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The Daily News - July 1981
[NOTE: Some of the events described in a day's news may have occurred on the previous day.]

Wednesday, 1 July 1981
Prime Minister Menachem Begin expected to win close Israeli election against Labor Party candidate Shimon Peres by forming coalition government.....Supreme Court rules in favor of FCC over major networks in case re: the latter's refusal to air Carter-Mondale television commercial during last presidential election.....Former hostage Joseph Subic discharged from army.....MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, site of deadly fire last year, reopens.....Reagan administration to proceed with shipment of F-16s to Israel, postponed following Israeli raid on Iraqi nuclear facility.....Representative Les Aspin says length of military service should be extended.....Guerrillas arrested in Iran for allegedly planning to blow up parliament building; Ayatollah Khomeini says U.S. responsible for Sunday's bombing of ruling party headquarters that killed Ayatollah Beheshti and others.....Chicago judge says prosecutors can provide Senate subcommittee with evidence that led to indictment of Teamsters President Ray Williams on bribery charges....Former West German Chancellor Willy Brandt, in Moscow, says USSR may be willing to negotiate end to Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.....Canadian mail service workers strike.
Thursday, 2 July 1981
Supreme Court ruling upholds President Carter's deal with Iran for release of American hostages; 400 American companies and individuals have claims against Iran; nine ex-hostages filing suit against Iranian and U.S. governments.....Supreme Court upholds high Montana severance tax on exported coal; called a victory for states with abundant natural resources.....Court also says cities cannot ban all billboard ads due to free speech guarantee.....Replacement for Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart will be either Arizona appeals court judge Sandra Day O'Connor or 9th Circuit judge Clifford Wallace.....Executions in Iran continue following Sunday bombing of ruling party headquarters; Ayatollah Khomeini declares Iran at war with U.S.,,,,,Egyptian President Anwar Sadat said to be losing support of the people.....Joint Soviet-Syrian military maneuvers said possible; numerous Soviet warships reported off Syrian coast.....Air traffic controllers' union (PATCO) expected to reject proposed new contract with government.....Population in New York City, Philadelphia and St. Louis on the decline while Phoenix, Dallas and Houston are growing .....Daisy Fernandez of New York City said to be winner of biggest lottery in history..... Presidential task force says two-man pilot crew can fly jetliner; airline pilots union wants mandatory 3-man crews.....Two banks raise prime rate to 20.5%.....Dollar near 10-year high due to high interest rates.....Bjorn Borg defeats Jimmy Connors at Wimbledon, will meet John McEnroe in final.
Friday, 3 July 1981
Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko in Warsaw to meet with Polish Communist Party leaders; Prime Minister Wojciech Jaruzelski announces major cabinet reorganization....Irish National Liberation Army takes credit for attempted assassination of Protestant leader Ian Paisley; British government said to be considering increased Irish participation in home rule.....Families of IRA hunger strikers meet with Prime Minister Garret FitzGerald.....Demonstrators led by Father Philip Berrigan at White House protest administration budget cuts and foreign policy.....Sunway train collision occurs in New York City..... Typhoon Kelly causes massive destruction in Philippines.....Three men win antitrust suit against Johnson & Johnson involving electrical painkilling device.....Chris Evert Lloyd defeats Hana Mandlikova in Wimbledon final.....Gov. Jerry Brown declares part of California a disaster area due to Medfly infestation.....Handicapped climbers reach summit of Mount Rainier, tallest peak in U.S.

Rioting in Brixton, London

Saturday, 4 July 1981
John McEnroe defeats Bjorn Borg to win Wimbledon men's title.....IRA prisoners in Belfast's Maze Prison offer Britain a compromise in effort to save hunger strikers.....Rioting that began last night between skinheads and Asian residents reportedly continuing in London.....Winner of Israeli race between Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Labor Party's Shomin Peres to be announced soon.....Solidarity denies involvement in anti-Soviet protests as Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko meets with Polish Communist Party boss Stanislaw Kania.....White House Press Secretary James Brady makes first public appearance since being wounded in attempted assassination of President Reagan, attending July 4th activities at White House.
