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The Daily News - September 1981
[NOTE: Some of the events described in a day's news may have occurred on the previous day.]

Tuesday, 1 September 1981
Reagan administration admits difficulty inherent in balancing budget while increasing defense spending, announces further budget cuts.....Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger said to be reconciled to cuts in defense.....Sen. William Proxmire reported to be releasing data that shows Soviet economy being destroyed by USSR's military spending.....South Africa says Soviet troops are operating in Angola; State Dept. says U.S. has knowledge of that presence.....Iranian interior minister named interim prime minister, replacing assassinated Mohammed Bahonar.....Major storm that punished Texas moves into Louisiana.....In Jerusalem, orthodox Jews stage violent protest against archaeological dig at alleged City of David.....Nazi production chief Albert Speer dies.....Patient who underwent heart and lung transplant is released from hospital.....Arsonist attack on political party headquarters of Chancellor Helmut Schmidt reported in Wiesbaden, W. Germany; American car firebombed.....Mujahadeen (anti-Khomeini) supporters temporarily occupy Iranian embassy in Rome.....Military coup ousts Central African Republic President David Dacko.....Conflict between Arabs and Jews occur in tunnel between mosque and Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.
Wednesday, 2 September 1981
South Africa identifies prisoner as Russian major captured in Angola; USSR won't acknowledge presence of troops there.....President Reagan ends California vacation.....Poland's Central Committee criticizes Solidarity.....Iranian parliament confirms Ayatollah Mahdavi-Kani as prime minister.....Red Army Faction claims responsibility for recent bombing of USAF-NATO offices in Ramstein, W. Germany .....Expedition recovers safes aboard sunken luxury liner Andrea Doria, lost in 1956.....Chrysler warns car and truck owners of possible engine damage without special oil filters.....Craig Crimmons sentenced for murder of Helen Mintiks at Metropolitan Opera House.....AFL-CIO will not invite Reagan to Labor Day parade Monday.....Baltimore police arrest car thief who threatens Reagan's life.....Soviet naval force reported off Oregon coast.....India rejects appointment of consul to U.S. Embassy in New Delhi..... Inmates in uprising at Iowa state prison take hostages.....VP George Bush, Gerald Ford, Walter Cronkite and Secretary of State Alexander Haig attend funeral services for Lowell Thomas.....New England Journal of Medicine reports that exercise increases production of chemical similar to morphine in human body.
Thursday, 3 September 1981
President Reagan addresses carpenters' union in Chicago; union president's statement contradicts Reagan.....OMB Director David Stockman warns agency heads of new budget cuts.....Agriculture Dept. said to be considering allowing schools to cut nutritional content of school lunches.....Transatlantic airfares increase.....Haitian refugees riot and attempt escape from Miami detention camp.....Terrorist bombing occurs near soccer match in San Salvador.....Terrorist car bombing reported in Damascus, Syria.....Egyptian President Anwar Sadat orders crackdown on political and religious opponents; mass arrests reported, opposition newspapers shut down.....South Africa denies Angolan claim it has launched new offensive.....International Tennis Council fines John McEnroe for his behavior at last Wimbledon tournament.....Soviet labor union newspaper criticizes Poland's Solidarity.....Alleged CIA spy arrested in Moscow.....Attorney General William French Smith announces new Justice Dept. special unit to prosecute food stamp fraud.....Anti-abortion convention opens in Dallas, TX.....Guerrillas attack police outpost near Pretoria, South Africa.....Faculty committee rejects plan to build Nixon memorial library at Duke University.
