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Albums of 1986

The Art of Noise
In Visible Silence
China Records

# 49 (Top R&B Albums)
# 53 (Billboard 200)
1. Opus 4
2. Paranoimia
3. Eye of a Needle
4. Legs
5. Slip of the Tongue
6. Backbeat
7. Instruments of Darkness
8. Peter Gunn - featuring Duane Eddy
9. Camilla - The Old, Old Story
10.The Chameleon's Dish
11. Beatback
12. Peter Gunn (extended version)
# 34 (Billboard Hot 100)
"Peter Gunn"
# 50 (Billboard Hot 100)
"As wallpaper goes, this is nicely textured." -- Record Mirror

"The Art of Noise has become nothing more than a pop paint-by-numbers"
-- Melody Maker

"A revival of 'Peter Gunn' with Duane Eddy hit the UK Top 10 and this was followed by a collaboration with the television cartoon-animated character Max Headroom on 'Paranoimia'."
-- Virgin Encyclopedia
Anita Baker
# 2 (Top R&B Albums)
# 11 (Billboard 200)
# 24 (Top Jazz Albums)
1. Sweet Love
2. You Bring Me Joy
3. Caught Up in the Rapture
4. Been So Long
5. Mystery
6. No One in the World
7. Same Ole Love
8. Watch Your Step

"Sweet Love"
# 2 (Hot R&B Singles)
# 3 (Adult Contemporary)
# 8 (Billboard Hot 100)

"Caught Up in the Rapture"
# 6 (Hot R&B Singles)
# 9 (Adult Contemporary)
# 37 (Billboard Hot 100)

"Same Ole Love"
# 6 (Adult Contemporary)
# 44 (Billboard Hot 100)
"By the standards of today's superdivas, this is a modest album. There are no traces of the wailing matron Patti La Belle or the teen vamp Janet Jackson, nothing of Whitney Houston's yuppie melodrama. Baker just sings, and in these days of vocal extravaganzàs, Rapture is an unexaggerated delight."
-- Rolling Stone

"Anita turns out a class of performance so rare, it's collectable."
-- Record Mirror

"Anita Baker appeals to a type of Sanatogen soul sensibility that's too old to get down but too young to lie down." -- Melody Maker
Big Country
The Seer
 #59 (Billboard 200)
1. Look Away
2. The Seer
3. The Teacher
4. I Walk The Hill
5. Eiledon
6. One Great Thing
7. Hold The Heart
8. Remembrance Day
9. Red Fox
10. Sailor

"Look Away"
# 5 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)
"For a lad's night out, they're the business alongside a case of ale and a few dodgy videos." -- NME

"Well-crafted, with melancholy lyrics and a guest vocal appearance by Kate Bush on the title track, The Seer holds close to the band's by-now-standard sound, with no loss in appeal."
-- Trouser Press

"The acceptable face of rock to the beer 'n' football crowd." -- Kerrang!
Black Uhuru
Real Authentic
1. Brutal
2. Fit You Haffe Fit
3. Great Train Robbery
4. City Vibes
5. Uptown Girl
6. Conviction Or A Fine
7. Dread In The Mountain
8. Let Us Pray
9. Vision
10. Reggae With You
"One day Uhuru will make the definitive reggae record, but until then...kiss this." -- Sounds

"For a time they were widely touted as the only reggae band with the potential to achieve international superstar status, but, although their popularity never sadly never seemed to grow either." -- Virgin Encyclopedia

Blow Monkeys
Animal Magic

 # 35 (Billboard 200)
1. Digging Your Scene
2. Animal Magic
3. Wicked Ways
4. Sweet Murder
5. Aeroplane City Lovesong
6. I Nearly Died Laughing
7. Don't Be Scared Of Me
8. Burn The Rich
9. I Back A Winner (In You)
10. Forbidden Fruit
11. Heaven Is A Place I'm Moving To

"Digging Your Scene"
# 7 (Hot Dance Music / Club Play)
# 14 (Billboard Hot 100)
"The Blow Monkeys...scored a Top 20 single in the U.S. with 'Digging Your Scene'....[M]ost of Animal Magic is pleasant and intelligent enough to make it a better-than-usual release from a 1980s one-hit wonder."
-- All Music Guide

