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"Nice site but on your timeline for 1984, you have Indira Gandhi being assassinated both on October 1, and on October 31. She was a tough lady, but not THAT tough."

"If I were going to write a pamphlet about an event years ago, your site would be my only reference. I really appreciate your efforts."

"This is a great resource!! What a fun trip! I found exactly what I needed and more. . . "

"Hi great site! really think you have a great thing going here....Cheers mate and keep up the good work - us ''80s fans are still out there!!!"

"Your website is well documented and accurately reflects the entire 1980's from a U.S perspective. I am pleased that an entire section is devoted to the USS Stark and other related Middle East events." -- Web Manager USS Stark

"I came upon your site in a search for the tale of Alfred Bloomingdale and Vicki Morgan. I thought you might be interested in two other fictionalizations: "Alfred and Victoria" (play) by Romulus Linney And.... the "Dragnet" program aired last night (February 23). Great site." -- Liz

"I've been looking far and wide for too songs from the early 80s (maybe even late 70s) -- thought maybe you might know where to get them. 1) "Whatever Happened To Eddie" by Eddie & the Munsters (featuring Butch Patrick from the Munsters TV series). It was once on one of Elvira''s Halloween mixes. 2) "Ronald Reagan" I thought it was by the Humans, but I looked at their discography and it didn''t list it). It had some of these phrases in it "Save us Ronald Reagan, save us Mr. President, save us from ourselves" "wanna be a cowboy". Please let me know if you have these or where I should look." -- Robert

[Can anyone help here?]

"Great site but wouldn''t be easier? It''s open :)"

[It would be easier, and in fact, visitors can access this site using the URL However, to change all the search engine listings would result, in many cases, in The Eighties Club losing it's top spot in search results at Yahoo, Google, elsewhere. For some reason, altering a site listing can send it into a recycle limbo.]

"Love your site! It has so much depth... One comment: The center-justified text is difficult to read in the articles. Great work-- your site is a valuable resource and very interesting."

"Excellent site. Very well done, brings back memories."

"It is always nice to encounter a Moonlighting fan in my travels across the web. It truly was a wonderful show and compared to most of the stuff on is a masterpiece!! What a fabulous job you have done on your site and it is nice to see you keep it up to date and adding more content. I try to do an update on mine at least once a month--it is a constant process to go out and find new photos, etc." -- Cindy, Webmaster of Moonlighting:

"I was seeking information on "Hands Across America". (organizers etc) It seems that Americans could use this event again, to make a stand, hand in hand, for peace....please pass along the idea to the powers that be, it might help."

"I didn't find what I was looking for... BUT I found a great many interesting things!! I''ll definitely be back for more. Good Work!"

"Great site! Any idea where I might find the original movie poster for "The Last American Virgin" (1982)? I''m dying to get my hands on one. Thank you for your time and consideration."

[If anyone has any ideas for the poster let us know, and we'll pass it on.]
"I think that you should have a page dedicated to the cartoons of the eighties. Like Jem and Thundercats etc. I also think that you should have a page dedicated to the toys of the eighties. Well that''s my feedback. Can''t wait to see what you do with it."

[Excellent ideas, and one more thing to add to the to-do list!]
[Finally got this done, see Cartoons of the '80s in Television -- JM, 2.3.03]

"I just have to say that this is the best 80's web site on the internet. I was born in ''69 so the 80's are the time frame all my best memories are from. It's nice to be reminded of how much fun the 80's actually were. Thank you for your dedication and for making a great site!"

"Is there anything on the Eighties Club web site related to ShowBiz Pizza Place and/or Chuck E. Cheese''s Pizza Time Theatre? Both of these video game/pizza restaurants were popular in the 1980's."

"Superb site-very well done!"

