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The Daily News - January 1980
[NOTE: Some of the events described in a day's news may have occurred on the previous day.]

American hostages held in Iran

Tuesday, 1 January 1980
The Iran hostage situation continues; United Nations Secretary General Kurt Waldheim arrives in Tehran, but the Ayatollah Khomeini won't see him.....Mob attacks Soviet embassy in Tehran, Iran.....USSR charges that Moslem insurgents in Afghanistan are being trained and equipped by the CIA.....Carter administration is said to be considering a boycott of the upcoming Summer Olympics; the boycott, proposed by West Germany, would be in protest of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.....Increases is Social Security deductions and the minimum wage are reported.....Lives lost as a fire sweeps through a Quebec New Year's Eve party.....The Sierra Railroad discontinues passenger service.....Rhodesian troops and guerrillas clash, violating a ceasefire brokered by the British.....Anti-Iranian sentiments expressed by some participants in a riot on Reno, Nevada's casino row.....Alabama defeats Arkansas in Sugar Bowl to win college football championship.
Wednesday, 2 January 1980
The Carter administration recalls U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union.....The president meets with National Security Council this morning to discuss other measures in response to Soviet aggression in Afghanistan.....Radio Kabul quotes Afghan president Babrak Karmal as requesting increased Soviet aid.....Kurt Waldheim's meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Sadegh Ghotbzadeh is postponed due to rumored assassination plot against the UN secretary general.....More than 100,000 British steelworkers at the government-owned British Steel Corporation strike for higher wages.....Leading Republicans -- Bob Dole, Howard Baker, John Connally, George Bush and Ronald Reagan -- criticize President Carter's handling of the Iranian situation.....An end is in sight for the teachers' strike in Cleveland.....Firefighters end "sick-out" in Kansas City, MO after being ordered to do so by union president John Germann.....The Beverly Hills mansion of playboy Sheik Mohammed al Fassi burned last night.
Thursday, 3 January 1980
President Carter asks Senate to delay debate on SALT II in response to Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.....The possibility of American military aid to Pakistan is discussed.....Other Mideast nations criticize the USSR.....In Tehran, demonstrations protesting UN Secretary General Waldheim's presence occur..... The deadline for Iranian students in the U.S. to report to authorities for visa checks is now past.....The price of gold climbs to record $634/troy ounce.....In Rhodesia, the British refuse to extend a deadline for guerrillas to report to special camps....El Salvador's coalition government collapses; leftist guerrilas seize five radio stations in San Salvador.....The FDA permits testing of Laetrile on cancer patients.....Bert Parks is fired as emcee of Miss American pageant.....Alfred Hitchcock is knighted during ceremony at Universal Studios in LA; Queen Elizabeth is represented by the British consul general.
Friday, 4 January 1980
President Carter addresses nation tonight regarding Afghanistan situation.....Press Secretary Jody Powell says direct military action to support Afghan rebels has been ruled out.....Carter announces U.S. grain sales to USSR will be limited to 8 million metric tons as sanctioned by 1976 trade agreement; the 17 million additional tons ordered by the Soviet Union will not be sold.....Carter also curtails Soviet fishing rights in U.S. waters, postpones opening of new consulates.....USSR accuses U.S. and China of aiding Afghan rebels.....In Iran, militants announce pending spy trial for hostage David Roeder, USAF attache.....U.S. wants the UN Security Council to impose economic sanctions against Iran.....Iowa caucus upcoming on January 21, but Democratic debate between Carter and Senator Edward Kennedy is cancelled, while Ronald Reagan announces he will not participate in scheduled debate of Republican candidates for president....Chicago teachers threatening to stay home Monday if they are not paid.....General Motors to recall 1976 Oldsmobiles, Pontiacs and Buicks for failure to meet federal exhaust standards.....As a condition of federal bailout of Chrysler, the auto company reopens contract talks with the UAW.....Born Free author Joy Adamson killed in Kenya, possibly by a wild animal.