"Animal Magic pulls off what the Style Council can't -- an exuberant, full-bodied soul sound which seems effortless." -- Melody Maker

"One rather excellent record." -- NME
The Cocteau Twins
1. Lazy Calm
2. Fluffy Tufts
3. Throughout The Dark Months Of April And May
4. Whales Tales
5. Oomingmak
6. Little Spacey
7. Feet-Like Fins
8. How To Bring A Blush To The Snow
9. The Thinner The Air
"Victorialand is just what you'd expect a Cocteau Twins album to sound like -- ambient sounds, beautiful vocals."
-- Record Mirror

"If you've ever heard a Cocteau Twins album before, you'll have a good idea what to expect -- high fragile whispery vocals, 'shimmering' and 'sparkling' instruments and songs with titles like 'Fluffy Tufts'." -- Smash Hits
London Records

# 90 (Billboard 200)
1. Don't Leave Me This Way
2. La Dola Rosa
3. Disenchanted
4. Reprise
5. So Cold The Night
6. You Are My World
7. Lover Man
8. Don't Slip Away
9. Heavens Above
10. Forbidden Love

"Don't Leave Me This Way"
# 1 (Hot Dance Music)
# 40 (Billboard Hot 100)

"Their hearts are in the right place, but the songwriting still leaves a lot to be desired" -- Melody Maker

"One of the most joyous and celebratory records....This fine musical article is quite simply a cracker." -- Record Mirror

"An inspirational record."
-- Smash Hits

"With their fusion of disco-revival and falsetto pop, the Communards proved one of the more accomplished new acts of the mid-to-late 80s."
-- Virgin Encyclopedia
The Costello Show
(Elvis Costello)
King Of America

# 39 (Billboard 200)

"Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"
# 38 (Mainstream Rock)
1. Brilliant Music
2. Loveable
3. Our Little Angel
4. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
5. Glitter Gulch
6. Indoor Fireworks
7. Little Palaces
8. I'll Wear It Proudly
9. America Without Tears
10. Eisenhower Blues
11. Poisoned Rose
12. The Big Light
13. Jack Of All Parades
14. Suit Of Lights
15. Sleep Of The Just
16. The People's Limousine
17. They'll Never Take Her Love From Me
18. Suffering Face
19. Shoes Without Heels
20. King Of Confidence
"King Of America...remains the only album in a coon's age that I can -- without hesitation -- recommend even the most poverty-stricken among you to purchase."
-- Melody Maker

"Probably enough to make his fans happy though I doubt it will win him any new ones."
 -- Smash Hits

"The extraordinary King Of America -- billed as the Costello Show and recorded with co-producer T-Bone Burnett and a bunch of top American sessioneers, including Elvis P's old sidemen -- returned him to masterful top form."
-- Trouser Press
Falco 3

# 3 (Billboard 200)
# 18 (Top R&B Albums)
1. Rock Me Amadeus
2. America
3. Tango The Night
4. Munich Girls
5. Jeanny
6. Vienna Calling
7. Manner Des Westens - Any Kind Of Land
8. Nothing Sweeter Than Arabia
9. Macho Macho
10. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

"Rock Me Amadeus"
# 1 (Billboard Hot 100)
# 6 (Hot R&B Singles)

"Vienna Calling"
# 18 (Billboard Hot 100)
"Falco achieves the rare feat of being wildly talentless and almost unbearably arrogant in the space of one record." -- NME

"Lest anyone be lulled into imagining Falco on his way to Eurovision politesse, his third LP is one of history's most grotesque musical monstrosities." -- Trouser Press

"Falco was the most internationally successful pop artist ever to come out of Austria, best known for his 1986 chart-topping hit "Rock Me Amadeus."
-- All Music Guide
A Flock of Seagulls
Dream Come True
Jive (Arista)
1. Better & Better
2. Heartbeat Like A Drum
3. Who's That Girl (She's Got It)
4. Hot Tonight
5. Cry Like A Baby
6. Say So Much
7. Love On Your Knees
8. How Could You Ever Leave Me
9. Whole Lot Of Loving
"Growing out of the synth-heavy and ruthlessly stylish new romantic movement, A Flock of Seagulls were a little too robotic and arrived a little too late to be true new romantics, but their sleek dance-pop was forever indebted to the short-lived movement." -- AMG

