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The Daily News - January 1982
[NOTE: Some of the events described in a day's news may have occurred on the previous day.]

The military cracks down in Poland

Friday, 1 January 1982
Pope John Paul II issues statement of support for Poland's Solidarity.....Reports are that President Ronald Reagan may replace National Security Adviser Richard Allen with William Clark.....Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) said to be influential in passage of California's new drunk driving laws.....Plane crash near Durango, CO blamed on winter weather.....Flooding reported in Britain and W. Germany.....U.S. Postal Service inaugurates new electronic mail system.....Wife of Gen. James Dozier, kidnapped by Red Brigades terrorists, meets with U.S. Ambassador Maxwell Rabb in Italy.....Gas pipeline fire reported near Ottawa, KS.....Clemson wins Orange Bowl and college football championship.
Saturday, 2 January 1982
National Security Adviser Richard Allen denies he has been advised by White House officials to resign.....Numerous Polish seamen said to be seeking asylum in Canada as Poland continues under martial law.....Soviet newspaper Pravda criticizes President Ronald Reagan's call for sanctions against USSR due to situation in Poland.....Jerry Rawlings, leader of coup in Ghana, suspends that country's constitution and dismisses parliament.....Car bombing occurs in Northern Ireland.....New Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak dissolves cabinet inherited from slain predecessor Anwar Sadat.....Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist released from hospital after withdrawal from painkillers.....Actor Victor Buono dead.....Passengers of ABC affiliate helicopter downed due to bad weather in Colorado are rescued.
Sunday, 3 January 1982
FBI Director William Webster says Soviet intelligence operations in U.S. have increased.....President Ronald Reagan returns to White House following Palm Springs vacation.....Saudi Arabia's foreign minister said to be implying his country may recognize Israel in remarks in New York Times.....USSR charges U.S. with violation of Helsinki Accords due to American sanctions against Polish governmen; food prices rise in Poland; foreign ministers convening European Economic Community conference in Brussels re: U.S. sanctions.....Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos rumored to be involved in disappearance of his son-in-law.....Female Red Brigade members said to have escaped Italian prison.....A number of apartment and hotel fires occur in Las Vegas, NV overnight.
Monday, 4 January 1982
National Security Adviser Richard Allen resigns; replaced by deputy Secretary of State William Clark.....Harsh winter weather reported across the U.S......European Common Market foreign ministers meet in Brussels, discuss Polish crisis.....W. German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt arrives in Washington DC for meetings with President Ronald Reagan.....Details given on new IRA (Individual Retirement Accounts) program.....Jury selection completed for trial of accused child murderer Wayne Williams in Atlanta.....Andrew Young inaugurated as Atlanta's new mayor.....Barge carrying toxic chemicals burns near Galveston, TX.....Elizabeth Carr, first test tube baby in U.S., discharged from hospital.....Watergate figures Howard Hunt and Jeb Magruder said to be seeking presidential pardons.....Bryant Gumbel becomes cohost of the Today Show.
Tuesday, 5 January 1982
Severe winter storm impacts California; mudslides in Marin County claim lives.....W. German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt criticizes U.S. Senate's Foreign Relations Committee for imposing sanctions on Poland.....Warsaw radio reports negotiations underway between government officials and labor representatives.....BBC says its Polish language broadcasts are being jammed by USSR.....Mobil Oil asks Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger to block U.S. Steel's attempted takeover of Marathon Oil.....Mehmet Ali Agca, would-be-assassin of Pope John Paul II, ends prison hunger strike.....Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith claims anti-Semitism on rise in U.S......Arkansas Attorney General Steve Clark disagrees with federal judge William Overton's ruling re:obligatory teaching of creationism in Arkansas public schools.....Actor Hans Conried dead.