Sunday, 5 July 1981
Prime Minister Menachem Begin claims victory in Israeli elections, but Labor Party candidate Shimon Peres not ready to concede.....Begin threatens to use force if Syrian missiles are not removed from Lebanon.....Los Angeles Times says government has held secret talks with PLO since Nixon years.....Municipal employees in San Jose, CA go on strike; Supreme Court's recent decision re: sex discrimination cited as cause.....State Dept. warns of secret airlift by Cuba and Nicaragua of Soviet military equipment to leftist guerrillas in El Salvador.....Communist-run ammo dump in Beirut explodes, sabotage suspected.....Bolshoi dancer defects in Turkey, seeks sanctuary in U.S......Winner John McEnroe absent from traditional winner's dinner at Wimbledon.
Monday, 6 July 1981
Rioting continues in Liverpool, England.....In Italy, business exec kidnapped in May is killed by Red Brigades.....Executions continue in Iran in wake of bombing of ruling party's headquarters.....Isabel Peron, former president of Argentina, freed from house arrest.....USSR reject European Economic Community's proposal for Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan.....President Reagan meets with special envoy Philip Habib in White House re: Lebanese missile crisis; Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin reportedly setting deadline for removal of Syrian missiles.....AFL-CIO President Lane Kirkland criticizes Reagan economic plan.....INS employees in Miami stage temporary walkout over treatment of Haitian refugees.....Heavy flooding reported in eastern Kentucky.
Tuesday, 7 July 1981
Judge Sandra Day O'Connor nominated by President Reagan to replace departing Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart; pro-life groups critical of choice; Moral Majority leader Jerry Falwell pledges to campaign against confirmation.....Administration warns of Social Security system's potential bankruptcy, calls for cutbacks.....Mayor of Newark, NJ declares state of emergency following vandalism of city's water supply.....White House denies reports Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin has set 2-week deadline for removal of Syrian missiles from Lebanon.....Pope John Paul II names Jozef Glemp to replace Stefan Cardinal Wyszynkski as Poland's primate.....English Channel successfully crossed by men in solar-powered aircraft.....Chief of Naval Operations calls for crackdown on drug use in the Navy.....Reagan approves removal of Cuban refugees from Ft. Chaffee, AR.....Iran expels Reuters correspondents.....Vietnam releases bodies of three American MIAs.....Carnegie Mellon University Professor Chen Wen-Cheng dead following arrest by authorities in Taiwan.
Wednesday, 8 July 1981
IRA hunger striker Joe McDonnell dies; pro-IRA rioting in Belfast follows.....Rioting occurs in Manchester, England; said to be caused by economic straits.....Longshoremen in Warsaw, Poland stage walkout as warning to government.....Scientists at John Hopkins credited with preventing herpes outbreak with use of new drug, acyclovir.....President Reagan asks conservatives to keep open mind about his nominee to Supreme Court, Sandra Day O'Connor; O'Connor is confirmed by Senate vote of 99-0.....Commission charges top aides of California Governor Jerry Brown with covering up improper campaign activity.....Gov. Brown rejects insecticide spraying to battle Medfly infestation in California.....Italian government closes stock exchange in Rome and Milan for remainder of week.....Dollar on the rise while gold prices drop..... Jimmy Carter criticizes Reagan Interior and State Depts. in letter to former aides.....Remains of three American MIAs released by Vietnam arrive in Hawaii.....Reagan administration drops two antitrust suits filed by Carter administration.....Nuclear Regulatory Commission orders 44 nuclear plants to affirm safety of fuel containers.....Reagan hosts White House reception for handicapped climbers of Mt. Rainier..... United Airlines 747 lost power in all engines over Pacific Ocean Sunday.....Lost Mozart symphony premieres at White House.....Banks and steel industry in France nationalized by Socialist government.