"It wasn't so bad when I could laugh at their silly haircuts, but now they're utterly depressing." -- Record Mirror
Samantha Fox
Touch Me
Jive (Arista)

# 24 (Billboard 200)
1. Touch Me (I Want Your Body)
2. I'm All You Need
3. Suzie, Don't Leave Me With Your Boyfriend
4. Wild Kinda Love
5. Hold On Tight
6. Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me)
7. Want You To Want Me
8. Baby I'm Lost For Words
9. Rockin' In The City
10. He's Got Sex

"Touch Me"
# 4 (Billboard Hot 100)
# 41 (Hot Dance Music)

"Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me)"
# 87 (Billboard Hot 100)
"The chick who 'invented' ripped jeans has a serviceable voice." -- Sounds

"16-year-old Fox was 'discovered' by the Sun newspaper and promoted as a topless model. Before long she became something of a British institution and a recording career beckoned. Her debut single in 1986, 'Touch Me,' elicited almost universally favourable reviews with critics registering surprise at her strong vocal performance." -- Virgin Encyclopedia

"In years to come someone will glean a certain podgy absurdity to it all."
-- Melody Maker
Peter Gabriel

#2 (Billboard 200)
1. Red Rain
2. Sledgehammer
3. Don't Give Up
4. That Voice Again
5. In Your Eyes
6. Mercy Street
7. Big Time
8. We Do What We're Told
9. This Is The Picture (Excellent Birds)

# 1 (Billboard Hot 100)
# 1 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)
# 61 (Hot R&B Tracks)

"Sledgehammer" (Remix)
# 1 (Hot Dance Music)

"In Your Eyes"
# 1 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)
# 26 (Billboard Hot 100)

"Red Rain"
# 3 (Mainstream Rock Tracls)

"That Voice Again"
# 14 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)

"Big Time"
# 3 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)
# 8 (Billboard Hot 100)

"Don't Give Up"
# 72 (Billboard Hot 100)
"All the songs ooze sincerity and passion....Here, if you dare let it in, dare to listen closer, is music as exorcism, music to tear your fears out." -- Beat

"There is the odd duff track...but what we are left with is an album that has class and originality seeping out of its immaculate grooves."
-- Record Mirror

"There's a chill of death about the material, as if he'd worked all the life out of it....A nice fellow and his obsessions." -- Sounds

"The ever-deft artist made [has] made another adventurous, varied and striking record, with atypically self-reflective lyrics."
-- Trouser Press

"The journey to complete commercial acceptance was finished in 1986 with So....[Gabriel] was celebrated as an artist whose work was popular without being compromised."
-- Virgin Encyclopedia
The Go-Betweens
Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express
Beggars Banquet
1. Spring Rain
2. Ghost and the Black Hat
3. Wrong Road
4. To Reach Me
5. Twin Layers of Lightning
6. In the Core of a Flame
7. Head Full of Steam
8. Bow Down
9. Palm Sunday (On Board the S.S. Within)
10. Apology Accepted
"The struggle ends here with pop perfection!" -- Beat

"One of the most critically respected and cultily adored neo-pop bands to emerge from Australia, thew Go-Betweens began as a Dylan-inflected duo but...expanded to a more original-sounding trio."
-- Trouser Press

"You can't want more." -- Sounds
Hüsker Dü
Candy Apple Grey

# 140 (Billboard 200)
1. Crystal
2. Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
3. I Don't Know For Sure
4. Sorry Somehow
5. Too Far Down
6. Hardly Getting Over It
7. Dead Set On Destruction
8. Eiffel Tower
9. No Promise Have I Made
10. All This I've Done For You

"Please don't deny yourself this beauty any longer."
-- Melody Maker
"Hüsker Dü and R.E.M. were the two American post-punk bands of the '80s that changed the direction of rock & roll....Hüsker Dü never was more than a cult favorite. Nevertheless, their albums between 1981 and 1987 provided the sonic blueprint for the roaring punk-pop hybrid that crossed over into the mainstream in the early '90s." -- AMG