Wednesday, 6 January 1982
President Ronald Reagan approves federal disaster aid for California due to damage wrought by winter storms; blizzard strikes Colorado.....Nursing home fire occurs in Cleveland, OH....."Freeway Murderer" William Bonin found guilty in California trial.....Opening arguments underway in Atlanta trial of alleged child murderer Wayne Williams.....Patty Hearst drops appeal of 1976 bank robbery conviction.....Italian government analyzes second communique received from Red Brigades kidnappers of U.S. Gen. James Dozier.....Assassination attempt on deputy chief of Rome's anti-terrorism squad.....Terrorist bombing of Irish forensic scientist who testified in trial of IRA members convicted in murder of Lord Mountbatten.....Military clash occurs on Turkish-Greek border.....United, American and TWA announce air fare cuts.....Supreme Court Chief Justice clears way for U.S. Steel's takeover of Marathon Oil.....Japam supports U.S. allegations of Soviet involvement in Polish crackdown, but won't participate in sanctions.....Pope John Paul II calls for religious freedom in Poland.....Treasury Secretary Donald Regan says president may alter tax program despite pledge not to increase taxes.
Thursday, 7 January 1982
President Ronald Reagan extends military draft registration despite his previous opposition.....Reagan declares five northern California counties federal disaster areas; fire devastates Malibu Beach; damage from Santa Ana winds in southern California reported.....Eastern Airlines pilots and non-union employees accept wage freeze; Western Airlines pilots and flight attendant unions accept pay cuts.....Soviet newspaper Pravda claims CIA agents caught posing as diplomats; says alleged CIA agent convicted and executed in Moscow.....Voice of America broadcasts into Poland allegedly being jammed by USSR.....Beaching of dolphins in Japan reported.....Large fire rages in Sydney, Australia.....In Poland, Solidarity denies it is negotiating with government.....In Vatican, Israeli foreign minister meets with Pope John Paul II re: annexation of Golan Heights and Palestinian autonomy.
Friday, 8 January 1982
Justice Dept. settles antitrust case against AT&T, which agrees to divest itself of 22 Bell System companies; Justice Dept. also announces details of settlement with IBM.....Member of Black Liberation Army, suspected in recent Brinks robbery, is arrested.....Spain and Britain settle differences over ownership of Gibraltar.....President Ronald Reagan confirms he will hold future summit with Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev.....Polish government said to be intensifying campaign against Solidarity union; Archbishop Jozef Glemp opposes loyalty oaths imposed on miners.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig heads for NATO foreign ministers' summit on Polish crisis.....White House acknowledges severity of unemployment situation in U.S.....Administration grants tax-exempt status to private schools regardless of their stance on racial discrimination.....FBI agents and police officers testify as Wayne Williams murder case opens in Atlanta.....Severe winter weather reported in Europe.....Reagan denies Washington Post assertion that Edwin Meese will become Attorney General.
Saturday, 9 January 1982
Polish government eases martial law restrictions; Solidarity leader Lech Walesa said to be imprisoned since Christmas.....Italian police capture alleged Red Brigades terrorist; search for kidnapped Gen. James Dozier continues.....Earthquake, 5.9 on Richter scale, shakes New England, first time since 1855.....Administration said to be considering hike in excise taxes on gasoline, alcohol and tobacco products.....Sens. Gary Hart, Daniel Moynihan sponsoring legislation prohibiting tax-exept status for discriminatory private schools; Chancellor of Bob Jones Univ. says God supports racial segregation .....Guatemalan officials say Catholic nun kidnapped there was leftist.....Salvadoran officers arrive at Ft. Bragg, NC for military training.....Bodies recovered during cleanup following severe winter storm in California.....Alleged coup against Muammar Qadhafi crushed by Libyan troops.....Comic actor Paul Lynde dead.
Sunday, 10 January 1982
Polish foreign minister travels to Moscow to meet Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig arrives in Brussels for NATO meeting, criticizes Polish government for crackdown on Solidarity and calls for unity in opposition to Polish government and USSR's involvement; Pope John Paul II condemns martial law in Poland, denounces human rights violations there.....Chinese ambassador warns of possible rifts between China and U.S. as President Ronald Reagan endorses conditions for sale of arms to Taiwan.....UAW to begin contract negotiations with Ford and General Motors tomorrow.....On Meet the Press, Rep. Jack Kemp blames Federal Reserve's tight money policy for current economic doldrums.....Economist Arthur Laffer accuses OMB Director David Stockman of sabotaging Reagan economic recovery program.....Bodies of 50 villagers abducted 10 days ago found at site of massacre in Guatemala.....Group on Tortuga allegedly plotting invasion of Haiti.....Cincinnati Bengals defeat San Diego Chargers to win AFC championship.....Petra Schneider sets new world record in 1500 meter freestyle.
