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The Daily News - February 1980
[NOTE: Some of the events described in a day's news may have occurred on the previous day.]

Three Mile Island nuclear plant

Friday, 1 February 1980
The six Americans who escaped Iran are guests of honor at a State Dept. reception before meeting President Carter.....FBI subpoenas at least three air traffic controllers involved in tampering with flight pattern of Soviet Aeroflot airliner.....The Olympic torch passes through Washington, DC on its way to Lake Placid.....Carter administration expresses confidence that alternate, "Olympic-style" games can be organized outside the USSR this summer.....A meeting of Olympic Committee members from various nations takes place today in Frankfurt, W. Germany.....Japan, China and Zaire say they will boycott Summer Games.....Military judge at Camp Lejeune recommends court-martial of Marine Pfc Robert Garwood for collaborating with enemy during Vietnam War.....Chrysler workers reportedly approve renegotiated contract with UAW.....Cuban refugees arrive in Miami aboard a hijacked barge.....Amid calls for his resignation, Treasury Secretary William Miller denies knowledge of payoffs to officials for overseas sales while he headed Textron Corp.
Saturday, 2 February 1980
Riot at state prison in Sante Fe, NM ends after assault by police and National Guard.....Chief Justice Warren Burger criticizes long criminal appeals process in address to American Bar Association annual convention.....Eight congressmen said to be under investigation as result of a two-year FBI operation named Abscam; politicians allegedly accepting bribes from undercover agents include Sen. Harrison Williams, Reps. John Jenrette, Rich Kelly, Raymond Lederer, John Murphy, John Murtha, Michael Myers and Frank Thompson, Jr......National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski tours Afghanistan-Pakistan border and concludes meetings with Pakistan President Mohammad Zia ul-Haq; no final agreement on military aid is reached.....In Rhodesia, 13 supporters of Bishop Abel Muzorewa are slain when their bus is struck by rocket and small arms fire.....In El Paso, TX, Barry Chvarak is charged with five homicides.....Bo Derek's "corn-row" hairstyle in film "10" is said to be all the rage.....Muhammad Ali reportedly having second thoughts about campaigning in African nations for an Olympic boycott.....In sports, the East beats the West in NBA All-Star Game while heavyweight champ Larry Holmes has TKO victory over Italian challenger Lorenzo Zanon.
Sunday, 3 February 1980
Story breaks in London Times about secret government break-ins of hotel rooms of delegates to Rhodesian peace conference.....Number of killings during New Mexico prison uprising still undetermined.....FTC issues fire hazard warning for wood-burning stoves sold by Montgomery Ward.....National Security Adviser Brzezinski tours Afghan refugee camp in Pakistan today.....Republican presidential hopeful George Bush wins a Maryland straw vote.....Conair reportedly developing a "ribbon railroad" superior to the traditional line.....Controversy erupts over picking a state vegetable for Tennessee.
Monday, 4 February 1980
Justice Dept. criticizes media for exposing details of the FBI Abscam sting operation.....32 prisoners found murdered in wake of New Mexico prison riot, 7 others dead of drug overdose; prison warden blames uprising (the worst prison riot in U.S. penal history) on overcrowding and understaffing.....Studio 54 owners Rubell and Schrager enjoy big farewell bash before surrendering authorities to begin 3 1/2 year prison sentences for tax evasion.....In Iran, Abolhassan Bani-Sadr is sworn in as president.....First Lady Rosalynn Carter meeting with families of hostages held in Iran.....A court orders striking Chicago teachers to return to their classrooms.....Energy Dept. announces emergency fuel conservation plan in the event of an oil shortage.....The French embassy in Libya is target of attackers protesting French support of Tunisia; France recalls its diplomats and orders Libyan officials to leave.....Emanuel Ungaro is said to be the star of this Paris fashion season.....Kenneth MacDonald resigns from New Jersey Gambling Casino Control Board after FBI charges him with accepting a bribe.....Andrew Young visits Tehran in company of PLO representatives from Beirut.....In Africa, Muhammad Ali advocates Olympic boycott.