Thursday, 9 July 1981
Federal government considering quarantine of all fruit and vegetables from California due to Medfly infestation; California representatives pressure Agriculture Secretary John Block to order aerial spraying opposed by Gov. Jerry Brown.....Rioting continues in Manchester, England; debate rages whether violence is motivated by economic situation or social frustrations; Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher defends economic policies in House of Commons, gets into shouting match with members of opposition .....British government won't budge on demands made by IRA prisoners on hunger strike.....Polish airline and transportation workers conduct "warning strike".....Bootleg liquor made with methanol results in many fatalities in India.....White House press secretary says President Reagan has no intention of compromising on tax cut proposal.....Reagan administration approves loans to dictatorships in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, reversing Carter administration policy in South America; spokesman says human rights will no longer be criterion for sale of military equipment.....House votes to withhold funds for MX missile program.....Senate Judiciary subcommittee considering legislation defining when life begins....France considers abolishing death penalty.....Former Argentinian President Isabel Peron leaves Argentina for Spain after several years of house arrest.....Federal grand jury indicts several New Orleans police officers on civil rights charges re: murder of white policeman last year.....U.S. postal workers clamor for new contract.
Friday, 10 July 1981
Gov. Jerry Brown drops his opposition to aerial spraying in response to Medfly infestation in California; Agriculture Secretary John Block threatens federal quarantine.....Unfreezing of Iranian assets in U.S., part of deal made to secure release of American hostages in Tehran, begins.....Burial of IRA hunger striker Joe McDonnell in Belfast accompanied by violence.....Eastern Airlines Chicago-Miami flight hijacked to Cuba.....Major fire reported in San Francisco, arson suspected.....Grand jury begins hearing evidence against Wayne Williams, alleged Atlanta serial killer.....President Reagan meets with Canadian Premier Pierre Trudeau in White House, discusses acid rain and Canadian restrictions on American companies.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig departs for Bahama summit with foreign ministers of Canada, Mexico and Venezuela.....Guatemalan troops attack alleged Communist stronghold in Guatemala City.....Reagan's special envoy Philip Habib meets with Lebanese prime minister in effort to settle Israeli-Syrian missile dispute.....Egypt, Israel and U.S. finalize agreement on Sinai multinational peacekeeping force.....Palestinians shell Israeli border town.....Reagan urges Senate to accept House version of his budget cuts.....Massachusetts state employees walk off job to protest overdue pay..... Wimbledon winner John McEnroe defeated by Czech tennis star Ivan Lendl in Davis Cup match.....U.S. Navy orders all personnel must be clean shaven.
Saturday, 11 July 1981
More rioting reported in England.....Some make legal effort to halt aerial spraying in California to battle Medfly infestation.....Pope John Paul II still hospitalized but said to be recuperating.....In Italy, body of boy who fell into well a month ago is recovered.....Latest efforts to end major league baseball strike described as failure.....Catholic negotiators try to mediate between British government and imprisoned IRA hunger strikers.....Employees at Hill AFB in Utah complain of high cancer rates due to exposure to toxic chemicals.....Striking TV and film writers reach tentative agreement with producers.....In Cuba, those arrested in attempted assassination of Fidel Castro said to be members of Alpha 66, group of Cuban exiles based in Miami.....In the Bahamas, Secretary of State Alexander Haig meets with foreign ministers of Canada, Mexico and Venezuela to discuss Caribbean economic strategy.....Violence reported in Meriden, CT following attempt by KKK to demonstrate.....Suspect in recent San Francisco fire arrested.....Neva Rockefeller becomes first woman ordered by court to pay husband alimony..... France performs nuclear test on Muruora Island.....Wholesale gasoline prices drop.
Sunday, 12 July 1981
Israelis conduct raid against Palestinian strongholds in Lebanon; PLO bombards Kiryat Shemona with Soviet-made missiles.....Area in California for aerial spraying to battle Medfly infestation is expanded; anti-spraying rally held in Palo Alto.....Captain Kangaroo star Bob Keehan suffers heart attack.....Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher visits several police stations as civil unrest continues in England.....Jimmy Connors defeats Ivan Lendl in Davis Cup match; John McEnroe wins finals match with Czech player Tomas Smid.....Debbie Austin wins LPGA Mayflower Golf Classic.....Police and pro-IRA demonstrators battle in Londonderry, N. Ireland.....Treasury Secretary Donald Regan predicts President Reagan's tax cut will make it through Congress.