Friday, 4 September 1981
President Reagan addresses carpenters' union in Chicago; union president's statement contradicts Reagan.....OMB Director David Stockman warns agency heads of new budget cuts.....Agriculture Dept. said to be considering allowing schools to cut nutritional content of school lunches.....Transatlantic airfares increase.....Haitian refugees riot and attempt escape from Miami detention camp.....Terrorist bombing occurs near soccer match in San Salvador.....Terrorist car bombing reported in Damascus, Syria.....Egyptian President Anwar Sadat orders crackdown on political and religious opponents; mass arrests reported, opposition newspapers shut down.....South Africa denies Angolan claim it has launched new offensive.....International Tennis Council fines John McEnroe for his behavior at last Wimbledon tournament.....Soviet labor union newspaper criticizes Poland's Solidarity.....Alleged CIA spy arrested in Moscow.....Attorney General William French Smith announces new Justice Dept. special unit to prosecute food stamp fraud.....Anti-abortion convention opens in Dallas, TX.....Guerrillas attack police outpost near Pretoria, South Africa.....Faculty committee rejects plan to build Nixon memorial library at Duke University.
Saturday, 5 September 1981
French ambassador to Lebanon murdered by terrorists in Beirut.....Anti-Sadat demonstrations at Cairo mosque to protest Egyptian president's crackdown on dissidents.....Israeli foreign minister says U.S. sale of AWACS planes to Saudi Arabia poses danger to Israel.....White House expects substantial defense spending cuts to be proposed.....Unemployment among black teenagers at record high..... Trustees at Duke University approve Nixon library on campus despite faculty opposition.....David Brinkley announces resignation from NBC.....Agriculture Dept. releases impounded Australian meat after determining it was beef, not horse or kangaroo.....State Dept. says Soviet military maneuvers on Poland's borders violate Helsinki agreements.....Solidarity begins annual convention in Gdansk, Poland.....Explosion in Czech mine called worst mining disaster in that country in 20 years.....Jailed IRA hunger striker Michael Devlin receives medical attention at family's request.....Large number of Haitian refugees transferred from Miami camp to federal prison in Otisville, NY.....Earthquake reported near Los Angeles.....Reagan administration to propose reducing minimum amount of food required in school lunches.....UN General Assembly ejects South African delegation from emergency session on South Africa's control of Namibia.....Federal quarantine in San Joaquin Valley extended due to Medfly infestation.....FAA hiring laid-off airline pilots to help air traffic controllers.....Judge orders indefinite delay to Atlanta trial of accused child murderer Wayne Williams.....Seattle Mariners defeat Boston Red Sox 8-7 in 20 innings, longest game ever at Fenway Park.
Sunday, 6 September 1981
Poland's Solidarity opens first congress; USSR holds military maneuvers along Polish border.....Bomb explosion slays Iranian prosecutor general in Tehran.....U.S. special envoy Philip Habib says now a good time to pursue comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace settlement.....Syrian government buys Nixon townhouse in New York City.....In Florida, spraying to prevent Medfly infestation called a success..... Cameras on Voyager II shut down for four years, until spacecraft reaches Uranus.....James Brady, wounded in attempted assassination of President Reagan, leaves hospital for first time in five months for temporary visit to Arlington, VA home.....Rep. Carl Perkins criticizes Reagan administration proposal to cut school lunch program.....Medical research shows new antibiotics needed as bacteria becomes immune to old antibiotics.....Cancer victims have improved chances for survival, says American College of Surgeons report.....Egyptian President Anwar Sadat defense crackdown on opposition in speech to parliament.....Cambodian resistance groups described as united in effort to drive out Vietnamese.
Monday, 7 September 1981
New York City's Labor Day Parade without presence of President Reagan, who visits Grace Mansion and Mayor Ed Koch; Reagan announces federal funds for renewal project in Manhattan's West Side; central labor council president denies failure to invite Reagan a snub; striking PATCO members participate in parade.....AFL-CIO President Lane Kirkland describes Reagan's New York City visit as a gimmick.....NATO says Soviet military maneuvers near Polish border violate Helsinki Accords.....Prison uprising in Bydgoszcz, Poland now reportedly over.....Terrorist mining of British army vehicle blamed on IRA.....Afghan troops raid Pakistani village.....Ayatollah Khomeini says Iran is politically stable.....Fighter planes collide on flight deck of USS Kitty Hawk.....Explosion at Sun Oil refinery in Tulsa, OK.....Flooding in Amarillo, TX caused by extensive rains.....Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin meets with American Jewish leaders in New York City.....Anti-Khomeini demonstrators in London briefly occupy Iranian embassy.....Chemical explosion and fire reported in Manchester, England.....People's Court debuts on TV.
