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The Politics and Pop Culture of the 1980s
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In this section you can find out what America was like in the 1980s. I'll explore the politics of the era. I'll review major sports events. You'll see what Americans liked and didn't like, what they thought about love and family and money, the books they read, and the issues they thought were important. I've also provided sketches ot people who had a significant impact in the Eighties, and image galleries of people and events who defined the decade. And I've recently added new sections on the Automobiles of the '80s as well as Memorabilia.


Over 100 biographical sketches of people in the news in the 1980s.

Where did we live in the Eighties? What kind of jobs did we have, and what did we do for fun? What did we spend our money on? How did we meet and fall in love in the 1980s? What did we think about issues like abortion, crime, and gun control? All this and much more in a fact-filled overview of life in the U.S. during the decade.

Eighties slang, and what it all really meant.

Images of the people and events that defined the decade.

The decade's Miss America, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA winners.

The Top Ten fiction and nonfiction titles for each year.

Pictures and specs of models, as well as concise histories of the automakers.

Some uniquely '80s items, and the stories behind them.