Tuesday, 5 February 1980
Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti defends FBI methods in Abscam operation against complaints of entrapment.....Syrian troop withdrawal from parts of Lebanon raises concerns of renewed fighting between Christians and Moslems.....Saudi Arabia agrees to increase aid to Pakistan as part of package sponsored by U.S......Egyptian parliament ends boycott of Israel.....Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev calls for renewed commitment to detente.....Chancellor Helmut Schmidt of W. Germany and French President Giscard d'Estaing condemn Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.....Members of the Popular League seize Spanish embassy in San Salvador; siege ends Feb. 18 when government releases 11 Popular League prisoners..... State Dept. concludes that Cambodia, North Korea and Vietnam are the worst human rights violators.....Justice Dept. decides not to name a special prosecutor to investigate Treasury Secretary Miller's involvement in Textron Corp.'s payoffs to foreign officials.....Sen. Edward Kennedy challenges President Carter to debate, suggests the president is using Iranian hostage situation as an excuse not to.....A reporter publishes account of how easily he breached security at Three Mile Island nuclear plant.....An avalanche buries the Italian alpine village of Cervinia.

Wednesday, 6 February 1980
Panamanian Foreign Minister Carlos Josarez says Shah Reza Pahlavi is not allowed to leave Panama.....Against the Justice Dept.'s wishes, House Ethics Committee launches inquiry of its own into misconduct of congressmen, investigating Sen. Howard Cannon is connection with Nevada real estate deal involving the Teamsters as well as Sen. Birch Bayh in connection with a free loan.....Peace talks between China and Vietnam said to be collapsing.....Meeting of officials from North and South Korea at Panmunjam hoped to signal acceleration of reunification talks.....Group including celebrities Joan Baez and Liv Ullman is prevented from entering Cambodia to deliver food to refugee camps.....In Rhodesia, guerrilla leader Robert Mugabe blames followers of Bishop Abel Muzorewa for grenade attack on his home.....Bolshoi Ballet teacher Sulamith Messener and son Mikhail defect while on tour in Japan.....Taiwan delegation to Winter Olympics refused accreditation unless national flag and anthem are changed.
Thursday, 7 February 1980
Chrysler Corp. reports record losses in 1979.....An alleged arson-for-profit ring is uncovered in Chicago.....Allegations surface that British Secret Service bugged U.S. embassy in London.....Sweden decides to attend Moscow Olympics.....President Carter takes Marine Band with him to an appearance before the Consumer Federation of America so that "Hail to the Chief" can be played when he enters hall.....Sen. Kennedy criticizes Carter for refusing to debate, says if president won't participate in democratic process he shouldn't run.....Iranian President Bani-Sadr restricts access to TV and radio for militants holding American hostages.....Carter administration decides to postpone economic sanctions against Iran, hopeful that Bani-Sadr might resolve hostage situation.....Arabian Oil Minister Sheik Ahmed Zaki al-Yamani threatens World War III if Soviets try to take oil fields.....Israeli troops clash with Palestinians in southern Lebanon while Israeli jets flying over Beirut draw anti-aircraft fire.....Justice Dept. says cases against Reps. Frank Thompson, Jr., John Murphy and John Murtha too weak for prosecution.....Already convicted of two murders, Ted Bundy is convicted today of murder of Kimberly Diane Leach.
Friday, 8 February 1980
President Carter calls for draft registration to include women.....Ayatollah Khomeini confirms President Bani-Sadr as chairman of Iran's Revolutionary Council.....Iranian Foreign Minister Ghotbzadeh mentions possible use of force against militants holding American hostages if they don't obey the Revolutionary Council.....Hilarion Capucci, former Greek Catholic archbishop of Jerusalem, previously jailed in Israel for smuggling guns to Palestinian terrorists, visits American hostages in Tehran today.....Treasury Secretary Miller testifies before Senate Banking Committee today regarding SEC allegations of illegal payments made by Textron Corp. while he was chairman.....Two small planes collide in midair over LAX.....Univ. of Pittsburgh students object to loss of 24-hr. coed visitation privileges.....Two FBI undercover operations expected to expose racketeering and extortion rings involving local politicians in three metropolitan areas.....Marine Pfc Robert Garwood, accused of collaborating with enemy during Vietnam War, arrested for drunk driving in Jacksonville, NC.....The worst storm of the winter hammers Missouri and Kansas.