Monday, 11 January 1982
Extreme winter weather reported in Europe and parts of U.S.; below-zero temperatures reported in Atlanta, GA .....NATO foreign ministers meeting in Brussels strongly critical of martial law in Poland.....State Dept. claims reports of martial law in Poland easing are propaganda.....Two Red Brigades suspects in custody of Italian authorities said to have been in contact with kidnappers of Gen. James Dozier..... President Reagan decides against sale of F-16 fighters to Taiwan.....Republicans said to be divided over tax increases.....UAW opens talks with Ford and General Motors re: modifying existing contracts.....Chrysler announces price hikes on autos.....U.S. intelligence reports Red Brigades plots to abduct American military personnel in Italy.....Claus von Bulow murder trial begins in Newport, RI.
Tuesday, 12 January 1982
President Reagan encourages Congress to pass legislation prohibiting tax exempt status to schools practicing racial discrimination.....Federal judge refuses to dismiss government's antitrust suit against AT&T until he reviews settlement.....Winter storm endangers citrus crop in Florida; winter said to be coldest of the century.....To stem flood of leaks, White House requiring all officials to get advanced clearance before speaking to press.....U.S. and USSR resume strategic arms negotiations in Geneva .....Polish government tells press martial law should end by February 1.....U.S. embassy in Warsaw reports people hindered from entering by Polish authorities .....International Red Cross reports not being allowed to visit prisoners detained under martial law in Poland.....EPA may resume disposing of nuclear waste in sea..... General Motors and UAW report tentative agreement in which manufacturing costs and retail prices of autos to be lowered; UAW and Ford expected to reach similar agreement..... Massachusetts' Gov. Edward King suing Boston Globe for libel.
Wednesday, 13 January 1982
Air Florida Flight 90, enroute to Tampa, crashes into Washington DC bridge on takeoff.....One of the worst blizzards in history strikes nation's capital.....Subway train derails near Smithsonian in Washington DC.....Son of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher reported missing; Mark Thatcher involved in auto race in the Sahara at time of disappearance .....Nationwide strike of British train workers occurs.....Sport promoter Harold Smith convicted of embezzlement.....Mafia boss Carlos Marcello, convicted in Brilab operation, is sentenced.....Hank Aaron and Frank Robinson inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame.....Florida citrus commission embargos fruit due to freeze.....Oklahoma state senate rejects the Equal Rights Amendment.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig meets with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo....Pentagon officials undergo lie detector tests ordered by Deputy Defense Secretary Frank Carlucci due to recent news leaks.
Thursday, 14 January 1982
Investigation launched into crash of Air Florida jetliner in Washington DC; search for bodies continues in Potomac River; President Reagan praises Lenny Skutnik for efforts in rescuing crash survivor; rescue efforts hampered by winter weather; only four passengers and one flight attendant survived.....Ford Motor Co. fails to pay dividends on its stocks.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig in Jerusalem for talks with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and other high-ranking officials.....Terrorist bombing reported in Warsaw, Poland.....Son of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, reported missing during Saharan auto race, is found in good condition.....Some Michigan unemployment offices closed due to budget cuts.....Vice-President Bush's brother Prescott to run for senator from Connecticut against incumbent Lowell Weicker.
Friday, 15 January 1982
Second wave of Arctic air sweeps across U.S.; death toll rises.....Philip Cline convicted of arson and murder in case of fire at Las Vegas Hilton last February..... Sen. Larry Pressler, visiting Poland, calls for release of imprisoned Solidarity leader Lech Walesa.....Italian judge accuses USSR and Palestinian terrorists of aiding Red Brigades.....National observance of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday.....Radioactive material reported missing in Oil City, PA.....Ice buildup suspected as cause of crash of Air Florida flight.....New York Gov. Hugh Carey announces he will not seek third term.....Teamsters reach tentative contract agreement with trucking industry..... London's famous Billingsgate fish market relocated to suburbs.....Former President Jimmy Carter asks Russian Pentecostals who have sought sanctuary in U.S. embassy in Moscow to cease their hunger strike.
