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Remember the '80s!
Did you live in the 1980's? If so, I hope you'll contribute to this archive of memories. Did you buy your first car, go on your first date, suffer your first heartbreak, buy your first house, cast your first ballot in the '80s? What were your favorite songs? Favorite movies? What did you think of the fashion, the politics, the issues of the time? Just about anything goes here, as long as it's about you, or someone you knew, in the 1980s -- and as long as it is suitable for the general public (i.e., keep it clean!)

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J Manning, The Eighties Club creator:
This seems like an appropriate time and place to elaborate on what I was all about in the 1980s. Looking back, I'd have to say it was probably the best decade of my life. (So far.) I was young, in good health, living with a tall, attractive blonde. (She was a photographer.) I worked as an investigator for a firm that contracted with other firms; we went into the client companies undercover to break up drug and theft operations. I did this for six years, and wasn't very well paid, but I still made money because I socked a lot of it away in money market accounts that made double-digit interest. Can you imagine -- double digit interest on your money! We'll never see that again. Of course, interest rates on purchases were high, too, but I didn't make any major purchases until late in the decade, when I bought my first house. Oh, and I bought a '78 Corvette just for the heck of it. That car was a piece of junk, but I got a rush the first time I drove it. The rush didn't last very long; I think the beast broke down after about three blocks. I also drove a Ford Mustang for the last half of the decade. It was okay, but the Mustang I drive now looks -- and runs -- a lot better than the '80s version did.
I haven't voted in recent elections, but I did in 1980. I cast my ballot for Reagan because I thought the presidency was too big a job for Carter. Besides, I didn't like hearing how America's best days were over, and that we were going to have to settle for less. I'm not saying I didn't believe that was so -- I just didn't like hearing it. I wasn't sure about Reagan, and for the first couple of years I was expecting to see mushroom clouds suddenly sprout over the city's skyline. I guess, like so many others, I underestimated RWR.
Since I often worked at night -- and since I had a VCR -- I didn't go to many movies in the '80s. As for television I was impressed at the time by Miami Vice because it was so different, such a trend-setter. (I like it less now.) I also watched Magnum and The Equalizer. Now, after the fact, I have a much greater appreciation for shows like Hill Street Blues and St. Elsewhere, as well as some of the sitcoms -- none of which I watched at the time. As for music, I preferred U2 and INXS and John Cougar, I mean John Cougar Mellencamp, um, John Mellencamp. In fact, the best concert I ever attended was a Mellencamp show in the late '80s. Favorite albums? (Apart from just about any album by the aforementioned), Don Henley's Building the Perfect Beast and GNR's Appetite for Destruction.
Computers, cellphones, VCRs, CDs, cable -- I sometimes wonder how we survived before the '80s came along.
[POSTED 11.13.06]