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The Politics and Pop Culture of the 1980s
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Movie Reviews
Films of the decade reviewed.
Stars of the '80s
Showcasing the top actors and actresses of the decade.
The Films of 1985
The year's top 50 box office hits, Academy Award & Golden Globe nominees and winners,
and the top box office stars.
Academy Award Winners
A complete listing of Oscar winners in the top categories from 1980 through 1989.
Top Box Office Hits, 1980-89
The top ten money-making movies for each year, plus other noteworthy films.

Featured Series
Take a comprehensive look at television series of the '80s.
The Television Time Machine
The Time Machine takes us back to see what we were watching on TV in the '80s.
The A-Z of Television in the '80s
When completed, this will list every primetime TV series aired during the decade, with network, stars, dates and a brief synopsis.
Top TV Shows of the 1980s
A listing of the Top 25 shows for each of the decade's ten seasons.
Cartoons of the '80s
From ALF to Voltron, a look at the cartoons that made Saturday mornings so great.
Emmy Winners of the '80s
A listing of the winners in top categories for 1980 through 1989.
Primetime Schedules
1980, 1981 1982, 1983 1984, 1985 1986, 1987 1988, 1989

Featured Song/Artist
In which I look at a new '80s song, providing the lyrics and an overview of the artist's career.
A Decade in the Life
A comprehensive look at the careers of a solo artists and groups during the 1980s; includes a chronology and discography.
Featured Year
Showcasing a year in the music industry during the 1980s, including Top 10 singles and best albums.
1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986
Albums of 1985
Provides the covers, track listings, chart rankings and critics' comments on 81 of the year's albums.
Top 100 Songs
The top tunes of the year (according to Billboard), plus images and behind-the-scenes information on all of the year's # 1 hits, plus the year's Top 50 in the UK.
1984 1985 1986 1987 1988
MTV Video Music Awards (1984-89)
Country Music Association Awards (1980-89)
Grammy Awards in the 1980s
A listing of Grammy winners for each year, 1980 through 1989.

Concise bios of over 100 people who influenced the 1980s.
The American Scene
A detailed survey, using statistics, of American society in the 1980s -- where we worked, how much we earned, how we spent our leisure time, and what we thought on issues such as abortion and gun control.
The Eighties Lexicon
From "airhead" to "tubular," Eighties slang and what it meant.
Images of the '80s
Images of the people and events that defined the decade.
Nobel Laureates of the 1980s
Pageant Winners of the 1980s
The decade's Miss America, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA winners.
Bestselling Books of the 1980s
The Top Ten fiction and nonfiction titles for each year.
Automobiles of the 1980s (1: AMC & Chrysler)
Pictures and specs of models, as well as concise histories of the automakers.
Memorabilia (1)
Some uniquely '80s items, and the stories behind them.

The Online Encyclopedia of the 1980s

The Samantha Smith Story ... Who Shot J.R.? ... Sex, Murder & Videotape ... A Weekend to Remember ... Car Wars ... The E.T. Phenomenon ... Debategate ... That Old-Time Religion ... Yuppie Culture ... The Rise and Fall of John DeLorean ... The Desert One Disaster ... The Tylenol Murders ... The Brat Pack ... Farm Aid ... The Achille Lauro Incident ... Baby Fae ... The Discovery of the Titanic ... Chernobyl ... Miss Liberty Gets A Facelift ... The Air Traffic Controllers' Strike ... Wolves on Wall Street ... Mount St. Helens ... MTV, Madonna and Miami Vice ... Ma Bell Breaks Up ... The Subway Vigilante ... Hands Across America ... Raid on Libya ... Jane Fonda Works Out ... The Tawana Brawley Hoax ... Target: The President ... Exxon Valdez ... Victory on Ice ... The Falklands War ... The Bork Nomination ... The AIDS Epidemic ... Reykjavik ... Donna and the Senator ... Solidarity ... The Computer Revolution ... The Atlanta Murders ... The Contras ... Killer Weather ... The Crash of '87 ... Geraldine Ferraro ... Flight 007 ... The Drug Wars ... Afghanistan ... Cats & A Chorus Line ... Games People Play ... Living in the Rust Belt ... Reagan Goes to Moscow ... Charles and Diana ... Life in the Fast Lane ... Apartheid ... The Eighties Look ... Bitburg ... The Homeless ... The USS Stark Incident ... The Bad Boys of Tennis ... The Dirtiest Campaign

When completed, this section will provide an extensive reference for both professional and collegiate sports during the 1980s.

When completed, this will be a concise but comprehensive review of the headlines for all 3,653 days of the decade.
Currently available:
January-December 1982 ... January-December 1981 ... January-February 1982

Short book excerpts describing an event unique in its portrayal of life in the 1980s.
Rather in Tiananman Square ... The Trespassers: Drilling in the Wilderness ... USA Today Hits the Streets ... The Nicaraguan Peace Initiative ... The Neighborhood ... Michael and MTV ... What Do They Do For Fun in Warsaw? ... In Country ... The Reagan Doctrine ... The Plague Goes Public ... Beverly Hills High in the 1980s ... Reagan and Thatcher: The Balance Sheet ... Kidnapped ... The Madonna/Pepsi Controversy ... Congress in the Dock ... A Mother Takes A Stand ... The Culture of Triumph ... Nighmare on Elm Drive ... Number One With a Bullet

The Eighties live on in this eMagazine containing excerpts of recent commentary.

A chronological look at the important events of the 1980s.

Ten trivia challenges-- a total of five hundred questions that will tests your knowledge of the Eighties.

The Reagan Presidency: An Overview
Speeches & Debates (17)
Essays (12)
Articles (10)

In this section you'll find important events of the 1980s explored through the use of primary sources -- Facts on File, Time Magazine, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, The Economist, and editorials from dozens of major American newspapers. Read what people were saying at the time about the key issues and events of the day.

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