Saturday, 5 January 1980
Superpower relations seem to worsen as Soviets respond to President Carter's televised speech last night.....Defense Secretary Harold Brown on a trip to Peking to discuss, among other things, China joining U.S. in promising support of Pakistan in the event of Soviet aggression.....Carter said to be considering other measures against the USSR, including reduction in number of Soviet diplomats allowed in the U.S.....American allies applaud Carter's speech.....Iowa farmers angry over grain embargo against USSR as market prices decline.....Commerce Dept. plans to issue instructions on enforcement of embargo.....The longshoreman's union considers refusing to load any grain bound for the USSR.....Republican presidential hopefuls debating in Iowa tonight.....Mass is held for victims of New Year's Eve fire in Chapais, Quebec.
Sunday, 6 January 1980
Kurt Waldheim flies to Washington to discuss Iran crisis with President Carter; he expresses no hope that hostages will be released soon.....Soviets are fortifying Kabul (Afghan capital) while the U.S. is said to be considering a permanent military presence in the Mideast.....In Egypt, President Anwar Sadat may break diplomatic ties with the USSR.....In Iran, the government considers expulsion of all American, British and West German news media as anti-Khomeini demonstrations in Tabriz are shown on American TV.....Carter administration announces a new gasahol program, hoping to appease farmers upset about the grain embargo.....In sports, the Pittsburgh Steelers are bound for the Super Bowl after defeating the Houston Oilers; Los Angeles and Tampa Bay battle today for the NFC title; Philadelphia Flyers set NHL record with 35 consecutive victories.....U.S. Olympic officials and athletes respond with disappointment to possible American boycott of Olympics.....Fighting breaks out in Cambodian refugee camps located in Thailand.
Monday, 7 January 1980
USSR vetos resolution in UN Security Council calling for withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.....President Carter stresses commitment to Pakistan's security.....Vice President Walter Mondale announces government will buy grain intended for the USSR; Carter assures farmers the embargo will not hurt them.....First lady Rosalynn Carter journeys to Iowa today.....In Iran, civil unrest against the Ayatollah erupts in Tabriz and western journalists are expelled from that town.....Indira Ghandi wins election for India's prime minister.....The death of author Joy Adamson in Kenya is now thought to have been murder.....The criminal trial of Ford Motor Company for deaths of three women in Pinto accident begins in Winamac, IN.....A federal program to help poor with energy costs this winter reported.....Pundits think embargo may impact Carter's reelection bid.
Tuesday, 8 January 1980
Alcoa breaks off negotiations with Soviets on major smelter project.....Defense Secretary Harold Brown offers China high-tech satellite technology.....U.S. Ambassador Thomas Watson to return to Moscow.....Pakistan inundated by refugees fleeing Afghanistan's pro-Soviet government.....American Agriculture Movement calls for a demonstration in Washington by farmers protesting the grain embargo.....Rival Moslem sects engage in a bloody clash in two Iranian coastal towns.....Shahpour Bakhtiar, former prime minister, is said to be organizing an armed resistance movement in Iran.....As summit talks between Egypt's Anwar Sadat and Israel's Menachem Began get underway, Israel questions USAF use of Egyptian military facilities near Luxor.....Exxon refuses to allow gasahol to be charged on its credit cards; Texaco and Gulf side with Exxon while Shell, Mobil and Standard Oil approve such charges.....Steel workers strike across the nation .....UAW endorses Chrysler contract that includes employee pay cuts..... Virginia approves the nation's first test tube baby clinic in Nor folk.