Tuesday, 8 September 1981
Poland's Solidarity calls for more independent trade unions in Communist bloc.....Commander of USAF Thunderbird flying team killed in Cleveland, OH.....Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin arrives in Washington, DC, meets with Secretary of State Alexander Haig.....Court-martial of USAF Lt. Christopher Cooke, accused of spying for USSR, gets underway.....Civil rights leader Roy Williams dies.....Ohio Univ. researchers report successful transplant of genes from one mammal type to another.....Justice Dept. says it will no longer take a stand on issue of educating children of illegal aliens.....Pan Am cuts fares; Trams World Airlines matches reductions.

President Reagan with Supreme Court nominee Sandra Day O'Connor

Wednesday, 9 September 1981
Senate Judiciary Committee begins confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Sandra Day O'Connor.....President Reagan meets with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin at White House; Israeli opposition to U.S. sale of AWACS to Saudi Arabia may ease as a result of meeting.....International criticism mounts as Egyptian President Anwar Sadat continues crackdown on opposition.....Atomic safety licensing board approves license for controversial Diablo Canyon power plant in California.....New York City suffers blackout due to explosion at ConEd power station.....National Urban League Director Vernon Jordan retires.....Reagan meets with defense secretary and OMB director re: defense budget and possible cuts.....White House says there will be no more cuts in entitlement programs.....Solidarity calls for democratic elections in Poland; Communist Party denounces Solidarity's call for free trade unions throughout Eastern Bloc.....France's socialist government nationalizes major banks.....Republican representatives advise Reagan to seek advice on economy from financial community.....Toyota to appeal decision in Florida court case stemming from 1979 explosion of Corona that killed three.....Striking teachers in Philadelphia are arrested.
Thursday, 10 September 1981
President Reagan optimistic about interest rates, thinks economic program will work, criticizes Wall Street's response to his policy; Congress Budget Office predicts deficit for 1982.....Chevrolet Chevette first American-made auto to achieve 40 mpg fuel efficiency mark.....Reagan concludes meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin; Begin also has meetings on Capitol Hill.....In Egypt, President Anwar Sadat holds referendum to gauge public reaction to recent political purge; Egyptian authorities expel ABC reporter Chris Harper.....U.S. attorney's office confirms John Cardinal Cody of Chicago under investigation for possible abuse of power, misuse of church funds.....John Carta parachutes onto roof of World Trade Center.....Solidarity concludes first congress with resolution calling for free elections in Poland.....Summit meeting between French President Francois Mitterand and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher commences.....Judge dismisses 9-year-old antitrust suit against General Mills, General Foods, Kellogg's.
Friday, 11 September 1981
New U.S.-Israeli strategic relationship announced, may include U.S. troops in Israel; Secretary of State Alexander Haig traveling to Spain to discuss new relationship with Saudi Arabia's Prince Fahd..... Congressional opposition to sale of AWACS to Saudi Arabia said to be on the rise.....Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Sandra Day O'Connor ends today.....Mistreatment of animals alleged at National Institute of Health's behavioral research laboratory.....National Institute of Health proposes easing restrictions on gene-splicing research.....U.S. accuses USSR of using poison gas in Laos, Cambodia and Afghanistan.....Soviets begin amphibious landing exercise on Polish coast as part of naval training in Baltic Sea.....Chrysler issuing large-scale auto recall due to faulty cruise control.....House Committee on Aging launches hearings on swindling of the elderly.....VP George Bush, Sen. Ted Kennedy and Jesse Jackson among those attending funeral of civil rights leader Roy Wilkins..... Referendum results said to support Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's crackdown on opposition.....First Lady Nancy Reagan ordering new china for White House.....Ayatollah Khomeini's personal representative assassinated in Tabriz, Iran.
