The Eighties Club
The Politics and Pop Culture of the 1980s
The Eighties are back in style! The music, the television shows, the fashion -- not to mention the debate (which has never really gone out of style) on how the decade changed America and the world -- lives on. In this section we'll bring you recent commentary on '80s politics and pop culture as it still affects us, for better or worse, today.
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Miami Vice: The Game. Need We Say More? ..... Boy George Sent to Rehab, NY Drug Charges Dropped ..... Twentysomethings Are Snapping Up 80's Items ..... Footloose ..... Jackal Probe Over, 20 Yrs. On ..... Back with a Bang(le) ..... Little Progress in Atlanta Investigation ..... Fashion Rewind to the '80s ..... A Legacy of Tainted Blood

What's So Hot About the '80s?.....Pieces of Eighties.....Lessons for U.S. From A Shiite Uprising in Lebanon.....Those '80s Toys Are a Hit Again with Little Girls.....Living In a Material World.....Whose 1980s?

Duran Duran on Comeback Trail.....Remains ID'd As Green River Killer Victim.....Rock Singer Robert Palmer Dies at Age 54.....Man-Eating Plant Is Back, Now on Broadway.....Trial of Tyco's Kozlowski Begins in New York.....Smallpox Vaccine Could Prevent AIDS.....Aloha, Magnum P.I......Suit Filed Over Album Lennon Signed for Killer.

Man Goes Into Coma in 1984, Awakes in 2003.....Cutting Edge? (fashion).....Nike Gets Foothold in "Retro" Shoe Market.....Duran Duran Follows Beckham Formula in Comeback.....When Sources Go Bad.....Commodore 64 Makes A Comeback.....Fables of Finance.....Brace Yourself: Garbage Pail Kids Return

Oh No! Proof We're Really Living in the Awful 1980s.....Musical Feeds Nostalgia for the '80s.....Two Boyz Go Back to the Future.....Replay of Reagan-Era Voting Patterns Is Not Good News for Democrats.....Living in the '80s; Or When Did We Get This Old?

Child's Play In A War Zone.....Meltdown: Is Axl Rose Finished?.....Popular Eighties Toys Return as "Works of Art" for Celebrities and Charities.....Critics Take on '80s Excess: The Cannes Film Festival in the 1980s.....1980s Rookie Scouting Reports on Former Players

A "World" Without End: 10 Years Later, Music Industry Still Feeling Effects of Song.....Moonwalk Down Memory Lane: 'That '80s Show' Makes It Official--the 'Re Decade' Is Back.....Coke & the CIA: The Real Thing?.....Tonight We're Going to Party Like It's 1981.....Toy Companies, Film/TV Studios Join to Market Familiar Franchises

Eighties Rocker Renaissance.....Reliving the '80s: The Music and Spirit of the "Greed is Good" Decade Are Back With A Vengeance.....Lying with Statistics: Efforts to Discredit the Economic Achievements of the 1980s Just Don't Add Up.....Feminism on Lifetime: Yuppie TV for the Nineties (Parts 1 & 2).....Eighties Enough