Wednesday, 9 January 1980
International Longshoremens Union announces a boycott of all USSR ships and cargo; the union controls all work on docks from Maine to Texas.....A bomb threat closes port of Sacramento, where a USSR ship is being loaded.....NATO commander reports possible buildup of Soviet forces in Afghanistan and widespread desertion in Afghan army.....In Peking, Defense Secretary Brown tours the Great Wall then discusses sale of U.S. technical equipment with Chairman Hua Guofeng.....Mexico and the Philippines request emergency meeting of UN General Assembly on matter of Afghan invasion while USSR promises to veto any Security Council resolution calling for economic sanctions against Iran.....Agriculture Secretary Bob Bergland campaigns in Iowa on behalf of the grain embargo.....A decline in home sales last month is reported.....Eastman Kodak announces increased film prices by as much as 75% due to higher cost of silver.....63 participants in last year's invasion of the Grand Mosque beheaded in Saudi Arabia.....State Dept. seeks use of bases in Kenya, Somalia and Oman due to Afghan situation.....Olympic athletes Willy Banks, Dave Lout and Mike Tully express concern over possible U.S. boycott of Summer Olympics, while track coach Jim Banks criticizes President Carter.
Thursday, 10 January 1980
(ABC) UN General Assembly begins emergency session this afternoon on Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.....Anti-Soviet forces reportedly capture a major city in the northwest province of Afghanistan.....CIA hypothesizes that a group of younger hardliners like Dimitri Ustinov and Andrei Kyrilenko manipulated a reluctant Leonid Brezhnev into invading Afghanistan.....Tehran reports 11 people killed during anti-Khomeini demonstration in Tabriz yesterday; NBC is denied satellite transmission.....U.S. and Turkey complete a defense agreement.....Little progress is made on issues of Palestinian self-rule and the occupied terrorists during ongoing Sadat-Began summit.....The grain embargo's effect on farmers is predicted to be a major political issue used by challenger Senator Edward Kennedy against President Carter.....Wholesale price increases for 1979 reportedly the highest in five years.....Wholesale gasoline prices raised by five major oil companies; Exxon and Phillips raising home heating oil prices, too.....General Motors announces layoffs at nine plants.
Friday, 11 January 1980
The U.S. charges the USSR with atrocities committed in Afghanistan, includng daily executions of political and religious leaders by firing squad.....In his first news conference, Afghan president Babrak Karmal says Soviets will stay until U.S. "aggression" ends.....President Carter joins Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark in requesting that the Summer Olympics be moved from Moscow.....Afghan rebels skirmish with Soviet troops at Jalalabad and Kandahar.....UN Security Council considers U.S.-proposed resolution for economic sanctions against the USSR.....Secretary of State Cyrus Vance announces the possibility of U.S. naval blockade of Persian Gulf.....LSU football coach Robert "Bo" Rein dies with pilot of crashed Cessna Conquest.....Unemployment rate for 1979 reported to be the lowest since 1974.....Honda to become the first Japanese automaker to open a production plant in the U.S. (Marysville, OH).....Once favored in Iowa, Ronald Reagan falls in recent poll.....Rosanna Giannvini gives birth to sextuplets near Florence, Italy.....Death yesterday of former AFL-CIO president George Meany is announced.
Saturday, 12 January 1980
(NBC) U.S. ambassador to UN Donald McHenry says the U.S. will stop pursuing economic sanctions against Iran if that nation will start earnest negotiations for the release of the American hostages.....In Iran, a three-hour battle rages in Tabriz between pro-Khomeini forces and dissident Shariat-Madari supporters.....Iran threatens oil embargo against any nation voting for sanctions against it in the UN Security Council.....Leonid Brezhnev justifies Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.....Grain exporters from the U.S., Argentina, Australia, Canada and the Common Market to meet in Washington to discuss restricting grain and meat shipments to the USSR; they agree not to weaken U.S. embargo by selling more grain to Soviet Union.....Teamsters say they will continue to refuse to service Soviet Aeroflot planes.....Defense Secretary given a tour of the Chinese fleet in Shanghai..... Challengers Edward Kennedy and California Governor Jerry Brown say they should be allowed to appear with President Carter on "Meet the Press," airing one day before the Iowa caucus.