Saturday, 9 February 1980
U.S. is hopeful that deal for release of hostages can be made with Iranian government headed by President Bani-Sadr.....Militants claim to have a mandate to continue holding hostages until the Shah is returned to Iran.....Maine poll suggests that Sen. Kennedy's support is eroding as victory for President Carter predicted in tomorrow's Democratic caucus.....Los Angeles Times article alleges Republican candidate George Bush failed to report campaign funds taken from a secret Nixon White House slush fund.....FBI sting operation called Brilab may implicate Mob boss Carlos Marcello and top Louisiana politicians in an insurance bribery scheme.....Soviets send reinforcements to Jalalabad, Afghanistan as guerrillas intensify efforts in that area.....DDT from closed Olin Chemical Corp. plant contaminating water in Triana, AL, says Center for Disease Control.
Sunday, 10 February 1980
Sen. Kennedy claims he will remain in race regardless of results of Maine caucus today.....Muhammad Ali returns from African mission; only Kenya and Liberia agreed to back Olympic boycott.....Soviet Aeroflot airliner makes unauthorized landing at JFK Airport; baggage handlers refuse to unload plane.....A second assassination attempt has reportedly been made on Rhodesian guerrilla leader Robert Mugabe.....UNICEF reports that food shipments have averted famine in Cambodia for the next few months.....Illegal aliens from Haiti said to be pouring into Florida; INS says Haitian are not being granted political asylum.....Chicago teachers vote to end their strike.....A group of Americans sympathetic to Iranian militants visit U.S. embassy in Tehran but do not see the hostages.....Prosecutors will seek death penalty for convicts responsible for murders during recent NM prison uprising.....INS executive Mario Noto implicated in efforts to prevent deportation of crime boss Carlos Marcello.....Birth of quintuplets to Patricia Muller in Chicago hospital last night is reported.
Monday, 11 February 1980
Today marks the 100th day of the Iranian hostage crisis, and the first anniversary of the revolution that ousted the Shah; during celebration, many are injured and some killed when viewing stand collapses.....Iranian President Bani-Sadr quoted in Le Monde as saying that return of the Shah is no longer a condition for release of American hostages.....President Carter, Sen. Kennedy, and Gov. Jerry Brown all claim victory after Maine's Democratic caucus.....Rhodesia nationalist Robert Mugabe blames British Governor Lord Soames for latest attempt on his life.....Three former Nazis are convicted of war crimes in W. Germany.....Justice Dept. announces that Operation Abscam is concluded, having implicated eight congressmen in wrongdoing.....An appeals court upholds the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decision to ban Taiwan from the Winter Games (because Taiwan insists on being called the Republic of China).....An accident is reported at Three Mile Island nuclear plant today, resulting in small radioactive leak.....U.S. formally requests the IOC to relocate the Summer Games.....New Jersey Governor Brendan Byrne calls for abolition of state's casino commission after some commission members were caught in Abscam sting.....Operation Brilab implicates House Speaker Bill Clayton and other Texas politicians.....News from Yugoslavia that complications have arisen following amputation of President Tito's leg.