Saturday, 16 January 1982
Archbishop Josef Glemp tells Sen. Larry Pressler he hopes President Reagan will lift sanctions against Poland.....Japan asks for investigation into strafing of Japanese tanker off coast of Philippines.....Trade conference involving U.S. Japan, Canada and European Community held in Miami.....Palestinian terrorists claim responsibility for bombing of West Berlin restaurant last night.....Protest over deportation of Cuban refugee reported in Miami....Republicans hold strategy conference in Kissimmee, FL.
Sunday, 17 January 1982
Winter weather continues to hamper attempts to recover bodies and equipment from Potomac following crash of Air Florida jetliner.....UAW President Douglas Fraser and economist Alan Greenspan predict continued economic problems on Sunday morning news programs.....Edwin Meese criticized for advising President Reagan to approve tax exemptions for racially segregated schools.....In Warsaw, ceremony held honoring Red Army liberation of that city from Nazis.....USS Ohio conducts test launch of Trident missile.

Tail section of Air Florida jetliner recovered from Potomac River

Monday, 18 January 1982
Four pilots lost as four precision Thunderbird jets crash near Indian Springs, NV.....Tail section of crashed Air Florida jetliner recovered from Potomac River; bodies of 50 of 78 victims still not found; widow of one victim suing for $5 million for each family of 74 dead passengers.....Several terrorist groups claim responsibility for assassination of U.S. diplomat in Paris, France.....Red Brigades plot to kill public officials in Italy reported, with terrorists disguised as TV technicians..... President Reagan proposes turning 40 federal programs over to states.....National Weather Service predicts heavy winter weather for next four weeks.....U.S. Supreme Court considering challenge to Nebraska law which calls for denying bail to accused rapists that judges expect may commit more crimes .....Urban League report criticizes Reagan administration for welfare cuts and unemployment among blacks.....In Italy, call claiming Red Brigades have killed Gen. James Dozier considered hoax.
Tuesday, 19 January 1982
Explosion occurs in Spencer, OK elementary school, 6 children and one teacher killed.....Efforts to recover flight recorders of Air Florida jetliner that crashed into Potomac River continue.....Coca-Cola purchases Columbia Pictures.....President Reagan addresses news leaks, tax exemption for racially segregated schools at news conference; defends U.S. sanctions against Poland in effort to force government there to end martial law.....Pacifist and Ecological Committee for Peace takes responsibility for rocket attack against nuclear power station under construction in Lyons, France.....Israel and Egypt sign agreement re: Israeli withdrawal from Sinai.....Nuclear Regulatory Commission recommends fine against Boston Edison for violations at Plymouth nuclear power plant.....Justice Dept. asks for postponement of tomorrow's scheduled Senate hearing on renewal of 1965 Voting Rights Act.....Prosecution uses fiber evidence in trial of accused murderer Wayne Williams.....Memorial services held in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, for assassinated U.S. attache, Lt. Col. Charles Ray.
Wednesday, 20 January 1982
Contract negotiations between UAW and General Motors collapse; Ford and UAW break off negotiations, as well.....Treasury Secretary Donald Regan acknowledges U.S. in recession.....Mine explosion occurs in Mink Branch, Kentucky, killing 7; United Mine Workers president criticizes Reagan administration for cutbacks in mine safety program.....Divers recover flight recorders of Air Florida jet that crashed into Potomac River a week ago.....U.S. and allies reach accord on technology transfers to USSR.....More Solidarity officials arrested as martial law continues in Poland.....Pope John Paul II said to support President Reagan's response to Polish situation.....UN referendum calls for voluntary sanctions against Israel for its annexation of Golan Heights.....Tank car containing toxic material leaking in Haleyville, AR.....Environmental Protection Agency head Anne Gorsuch supports relaxation of environmental guidelines.....Another rail strike reported in Britain.