Monday, 13 July 1981
State plan for aerial spraying of malathion to battle Medfly infestation on hold awaiting ruling by superior court judge in Santa Clara County, CA.....Rioting continues in England; Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher visits Liverpool; violence reported in Dundee, Scotland.....IRA hunger striker Martin Hurson dies.....Judge Sandra Day O'Connor arrives in Washington for meeting with President Reagan re: her nomination to Supreme Court.....Houston, TX court rules that estate of Howard Hughes will be divided among his cousins.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig speaks at UN conference on withdrawal of Vietnamese troops from Cambodia.....Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and State Dept. representative Robert McFarlane meet re: use of American warplanes in Israel's attack on Iraqi nuclear reactor; Begin won't agree to consult with U.S. before using American-made military equipment.....Crime figures allegfe Dade County police involved in illegal drug trade.....Mobil competes with DuPont and Seagrams for Conoco Oil.....Transit workers in Kutno, Poland engage in "warning" strike; Soviet delegation arrives in Poland for tomorrow's emergency Communist Party meeting.....Los Angeles prosecutors call for dismissal of charges against Angelo Buono arising from Hillside strangling cases.....Federal commission will begin hearings tomorrow on relocation camps where Japanese Americans were incarcerated during World War II.....Sen. Lowell Weicker's filibuster against legislation limiting school busing called a success.
Tuesday, 14 July 1981
Max Hugel, head of CIA covert operations, resigns following alleged stock market manipulation..... Supreme Court nominee Sandra Day O'Connor meets with Senate leaders.....Food and energy shortages topics for opening day of Poland's Communist Party congress.....California begins controversial aerial spraying of malathion to fight Medfly infestation.....Labor Secretary Ray Donovan becomes involved in negotiations to end major league baseball strike.....President Reagan lobbies on Capitol Hill for tax cut plan; House Ways & Means Committee adopts Democratic tax cut plan..... Commission begins hearings on internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.....France celebrates Bastille Day.....Israel conducts raids on Palestinian positions in Lebanon; Israeli-Syrian aerial battle reported.....ABC radio correspondent slain in Beirut.....Several Dade County police officers surrender after being charged for participating in illegal drug trade.....Senate Ethics Committee opens hearings on Sen. Harrison Williams, convicted in Abscam sting.....National Wildlife Federation calls for dismissal of Interior Secretary James Watt.....Vietnam vets end 7-week hunger strike.....Demolition of Detroit neighborhood of Poletown for new General Motors plant underway.....China okays opening of Peking news bureau by NBC.
Wednesday, 15 July 1981
FBI arrests Joseph Helmich, who allegedly sold military secrets to USSR 17 years ago.....President Reagan supports CIA Director William Casey despite ruling by federal judge that Casey misled business investors years ago.....Reagan discusses budget and tax cut proposals with House Speaker Tip O'Neill.....FDA approves artificial sweetener aspartame.....Judge denies bond to Wayne Williams, charged with one of Atlanta's child murders.....Surface-to-surface missile accidentally launched by USS Coontz near St. Croix.....Polish Communist Party formally expels former leader Edward Gierek.....In Northern Ireland, funeral of IRA hunger striker Martin Hurson is held; International Red Cross at Belfast's Maze Prison to mediate between England and IRA hunger strikers.....Rocket attack launched against Israeli towns from southern Lebanon.....Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin officially asked to form new government.....Supreme Court nominee Sandra Day O'Connor meets with Reagan.