Tuesday, 12 February 1980
Ayatollah Khomeini condemns Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in telegram to Leonid Brezhnev.....Details given regarding deployment of Marine units to Persian Gulf region; Kenya, Oman and Somalia agree to make air and naval bases available.....Soviet troops and Afghan rebels battle in the streets of Kabul.....In Winter Olympics, Austrian Leonhard Stock sets new downhill speed record.....Prosecution rests in reckless homicide case against Ford Motor Co. stemming from 1973 accident that claimed the lives of three women when a Pinto's gas tank exploded.....A train collision in Paw Paw, WV and a derailment in Tennessee are reported.....Attorney General Ben Civiletti apologizes to the United Arab Emirates following complaints about FBI agents posing as Arabs in Abscam operation.....Israel alleges that the USSR has provided tanks to Palestinian forces in Lebanon.....Some of the ransom money paid to D.B. Cooper, who hijacked a plane and then disappeared in the Pacific Northwest in 1971, is discovered.....Iranian President Bani-Sadr claims he's been assured that a Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan is imminent.....Ted Bundy is given a third death sentence by an Orlando judge.....Energy Dept. accuses oil companies of overcharging for home heating oil.....In Italy, the Red Brigades murder Judge Vittorio Bachelet after he gives a lecture on terrorism.....Peace Corps worker Rich Starr, kidnapped three years ago in Colombia, is released  after a ransom payment is made.
Wednesday, 13 February 1980
Iranian President Bani-Sadr says Ayatollah Khomeini has agreed to a plan for release of the hostages; the plan has been worked out by UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim after weeks of negotiations with U.S. and Iranian representatives in Paris.....The Winter Olympics at Lake Placid, NY formally open; the Taiwan delegation departs after losing appeal to IOC decision denying them the right to participate as the Republic of China.....Japan will soon replace the U.S. as the world's leading car manufacturer, report says.....Investigation into safety defects in General Motors cars said to include Citation, Omega, Phoenix and Skylark.....A radioactive leak is reported at Calvert Cliffs nuclear plant in Chesapeake Bay area.....Leftists seize the Panamanian embassy in San Salvador.....Train derailment causes evacuation of Sledge, MS today.....Marine Pfc Robert Garwood ordered to stand court-martial on charges of desertion and collaboration with the enemy in Vietnam.....Actor David Janssen, star of TV's The Fugitive and Harry O, dies.....President Carter's first press conference in many weeks scheduled for tonight.
Thursday, 14 February 1980
UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim is putting finishing touches on a commission to investigate charges against the former Shah of Iran.....The campaign of Republican presidential hopeful John Connally said to be having fund-raising problems.....Andrei Gromyko, Soviet foreign minister, returns to Moscow from India after rejecting Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's request for a timetable on Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan.....Yugoslav President Tito in critical condition.....British Governor Lord Soames accuses guerrilla leader Robert Mugabe of intimidating black voters in Rhodesia; Mugabe accuses British of rigging elections and threatens a resumption of hostilities.....Rival Christian militia groups fight in northern Lebanon.....Chicago firefighters strike after wage negotiations break down; Mayor Jane Byrne says she'll fire those who don't  report for work.....Heavy rains result in flooding of sections of Los Angeles.....Amoco and Mobil Oil are fined for violating federal pricing and allocation regulations.....Increase in gas prices last month the highest since American Automobile Association began keeping track.....CBS announces Dan Rather will replace retiring news anchor Walter Cronkite in 1981.....Soviet military situation in Afghanistan said to be worsening as rebels grow stronger.....Sen. Kennedy accuses President Carter of buying votes with federal grants.....Business Council predicts a recession this year.....FBI Operation Miporn infiltrates nationwide pornography business.....Operation Inter-Sting said to be aimed at detecting violations of boycott agreement prohibiting sale of grain to USSR.