Saturday, 12 September 1981
White House unveils President Reagan's plan to cut defense budget.....Reagan fails to convince Sen. Robert Packwood to drop resolution opposing U.S. sale of AWACS to Saudi Arabia.....Solidarity may lose legal status in Poland.....State Dept. okays U.S. tour by South African rugby team, the Springboks .....Italian tourist killed in terrorist bombing, Jerusalem.....Interior Secretary James Watt met with demonstrators during tour of Yellowstone National Park.....Montana wildlife official charges U.S. government made widespread use of endrin, dangerous to humans and animals, to battle pests.....Elizabeth Ward, Arkansas, named Miss America.
Sunday, 13 September 1981
President Reagan responds to congressional criticism that proposed defense budget cuts aren't sufficient.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig meets with W. German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, visits Berlin Wall, implies Soviet use of biological weapons.....Chicago's John Cardinal Cody issues defense against charges he misused church funds to help female friend.....John McEnroe defeats Bjorn Borg in U.S. Open tournament.
Monday, 14 September 1981
President Reagan meets with congressional Boll Weevils (conservative Democrats) to discuss necessary budget cuts; meets with Senate leaders to support sale of AWACS to Saudi Arabia.....NATO military maneuvers underway.....State Dept. releases evidence to support allegations that Soviets are using biological weapons in Southeast Asia and, possibly, Afghanistan.....Major industrial nations agree to increase aid to poorest nations.....Egyptian President Anwar Sadat gives important national speech on recent government crackdown.....UN condemns South Africa for refusing to grant independence to Namibia; U.S. abstains from vote.....Controversial South African rugby team arrives in U.S.; Soviet Union and some Third World countries threaten to boycott 1984 Olympics if Springboks play in U.S...... Secretary of State Alexander Haig responds to criticism by W. German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt re: neutron bombs, says bombs won't be deployed without consultation with allies.....British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher reorganizes her cabinet.....Work incentive program at food distribution location in Corona, CA called a success; Illinois said beginning to make change from welfare to workfare..... Consumer prices on the rise in USSR.
Tuesday, 15 September 1981
In Heidelberg, W. Germany, terrorist attack made against commander of U.S. forces in Europe, Gen. Frederick Kroesen and his wife.....USSR offers to limit nuclear weapons in Europe.....Soviet ambassador and staff expelled from Egypt, accused of interfering in Egyptian politics.....Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin arrives in Plains, GA to visit former president, Jimmy Carter.....Sen. Jeremiah Denton only dissenting vote as Judiciary Committee approves Supreme Court nominee Sandra Day O'Connor..... House approves measure to place statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. on Capitol Hill.....Republican congressional leaders press President Reagan for further budget cuts.....Protesters demonstrate at opening of California's Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.....Fatal truck-train collision occurs in Huntsville, AL.....Reagan promises not to cut Social Security.....Citibank reduces prime interest rate.....Pope John Paul II releases encyclical critical of both capitalism and marxism.
Wednesday, 16 September 1981
Federal Reserve Board's Paul Volcker warns of higher interest rates unless massive cuts are made in federal budget.....Administration said to be proposing delay in cost-of-living increases in entitlement programs.....Red Army Faction claims responsibility for yesterday's attack on commander of U.S. forces in Europe; attempted terrorist bombing at Rhein Main USAF base in Frankfurt reported.....Armenians take responsibility for bombing of Turkish airline office in Copenhagen, Denmark.....Basque terrorists blamed for bombing of power station in northern Spain.....Poland asks Common Market for more food aid.....Vietnam denies U.S. allegation of biological weapons use in Laos and Cambodia..... Demonstrations continue at Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, arrests made.....Federal Trade Commission dropping antitrust suit against eight major oil companies.....Senate approves legislation for conditional school busing program.....Striking air traffic controllers ask labor relations board to compel Reagan administration to resume negotiations.....National Coalition of American Nuns support investigation of Chicago's John Cardinal Cody for abuse of power.....Alleged Libyan hit man hired to kill Libyan dissident in U.S. says CIA was behind plot.....U.S. responds to Fidel Castro's allegations that U.S. is using biological weapons.....Reagan nominates C. Everett Koop for Surgeon General.....Liberals join Social Democrats to oppose Britain's current Tory government.....Grand Rapids, MI celebrates Gerald R. Ford Week.