"Please help! I am looking for the artist and song title from the eighties. It was around the time Janet Jacksons song Pleasure Principle was out. I saw the video many times on the TBS show Night Tracks. The only things I can remember of the video was the setting. It was on the beach and there was a man on a cliff and a beautiful woman on the beach. This is driving me nuts!!! It was a slow romantic type song if I remember correctly. Any ideas at all? Thanks!!!!" -- B.B., New Orleans, LA

[We're stumped -- but betting that someone out there knows the answer. If so -- email us! We'll post your response here.]

"You have a terrific and thorough site. I am a radio personality for an all 80's radio station in Nashville, TN. I stumbled across your site looking for help with a nightly trivia feature. Keep up the good work! My best," -- Jack Shell, Star 97/Nashville

"Seriously comprehensive and informative! Painless navigation. I''m researching for a retro 80''s screenplay, and you helped my recall considerably. Much thanks, eh... Er - Dude, you totally stoked me huge. Righteous!"

"Please help---I am trying to confirm that I am correct, I say Denny (Danny) Tario was the host of Dancin' on Air----my friend says it was BandStand---I think he is sooooo wrong. Can you help me claim victory?" -- AJ

[Dancing on Air was a five-week dance instruction TV program that aired in 1947. There was a Dancin' to the Hits show in the 1980s -- 30 episodes were produced for syndication in 1986, but it was hosted by Lorenzo Lamas. Danny Tario (or Terrio) was the lead male dancer for the show Dance Fever, which ran from 1978-1987. Tario left the show in 1985 and was replaced by Adrian Zmed.]
"I really like this website. It is so organized and useful...." -- SG

"Hi, I would to know were can i find music videos shows from the 80s? remember I think CBS- had New York Hot Tracks I think it ran from 1984 or 1985 to about 1989 or 90. I think it came on Friday or Saturday night about 1030pm. And TBS had Night Tracks. I would like to buy the videos of the shows. please help. thank you, "lumus"

[Is there anyone out there who can help with this? If so, contact the Eighties Club.]

"I grew up in the eighties... born in 1977. So where are those great cartoons at? I mean those were some of the best ever. You should list them also, especially on such a professional site."

[A good idea -- and our "to-do" list grows longer still!]

 "The ending of your article on the American-Libyan clashes in 1981 and 1986 has an error. 'According to a 1989 Department of State Bulletin, while terrorist activity continued on the rise in 1987 and 1988, Libyan-sponsored terrorist acts declined significantly.' Actually, one or more Libyan intelligence agents were behind the bombing of a flight over Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21, 1988. When Qaddafi finally allowed the extradition of the two suspects in 1999, one was found guilty of mass murder and the other was judged not guilty."

"It is a travesty that you do NOT have the greatest 80's movie in your lists. Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Come on.
Show some love."

"Just a quick note about The television series "The Greatest American Hero". I checked the Internet Movie Database and no such movie was created in 1997 by Tim Burton. Believe me I would love a movie to come out about the show but there is no movie out there yet. Right now the show is being played on a Canadian Digital Channel called Showcase Action and I love the show...Up with the 80's."--Duncan N., Vancouver ,BC, Canada
[We wasted no time wiping the egg off our faces and revising the GAH entry!]

"I just found this website and I am hoping you can answer the question >I have had for about a year or so. I have been trying to find the title of >this song. I don't know the full lyrics but I do know that in the chorus it >is like (Ohh oh ohohohoh oh OH oh oh). Lol, I hope I just didn't make a fool >out of myself. Anyways, the song is upbeat and has brass instruments in it. >Sounds something like Mr. Mister would do but I am not sure. Please e mail >me back if you have any idea of what song I am talking about. My e mail is [deleted]. Thanks again for your time, >Will

[We drew a complete blank on this one. If anyone else can help out, please email us with the answer. See below...]

[I'm pretty sure the answer to this is... Howard Jones - "Things Can Only Get Better". I was looking for it myself and finally found it and that feedback comment, so I figured I'd try and answer it."] -- Capt. James T. Kirk

"Awesome site! Get rid of the pop up ads though!!"

"Enjoyed article titled "The Tylenol Murders". Can you suggest how i may obtain the references you listed? The Chicago Tribune archives goes back only to 1985. Thanks; happy Holidays."

