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Huey Lewis & The News
Huey Lewis (b. Hugh Anthony Cregg III, 7.5.50, New York, NY) vocals, harmonica; Sean Hopper (3.31.53, California) keyboards; Chris Hayes (10.24.57, California) lead guitar; Johnny Colla (7.2.52, California) saxophone, guitar; Mario Cipollina (10.10.54, California) bass; Bill Gibson (10.13.51, California) drums.

Born in New York, Huey Lewis was raised in Marin County, California. He graduated from a New Jersey prep school and was accepted by Cornell University, but decided to take some time off first, and hitchhiked around Europe. He became an accomplished blues harmonica player in the meantime. During his years at Cornell, Lewis played in a band called Slippery Elm, and in 1969 dropped out of college and headed back to the San Francisco area. A few years later, Lewis and Sean Hopper joined the San Francisco-based country-rock band Clover, just about the time the band signed a recording contract with Vertigo Records. The band played on Elvis Costello's debut album and backed Thin Lizzy on a UK tour, and also released a pair of albums in 1977 -- Unavailable and Love On The Wire. The departure of band founder John McFee for the Doobie Brothers led to Clover's break-up. Lewis returned to California, working in a yogurt shop by day and sitting in on jam sessions at Uncle Charlie's club in Marin County. Lewis and the musicians who would become The News recorded "Exo-Disco," a disco version of the theme to Exodus, which earned them a singles contract with Phonogram Records. Huey Lewis and the American Express was formed in 1979, but a year later changed their name to Huey Lewis and The News. Before the Eighties were over, Huey Lewis and The News would carve their own niche in the pop-rock world with their straight-ahead rock 'n' roll sound spiced with blues and soul.

May 1980
Thanks to demos recorded at Different Fur Studio in Marin County, Chrysalis signs the band.
July 1980
The band's debut album, Huey Lewis and the News, is released.
April 1982
The Mutt Lange-penned "Do You Believe In Love" becomes the band's first hit, peaking at US#7.
June 1982
The band's second album, Picture This, climbs to the #13 spot on the US album chart. "Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do" climbs to US#36.
September 1982
"Workin' For A Livin'" stalls at US#41.
September 1983
The self-written and self-produced Sports reaches US#6. It will ultimately sell ten million copies.
November 1983
"Heart And Soul" makes it to US#8.
March 1984
"I Want A New Drug" hits US#6. It will become a million-seller. Huey Lewis will later sue Ray Parker, Jr. for plagiarizing this song with his "Ghostbusters" hit; the case will be settled out of court in 1995.
June 1984
Sports makes it to the top spot on the US album chart. Meanwhile, the third single from the album, "The Heart Of Rock And Roll," climbs to US#6 and remains there for four weeks.
September 1984
"If This Is It" peaks at US#6 and becomes the band's first UK charter, climbing to UK#39.
December 1984
The fifth and final single from Sports, "Walking On A Thin Line," makes it to US#18.
January 1985
The band wins the Favorite Video, Duo or Group (Pop/Rock) trophy at the 12th Annual American Music Awards. Huey Lewis sings a solo segment of USA for Africa's "We Are The World."
August 1985
"The Power of Love," from the film Back to the Future (in which Huey Lewis has a cameo role), makes it to US#1 and remains there for two weeks, becoming a million seller. The band becomes the biggest grossing touring act in the U.S.
September 1985
"The Power Of Love" peaks at UK#11, while Sports reaches the #23 spot on the UK album chart.
January 1986
The band wins Favorite Single (Pop/Rock) and Favorite Video (Pop/Rock) at the 13th Annual American Music Videos.
February 1986
The band performs live at the 6th Annual BRIT Awards in London, where they are named Best International Group. They also win Best Video, Long Form for "Huey Lewis & The News: The Heart Of Rock And Roll" at the 28th Annual Grammy Awards.
March 1986
Following the premiere of Back to the Future in Britain, "The Power Of Love" makes it to UK#9
September 1986
"Stuck With You", from the new album, Fore!, climbs to US#1 and will stay there for three weeks, while peaking at UK#12.
October 1986
Including "The Power Of Love," Fore! soars to US#1 and UK#8.
December 1986
"Hip To Be Square" climbs to US#3 and UK#41.
January 1987
The band wins Favorite Band (Pop/Rock) and Favorite Video, Duo or Group (Pop/Rock) at the 14th Annual American Music Awards.
March 1987
Written by John and Bruce Hornsby, "Jacob's Ladder", which targets American televangelists, reaches US#1. It is the fourth single from Fore! and the band's third #1 hit.
May 1987
"I Know What I Like" climbs to US#9.
September 1987
The sixth single from Fore!, "Doing It All For My Baby," peaks at US#6.
July 1988
The RIAA certifies sales of four millions units for Fore!, following a recent certification that Sports had sold seven million copies.
September 1988
Self-produced Small World is released and soars to US#11 as well as UK#12. Within a month the RIAA will certify it platinum. The single, "Perfect World," makes it to US#3.
November 1988
"Small World" peaks at US#25.
February 1989
Final single from Small World, "Give Me The Keys (And I'll Drive You Crazy)" stalls at US#47.
May 1989
The band plays at at AIDS benefit held at the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum, along with Tracy Chapman, Los Lobos and Linda Ronstadt.