"The most salacious hard metal since MC5 shuffles the cards...and mutates into...some of the best tidal pop that we own." -- Sounds
Measure For Measure

# 55 (Billboard 200)
1. Paradise
2. No Promises
3. Mr. Big
4. Angel Street
5. The Flame
6. Regular Boys
7. Cross The Border
8. Spanish Gold
9. Lucky Me
10. Baby, You're So Strange

"No Promises"
# 9 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)
# 79 (Billboard Hot 100)

"Cross The Border"
# 19 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)
"Smooth, crafty and pointless."
-- Trouser Press

"If you've got a fast car, live near a craggy coast road and have just finished a passionate romance, this LP is perfect. Otherise it's boring."
-- Smash Hits

"A few blocks up from the bland Sidewalk but a few buildings short of Man of Colours."
-- All Music Guide

Raised on Radio

# 4 (Billboard 200)
1. Girl Can't Help It
2. Positive Touch
3. Suzanne
4. Be Good To Yourself
5. Once You Love Somebody
6. Happy To Give
7. Raised On Radio
8. I'll Be Alright Without You
9. It Could Have Been You
10. Eyes Of A Woman
11. Why Can't This Night Go On Forever

"Be Good To Yourself"
# 9 (Billboard Hot 100
# 2 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)

"Girl Can't Help It"
# 17 (Billboard Hot 100)
# 9 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)

# 17 (Billboard Hot 100)
# 11 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)

"Raised On Radio"
# 17 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)

"I'll Be Alright Without You"
# 7 (Adult Contemporary)
# 14 (Billboard Hot 100)
# 26 (I'll Be Alright Without You"

"Why Can't This Night Go On Forever"
# 60 (Billboard Hot 100)
"Journey's ninth new studio album found the group reduced to a trio of guitarist Neal Schon, singer Steve Perry, and keyboard player Jonathan Cain. But even without their regular rhythm section, the group was able to re-create the accessible pop/rock sound perfected on earlier albums such as Escape and Frontiers."
-- All Music Guide

"Journey has over their past two albums has developed an image that every rock and roller can get a grip on." -- Song Hits

"Compromises of sorts were made for Raised on Radio -- Journey's first group album in three years. It's not a very well kept secret that Neal Schon and Steve Perry haven't always gotten along musically, but for Raised on Radio Steve's imput was significant. No one's forgetting the major league success he had with his solo, Street Talk, and Journey's too smart not to be looking for some measure of commercial success." -- Rockline!

Julian Lennon
The Secret Art of Daydreaming

# 32 (Billboard 200)
1. Stick Around
2. You Got What You Want
3. Let Me Tell You
4. I've Seen Your Face
5. Coward Till The End?
6. This Is My Day
7. You Don'y Have To Tell Me
8. Everyday
9. Always Think Twice
10.  Want Your Body

"Stick Around"
# 1 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)
# 32 (Billboard Hot 100)
"Lennon had some difficulty producing a consistent set of songs for his second album, with only a handful of tracks including the hit "Stick Around" standing out amidst the slick, immaculately-produced material." -- All Music Guide

"John Lennon wouldn't know a great pop song if it jumped up and bit him on the nose." -- Smash Hits

"Why is it that good taste has no real flavour?" -- Record Mirror
Castle Music

# 157 (Billboard 200)
1. Deaf Forever
2. Nothing Up My Sleeve
3. Ain't My Crime
4. Claw
5. Mean Machine
6. Built For Two
7. Ridin' With The Driver
8. Doctor Rock
9. Orgamatron
"There are nine good reasons why Motorhead must exist, nine burning, churning wedges of sound nurtured with a sledgehammer."
-- Sounds

"The highest compliment I can give is that Orgasmatron makes you want to be a scumbag! Here's to the lowlifes!"
-- Kerrang!