Thursday, 16 July 1981
Saudi Arabia offers to help Iraq build nuclear facility destroyed by Israel.....Israeli raids against PLO sites in southern Lebanon continue.....President Reagan decides to resume sale of F-16s to Israel, suspended following Israeli destruction of Iraqi nuclear plant.....Negotiations to end major league baseball strike broken off today.....Rioting reported in Brixton section of London; Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher acknowledges that economic hard times the basis for recent urban violence in UK.....FAA accepts task force recommendation to cut size of passenger jet airline crews over objection of Airline Pilots Association.....Mark David Chapman, killer of John Lennon, transferred from jail to psychiatric hospital .....Singer-songwriter Harry Chapin dies in auto accident.....Call for reparations for Japanese Americans interned during World War II made during Congressional hearings.....In Poland, nice-premier warns Communist Party congress hardliners about blocking reforms popular among rank-and-file.....Gov. Jerry Brown requests federal government declare several California counties a disaster area due to Medfly infestation; controversial aerial spraying continues.....Senate rejects amendment to tax bill that would affect Social Security retirement fund.....El Salvador requests more economic aid from U.S. State Dept......Sen. Barry Goldwater leads effort to oust CIA Director William Casey amid allegations of Casey's pre-CIA business misconduct.....Joseph Helmich, accused of spying for USSR, is arraigned .....Senate Commerce Committee approves plan to split up AT&T.....Lunar eclipse occurs.
Friday, 17 July 1981
Israeli raids into southern Lebanon include strike at PLO headquarters in Beirut, intensify following Palestinian rocket attack on northern Israel yesterday; Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin accuses PLO of placing bases in civilian areas; U.S. once again postpones resumption of F-16 sales to Israel; PLO leader Yasser Arafat asks Arab nations for military aid; President Reagan send special envoy Philip Habib to Jerusalem.....Wayne Williams indicted for two of Atlanta's child murders.....Government warns postal workers not to strike next week, as scheduled.....Five other states place quarantine on California fruit due to Medfly threat.....Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger reads message from Reagan at White House ceremony in honor of former POWs and MIAs.....Floods reported in China.....Senate Intelligence Committee calls for investigation into possible financial misconduct of William Casey before he became CIA director.....House and Senate budget proposals eliminate Social Security minimum benefit payments.....Transportation Secretary Drew Lewis suspends requirements for installation of wheelchair lifts by city transit systems.....Prime Minister Wojciech Jaruzelski and party leader Stanislaw Kania win election victories at Polish Communist Party congress.....California sues to halt Interior Dept. effort to offer offshore oil leases.....Skyways collapse in Kansas City Hyatt Regency, 114 killed.
Saturday, 18 July 1981
Death toll reported in collapse of skyways at Kansas City Hyatt Regency; may have been due to harmonic stress.....IRA supporters attempt to enter British embassy in Dublin, Ireland; riot ensues .....Many Haitian refugees sent from Miami to prisons in New York, Texas and West Virginia; Florida Gov. Bob Graham files suit to acquire federal aid for state re: refugee problem.....Rally at New York City's Lincoln Center held to protest Reagan administration cuts in funding for the arts.....Severe flooding continues in China.....Bob Keeshan of Captain Kangaroo fame said to be recovering from heart attack.

Aftermath of Kansas City Hyatt Regency disaster, July 17

Sunday, 19 July 1981
President Reagan arrives in Ottawa for annual economic summit hosted by Canadian premier Pierre Trudeau at Chateau Montebello; British, French, Italian, Japanese and West German also attending .....Kansas City mayor calls for investigation into fatal collapse of Hyatt Regency skyways..... Negotiations to prevent scheduled postal workers strike said to be making no progress.....Israeli attacks on Palestinian targets in southern Lebanon continue, as do Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli border towns; U.S. special envoy Philip Habib meets with Israel's Prime Minister Menachem Begin seeking ceasefire.....Negotiations to end major league baseball strike resume.....British government refuses to negotiate with IRA hunger strikers in Belfast prison.....Queen Elizabeth hosts reception for Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer.
Monday, 20 July 1981
PLO continues attack on Israeli border towns; Israel attacks PLO sites in southern Lebanon; Reagan administration decides not to ship F-16s to Israel tomorrow, as planned; U.S. special envoy Philip Habib pressures Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin to accept ceasefire.....Mehmet Ali Agca, accused of attempting to assassinate Pope John Paul II, goes on trial in Rome.....First woman elected to Poland's ruling Communist Party as party congress concludes.....Blacks demonstrating in New York City want more employment in construction industry.....Italy sends American-made helicopters to Iran despite official U.S. protest.....Body returned by Vietnam earlier this month identified as Navy Commander Ron Dodge, missing since shootdown in 1967.....Pentagon prepares contingency plan in event of postal workers' strike; will use military personnel as replacements.....Minnesota state employees go on strike.....California's aerial spraying to fight Medfly infestation called a success.....Venezuelan Irene Saez crowned Miss Universe.
