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ABC Comedy Special
This summer anthology showcased pilots of comedies that never made it onto the schedule and featured such stars as Annie Potts, Blair Brown, Robert Klein and Madeline Kahn.
ABC Rocks
ABC's answer to NBC's Friday Night Videos -- a half-hour of music videos airing at midnight Fridays.
A.K.A. Pablo
(ABC) 3.6.84-4.17.84
Norman Lear produced this half-hour sitcom in which Paul Rodriguez played a struggling stand-up comedian who lived with his large and raucous family.
The A-Team
Featured Series
Aaron's Way
(NBC) 3.9.88-5.25.88
In this hour-long drama, Merlin Olsen starred as a staid Amish patriarch who took his family from Pennsylvania to California to help his widowed daughter-in-law run a vineyard.
Ace Crawford, Private Eye
(CBS) 3.15.83-4.12.83
Tim Conway starred as bumbling, trenchcoat-clad gumshoe Ace Crawford, whose reputation as a sleuth was based mostly on sheer dumb luck. (Half-hour sitcom.)
(CBS) 9.24.86-9.13.89
Winston Rekert starred in the title role, playing an agent of International Security and Intelligence who is relegated to "Miscellaneous Affairs" after losing the use of a hand during torture. He always managed to turn routine cases into hair-raising adventures. (43 episodes)
(CBS) 9.26.83-12.18.84
After the Korean War, Sherman Potter (Harry Morgan), Klinger (Jamie Farr) and Father Mulcahy (William Christopher) were reunited on the staff of a VA hospital. (Half-hour sitcom.)
Featured Series
Featured Series
(CBS) 8.31.76-7.2.85
This long-lived half-hour sitcom featured Linda Levin as Alice, a widowed mother and aspiring singer who moved to Phoenix and finds work as a waitress in Mel's Diner. CBS aired reruns of on weekday mornings between June 1980 and September 1982. Based on the hit film Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore.
Almost Grown
(CBS) 11.27.88-2.27.89
Norman and Suzie were a divorced couple who loved each other and shared raising their two children. Every episode featured a flashback during which one or the other recalled an important event in their long and tumultuous relationship. (Hour-long drama.)
Aloha Paradise
(ABC) 2.25.81-4.29.81
By the makers of The Love Boat, this one-hour sitcom featured Debbie Reynolds as the proprietor of Paradise Village Resort. Several different stories, all focused on romance, were told in each episode.
(ABC) 2.10.83-5.26.83
Beatrice Arthur -- prior to The Golden Girls -- starred in this half-hour sitcom inspired by the British classic Fawlty Towers. With a colorful staff, she ran a little seaside hotel that attracted equally colorful guests. (13 episodes)
Amazing Stories
(NBC) 929.85-5.15.87
Produced by Steven Spielberg and hosted by Ray Walston, this anthology featured episodes directed by the likes of Clint Eastwood and Martin Scorsese and featuring stars like Drew Barrymore, Kevin Costner and Charlie Sheen. (45 half-hour episodes)
(NBC) 9.27.86-7.27.91
Sherman Hemsley, who for ten years had starred as George in the hit sitcom The Jeffersons, had another hit with this half-hour comedy in which he played an insufferable deacon usually at odds with his church's new minister (Clifton Davis).
American Dream
(ABC) 4.26.81-6.10.81
Hour-long family drama starring Stephen Macht and Karen Carlson as the head of the Novak clan, who moved from the suburbs back into the inner city. Only seven episodes were filmed, and two never aired.
The American Parade
(CBS) 3.27.84-9.5.84
Anchored by Charles Kuralt and Bill Moyers, this "magazine" series focused on people, both the famous and the unknown, who represented the "vitality of the American spirit." Retitled Crossroads in June, the program moved to a different night.
America's Most Wanted
(Fox) 4.10.88-
John Walsh, whose son had been kidnapped and murdered, hosted this program which, in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, profiled wanted criminals. Four days after the first episode, the first profiled criminal was caught --and since then hundreds more have been captured thanks to tips from viewers.
Annie McGuire
(CBS) 10.26.88-12.28.88
This half-hour sitcom was Mary Tyler Moore's fourth attempt to repeat the success she'd enjoyed with The Mary Tyler Moore Show in the '70s. In this one she played a widow with a son who marries a widower (Dennis Arndt) with two children, and the episodes revolved around their problems adjusting as a new family.
At Ease
(ABC) 3.4.83-7.15.83
Supposedly an '80s version of the classic military sitcom The Phil Silvers Show, this one starred Jimmie Walker and David Naughton as fun-loving soldiers on a computer base, with the chief nemesis being a by-the-book security officer played by Richard Jaeckel.
At the Movies
(Syndicated) 1982-90
Film critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel, who had originally appeared together on PBS's Sneak Previews, brought the same formula to syndication. In 1986 they were replaced by Rex Reed and Bill Harris, with the latter replaced by Dixie Whatley in 1988.
(ABC) 12.15.83-4.2.84
Desi Arnaz, Jr. played a nerdish police computer expert who creates a computer game featuring "Automan" -- which came alive and helped him solve crimes. Automan was played by Chuck Wagner. (13 one-hour episodes.)