"It's all speed and reactionary signals."
-- NME
Ted Nugent
Little Miss Dangerous

# 76 (Billboard 200)
1. High Heels In Motion
2. Strangers
3. Little Miss Dangerous
4. Savage Dancer
5. Crazy Lady
6. When Your Body Talks
7. Little Red Book
8. Take Me Away
9. Angry Young Man
10. Painkiller

"Little Miss Dangerous
# 22 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)
"Everything about this album is a huge disappointment. Who knows what "the Nuge" was thinking when he decided that an album full or artificially triggered sounds would be the way to go. Not only are songs like "Body Talk and "Angry Young Man" horrific, the uber-clichéd mid-'80s production erases any desire to ever relisten to this effort all the way through." - AMG

"No more than the latest low point in the continuing decline of a one-time folk hero." -- Sounds
Ozzy Osbourne
The Ultimate Sin

# 6 (Billboard 200)
1. Ultimate Sin
2. Secret Loser
3. Never Know Why
4. Thank God For The Bomb
5. Never
6. Lightning Strikes
7. Killer Of Giants
8. Fool Like You
9. Shot In The Dark

"Shot In The Dark"
# 10 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)
# 68 (Billboard Hot 100)
"His lyrics...continue to deal with the grimmest of subjects such as the agony of insanity, and The Ultimate Sin is concerned almost exclusively with the issue of nuclear destruction."
-- Virgin Encyclopedia

"Ozzy has produced his most accessible selection of songs so far."
-- Record Mirror

"I'd sooner listen to The Ultimate Sin daily than eat a bat, but it's a pretty near thing." -- Melody Maker
Pet Shop Boys
EMI America

# 7 (Billboard 200)
# 34 (Top R&B Albums)
1. Two Divided by Zero
2. West End Girls
3. Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)
4. Love Comes Quickly
5. Suburbia
6. Opportunities (Reprise)
7. Tonight Is Forever
8. Violence
9. I Want A Lover
10. Later Tonight
11. Why Don't We Live Together

"West End Girls"
# 1 (Billboard Hot 100)
# 36 (Hot R&B Singles)
# 37 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)

"Opportunities (Lets Make Lots Of Money)"
# 10 (Billboard Hot 100)

"Love Comes Quickly"
# 62 (Billboard Hot 100)
" Please is a slick set of anonymous easy-listening disco tracks, brilliantly, soullessly produced...with ridiculous, overbearingly smug lyrics....The in-joke references and self-amused esoterica...should have precluded their general popularity, but evidently the laxative smooth synth backing has some utilitarian value for some people." -- Trouser Press

"Here the Pet Shop Boys romp through ten thoroughly catchy songs...all about dark mysterious love affairs and whispered crimes, all crammed with wonderfully tacky atmospheric sound effects."
-- Smash Hits

"The acceptable face of modern thinking rock." -- NME
Public Image Ltd.

# 115 (Billboard 200)
1. FFF
2. Rise
3. Fishing
4. Round
5. Bags
6. Home
7. Ease

"Dispensing with noise, free-form aggression and anti-music production, a stack of uncredited musicians play powerful, highly-organized, prickly but accessible rock." -- Trouser Press
"If there's fire in your veins you won't want to miss out on this."
-- Kerrang!

"Yes,.it's John Lydon, sounding as unsettling as ever and as mad as hell...he reminds one that punk actually did happen after all."
-- Smash Hits

"Lydon has always been less interested in the music than in the spectacle of a credulous public rising to the bait." -- Record Mirror
A Kind Of Magic

# 46 (Billboard 200)
1. One Vision
2. A Kind Of Magic
3. One Year Of Love
4. Pain Is So Close To Pleasure
5. Friends Will Be Friends
6. Who Wants To Live Forever
7. Gimme The Prize
8. Don't Lose Your Head
9. Princes Of The Universe
10. Forever
11. One Vision (extended version)

"One Vision"
# 19 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)
# 61 (Billboard Hot 100)

"A Kind Of Magic"
# 42 (Billboard Hot 100)
"A Kind of Magic was their biggest album yet in England, where it reached number one, remained on the charts for 63 weeks, and spawned several hit singles....Most of the songs were written for the movie Highlander."
-- AMG

"We never needed Queen more than we need them now." -- Record Mirror

"Dominated by barren slabs of synthscape and guitarist Brian May's orchestral fretwork, A Kind of Magic sounds like hard rock with a hollow core: it's heavy plastic."
-- Rolling Stone
Animal Boy