Tuesday, 21 July 1981
Economic summit in Ottawa concludes.....President Reagan issues appeal to International Whaling Commission to save whales.....U.S. postal workers tentatively agree to new contract.....House Ways & Means Committee approves tax cut.....Social Security recipients stage demonstration on Capitol Hill to protest possible cuts in benefits.....Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker reportedly committed to curb inflation by tightening money supply.....Mehmet Ali Agca, would-be-assassin of Pope John Paul II, refuses to attend his trial in Rome; pope makes videotaped address from hospital room.....Polish airliner hijacked to West Berlin.....Reagan administration appeals to court to reject Chicago school desegregation plan.....Chrysler to announce first quarterly profit in years, says UAW President Douglas Fraser.....Senate Intelligence Committee seeks to acquire Justice Dept. files on business dealings of CIA Director William Casey.....Los Angeles County judge won't dismiss charges against Angelo Buono re: Hillside murders despite prosecutors' recommendations to do so.....King and Queen of Spain to boycott wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer due to couple's plan to start honeymoon in Gibraltar; British possession of Gibraltar disputed by Spain.
Wednesday, 22 July 1981
Reagan administration openly critical of Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin as fighting continues between Israel and PLO along Israeli-Lebanese border.....Sentence of life imprisonment pronounced on Mehmet Ali Agca for attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II.....Soviet and Iranian planes reportedly collided in midair last Saturday over Armenia.....Area near Blythe, CA evacuated after tanker truck spills nitric acid and fire breaks out.....Chrysler announces 2nd quarter profit; Chairman Lee Iacocca denies figures were juggled to look better.....Armenian terrorists responsible for bombing in Switzerland.....Panda cub born in captivity in Mexico City zoo.....CIA Director William Casey denies rumor he has submitted resignation.....President Reagan criticizes Democratic opposition to his tax cuts at White House luncheon for newspaper editors.....Reagan administration rejects request by California Gov. Jerry Brown for federal aid to fight Medfly infestation.....Illegal aliens may receive amnesty if Congress approves administration's new immigration policy.....International bankers okay rescheduling of Poland's 1981 foreign debt payments.
Thursday, 23 July 1981
Attorney General William French Smith unveils administration program to reduce violent crime, asks Defense Dept. to provide naval assistance to fight illegal drug traffic.....Judge-ordered release of prisoners to occur in Alabama tomorrow due to prison overcrowding.....Fighting between Israel and PLO continues along Israeli-Lebanese border.....Mehmet Ali Agca, convicted of shooting Pope John Paul II, won't appeal sentence.....Pope to undergo surgery in near future, remains hospitalized.....Kansas City Hyatt Regency removing remaining skywalk following collapse of other two last Friday.....Federal mediator denies settlement has been reached to end major league baseball strike.....Washington Star to close due to financial red ink; Washington Post will be only remaining newspaper in capital.....First Lady Nancy Reagan arrives in London to attend upcoming royal wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer .....Senate Intelligence Committee says testimony by CIA Director William Casey re: business dealings has inconsistencies.....House and Senate conferees reportedly agree to eliminate minimum Social Security benefits.....Ford Motor Co. reports 2nd quarter profits.....Organization called Black Economic Survival pressures construction firms in New York City to hire more minorities.....Court rules in favor of blacks prevented from buying house in all-white Chicago subdivision.