Sunday, 13, January 1980
After several postponements, the UN Security Council is said to be moving toward a vote on economic sanctions against Iran.....John Thomas, activist with the American Indian Movement, allowed to see one of the hostages in Iran.....Riot breaks out in Tabriz after 11 Shariat Madari supporters are executed.....Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher is headed for Europe to discuss the West's response to Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.....Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger suggests the U.S. should establish air and naval bases in Pakistan.....Afghan army reportedly demoralized, with many troops defecting to the guerrillas.....Aeroflot's New York office is bombed....Iowa poll shows President Carter ahead of Senator Kennedy; Carter campaign is said to be tainted by upcoming trial of former budget director Bert Lance on charges of bank fraud.....In tennis, Bjorn Borg wins the Grand Prix Masters.....Cross-country skiathon from Los Angeles to Lake Placid, NY proceeding now through the Northeast.....A Conrail freight train carrying toxic chemicals derails in Athens, OH.
Monday, 14 January 1980
UN General Assembly passes resolution condemning Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.....Iran's Revolutionary Council orders all American journalists expelled.....Two hijackers hold hostages aboard an Alitalia airliner in Palermo..... Exxon reverses earlier decision not to allow gasahol purchases on company's credit cards.....Surgeon General Julius Richmond reports that smoking increases chances of lung cancer, especially among women.....Comedian Jimmy Durante has been hospitalized in Santa Monica, his condition serious.....1980 Easter Seal poster child Keanette Alvardo said to be recovering from bullet wound suffered during a New Year's Eve celebration in San Antonio, TX.....In Denver, a man identified as Joseph H. Ryan shoots a Secret Service agent.....U.S. Supreme Court declines to review EPA enforcement of the Clean Air Act.....International Olympic Committee refuses to move the Summer Games from Moscow.....Survey of high school seniors finds marijuana use has declined while cocaine use has doubled.....Dr. George Nichopoulos, Elvis Presley's physician, appears before Tennessee's board of medical examiners to answer charges related to drugs he prescribed for the singer.
Tuesday, 15 January 1980
President Carter praises the UN General Assembly resolution that calls for the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.....Amnesty International charges the USSR of cracking down on political dissidents prior to the Moscow Olympics.....President Carter is among the mourners at funeral of George Meany in Washington.....Campaign '80: The UAW and Brotherhood of Railway & Airline Clerks Union endorse Senator Edward Kennedy for Democratic presidential nomination.....Author Robert Ardrey (African Genesis, Territorial Imperative) dies....In Japan, a chimpanzee is being trained to become a veterinary assistant.....Afghan planes, possibly flown by Soviet pilots, are reportedly violating Pakistan's air space.....American Airlines ground workers walk off the job today.....A Brooklyn judge rules as unconstitutional limits placed on payment for abortion by welfare.
Wednesday, 16 January 1980
Sentiment for boycotting the Moscow Summer Olympics is growing in the U.S. .....Unusually warm winter eases concerns about cost and availability of heating fuel.....Gold prices in London and New York markets are higher than ever.....Mexico agrees to purchase more grain from the U.S. to ease impact of embargo on American farmers.....Kuwaiti newspapers report the executions of Iranian army officers involved in a failed plot to oust Ayatollah Khomeini.....In Afghanistan, Soviets meet resistance from rebels who control four provinces.....India's Prime Minister Indira Gandhi recants her previous statement of support for the USSR in its invasion of Afghanistan..... Boston scientists claim they can program bacteria to produce interferon, an important part of the body's defense against infection.....Paul McCartney arrested in Japan for possession of marijuana; an 11-city tour by McCartney and Wings is cancelled.....Both industry and labor vow to challenge in court new OSHA rules designed to protect workers from harmful chemicals.....A Swissair flight is robbed at Rome's airport.