# 143 (Billboard 200)
1. Somebody Put Something In My Drink
2. Animal Boy
3. Love Kills
4. Apeman Hop
5. She Belongs To Me
6. Crummy Stuff
7. My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg)
8. Mental Hell
9. Eat That Rat
10. Freak Of Nature
11. Hair Of The Dog
12. Something To Believe In
"If they can just keep going, they'll become Status Quo for the punk generation." -- Beat

Since the release of Too Tough to Die nearly two years earlier, the band's fortunes had gone from bad to worse....[T]hey started seriously altering their sound in search of a lucky break. With Animal Boy, producer Jean Beauvoir (of Plasmatics infamy) attempted to update the band's sound with the commercial conventions of the day, meaning keyboards and synthesizers. -- AMG
Rolling Stones
Dirty Work

# 4 (Billboard 200)
1. One Hit (To The Body)
2. Fight
3. Harlem Shuffle
4. Hold Back
5. Too Rude
6. Winning Ugly
7. Back To Zero
8. Dirty Work
9. Had It With You
10. Sleep Tonight
11. untitled

"Harlem Shuffle"
# 2 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)
# 5 (Billboard Hot 100)
[Remix] # 4 (Hot Dance Music)

"One Hit (To The Body)"
# 3 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)
# 28 (Billboard Hot 100)

"Winning Ugly"
# 10 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)
"The thirty-fifth Stones album is a rocking reaffirmation of their best qualities." -- Kerrang!

"Dirty Work is a bona fide rock'n'roll album, a difficult thing to pull off in 1986." -- Melody Maker

"'Hey kids!,' these men seem to be saying, 'it's 1976!' But actually, it isn't, and the whole thing is monstrously absurd." -- Smash Hits

"The Rolling Stones attempted to settle their differences and craft a comeback....Dirty hampered by uneven songs and undistinguished performances, as well as a slick, lightly synthesized production that instantly dates the album to the mid-'80s." -- All Music Guide

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
Like A Rock

# 3 (Billboard 200)
1. American Storm
2. Like A Rock
3. Miami
4. The Ring
5. Tightrope
6. The Aftermath
7. Sometimes
8. It's You
9. Somewhere Tonight
10. Fortunate Son

"Like A Rock"
# 12 (Billboard Hot 100)
# 21 (Adult Contemporary)

"American Storm"
# 13 (Billboard Hot 100)

"It's You"
# 22 (Adult Contemporary)
# 52 (Billboard Hot 100)

# 70 (Billboard Hot 100)
"All well and good, but Seger doesn't break any new ground with this LP. For the past decade, much of the Silver Bullet Band's best music has been in E Street territory, a tradition continued here....Like a Rock is a modest album, but when it works, it picks you up, takes you out and brings you back home." -- Rolling Stone

"The remarkable thing about this album is that, as soon as it hits the turntable, you begin, almost unconsciously, to read the paper. Then you leave the room, make a cup of tea, do the washing up, come back, turn the album...tidy your bedroom and basically do all those little jobs you never seem to get around to."
-- Melody Maker

Sigue Sigue Sputnik
Flaunt It

# 126 (Billboard 200)
1. Love Missile F1-11
2. Atari Baby
3. Sex Bomb Boogie
4. Rockit Miss USA (Black and Bluski)
5. 21st Century Boy (TV Messiah)
6. Massive Retaliation
7. Teenage Thunder (Teenage Mutants)
8. She's My Man (She Wolves of the S.S.S.)

"Love Missile F1-11"
# 50 (Hot Dance Music)
"Sigue Sigue Sputnik succeeded in their attempt to create the ultimate rock & roll fantasy, one full of violent, futuristic imagery that was cartoonish, yet often if you listened close enough, had, surprisingly, something to say."
-- All Music Guide

"This album makes my day. It has done every day since I got it, because this group make me smile...they are entertainers par excellence. This album is great, great fun."
-- Melody Maker
Siouxsie and the Banshees

# 88 (Billboard 200)
1. Candy Man
2. The Sweetest Chill
3. This Unrest
4. Cities In Dust
5. Cannons
6. Partys Full
7. 92 Degrees
8. Land's End
9. The Quarterdrawing Of The Dog
10. An Execution
11. Lullaby
12. Umbrella
13. Cities In Dust (extended version)

