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The A-Z of Television in the '80s (G)
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Games People Play
(NBC, 8.21.80-9.24.81)
Cyndy Garvey and Bryant Gumble were cohosts of this unusual one-hour sports competition show, while Johnny Bench, Arte Johnson and others served as field reporters at such events as the "Taxi Cab Demolition Derby" and the "World's Bellyflopping Championship." In addition, guest stars included Dorothy Hammill, Bruce Jenner, Marv Albert, Tanya Tucker and Erik Estrada.
The Gangster Chronicles
(NBC, 2.21.81-5.8.81)
This one-hour drama, based on historical fact, featured Michael Nouri as Lucky Luciano and Joe Penny as Bugsy Siegel, and included Kathleen Lloyd, Robert Davi and Madeline Stowe in the cast of regulars. Purported to show what life inside the Mafia was like, the show was narrated by E.G. Marshall. Despite all the talent, it didn't last long.

(NBC, 10.26.82-3.18.83)
Robert Urich, post-Vega$ and before Spencer For Hire, starred in this one-hour adventure. He played the title character, an ex-CIA agent working for an oceanographic institute. Patrick Macnee of The Avengers fame played Gavilan's friend Milo Bentley, a suave travel agent, while Kate Reid appeared as Gavilan's boss at the institute.
George Burns Comedy Week
(CBS, 9.18.85-12.25.85)
89-year-old comedian George Burns hosted this half-hour comedy anthology that benefited from guest appearances by the likes of Robert Klein, Don Rickles, Don Knotts, Howard Hesseman and Roddy McDowell. One episode launched a short-lived sitcom, Leo & Liz in Beverly Hills
The George Michael Sports Machine
(NBC, 9.2.84-9.8.91)
A weekly wrap-up of the world of sports with George Michael, sports reporter for NBC's Washington affiliate, as the host. When NBC dropped the half-hour show, it went into first-run syndication..
George Schlatter's Comedy Club
(Syndicated; 1987-88)
Debuting in September '87, this half-hour show was produced by the man responsible for bringing us Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, and each week featured a different group of young comics performing monologues and skits.
(26 episodes)
George Schlatter's Funny People
(NBC, 7.27.88-9.7.88)
Schlatter recycled his successful Real People with this hour-long comedy show that featured clips of amusing people and events around the country. It was hosted by a series of studio comics.
Gideon Oliver
(ABC, 2.20.89-9.2.89)
Louis Gossett, Jr. starred as an anthropology professor at Columbia U. who happened to be an amateur sleuth. This street-smart scholar was also an expert kickboxer, a talent that sometimes came in handy in this two-hour element of the ABC Mystery Movie.
Gimme A Break
Featured Series
The Glen Campbell Music Show
(Syndicated. 1982-83)
There were 30 episodes of this half-hour variety show emceed by pop singer Campbell. His guests included Willie Nelson and Chuck Mangione.
(ABC, 9.13.84-12.27.85)
David Birney and Morgan Brittany played star reporters for a People-style magazine in this hour-long drama that featured an array of guest stars that would have made The Love Boat proud. It didn't last long in primetime, and ABC later aired seven never-before seen episodes in a late-night slot.
(CBS, 9.26.82-9.21.83)
Archie Bunker's daughter Gloria (Sally Struthers) returned in this half-hour sitcom, divorced now, and an assistant to a couple of rural veterinarians, the crusty Dr. Adams (Burgess Meredith) and the liberated Dr. Lawrence (Jo de Winter). Christian Jacobs starred as 8-year-old Joey Stivic. (21 episodes, unaired pilot)
The Golden Girls
Featured Series
Goodnight, Beantown
(CBS, 4.3.83-9.2.84)
Bill Bixby and Mariette Hartley starred in this half-hour sitcom about a local TV newsroom in Boston. They were co-anchors of the evening news, professional rivals and sometimes lovers. The show only lasted 18 episodes.
Goodtime Girls
(ABC, 1.22.80-8.29.80)
Annie Potts headlined the cast of this half-hour sitcom set in the nation's capital during the Second World War and focusing on the lives of three young women who share a one-room apartment.
The Greatest American Hero
Featured Series
Growing Pains
(ABC, 9.24.85-8.27.92)
ABC had a hit with this half-hour sitcom starring Alan Thicke and Joanna Kerns as the parents of three children, Mike (Kirk Cameron), Carol (Tracey Gold), and Ben (Jeremy Seaver). Described as a Father Knows Best for the '80s, this traditional family comedy increasingly focused on Cameron, who became a teen idol. (166 episodes)
Gung Ho
(ABC, 12.5.86-6.27.87)
Based on a moderately successful 1986 film of the same name, this half-hour sitcom starring Scott Bakula and Gedde Watanabe was all about an auto plant in Hadleyville, PA that was bought up by a Japanese auto manufacturer. Wattanabe played the new plant manager while Bakula played a rep for the workers. Inevitable culture clashes ensued, but ultimately everybody learned to get along.