Thursday, 17 January 1980
The Washington Post and family members receives letters from hostages held in Iran; correspondence delivered by American Indian Movement leader John Thomas.....Aircraft carrier USS Nimitz joins other American warships in the Persian Gulf.....American press is ordered out of Afghanistan, where fighting between Soviet troops and Afghan army is reported.....Yugoslav President Josef Tito refuses to allow gangrenous leg to be amputated; his worsening health raises concerns about Soviet intervention in Yugoslavia should he die.....Bulgaria denies that Soviet forces are massing on Yugoslav border.....British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher supports changing venue for the Olympic games while AFL-CIO supports a boycott.....The IRA claims responsibility for the bombing of a commuter train near Belfast..... President Carter says he supports the Northern Tier pipeline, which would carry Alaskan crude oil from Puget Sound to Minnesota.....In the Ford Motor Co. reckless homicide trial, the company's notice of recall to strengthen the Pinto's gas tank reportedly reached the mother of two of the three victims six months after the fatal accident.....Hundreds of young seals are dying mysteriously along New England coast.....The USAF wants to base the new MX missiles in Utah and Nevada.
Friday, 18 January 1980
U.S. Olympic officials say boycotting Moscow Games would be a mistake..... Democratic challenger Senator Edward Kennedy opposes grain embargo and Olympics boycott.....On the 76th day of Iran hostage crisis, Iran wants a commission to investigate the ousted Shah, Reza Pahlavi, though will not link this to the release of the hostages.....Pan Am ground crew refuses to service Soviet Aeroflot plane at Kennedy Airport that is set to convey U.S. Ambassador Thomas Watson back to Moscow.....Soviet ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin returns to Washington.....USSR claims their Washington DC embassy is bugged.....In Afghanistan, Soviet airships strike Afghan rebel positions near Jalalabad.....Recent GNP figures lead some experts to predict a recession.....Kurdish dissidents clash with Revolutionary Guard in N.W. Iran.....An ineffective ceasefire in Rhodesia leads Britain to extend the state of emergency currently in effect there by six months.....Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, owners of New York City's famous Studio 54 disco, are sentenced to three years in prison after being convicted of income tax evasion.
Saturday, 19 January 1980
Iranian Foreign Minister Ghotbzadeh is quoted as saying the return of the Shah is a condition of the release of American hostages.....Carter administration seeks congressional support for $400 million in aid to Pakistan, though Pakistani President Zia complains about the size of the aid package.....Tennessee's board of medical examiners find Dr. George Nichopoulos not guilty of malpractice, but guilty on ten counts of improperly prescribing addictive drugs to Elvis Presley.....Retired Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas dies.....In Houston, TX, Hay Helgerson runs his 52nd marathon in as many weeks.....Yugoslav foreign minister speaks out against perceived Soviet threat to his nation's independence.....Republican presidential hopefuls John Connally and Ronald Reagan do last-minute campaigning in Iowa.....Small business owners at Washington DC conference reportedly unhappy with Carter administration policies of last four years.....Soviets amass military forces on Iranian-Afghan border but deny any intent to invade Iran.....President Carter orders Commodity Credit Corp. to buy grain American longshoremen refuse to load on freighters bound for the Soviet Union.....On trail for printing $1 million in counterfeit $100 bills, Sunny Brunson swears he intended to paper his bathroom walls with the funny money, not spend it.
Sunday, 20 January 1980
On "Meet the Press," President Carter announces that unless Soviet troops leave Afghanistan, he does not want American athletes participating in Summer Olympics....White House counsel Loyd Cutler warns that Olympic athletes may be denied passports.....International Olympic Chairman Lord Killanin expresses opposition to a boycott.....NBC continues preparations to cover the Moscow games.....Canada withdraws from bilateral sports agreement with USSR to protest Afghanistan invasion......China's Chairman Hua Guofeng visits Pakistan, tours Afghan refugee camp.....Relief efforts for flood of Afghan refugees is said to be inadequate.....The lower left leg of Yugoslav President Tito is amputated.....Polls show Ronald Reagan still the Republican frontrunner in Iowa caucus that takes place tomorrow, though his lead is narrowing.....Air traffic controllers union plans to offer self-hypnosis course to all members as means to relieve stress of the job.....The Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Los Angeles Rams 31-19 in Super Bowl XIV; Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw named MVP.....Linda Fratianne wins U.S. Women's Figure Skating Championship; Charles Tickner wins U.S. Men's Figure Skating Championship.