Huey Lewis & The News (Chrysalis, 1980)
Some Of My Lies Are True (Sooner Or Later)
Don't Make Me Do It
Stop Trying
Now Here's You
I Want You
Don't Ever Tell Me That You Love Me
Trouble In Paradise
Who Cares
If You Really Love Me You'll Let Me

Picture This (Chrysalis, 1982)
Change Of Heart
Tell Me A Little Lie
Giving It All Up For Love
Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do
Workin For A Livin
Do You Believe In Love
Is It Me
Whatever Happened To True Love
The Only One
Buzz Buzz Buzz

"Huey Lewis and the News combine sentiment with snap in a way that places them a significant notch above your anonymous, ordinary AOR fodder."
"Rock and roll music for cruising."
"These guys have managed to gather together so many competing currents in one place that Picture This is a virtual sampler of musical fashion."
Parke Puterbaugh, Rolling Stone (370)

Sports (Chrysalis, 1983)
The Heart of Rock & Roll
Heart And Soul
Bad Is Bad
I Want A New Drug
Walking On A Thin Line
Finally Found A Home
If This Is It
You Crack Me Up
Honky Tonk Blues

"An affable blend of Stax/Volt, doo-wop and good old common sense...filled with obvious and not-so-obvious hits."
"The band's easy-going rock/soul fusion reached its peak with Sports, which provided five US Top 20 hits."
The Virgin Encyclopedia of Eighties Music
"Wed Journey-style AOR fodder to bar-band blues, and two products are possible: tough, inventive rock & roll with arena-sized power, or plodding, unconvincing music drawn out by aimless soloing. This Bay Area quintet offers not enough of the former and way too much of the latter."
Christopher Connelly, Rolling Stone (414)

Fore (Chrysalis, 1986)
Jacob's Ladder
Stuck With You
Whole Lotta Lovin'
Doing It For My Baby
Hip To Be Square
I Know What I Like
I Never Walk Alone
Forest For The Trees
Simple As That

"Fore! the band's first album since Sports might as well be called Sports II, because the good-time style hasn't changed a bit; the band breaks into the same honest sweat without getting too messy. Which is not to say Huey Lewis and the News deliberately try to repeat themselves. They just play the music that's inside of them, and as a result, their sound is as vibrant, as organic as ever."
Rob Hoerburger, Rolling Stone (484)

Small World (Chrysalis, 1988)
Small World Part I
Old Antone's
Perfect World
Bobo Tempo
Small World Part II
Walking With The Kid
World To Me
Better Be True
Give Me The Keys (And I'll Drive You Crazy)

Huey Lewis appeared as Reba McIntire's husband in the 1992 video for her hit "Is There Life Out There?"

In addition to his cameo role as a music teacher in Back to the Future, Huey Lewis has also appeared in Shortcuts (1993), Sphere (1998) and Shadow of a Doubt (1998).

Lewis played harmonica on Nick Lowe's Labour of Lust and Dave Edmund's Repeat When Necessary.

"The Power Of Love" was not the song Huey Lewis initially intended for the film Back to the Future. His first choice was a tune entitled "In The Nick Of Time," but that song ended up being sung by Patti LaBelle on the soundtrack of the film Brewster's Millions. Some involved with the film thought "The Power Of Love" was not as good a song -- only to change their minds when it soared to #1 on Billboard's Top 100.

Huey Lewis & The News is the only band in Billboard history to have three consecutive #6 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 ("The Heart of Rock And Roll," "I Want A New Drug" and "This Is It").

The band launched more singles into the Top Ten of the Billboard Hot 100 than any other group in the 1980s.

Huey Lewis and The News have sold over 30 million records, worldwide.