Friday, 24 July 1981
Israel and PLO agree to ceasefire; PLO rocket attacks continue; Cairo Radio credits U.S. with persuading Israel to accept ceasefire provisions.....CIA Director William Casey responds to call for his resignation by Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Barry Goldwater; White House support for Casey may be weakening; Casey seeks support on Capitol Hill; President Reagan declines to comment on controversy .....Wilderness Society calls for resignation of Interior Secretary James Watt.....Federal judge rules FBI Abscam operation was entrapment.....USSR makes large grain purchase from U.S......Midair collision in Armenia last Saturday involved plane carrying arms shipment from Israel to Iran, says Cyprus newspaper .....Anti-Khomeini demonstrations held in Vienna and elsewhere in Europe as Iran holds elections..... Polish government institutes plan to ease food shortages.....Ousted President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr allegedly trying to establish resistance movement inside Iran; calls on Iranians to boycott current elections.....Nuclear Regulatory Commission sets deadline for nuclear power plants to establish plans to warn area residents of accidents.....Reagan's choice for Federal Trade Commission director, James C. Miller, expected to be confirmed.....Paroled convict-author Jack Henry Abbott wanted in connection with killing last weekend in New York City.....Pilot of Iranian air force plane defects to Egypt.....Documents obtained in Chicago reveal plot by Puerto Rican terrorist group FALN to kidnap president's son and others.....Exploratory oil drilling begins off New England coast after 7 years of court battles.
Saturday, 25 July 1981
President Reagan issues statement of support for embattled CIA Director William Casey as some Republicans call for Casey's resignation.....Palestinian faction, Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine, rejects and violates ceasefire agreed upon by Israel and PLO.....Riot breaks out at New Zealand rugby match over presence of South African team.....Demonstrators in Dublin, Ireland show support for IRA hunger strikers.....Demonstators in Kutno, Poland protest food shortages.....Large number of Alabama prison inmates released on court order due to overcrowding.....International Whaling Commission bans killing sperm whales in Arctic and North Atlantic.....Mohammad Ali Rajai becomes new Iranian president.....Former Agriculture Secretary Earl Butz released from prison.....Air traffic controllers expected to reject new contract and strike.....Voyager 2 reaches vicinity of Saturn.
Sunday, 26 July 1981
President Reagan lobbies for tax cut during Camp David picnic held for southern Democrats..... Newsweek claims House Intelligence Committee rejected plan approved by CIA Director William Casey to overthrow Libyan strongman Muammar Qadhafi.....Casey delivers documents to Senate Intelligence Committee re: his controversial pre-CIA business dealings.....Israeli reconnaissance planes shelled by PLO gun emplacements near Beirut.....London Sunday Times reports Israel has been shipping arms to Iran despite U.S. embargo against such shipments.....Underground coal fire at Centralia, PA reaches surface.....Outbreak of food poisoning reported at Baptist conference in North Carolina.....Oil spill reported in Elbe River near Hamburg, W. Germany.....In Houston, Dutch patient given heart transplant by Dr. Denton Cooley.....Three trains collide near Waverly, OH.....First Lady Nancy Reagan, in London for Wednesday wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, criticized by local press for failing to curtsy in presence of Royals.....New York City Mayor Ed Koch saved by Heimlich Manuever in Chinese restaurant.....Pat Bradley wins 36th U.S. Open Women's Golf Championship.
Monday, 27 July 1981
President Reagan gives nationally televised address promoting tax cut plan.....White House denies Newsweek claim that plans were made to overthrow Libya's Muammar Qadhafi.....Reactivated World War II battleship USS New Jersey returns to active duty; Navy plans to reactivate the Iowa, the Wisconsin and the Missouri.....U.S. envoy Philip Habib meets with Reagan re: efforts to broker Mideast peace.....State Dept. denies claim by Fidel Castro that CIA is responsible for outbreak of crop diseases in Cuba.....First successful prenatal operation on fetus performed at Univ. of California medical center.....More rioting erupts in Liverpool, England; Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher announces plan to provide more jobs for British youths; Labour Party introduces no-confidence vote in Parliament on Thatcher's economic and social programs.....Tennessee attorney Fred Thompson conducting Senate Intelligence Committee investigation of CIA Director William Casey.....Continued executions of dissidents reported in Iran..... Mexico quarantines California fruit due to Medfly threat.....Burning oil tanker containing chemicals a potential threat to Newark, NJ airport.....California Gov. Jerry Brown said pleased by ruling of Los Angeles judge re: attempt by Interior Dept. to sell offshore oil exploration leases; Interior Secretary James Watt says department will appeal ruling.