Steelers receiver John Stallworth
catches TD pass

Monday, 21, January 1980
Canada expels three Soviet embassy staff members for spying on the U.S. with help of an American citizen.....Carter administration expands trade embargo against USSR to include the exporting of spare computer parts.....State Dept. spokesman Hodding Carter admits that most European countries are reluctant to join in an Olympic boycott.....Soviet Union claims President Carter is using athletes as political pawns.....An Iran Air Boeing 727 crashes northeast of Tehran.....A tape of the Super Bowl is delivered to the U.S. embassy at Tehran where hostages are held.....Price of silver declines after New York commodities exchange temporarily suspends silver trading; price of gold reaches record $850/troy ounce.....American wrestlers arrive in Moscow for tour sponsored by U.S. amateur athletic union.....U.S. offers military aid, including F-16 fighters, to Egypt, a nation armed in the past by the USSR.....Ford Motor Co. closes eight plants roday.....In California, the San Joaquin River breaks through two levees; flood said to be worst in Sacramento area in 42 years.
Tuesday, 22 January 1980
President Carter wins Democratic caucus in Iowa, while George Bush pulls off upset win over Ronald Reagan in Republican caucus; Reagan's loss attributed to his refusal to debate other Republican candidates.....Kennedy's loss to Carter means he must win New England states, say pundits.....In USSR, Nobel Prize-winning dissident Andrei Sakharov is arrested and believed exiled with wife to Gorki; Sakharov had criticized Soviet activities in Afghanistan.....Australia and Japan support boycott of Summer Games while France says it will participate in the Moscow Olympics....Convicted spy Christopher Boyce escapes federal prison at Lompoc, CA.....American Council on Science & Health claims saccharine is not a health hazard.....A state of emergency is declared in areas of California hit hard by flooding.....State Dept. remarks on recent crackdown on dissidents and the withholding of exit visas for Soviet Jews in the USSR.....In San Salvador, anti-government march by leftists is disrupted by sniper fire.....Anti-abortion demonstration occurs in Washington on 7th anniversary of Supreme Court decision that eased restrictions on abortion.....Uniroyal announces the closing of two of its five U.S. plants.
Wednesday, 23 January 1980
In tonight's State of the Union speech, President Carter expected to address (among other things) an Olympic boycott and restoration of the draft, as armed services failed to meet recruiting goals last year.....Harris poll in wake of Iowa caucus shows Republican contenders George Bush and Ronald Reagan in dead heat.....News of arrest and internal exile of Russian dissident Andrei Sakharov sparks international protest.....Soviets solidify control over Afghanistan's Karmal government; CIA reports Soviet military may be using nerve gas bombs against rebels.....U.S. Army conducts winter maneuvers in upper New York.....Panama denies the Shah of Iran is under arrest and facing extradition.....Police and leftists clash near San Salvador.....Getty, Mobil and Union oil companies report increased profits for 1979.....A trailer park in Globe, AZ evacuated due to contamination by asbestos from adjacent mill.....In wake of worst crash in U.S. history last May, the FAA fines McDonnell Douglas for faulty quality control in the manufacture of DC-10 wing pylons.....Former Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.....Yuri Stefanov of the Soviet Gitilis Academic Ballet defects during performance in Italy.....Ayatollah Khomeini reported hospitalized for a heart ailment.