Diablo nuclear power plant

Thursday, 17 September 1981
OMB Director David Stockman outlines proposed budget cuts to Reagan cabinet, House leaders; President Reagan confirms delay in Social Security cost-of-living adjustment.....Reagan attends opening of Gerald Ford museum in Grand Rapids, MI.....Speaker tip O'Neill joins ranks of congressmen opposed to sale of AWACS to Saudi Arabia; Secretary of State Alexander Haig appears on Capitol Hill to defend sale.....Car bombing reported at PLO office in Sidon, Lebanon; PLO blames Israel......Pentagon disputes findings of congressional committee re: seriousness of alcohol and drug abuse in armed services..... American and West German airmen die in midair collision of NATO aircraft during NATO exercises..... Demonstrations continue at Diablo Canyon nuclear plant in Calfornia; arrests include CNN cameraman .....FCC recommends Congress gives up most of its power over broadcast industry, calls for repeal of fairness doctrine and equal time resquirements.....USSR orders Egyptian delegation out in retaliation for Egypt's expulsion of Soviet ambassador.....Director of National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute says number of heart attacks and strokes in the U.S. dropped in the 1970s.....Postal commission rejects U.S. Postal Service request for increased rates.
Friday, 18 September 1981
Kremlin criticizes both Solidarity and Poland's Communist leadership; Soviet defense minister accuses West of interfering in Poland's affairs.....Polish airliner hijacked to West Berlin.....Pentagon says remains, alleged of American MIAs, recently received by U.S. embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, were of Asians.....Representatives of Libya, South Yemen and Syria meet in Benghazi, Libya to discuss consolidating with USSR in anti-U.S./Israel move.....Organization of African Unity calls on countries to boycott sporting events participated in by U.S. in response to U.S. allowing South African rugby team to perform in America; Gov. Hugh Carey refuses to allow Sprinboks to play in Albany, NY; American officials concerned about possible boycott of 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.....In Chicago, rally held in support of John Cardinal Cody, subject of investigation into alleged misuse of church funds.....President Reagan criticizes Wall Street for its opposition to his economy plan. defends higher defense spending; administration may seek elimination of Consumer Protection Division and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms.....Stock market said to reflect economic slowdown.
Saturday, 19 September 1981
AFL-CIO, NOW and NAACP participate in Solidarity Day protests in Washington.....Attempts made by protesters to disrupt game played by South Africa's Sprinkboks rugby team in Chicago; House Foreign Affairs Committee opposed to Sprinboks tour on political grounds.....U.S. assistant secretary of state meets with South African officials in Switzerland re: U.S. proposal for Namibian independence.....USSR acknowledges South Africa captured Soviet soldier in Angola last month, demands his release..... Education Secretary Terrel Bell announces plans to pursue cuts in student loans and education funds for the handicapped.....League of Cities president criticizes Reagan plan to eliminate revenue sharing..... USSR warns Polish leaders to crack down on Solidarity.....Simon and Garfunkel perform reunion concert in Central Park.
Sunday, 20 September 1981
Government advisory council on anti-poverty programs says administration's economic plans will cause massive suffering among poor.....Terrorist bombing reported in movie theater, Beirut, Lebanon.....El Salvadoran President Jose Napoleon Duarte calls for increased U.S. aid to his country.....Executions of leftists reported in Iran over weekend.....Demonstrations continuing at Diablo Canyon nuclear plant in California.....Anti-nuclear demonstrations occur in The Netherlands.....Author Robert Caro, in Atlantic Monthly, alleges Lyndon Johnson took under-the-table bribes while in office.....Belize declares its independence.