Thursday, 21 January 1982
Secretary of State Alexander Haig postpones scheduled arms reduction meeting with Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko due to Polish situation.....In Poland, Archbishop Jozef Glemp calls for end to martial law.....In Houston, TX, seven Polish seamen jump ship and seek political asylum.....Verdict of guilty ends murder trial of Jack Henry Abbott, ex-con and literary protege of Norman Mailer.....President Reagan reportedly having second thoughts re: increase in excise taxes.....Several Coast Guard search-and-rescue stations closed due to budget cuts..... Administration will overhaul government's oil revenue collection system; oil companies suspecting of underpaying.
Friday, 22 January 1982
Pontiac, MI gears up for Super Bowl contest between Cincinnati Bengals and San Francisco 49ers.....Roof collapses in Phelps, KY coal mine.....Prosecution in Wayne Williams trial claims to have evidence linking defendant to other child murders in Atlanta.....Reagan aide Lyn Nofziger resigns.....Two IRA members seized at Canadian border attempting illegal entry into United States.....Anti-abortion rally held in Washington DC on 9th anniversary of Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade ruling..... Severe winter weather continues to hammer Midwest; 75% of North America covered with snow.
Saturday, 23 January 1982
World Airways jetliner skids into Boston harbor at Logan Airport.....Fire breaks out in museum at Hyde Park mansion of Franklin D. Roosevelt.....Body of 2-month-old, 78th and last missing victim of Air Florida crash, recovered from Potomac River..... Representatives at NATO meeting in Brussels consider worsening Polish situation; additional sanctions anticipated.....120 Polish intellectuals sign letter to parliament requesting end to martial law; Prime Minister Wojciech Jaruzelski expected to ask Parliament to ease but not end martial law restrictions.....French secure deal with Soviet Union doubling amount of natural gas bought by France from USSR.....UAW votes to resume contract talks with Ford and General Motors; Thursday midnight is deadline for agreement with GM.....Record-setting blizzards occur in Midwest.
Sunday, 24 January 1982
Secretary of State Alexander Haig enroute to Geneva for talks with Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko.....Soviet newspaper Pravda denounces Italian Communist Party for opposing martial law in Poland.....Federal officials continue transferring Cuban refugees from Arkansas to federal prison in Atlanta, GA.....Sale of Soviet jet aircraft to Cuba sparks major policy debate in Washington DC.....Henry Kissinger calls for showdown with European allies in address to Committee for Free World on the U.S. relationship with NATO.....Chief Justice Warren Burger calls for more arbitration and fewer court cases in state-of-the-judiciary address at American Bar Association meeting.....San Francisco 49ers defeat Cincinnati Bengals 26-21 in Super Bowl; 49ers quarterback Joe Montana MVP.
Monday, 25 January 1982
President Reagan rejects proposal to raise excise taxes to increase federal revenues.....Accident reported at Ginna nuclear power plant in New York.....Judge in Wayne Williams murder trial allows prosecution to introduce evidence linking defendant to other Atlanta child murders.....In Italy, Red Brigades releases another communique and a photo of kidnapped Gen. James Dozier.....Supreme Court reaffirms ban on prayer in public schools, agrees to consider ERA case.....Gas explosion occurs at New Jersey's Camden County College.....Kentucky to crack down on mine safety violations in wake of rash of mine accidents there.....Two Episocopal priests receive fines and sentences for aiding Cuban refugees.....97th Congress gets underway.
Tuesday, 26 January 1982
President Reagan gives State of the Union address, focuses on New Federalism program.....Gen. William Westmoreland refutes claim on CBS show that there was a conspiracy to deceive U.S. government re: troop strength in Vietnam during conflict there.....Navy investigating deaths of three crewmen aboard USS Bainbridge..... Emergency at New York's Ginna nuclear plant declared at an end.....Italian authorities deny they are negotiating with Red Brigades for the release of Gen. James Dozier.....ACLU calls on halt of military aid to El Salvador due to its government's failure to apprehend killers of American church workers there last year.