Thursday, 24 January 1980
President Carter announces in last night's State of the Union address that any attempt by outside force to gain control of Persian Gulf region will be regarded as a threat to U.S. vital interests, and will be met by force.....The president also says that military support equipment will be sent to China; Senate approves giving China "most-favored nation" status.....Senator Edward Kennedy cancels a campaign swing through New England and radio and TV commercials in New Hampshire following poor showing in Iowa.....Carter's desire to revitalize Selective Service System said to be based on Soviet aggression in Afghanistan.....State Dept. alleges that USSR is using chemical bombs in Laos and Cambodia as well as Afghanistan.....An earthquake in San Francisco area is centered near Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Laboratory; experts say there is a 50-50 chance of a major earthquake in California before decade is out.....Mysterious die-off of harbor seals along Massachusetts coast suspected of being caused by pneumonia.....Statement released by exiled dissident Andrei Sakharov denounces Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
Friday, 25 January 1980
The inflation rate for 1979 reported to be largest increase in 33 years; rate stands at 13.3%, compared to 4.8% when President Carter took office.....Afghan rebel leaders proclaim a free Islamic republic in provinces.....Leading candidate for Iranian presidency, Abolhassan Bani-Sadr, said to favor release of the American hostages.....Sen. Kennedy says he will not pull out of the presidential race.....Ronald Reagan calls for a moral and military rearmament for America.....Several men claiming to be Black Muslims hijack Delta Flight 1116 from Atlanta to New York City and reroute plane to Cuba, where they are arrested; the Delta airliner returns to Miami tonight.....A grain elevator complex explodes in Montreal.....Radioactive water is leaking from a storage tank at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California, due to yesterday's earthquake.....Black terrorists seize bank and hostages in Pretoria, South Africa.....Israel formally returns more of the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt.....Paul McCartney is released after nine days in jail and deported by Japanese authorities.....Exxon's profits for 1979 said to be largest of any American company in history.
Saturday, 26 January 1980
Abolhassan Bani-Sadr apparently has overwhelming lead in Iran's first presidential election and is quoted as saying he would support Afghan rebels fighting Soviet occupation force.....Soviet soldiers ambushed on the streets of Kabul.....Seven Soviet Olympic hopefuls participate in invitational meet held in Portland, OR......Vietnam masses troops near refugee camps on Thailand border; State Dept. warns Vietnam and its ally, USSR, not to threaten Thailand's security.....Presidential candidates Ronald Reagan and John Connally attend Southern Republican Leaders Conference in New Orleans, LA.....Reagan named the frontrunner in Minnesota caucus straw poll.....President Carter's decision to revive draft stirs controversy regarding the conscription of women.....U.S. Navy officer charged in connection with bombing of Puerto Rican Bar Association, which had supported protests against Navy's use of Vieques Island as a target range.....Canada announces it will boycott Moscow Games.....The border between Egypt and Israel opened for the first time in 22 years; the two nations establish diplomatic relations.....U.S. Marines conduct mock amphibious assault on Cape Cod, MA......Mary Decker becomes first woman to run a mile in under four minutes.....Frank Sinatra performs in Rio de Janeiro to crowd said to number 175,000.
Sunday, 27 January 1980
U.S. Olympic Committee calls for Moscow games to be moved, postponed or cancelled.....Many American athletes protest Carter's decision to boycott.....Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko visits Syria trying to drum up Arab support for USSR presence in Afghanistan.....Emergency Islamic conference begins today in Pakistan and is expected to condemn the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.....Exiled rebel leader Robert Mugabe returns to Rhodesia.....More earthquakes strike northern California.....Arson is suspected in a hotel fire in Elkhart, IN.....Residents of Moscow, KS offer their town as alternative site for the Olympic Games this summer.....Plans continue for Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, NY, despite storm of controversy over the Moscow Games.....NFC beats AFc 37-27 in NFL Pro Bowl.