Tuesday, 28 July 1981
Events celebrating tomorrow's royal wedding include fireworks attended by Prince Charles.....House vote on tax cut expected tomorrow; President Reagan continues lobbying for plan.....Los Alamos National Laboratory announces successful use of laser to detect poisonous gas.....Antiwar activists called the Plowshares Eight sentenced for breaking into G.E. missile plant several years ago.....Sen. Harrison Williams, convicted in Abscam operation, denies he violated Senate rules of conduct in Ethics Committee hearing.....Major earthquakes rock Iran.....Hollywood director William Wyler (Ben Hur, The Best Years of Our Lives) is dead.....Robert Neuman replaced by Richard Murphy as U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia; White House denies Neuman was fired, says he resigned following his public criticism of Secretary of State Alexander Haig.....Rioting continues in Liverpool, England.....Rep. Stephen Neal accuses National Conservative Political Action Committee of bribe attempt re: tax plan vote, asks Attorney General William French Smith to investigate.....Senate Intelligence Committee won't recommend ousting CIA Director William Casey.....Chevron agrees to settlement with government re: price fixing case.....Food shortage protests in Poland are intensifying.....Navy charges commander of aircraft carrier USS Ranger in death of seaman last April.....Atlanta, GA newspaper says evidence links Wayne Williams with more child murders.

CIA Director William Casey

Wednesday, 29 July 1981
Archibishop of Canterbury presides over royal wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer; couple begins honeymoon at Broadlands estate of late Lord Mountbatten.....Rioting continues in Liverpool.....House vote on tax cut declared victory for President Reagan.....House and Senate conference committee approves Reagan budget cuts.....Air traffic controllers reject proffered contract; nationwide strike threatened.....CIA Director William Casey testifies before Senate Intelligence Committee, admits hiring former Deputy Director Max Hugel was mistake; committee recommends investigation into Casey's pre-CIA business dealings be dropped.....Former Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr reportedly in exile in Paris, French government grants him political asylum.....Protests continue in Poland over food shortages.....Air battle involving Israeli and Syrian planes occurs over Lebanon.....Terrorist attack on commuter bus near Jerusalem reported.....Riots reported in New Zealand over South African rugby tour.....More earthquakes in Iran.
Thursday, 30 July 1981
Administration's new immigration policy includes experimental guest worker program.....Ross Fields, alias Harold Smith, former director of Muhammad Ali Sports, indicted for attempting to defraud Wells Fargo Bank; former bank officers also indicted.....NSI explosives factory in Grantsville, UT destroyed by explosion.....Merger between Westinghouse and Teleprompter Corp. called largest in cable TV history.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig says Soviet arms shipments are being funneled through Cuba into Central America.....Demonstrations re: food shortages occur in Lodz, Poland.....Chancellor Helmut Schmidt says West Germany cannot increase defense spending, blames high U.S. interest rates.....Gambian President Sir Dawda, Kairaba Jawara overthrown while out of country to attend royal wedding in London.....Democrats threaten to hold up budget legislation until Social Security benefits are protected.....Surgeons perform operation on wrong leg of patient with Blount's disease last week in Chicago hospital.....IRA hunger striker Kevin Lynch said to be declining fast in Belfast's Maze Prison.....FTC says Honda car fenders prone to rust erosion.....Republicans win annual congressional baseball game against Democrats.
Friday, 31 July 1981
42-day major league baseball strike ends thanks to settlement between management and players..... PATCO President Robert Poli warns Transportation Dept. it must reach settlement with air traffic controllers by August 3.....NASA postpones launch of Delta rocket designed for solar exploration due to bad weather.....Solar eclipse occurs over USSR and much of Asia.....Mother of IRA hunger striker Patrick Quinn gives authorities permission to save his life.....Federal funds approved for storefront teenage counseling centers.....Government reorganization in Poland continues.....Senegalese troops arrive in Gambia to quell leftist coup against Gambian President Jawara.....Schlitz closes famous Milwaukee brewery after merger with G. Heileman Brewing Co......Senate gives final approval to President Reagan's tax cut.....House Judiciary Committee votes on extension of Voting Rights Act, set to expire next year.....Panamanian leader Gen. Omar Torrijos dies in plane crash.