"Hi, I just happened upon your site while doing some online research of my favorite decade. You've done a wonderful job here, and I'd like to help promote your site by adding a link to it from my own. Again, kudos on the great web page. Keep up the good work." -- S.C. Bannon,

"According to the daily news section, on Friday, 15 August 1980, the USS Titanic was reported as 'possibly found.' Just a little correction, there never was such a ship! Titanic was a British ship and therefore the H.M.S. Titanic (not USS)."

[You can imagine our embarrassment!]

"Here are other notable 80's movies that could be reviewed. Blade Runner(1982), Cutter's Way(1981), Stardust Memories(1981), Montenegro(1981), Altered States(1980), After Hours(1985), Prince of The City(1981), Raging Bull(1980), Daniel(1983), Brazil(1985), Bad Timing:A Sensual Obsession(1980), Under Fire(1983), Willie & Phil(1980), Times Square(1980), Get Crazy(1983), The Stunt Man(1980), The Mosquito Coast(1986), Insignifigance(1985), Clinton & Nadine(1988), Gloria(1980), Blow Out(1981), Empire of The Sun(1987), Mishima(1985), The Cotton Club(1984), To Live & Die in L.A.(1985), Sophie's Choice(1982), Dressed to Kill(1980), Exposed(1983), The Glass Menagerie(1987), The Border(1982), Year of The Dragon(1985), True Confessions(1981), Honeysuckle Rose(1980), The Right Stuff(1983), The Bostonians(1984), The Times of Harvey Milk(1984), Fool For Love(1985), My Dinner With Andre(1981), Blood Simple(1984), Agnes of God(1985), Tempest(1982), Eureka(1983), The! Last Temptation of Christ(1988), September(1987), Zelig(1983), Border Radio(1982), The Believers(1987), Four Friends(1981), New York Stories(1989), The Dresser(1983), The Pope of Greenwich Village(1984), Once Upon a Time in America(1984), Nadine(1987), Who Am I This Time(1982), Deathwatch(1982), Three O'Clock High(1987), Casualties of War(1989), At Close Range(1986), Inside Moves(1980), Trouble in Mind(1985), Cannery Row(1982)."
[Some great suggestions; we've obviously still got a lot to do.]

"I know band aid was a concert in the late 80's-early 90's and i'm trying to get coverage on it so that we can re-create it in order to send help to help educate africans about aids. this is only a high school amnesty international effort, but whatever you can tell me about band-aid would be very useful thank you"--Mary L.

"Hey, I looked through all the TV schedule stuff and I didn't [see a] listing or mention of the short-lived "Automan"! Also, another piece of info that I think should be mentioned is about which "Friends" star pretty much got her start on "Misfits of Science"!!" -- Chris S.

[Actually, we had already used the little-known fact that Courteney Cox had starred in the short-lived Misfits of Science in Trivia Challenge # 7.]

"First of all I would like to thank you for this wonderful website! I can not tell you how informative it has been for me, especially the daily news. I am a history student at [deleted] doing an independent study this semester, focusing primarily on US foreign policy of 1980. I have showed my professor your site, and she is very impressed. However, if I were to use any of your information in my work, I would need to have more background information. Obviously it would seem more "scholarly" to have a very reputable site (obviously I would cite your site), and so I would like to see if you could give me some more information about yourself. Why exactly have you taken on this project? Where are you getting your information from? Any information you could give me about yourself, your goals and motivations in creating this site would be wonderful! Thanks so much." -- Annette

"My name is Michael-Dante Craig, and I am the author of two new books, The Totally Awesome 80s Pop Music Trivia Book and The Totally Awesome 80s Television Trivia Book , which have just been published. I am a complete and total Child of the 80s, and I am trying my best to keep those precious memories alive forever, which is why I greatly appreciate sites such as yours. Keep up the great work on the site. For more information about my books, you may visit my web site. Thank you for your time, and Long Live the 80s!!! -- Michael-Dante Craig, The Valley of the 80s