Wednesday, 27 January 1982
Largest federal budget deficit in history reported for first quarter of 1982.....In Atlanta trial, several prosecution witnesses link defendant Wayne Williams to child murders .....Twelve employees at Ginna nuclear plant exposed to minimum radiation during recent accident there.....Colombian airliner hijacked by guerrillas, pilot forced to land at Cali.....Marxist guerrillas launch major attack against largest airbase in El Salvador .....Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley said to be running for governor of California..... Soviet spy planes spotted off coast of Virginia during sea trials of U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier.....New elections anticipated soon as Republic of Ireland government collapses....Search continues for two passengers missing following recent crash of World Airlines jetliner in Boston harbor.....Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko accuses U.S. of using Polish crisis as excuse to avoid new arms talks.....FBI frees several illegal Asian immigrants being used as slaves in California.....West Indies defeats Australia 3-1 to win World Series Cup.
Thursday, 28 January 1982
Special Italian police unit rescues Gen. James Dozier, held captive by Red Brigades terrorists; terrorist Antonio Savasta, wanted in connection with murder of Aldo Moro, among those captured.....Armenian terrorists assassinate Turkish consul general in Los Angeles; Armenian commando group based in Beirut claims responsibility.....Secretary of State Alexander Haig said to be making progress in Palestinian autonomy talks with Israel and Egypt.....Auto industry announces further layoffs.....Explosion reported at chemical plant near Buffalo, NY.....Polish government accuses CIA of interfering in Poland's internal affairs.....Hijackers of Colombian jetliner allowed to escape after  releasing hostages in Cali, Colombia.....Retired Admiral Hyman Rickover appears on Capitol Hill, criticizes defense contractors and Pentagon.....Gas fires reported in Centralia, MO.....President Reagan claims progress being made on human rights issue in El Salvador.
Friday, 29 January 1982
Talks between UAW and General Motors collapse.....Philadelphia Bulletin, 120 years old, closes its doors for good.....FAA releases flight tapes of Air Florida jetliner that crashed into Potomac.....Pentecostal bishop arrested in Miami on fraud and forgery charges in case involving life insurance policies and murder of church member..... South Carolina Sen. Strom Thurmond meets with President Reagan about the upcoming Senate debate on extension of Voting Rights Act.....Suspect in murder of Turkish consul-general in Los Angeles arrested.....Testimony in trial of Wayne Williams links defendant to five of the murdered Atlanta children.
Saturday, 30 January 1982
Solidarity Day rallies held in Japan and Western Europe as well as Chicago, IL in support of Polish labor union; President Reagan warns USS against intervention in Poland; Reagan, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Frank Sinatra among those appearing in television program "Let Poland Be Poland" to air tomorrow; Polish government may close factories for fear of rioting as result of increased food prices .....U.S, dependents evacuated from part of Thailand due to opium war.....Reagan administration bypasses Congress to deliver emergency military aid to El Salvador .....Red Brigades issue threats as more terrorists are arested in wake of rescue of Gen. James Dozier in Italy.....One of Pentecostals living in sanctuary of U.S. embassy in Moscow transferred to hospital due to condition caused by extended hunger strike; Reagan asks other Pentecostals to abandon their hunger strike..... Treasury Secretary Donald Regan criticizes Federal Reserve Board and its chairman, Paul Volcker, over approach to inflation and economic crisis; Sen. Howard Baker calls for truce between Board and White House.....Rosalynn Summers wins U.S. women's figure skating championship.....Rocker Lightning Hopkins dead.
Sunday, 31 January 1982
Avalanche in Austria claims lives.....Blizzard reported in St. Louis, MO..... Congressional committees hold hearings to explore President Reagan's claims that human rights violations in El Salvador are on decline; army and civilians have different perspectives on massacre in Salvadoran village.....Police and protestors clash in Gdansk, Poland during demonstration against increased food prices.....Orlando Galvez family murdered near New York City in apparent drug war episode.....Israel agrees on composition of international Sinai peacekeeping force.....Washington Post reports CIA tried to recruit former Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr; CIA refuses to respond.....Scott Hamilton wins U.S. men's figure skating championship .....East beats West 120-118 in NBA All-Star game.....AFC beats NFC 16-13 in NFL Pro Bowl.