"Cities in Dust"
# 17 (Hot Dance Music)
"This is the most musically up-tempo of all the Banshees' albums and the most stylistically consistent one since The Scream and Join Hands."
-- All Music Guide

"The main problem is Sioux herself; her miserable obsession with death."
-- Beat

"The Banshees should be writing film scores for thriller movies."
-- Record Mirror

The Smiths
The Queen Is Dead
Rough Trade

# 71 (Billboard 200)
1. The Queen Is Dead
2. Frankly, Mr. Shankly
3. I Know It's Over
4. Never Had No One Ever
5. Cemetery Gates
6. Bigmouth Strikes Again
7. The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
8. Vicar In A Tutu
9. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
10. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

"The Boy With The Thorn In His Side"
# 49 (Hot Dance Music)
"The Queen Is Dead is the Smiths' great leap forward, taking the band to new musical and lyrical heights."
-- All Music Guide

"The Smiths aren't like anybody else."
-- Smash Hits

"Their music truly marked the beginning of the British alternative rock scene." -- Rolling Stone

"The Queen Is Dead shows just how far Morrissey could take his outrageous neurotic fantasies."
-- Trouser Press
Sonic Youth
1. Tom Violence
2. Shadow Of A Doubt
3. Star Power
4. In The Kingdom #19
5. Green Light
6. Death To Our Friends
7. Secret Girls
8. Marilyn Moore
9. Expressway To Yr. Skull
10. Bubblegum
"[A] stunningly fluent mixture of avant-garde instrumentation and subversions of rock & roll." -- AMG

"Sonic Youth is advanced noise, a pretty...sophisticated cultural signpost." -- Beat

"EVOL is a very impressive album wherein Sonic Youth makes the step from great noise band to great band."
-- Trouser Press
Steel Pulse
Babylon The Bandit
1. Save Black Music
2. Not King James Version
3. School Boy's Crush (Jail Bait)
4. Sugar Daddy
5. Kick That Habit (Cold Turkey)
6. Blessed Is The Man
7. Love Walks Out
8. Don't Be Afraid
9. Babylon The Bandit
"Actually, one of the highlights is the cover which represents a variety of historical and contemporary items which the West has thieved from Africa..." -- Record Mirror

"If you've lost touch with reggaie, here's the front door. Superb." -- Beat

"Protest lyrics swathed in slick, upwardly mobile production were pretty hard to take seriously, and the LP sank like a stone." -- Trouser Press
Bring On The Night
1. Bring On The Night
2. Consider Me Gone
3. Low Life
4. We Work The Black Seam
5. Driven To Tears
6. The Dream Of The Blue Turtles/Demolition Man
7. One World (Not Three)/Love Is The Seventh Wave
8. Moon Over Bourbon Street
9. I Burn For You
10. Another Day
11. Childrens's Crusade
12. Down So Long
13. Tea In The Sahara

"I've Been Down So Long"
# 14 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)

"I Burn For You"
# 27 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)
"After an album, a lengthy tour and a movie, a double live album may seem like narcissistic redundancy. But Bring On the Night is more fulfilling than any of the other Blue Turtle projects. Sting finally lets his band exhale, and the resulting gales can knock you down."
-- Rolling Stone

"The sound quality is spectacular, the instrumental arrangements and performances dull but unassailably accomplished. Sting's liner notes even reveal a glimmer of self-effacing humility." -- Trouser Press

"This could be called hubris... especially because the appearance of the live album feels like a way of showcasing Sting's jazz band and jazz chops. -- All Music Guide
The Style Council
Home And Abroad
1. The Big Boss Groove
2. My Ever Changing Moods
3. The Lodgers
4. Headstart For Happiness
5. (When You) Call Me
6. The Whole Point Of No Return
7. Our Favourite Shop
8. With Everything To Lose
9. Homebreakers
10. Shout To The Top
11. Walls Come Tumbling Down!
12. Internationalists
"This is a very enjoyable record, and if there's a point to the sheer fun of everyday meaninglessness then it's not pointless." -- Sounds

"[A] squeaky-clean, all-too-accurate collection of songs drawn from both albums....Considering that the Style Council often put live version[s] on their flipsides, this set seems to be mostly for those who must own absolutely everything [Paul] Weller puts his name to." -- Trouser Press