berlin police.....Archbishop of Seattle calls for tax boycott to protest nuclear arms race.....FCC clears way for interstate call rate hike.
Friday, 26 June 1981
President Reagan victorious in House vote on budget cuts; conservative Democrats cross over, make difference.....Deadly bus explosion reported in San Bernardino, CA.....Polish-Soviet military maneuvers continue in Poland.....Number of Polish refugees in Austrai said to be growing.....Supreme Court rules on military pensions and divorce settlements as well as on campaign contribution limits to PACs..... Judge strikes down Washington state law banning the dumping of nuclear waste from other states..... Court orders end to Burlington Northern Railroad strike.....Former Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr said to be hiding in Kurdistan.....Negotiations to end major league baseball players' strike broken off.
Saturday, 27 June 1981
Attorney General William French Smith says Reagan administration will crack down on illegal aliens .....Prime Minister Menachem Begin and opposition candidate Shimon Peres reportedly running neck and neck as Israeli election day nears.....Terrorist bombing occurs in Tehran mosque.....Father Robert Drinan elected president of Americans for Democratic Actions; ADA criticizes Moral Majority and Reagan budget cuts.....Lillian Carter to undergo mastectomy tomorrow.....Billy Carter's Plains, GA gas station auctioned off.....U.S. warns Turkey to stop secret shipments of U.S.-made equipment to Pakistan that may be used in nuclear weapons development.....House Democratic Caucus may discipline Democrats who voted for Reagan budget cuts.....Elections for Poland's Communist Party congress entering final stage.....Pamela Jenks crowned Miss Black America.
Sunday, 28 June 1981
Gunman takes hostages in FBI office in Atlanta, is killed in shootout with police.....Tehran headquarters of Iran's ruling party damaged by bomb, Ayatollah Behesti among those slain; supporters of ousted President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr blamed.....Jonathan Boyer becomes first American to compete in Tour de France bike race.....Terry Fox, who attempted cross-Canada run (Marathon of Hope) to raise funds for cancer research, dies.....Solidarity holds memorial service for 1956 workers revolt in Poznan, Poland .....India and China agree to mediate long-running border dispute.....Former presidential yacht Sequoia returns to capital.....Arthur Reed celebrates 121st birthday.
Monday, 29 June 1981
Iran blames yesterday's bombing of Tehran headquarters of Islamic Republican Party on leftists and American agents; anti-cleric organization takes responsibility.....President Reagan defends economic plan in speed to NAACP convention in Denver.....William Bell, formerly of Hughes Aircraft Corp., and Marion Zacharski, president of Polish American Machinery Corp., arrested in Los Angeles for espionage .....In China, Chairman Hua Guofeng is replaced by Hu Yaobang.....Attempt by terrorists to bomb St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican is unsuccessful.....Britain's Princess Margaret cancels trip to U.S. due to concerns about pro-IRA demonstrations.....Coalition for Better TV calls of scheduled TV boycott..... Railroad bridge collapses in Moline, IL.....Mexican oil prices rise.....Supreme Court rules U.S. government can revoke citizen's passport in case involving rogue CIA agent Philip Agee.
Tuesday, 30 June 1981
Shimon Peres claims victory in Israeli elections, which are deemed too close to call.....Syria lifts siege on Zahle, Lebanon, held by Christian militia.....Mass funeral held for victims of bombing of Tehran headquarters of ruling party; Israel, Iraq and U.S. all blamed for attack; Iran blames American agents for killing of Evin Prison warden.....Rallies held in New York City and elsewhere in support of ERA.....NAACP Director Benjamin Hooks criticizes president's economic plan.....European conference supports British plan to negotiate Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan.....Former housewife and Nazi death camp guard Hermine Braunsteiner Ryan sentenced to life in prison in Dusseldorf, W. Germany trial.....VP George Bush present for inauguration of President Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines.....White House reception given for Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser; Fraser and President Reagan reportedly at odds over issue of Australian troops in Sinai peacekeeping force.....Reagan lifting import quotas on shoes from Taiwan and South Korea.....Merger of American Express and Shearson Loeb Rhodes completed.....Grant Tinker replaces Fred Silverman as NBC executive officer.....Garret FitzGerald elected prime minister of Ireland.