The Eighties Club
The Politics and Pop Culture of the 1980s
Bestselling Books of the '80s
(Based on the Publisher's Weekly bestseller list)

1. The Covenant, James A. Michener
2. The Bourne Identity, Robert Ludlum
3. Rage of Angels, Sidney Sheldon
4. Princess Daisy, Judith Krantz
5. Firestarter, Stephen King
6. The Key to Rebecca, Ken Follett
7. Random Winds, Belva Plain
8. The Devil's Alternative, Frederick Forsyth
9. The Fifth Horseman, Larry Collins/D. Lapierre
10. The Spike, de Borchgrave/Moss
1. Crisis Investing..., D.R. Casey
2. Cosmos, Carl Sagan
3. Free to Choose, Milton & Rose Friedman
4. Anatomy of an Illness..., Norman Cousins
5. Thy Neighbor's Wife, Gay Talese
6. The Sky's the Limit, Dr. Wayne Dyer
7. The Third Wave, Alvin Toffler
8. Craig Claiborne's Gourmet Diet
9. Nothing Down, Robert Allen
10. Shelley, Shelley Winters

1. Noble House, James Clavell
2. The Hotel New Hampshire, John Irving
3. Cujo, Stephen King
4. An Indecent Obsession, Colleen McCullough
5. Gorky Park, Martin Cruz Smith
6. Masquerade, Kit Williams
7. Goodbye, Janette, Harold Robbins
8. The Third Deadly Sin, Lawrence Sanders
9. The Glitter Dome, James Warbaugh
10. No Time for Tears, Cythnia Freeman
1. The Beverly Hills Diet, Judy Mazel
2. The Lord God Made Them All, James Herriot
3. Richard Simmons' Never-Say-Diet Book
4. A Light in the Attic, Shel Silverstein
5. Cosmos, Carl Sagan
6. Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book
7.Miss Piggy's Guide to Life, Henry Beard
8. Weight Watchers 365-Day Menu Cookbook
9. You Can Negotiate Anything, Herb Cohen
10.  A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney, Rooney

1. E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial Storybook, W. Kotzwinkle
2. Space, James A. Michener
3. The Parsifal Mosaic, Robert Ludlum
4. Master of the Game, Sidney Sheldon
5. Mistral's Daughter, Judith Krantz
6. The Valley of Horses, Jean M. Auel
7. Different Seasons, Stephen King
8. North and South, John Jakes
9. 2010: Odyssey Two, Arthur C. Clarke
10. The Man from St. Petersburg, Ken Follett
1. Jane Fonda's Workout Book
2. Living, Loving and Learning, Leo Buscaglia
3. And More by Andy Rooney, Rooney
4. Better Homes & Gardens New Cookbook
5. Life Extension..., D. Pearson & S. Shaw
6. When Bad Things Happen to Good People, Kushner
7.A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney, Rooney
8. The Weight Watchers Food Plan Diet Cookbook
9. Richard Simmons' Never-Say-Diet Cookbook
10. No Bad Dogs..., Barbara Woodhouse

1. Return of the Jedi Storybook, J. Vinge
2. Poland, James A. Michener
3. Pet Sematary, Stephen King
4. The Little Drummer Girl, John Le Carre
5. Christine, Stephen King
6. Changes, Danielle Steel
7. The Name of the Rose, Umberto Eco
8. White Gold Wielder..., Stephen R. Donaldson
9. Hollywood Wives, Jackie Collins
10. The Lonesome Gods, Louis L'Amour
1. In Search of Excellence..., Peters & Waterman
2. Megatrends, John Naisbett
3. Motherhood..., Erma Bombeck
4. The One Minute Manager, Blanchard & Johnson
5. Jane Fonda's Workour Book
6. The Best of James Herriot, James Herriot
7. The Mary Kay Guide to Beauty...
8. On Wings of Eagles, Ken Follett
9. Creating Wealth, Robert G. Allen
10. The Body Principal..., Victoria Principal

1. The Talisman, Stephen King & Peter Straub
2. The Aquitaine Progression, Robert Ludlum
3. The Sicilian, Mario Puzo
4. Love and War, John Jakes
5. The Butter Battle Book, Dr. Seuss
6. ...And the Ladies of the Club, Helen Santmyer
7. The Fourth Protocol, Frederick Forsyth
8. Full Circle, Danielle Steel
9. Life & Hard Times of Heidi Abromowitz, Joan Rivers
10. Lincoln: A Novel, Gore Vidal
1. Iacocca: An Autobiography, Lee Iacocca
2.Loving Each Other, Leo Buscaglia
3. Eat to Win..., Robert Haas
4. Pieces of My Mind, Andy Rooney
5. Weight Watchers Fast and Fabulous Cookbook
6. What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School..., Mark H. McCormack
7. Women Coming of Age, J. Fonda & M. McCarthy
8. Moses the Kitten, James Herriot
9. The One Minute Salesperson, Johnson & Wilson
10. Weight Watchers Quick Start Program Cookbook