Monday, 21 September 1981
Senate confirms Sandra Day O'Connor as new Supreme Court justice.....Federal Reserve lowers discount surcharge, Chase Manhattan and other banks lower prime rates.....Presidential commission determines compensation due to Americans formerly held hostage in Iran.....El Salvador's President Jose Napoleon Duarte meets with President Reagan.....Demonstrations opposing Solidarity reported in USSR.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig gives speech at UN, criticizes USSR for invasion of Afghanistan, Vietnam for intervention in Cambodia, emphasizes American economic strength and aid to underdeveloped countries.....C-130 military cargo plane crashes near Indian Springs AFB, Nevada..... Nuclear Regulatory Commission gives final approval for testing at Diablo Canyon nuclear plant in California.....Congressional members tour AWACS planes brought to Andrews AFB in administration attempt to garner support for their sale to Saudi Arabia.....Federal judge overturns New York Gov. Hugh Carey's cancellation of game involving South Africa's rugby team.....British salvage team recovers gold from HMS Edinburgh, sunk by Nazis in 1942.....Republican leaders in Congress warn Reagan of trouble for his proposed budget cuts.
Tuesday, 22 September 1981
Romania and East Germany call for Poland's Communist government to act decisively against anti-socialist Solidarity.....Accident at Cape Cananaveral results in indefinite postponement of scheduled space shuttle launch.....Demonstrator dies during squatters riot over housing in West Berlin..... American-made Turkish plane crashes into troops in Turkey.....World's fastest train inaugurated in France.....Soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko accuses U.S. of accelerating arms race during speech to UN.....Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger rejects further cuts in defense spending.....South African rugby team, Springboks, play in Albany, NY; bombing reported at Eastern Rugby Union office in Schenectady, NY.....Egyptian President Anwar Sadat says U.S. buying arms from Egypt to supply anti-Soviet rebels in Afghanistan.

Jack Henry Abbott under arrest

Wednesday, 23 September 1981
Secretary of State Alexander Haig meets with Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko. discuss deployment of nuclear weapons in Europe.....President Reagan promises to restore fiscal integrity of Social Security system, will not delay cost-of-living increases.....Government acknowledges inadvertently exposing American troops to Agent Orange during Vietnam War.....U.S. military advisers shot in Honduras by terrorists.....Joseph Paul Franklin, convicted of shooting Urban League's Vernon Johnson, escapes from jailers but is recaptured.....Talks resume between Egypt, Israel and United States on Palestinian autonomy.....Soviet reconnaissance aircraft intercepted off Atlantic coast.....Trial of former army officer Joseph Helmich, accused of selling secrets to USSR, opens in Florida.....Former convicted and suspected killer Jack Henry Abbott apprehended.....Tensions ease between Polish government and Solidarity labor union.....Pan Am employees accept pay cut.....Private plane and helicopter collide over New Jersey turnpike.
Thursday, 24 September 1981
President Reagan gives major speech on the economy, calls for further budget cuts.....White House ceremony honors new Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.....Veterans Administration proposes eliminating free services to those above certain income level.....Armenian terrorists occupy Turkish consulate in Paris.....Italian authorities say Mehmet Ali Agca, convicted of shooting Pope John Paul II, was part of international conspiracy.....Common Market will sell food to Poland at reduced prices.....French President Francois Mitterand wants U.S. and USSR to start disarmament talks this year.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig and Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko announce date to begin nuclear arms talks in Geneva.....Senate places limitations on U.S. aid to El Salvador.....Reagan administration establishes Radio Free Cuba in southern Florida.....FAA and airlines discuss long-term cutbacks in scheduled flights due to air traffic controllers' strike.....Terms of proposed sale of AWACS surveillance planes to Saudi Arabia modified due to Congressional opposition....CIA Director William Casey says intelligence agencies should be exempt from Freedom of Information Act.....Boston Edison utility company cancels plans for nuclear plant in Plymouth, MA due to costs.
