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Karen's Song
(FOX, 7.18-87-9.12.87)
Patty Duke starred as Karen Matthews, editor at an L.A. book publisher and single mom whose daughter attended UCLA and whose new boyfriend happened to be twelve years younger than she. That was the basis for this short-lived sitcom on the brand new Fox network. Teri Hatcher played Karen's daughter, Laura.
Kate & Allie
Featured Series

Kay O'Brien
(CBS, 9.25-86-11.13.86)
The title character of this hour-long medical drama, played by Patricia Kalember, was a surgical resident at Manhattan General. Supporting characters included Dr. Doyle, another surgical resident who didn't think women had any business being surgeons, and Rosa, emergency room nurse and Kay's best friend.

Keep On Cruisin'
(CBS, 1.9.87-6.5.87)
Sinbad, Stephen Bishop and Jimmy Aleck hosted this Dick Clark-produced variety hour that aired from various locations around Los Angeles and featured musical and comedy acts such as New Edition, Billy Vera and the Beaters, Eddie Money, Ronnie Spector and Rick Ducommun.

King's Crossing
(ABC, 1.16.82-2.27.82)
This prime-time soap opera focused on the lives of Lauren and Carey Hollister, daughters of an alcoholic writer who moved his family to the small California hamlet of King's Crossing in hopes of making a fresh start. Bradford Dillman played the father, Linda Hamilton the older  daughter, Lauren.

Knight & Daye
(NBC, 7.8.89-8.14.89)
Jack Warden and Mason Adams starred as a pair of broadcasters co-hosting a new radio show. Problem was, Knight held a grudge against Daye, who'd wooed and won the hand of the woman they'd both loved -- forty years earlier. This half-hour sitcom lasted for seven episodes.

Knight Rider
Featured Series

Knots Landing
(CBS, 12.20.79-5.13.93)
A spinoff of Dallas featuring Gary Ewing (Ted Shackelford), black-sheep of the family, a recovering alcoholic who moves with wife Val to  Southern California to live on a cul-de-sac with a fascinating array of characters including classic car dealer Sid and his wife Karen, the unprincipled attorney Richard and his wife Laura, and Sid's divorced sister Abby. There were 344 episodes of this hour-long soap opera that lasted from the decade's start to its finish (and beyond), featuring a cast of dozens including Joan Van Ark, Don Murray, Michele Lee, Donna Mills, Lisa Hartman, William Devane, Alec Baldwin, Nicollette Sheridan, Michael York, Teri Austin and Halle Berry (1991).

(ABC, 11.10.88-1.19.89)
The Knights of the City were young volunteers who worked out of a church basement where they trained in martial arts for their forays into the mean streets of New York, which they patrolled a la the Guardian Angels. Benjamin Bratt starred at the leader of the Knights. Nine episodes aired.

The Krypton Factor
(ABC, 8.7.81-9.4.81)
Dick Clark hosted this summer game show in which contestants faced challenges that tested their reflexes, memory and physical stamina.

L.A. Law
(NBC, 10.3.86-5.19.94)
An Emmy-winning legal drama with a stellar ensemble cast that included Richart Dysart, Harry Hamlin, Susan Dey, Jill Eikenberry , Corbin Bernsen and Jimmy Smits, among others and created by Steven Bochco (Hill Street Blues) and Terry Louise Fisher. In 171 episodes we followed the professional and personal lives of attorneys working for a high-powered legal firm. There was the fatherly senior partner Leland McKenzie (Dysart), the sleazy divorce attorney Arnie Becker (Bernsen), the idealistic Ann Kelsey (Eikenberry), and younger parter Michael Kusak (Hamlin), whose lover -- and sometimes opponent -- was Deputy DA Van Owen (Dey).
Ladies' Man
Lady Blue