Monday, 28 January 1980
President Carter sends 1981 Budget to Congress today.....Defense Secretary Harold Brown proposes increased military spending.....Senate Foreign Relations Committee endorses Carter's call for an Olympic boycott.....Sen. Kennedy gives speech in Georgetown redefining his campaign to win the Democratic presidential nomination.....Laid-off steelworkers demonstrate at U.S. Steel building in Youngstown, OH.....Chicago schoolteachers walk off job as city's financial woes result in delayed paychecks.....Trial of John Wayne Gacy for murders of 33 young men begins in Rockford, IL.....Islamic summit in Pakistan demands immediate Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan and delegates agree Islamic states should consider boycotting Summer Games.....Saudi Arabia increases price of its crude oil....Egypt's Anwar Sadat pledges facilities to U.S. should American military force be deployed in region.....Syria reportedly sending troops into southern Lebanon.....The possibility of an interruption in oil supplies due to Mideast troubles stirs discussion of future rationing in the U.S.
Tuesday, 29 January 1980
With help of Canadian embassy staff, six Americans (four diplomats and wives of two of them) escape Tehran using Canadian passports.....Government survey reveals U.S. population is shifting from the North and Northeast to the South and West.....Wall Street reports a record volume of trading on New York stock exchange this month.....An oil tanker strikes Coast Guard cutter Blackthorn off Tampa Bay; 16 crew members reported missing.....Congress investigating discrepancy between advertised auto mileage claims based on EPA tests and actual mileage.....Defense Secretary Harold Brown and Joint Chiefs Chairman David Jones testify before House Armed Services Committee about growing Soviet threat to world stability.....Norway becomes latest nation to join boycott of Moscow Olympics.....Republican congressmen claim the U.S. is not yet strong enough militarily to protect the Persian Gulf region.....Three organizations claim responsibility for bombing the Syrian embassy in Paris.....Increase in crude oil prices announced by Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar and United Arab Emirates.....NASA reports space shuttle launch may be delayed until next year.....Severe wind and rain storm pounds southern California.....Comedian Jimmy Durante dies.
Wednesday, 30 January 1980
Six Americans who escaped Iran arrive in U.S. today and are temporarily sequestered at Deleware's Dover AFB.....Iranian Foreign Minister Sadegh Ghotbzadeh threatens Canada and American hostages still held in Iran.....State Dept. announces that mail has been received from 49 of the 50 hostages held in U.S. embassy in Tehran.....Ronald Reagan and George Bush accept invitations to debates in New Hampshire and South Carolina.....Senator Kennedy challenges President Carter to debate; Carter rejects offer.....The West German government bans a powerful neo-Nazi group.....The Olympic torch is lighted in Greece and begins journey to Lake Placid, NY.....Reagan makes appearance at Bob Jones University, a controversial fundamentalist bible college.....Flooding and mudslides occur in southern California and northern Mexico.....Congressional committee alleges oil refiners are engaging in unjustified price increases.....House subcommittee accuses Vietnam of refusing to return remains of several hundred American military personnel held in a Hanoi warehouse.
Thursday, 31 January 1980
President Carter calls Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark to extend U.S. gratitude to Canada for aiding in escape of six Americans from Iran.....Militants refuse Iranian President Bani-Sadr's order to turn hostages over to a third party.....During visit to India, Carter's personal envoy Clark Clifford reiterates American commitment to take military action to protect Persian Gulf, warns Soviet Union against moving towards the gulf.....Muhammad Ali agrees to travel to several African nations on behalf of the State Dept. in effort to gain support for Olympic boycott.....Treasury Secretary William Miller denies any knowledge of bribes paid to foreign officials by his former company Textron Corp., as alleged by the SEC.....Rich Square, NC is invaded by a horde of birds.....Terrorists seize the Spanish embassy in Guatamala City; 41 killed when police storm compound and fire sweeps through building.....Queen Juliana of The Netherlands announces she will abdicate the throne on April 30 in favor of her daughter, Crown Princess Beatrix.....An air traffic controller refuses to handle Aeroflot flight carrying Soviet ambassador Anatoly Donbrynin.....Three former Nazis are put on trial for war crimes in Cologne, West Germany.....The Olympic torch arrives in the U.S.