1. The Mammoth Hunters, Jean M. Auel
2. Texas, James A. Michener
3. Lake Wobegon Days, Garrison Keillor
4. If Tomorrow Comes, Sidney Sheldon
5. Skeleton Crew, Stephen King
6. Secrets, Danielle Steel
7. Contact, Carl Sagan
8. Lucky, Jackie Collins
9. Family Album, Danielle Steel
10. Jubal Sackett, Louis L'Amour
1. Iacocca: An Autobiography, Lee Iacocca
2. Yeager: An Autobiography, Chuck Yeager & L. Janos
3. Elvis and Me, Priscilla Presley & Sandra Harmon
4. Fit for Life, H. & M. Diamond
5. The Be-Happy Attitudes, Robert Schuller
6. Dancing in the Light, Shirley MacLaine
7. A Passion for Excellence..., Peters & Austin
8. The Frugal Gourmet, Jeff Smith
9. I Never Played the Game, Howard Cosell
10. Dr. Berger's Immune Power Diet, S. Berger

1. It, Stephen King
2. Red Storm Rising, Tom Clancy
3. Whirlwind, James Clavell
4. The Bourne Supremacy, Robert Ludlum
5. Hollywood Husbands, Jackie Collins
6. Wanderlust, Danielle Steel
7. I'll Take Manhattan, Judith Krantz
8. Last of the Breed, Louis L'Amour
9. The Prince of Tides, Pat Conroy
10. A Perfect Spy, John Le Carre
1. Fatherhood, Bill Cosby
2. Fit for Life, H. & M. Diamond
3. His Way...Frank Sinatra, Kitty Kelley
4. The Rotation Diet, Martin Katahn
5. You're Only Old Once, Dr. Seuss
6. Callanetics, Callan Pinckney
7. The Frugal Gourmet Cooks with Wine, J. Smith
8. Be Happy--You Are Loved!, R. Schuller
9. Word for Word, Andy Rooney
10. James Herriot's Dog Stories, James Herriot

1. The Tommyknockers, Stephen King
2. Patriot Games, Tom Clancy
3. Kaleidoscope, Danielle Steel
4. Misery, Stephen King
5. Leaving Home..., Garrison Keillor
6. Windmills of the Gods, Sidney Sheldon
7. Presumed Innocent, Scott Turow
8. Fine Things, Danielle Steel
9. Heaven and Hell, John Jakes
10. The Eyes of the Dragon, Stephen King
1. Time Flies, Bill Cosby
2. Spycatcher..., Peter Wright w/ Paul Greengrass
3. Family: The Ties That Bind...and Gag!, Bombeck
4. Veil: Secret Wars of the CIA, Bob Woodward
5. A  Day in the Life of America, R. Smolan & D. Cohen
6. The Great Depression of 1990, Ravi Batra
7. It's All in the Playing, Shirley MacLaine
8. Man of the House..., T.P. O'Neill, Jr. w/ Wm. Novak
9. The Frugal Gourmet Cooks American, Jeff Smith
10. The Closing of the American Mind, Allan Bloom

1. The Cardinal of the Kremlin, Tom Clancy
2. The Sands of Time, Sidney Sheldon
3. Zoya, Danielle Steel
4. The Icarus Agenda, Robert Ludlum
5. Alaska, James A. Michener
6. Till We Meet Again, Judith Krantz
7. The Queen of the Damned, Anne Rice
8. To Be the Best, Barbara Taylor Bradford
9. One: A Novel, Richard Bach
10. Mitla Pass, Leon Uris
1. The 8-Week Cholesterol Cure, R.E. Kowalski
2. Talking Straight, Lee Iacocca w/ S. Kleinfield
3. A Brief History of Time..., Steven W. Hawking
4. Trump: The Art of the Deal, Donald J. Trump
5. Gracie: A Love Story, George Burns
6. Elizabeth Takes Off, Elizabeth Taylor
7. Swim with the Sharks..., Harvey MacKay
8.Christmas in America, David Cohen, ed.
9. Weight Watchers Quick Success Program Book
10. Moonwalk, Michael Jackson

1. Clear and Present Danger, Tom Clancy
2. The Dark Half, Stephen King
3. Daddy, Danielle Steel
4. Star, Danielle Steel
5. Caribbean, James A. Michener
6. The Satanic Verses, Salman Rushdie
7. The Russia House, John Le Carre
8. The Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follett
9. California Gold, John Jakes
10. While My Pretty One Sleeps, Mary Higgins Clark
1. All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten, Robert Fulghum
2. Wealth Without Risk..., Charles J. Givens
3. A Woman Named Jackie, C. David Heymann
4. It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It, R. Fulghum
5. Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book
6. The Way Things Work, David Macauley
7. It's Always Something, Gilda Radner
8. Roseanne: My Life as a Woman, Roseanne Barr
9. The Frugal Gourmet...3 Ancient Cuisines, J. Smith
10. My Turn: The Memoirs of Nancy Reagan