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 The Colbys
(ABC, 1985-87)

Jason Colby
Charlton Heston
Sable Scott Colby
Stephanie Beacham
Francesca Scott Colby Hamilton Langdon
Katharine Ross
Jeff Colby
John James
Fallon Carrington Colby
Emma Samms
Monica Colby
Tracy Scoggins
Miles Colby
Maxwell Caulfield
Bliss Colby
Claire Yarlett
Zachary Powers
Ricardo Montalban
Constance Colby
Barbara Stanwyck (1985-1986)
Lord Roger Langdon
David Hedison
Garrett Boydston
Ken Howard (1985-1986)
Hutch Corrigan
Joseph Campanella (1985-1986)
Sean McAllister
Charles Van Eman (1985-1986)
Neil Kittredge
Philip Brown (1985-1986)
Wayne Masterson
Gary Morris (1986)
Channing Carter Colby
Kim Morgan Greene (1986-1987)
Kolya Rostov
Adrian Paul (1986-1987)
Lucas Carter
Kevin McCarthy (1986-1987)
Phillip Colby (Hoyt Parker)
Michael Parks (1987)

This spinoff from the popular ABC primetime soap Dynasty starred Charlton Heston as Jason Colby, head of Colby Enterprises, a multinational corporation engaged in the oil, shipping and real estate industries. Jason resided in the family's California estate, Belvedere, with his scheming wife Sable (Stephanie Beacham) but was in love with Sable's sister Frankie (Katharine Ross). Jeff Colby (John James), from Dynasty, arrived to search for his missing wife Fallon, who had amnesia and was married to Jason's playboy son, Miles. (Fallon was played by Emma Samms, who replaced the original Fallon, Pamela Sue Martin.) It was later revealed that Jeff wasn't Jason's nephew, but rather his illegitimate son, the product of an affair with Frankie many years earlier. Jason's other children included lawyer (and Colby Enterprises vice-president) Monica, and the sexy Bliss, who became involved with Clean Earth activist Sean McAllister. Meanwhile, Zachary Powers (Ricardo Montalban) schemed to destroy Jason Colby, whom he blamed for his father's misfortune, while Constance (Barbara Stanwyck), Jason's older sister and half-owner of Colby Enterprises, tried to keep the peace between Sable and Frankie. By the end of the first season, Jason was in jail for attempted murder, Sable had plotted to have Constance declared incompetent, Miles was accused of murder, and Frankie had briefly married British diplomat Lord Langdon.
The plot thickened during the second season. Just as Jason and Frankie were about to be married, her long-lost husband -- and Jason's brother -- Phillip (Michael Parks) appeared. Reporter Channing Carter married Miles to get the inside scoop on the Colby family, while Bliss fell for Russian ballet dancer Kolya Rostov, who defected to be with her. Fallon gave birth to a baby, leaving both Miles and Jeff to wonder which of them was the father, while Jason learned that Miles and daughter Monica were not his, after all. With cancellation imminent, the writers concocted the most bizarre plot twist yet -- the abduction of Fallon by aliens, who transported her back to Dynasty. Jeff Colby, now controlling Colby Enterprises, returned to Denver to mix with Dynasty's Carringtons again, as well.
In spite of a high-powered cast and its connection with the hugely popular Dynasty -- the series was officially entitled Dynasty II: The Colbys in the beginning -- The Colbys never did catch on, and survived only two seasons (49 episodes). Nonetheless, it was nominated for several Soap Opera Digest Awards, including Outstanding Actor in a Leading Role (Charlton Heston), Outstanding Villain (Ricardo Montalban), Outstanding Villainess (Stephanie Beacham) and Favorite Super Couple (John James and Emma Samms.)

Series Highlights
The Celebration (11.14.85):
While Jason lands a huge oil deal with China, Constance gives her 50% share in Colby Enterprises to Jeff, much to the dismay of Sable, who worries about her childrens' inheritance.
Conspiracy of Silence (11.21.85):
Miles introduces his bride-to-be, Randall, who turns out to be Jeff's long-lost wife Fallon; Frankie arrives to reconcile with her son, Jeff.
A House Divided:
As Fallon regains her memory, Constance begins to fear that she's losing her mind, while Sean McAllister romances Bliss to find out more about Colby Enterprises for his uncle, Zachary Powers.
The Turning Point:
Jason demands a divorce from Sable; Miles and Jeff set out to prove Zach Powers was behind an oil spill that threatens Colby Enterprises' deal with China, and Bliss turns down Sean's marriage proposal.
Burden of Proof:
When Jason admits in court that Jeff is his son, Miles vows revenge; Sable seeks solace in the arms of Zach Powers.
The Wedding:
Jeff and Fallon are married, and Miles is arrested for the murder of a marine engineer named Mahoney.
Double Jeopardy:
Frankie divorces Lord Langdon, and Jason promises to divorce Sable, while Jeff and Fallon return from their honeymoon only to discover that Jeff is suspected of murder.
The Reckoning (5.1.86):
When Jason offers Zach Powers the contract to ship Denver-Carrington oil in exchange for Zach's aid in getting the murder charges against Jeff and Miles dropped, he discovers why Zach hates him so much.
Checkmate (5.22.86):
Jason is faces a charge of attempted murder related to a shooting incident on Zach's yacht in which Sable is wounded; Fallon is pregnant, but she isn't sure if the baby is Jeff's.
The Matchmaker:
As Miles elopes with Channing to Las Vegas, Zach and Sable scheme to destroy Jason.
Something Old, Something New:
Jason wins congressional approval for his satellite project; Bliss must deal with a KGB agent when she falls for a Russian ballet dancer.
And Baby Makes Four:
Jeff and Miles come to blows over the paternity of Fallon's baby; Kolya hints that he's willing to defect.
The Legacy:
Jeff and Miles return from Nepal with the news that Constance died in a plane crash; a mysterious man named Hoyt Parker stalks Jason; Bliss discovers Kolya in the arms of another woman.
An assassin is gunning for Jason at the IMOS conference, while Monica searches for the illegitimate son she gave up for adoption years ago.
Answered Prayers (2.26.87):
At the wedding of Jason and Frankie, Parker reveals that he is Phillip Colby, Jason's brother and Frankie's ex-husband, who it was thought had died in Vietnam; a paternity test confirms that Jeff is the father of Fallon's baby.
Jason orders Phillip to leave the country; Phillip kidnaps Frankie and heads for Mexico; Fallon is abducted by aliens.