Friday, 25 September 1981
Energy Secretary James Edwards announces timeframe for dismantling Energy Dept......Sandra Day O'Connor sworn in as Supreme Court justice.....South African rugby team, Springboks, play last game of American tour; rugby headquarters in Evansville, IN bombed.....Queen Elizabeth and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher enroute to Australia for Commonwealth conference.....More demonstrators arrested at Diablo Canyon nuclear plant in California.....Montana opens hunting season despite concerns that waterfowl may be contaminated with endrin.....Saudi Arabia rejects modifications in proposed sale of AWACS by U.S......AFL-CIO says Poland denied visas to its representatives to Solidarity conference..... Polish parliament grants workers some say in management decisions.....Rolling Stones launch first American tour since 1978 at JFK Stadium, Philadelphia.
Saturday, 26 September 1981
Solidarity reconvenes convention in Gdansk, Poland.....Fired air traffic controllers demonstrate at airport in San Francisco.....South African rugby team, Springboks, return home.....Mistrial declared in conspiracy trial of People's Temple member Larry Layton.....President Reagan to announce plans for MX missiles and B1 bomber next week.....Congressional Black Caucus expresses concern over Reagan budget cuts.
Sunday, 27 September 1981
Solidarity members criticize leadership over compromise with Polish government.....Fighting in the streets reported between Iranian troops and guerrilla forces.....Flooding occurs in south Florida.....Bess Truman suffers stroke.....Actor Robert Montgomery dies.....Sen. Paul Laxalt predicts problems with legislation proposing sale of AWACS to Saudi Arabia as Senate Foreign Relations Committee to begin hearings on sale tomorrow.
Monday, 28 September 1981
Panic selling occurs on London stock market.....President Reagan says society encourages crime, calls for bail reform in speech to International Association of Police Chiefs convention in New Orleans.....More arrests reported as demonstrations continue at Diablo Canyon nuclear plant in California.....Terrorist car bombing occurs in southern Lebanon.....Champion runner Sebastian Coe calls for harsh penalties for Olympic athletes using drugs.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig and Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko meet again to discuss upcoming arms control talks.....Opponents of Ayatollah Khomeini executed in Iran.....In Utah, Joseph Paul Franklin sentenced to life for murders of two black joggers..... Massachusetts fire marshal says some Ford and Lincoln autos are potential fire hazards without specified repairs.....American stock market rallies.....White House says Reagan will proceed with MX missile program.....Alleged spy Joseph Helmich enters plea during trial.
Tuesday, 29 September 1981
American stock market continues strong rally.....President Reagan discusses Third World in speech to World Bank conference.....12-year-old charged with murder in North Carolina.....Coal miners in Silesia, Poland, warn of strike if jailed union leader isn't released.....Indian airliner hijacked to Pakistan.....U.S. negotiator Eugene Rostow says American-Soviet strategic arms talks will begin in February or March .....House Intelligence Committee explores relationship of ex-CIA agents Frank Terpil and Edwin Wilson with Libya.....Reagan orders Coast Guard to halt entry of illegal Haitians.....American Medical Association to divest itself of all tobacco-related stocks.....In Gdansk, Poland, Solidarity convention celebrates birthday of labor leader Lech Walesa.
Wednesday, 30 September 1981
President Reagan postpones sending AWACS proposal to Congress.....NATO commander critical of president's general foreign policy and handling of neutron bomb issue.....Taiwan rejects China's unification proposal.....U.S. Postal Service announces postage price hike.....Florida's governor flies to Haiti to discuss ways to halt influx of refugees.....Nicaragua calls for nationwide mobilization in response to scheduled U.S. military maneuvers in Caribbean next month.....Commandos end standoff involving hijacked Indian airliner in Pakistan.....In Iran, plane crash kills four Iranian military leaders.....International Olympic Committee announces 1988 summer games will be in Seoul, South Korea, 1988 winter games in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.....Widow of Bruno Hauptmann, convicted of kidnapping and murdering Lindbergh child, says documents will prove husband's innocence.....Police raids reported in eight major cities in crackdown on look-alike drugs.....Administration says it thinks Pakistan has nuclear capability .....Fashion designer Bijan offering bulletproof, high-fashion clothing.