Friday, 15 February 1980
In UN, Iran protests Canada's role in the escape of six Americans from Tehran.....European parliament calls on all Common Market nations to support boycott of Moscow Games this summer; the parliament also urges export of surplus food to USSR.....In Winter Olympics, Eric Heiden wins men's 500-meter speed skating competition, setting new record at 38.03 seconds.....More rain predicted for flood-ravaged Los Angeles.....Sharp rise in producer price index, the largest monthly jump since 1974, prompts Federal Reserve Board to raise discount rate; Wells Fargo responds immediately by raising its prime lending rate.....President Carter rejects Iranian request for a U.S. apology (for supporting the Shah).....Iranian Foreign Minister Ghotbzadeh says no one will be freed until UN commission has completed its investigation of charges against the Shah.....FBI discontinues search in Washington state for rest of money taken in D.B. Cooper's 1971 plane hijacking.....CBS and ABC deny Sen. Kennedy's request for equal time following President Carter's news conference Wednesday.....Economic hard times lead to ouster of Prime Minister Piotr Jaroszewicz.....Most restaurants in Italy close to protest a new tax law.....Congress will hold hearings next month on mandatory wage & price controls.....Former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau challenging Conservative Prime Minister Joe Clark (who lost a vote of confidence last year) in upcoming Canadian elections.
Saturday, 16 February 1980
Members of UN commission to investigate Shah of Iran may include Mohammed Bedjaoui, Algerian ambassador to UN, Andres Aguilar, Venezuelan diplomat, Abu Said Jabouri, president of Bangladesh, and French attorney Louis-Edmond Pettiti.....The major issue of Puerto Rican Republican primary tomorrow said to be statehood.....President Carter called an "absentee candidate" as wife Rosalynn campaigns for him in New Hampshire.....Heavy rains cause flooding in Phoenix while an earthquake shakes border of California and Mexico.....A British cargo plane crashes after takeoff from Boston's Logan Airport.....Michigan reportedly suing Anderson Development Co. for clean-up operation around plastic plant where curine, said to cause cancer, was used.....Eight Cuban stowaways who hijack a Liberian freighter seek political asylum in U.S.....Eric Heiden wins second gold medal at Lake Placid, setting new 5k record (7.02.29); transportation problems leave thousands of Olympic spectators stranded.....Two deaths are blamed on strike by Chicago firemen's union.....In California, Eugene Brown claims to have invented a car that runs on alcohol and water.
Sunday, 17 February 1980
The U.S. approves UN commission of inquiry, but Iranian acceptance yet to be received.....Iranian President Bani-Sadr insists U.S. must apologize for past conduct; State Dept. spokesman Hodding Carter says that won't happen.....Chicago firefighters ignore a court order to return to work.....El Salvador's Archbishop Oscar Romero criticizes U.S. for supporting Duarte government.....Israeli diplomats arrive in Cairo to open Israel's first embassy in an Arab country.....Six-day artillery duel between Christian Phalangists and Syrian troops in Lebanon has killed at least 60.....Ronald Reagan criticized for telling ethnic joke (involving Poles, Italians, the Mafia and a duck at a cock fight) to Sen. Gordon Humphries and others.....Gov. Jerry Brown says he would freeze congressional salaries if elected president.....Pierre Trudeau expected to win Canadian elections tomorrow.....Buddy Baker wins the Daytona 500.....Annemarie Moser-Proell wins women's downhill at Winter Olympics.....Two Polish climbers are first to scale Mt. Everest in winter.....A whale is found dead in Delaware River near Philadelphia; an autopsy will be performed.....Total eclipse of the sun visible in Africa and parts of Asia.
Monday, 18 February 1980
Major points of agreement on terms for release of hostages said to have been reached by the U.S. and Iran.....Iranian President Bani-Sadr accepts UN commission of inquiry via telephone call to UN Secretary General Waldheim.....Members of the five-man commission are Bedjaoui (Algeria), Aguilar (Venezuela), Pettiti (France), Adib Daoudy (Syria) and H.W. Jayewardene (Sri Lanka).....Iran reportedly releasing interview with hostages Paul Lewis and William Gallegos, filmed eight days ago.....Soviet police allegedly beat dissident Andrei Sakharov and his wife in Gorki.....Chicago hires recruits to replace firefighters now in 5th day of strike....Another storm expected to hit Los Angeles tomorrow; extensive flood damage has already occurred.....Farmers demonstrate in Washington to protest crop prices.....Secretary of State Cyrus Vance leaves for Europe to consolidate support for an allied response to Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.....Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan apologizes for ethnic joke, and states his opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment.
Tuesday, 19 February 1980
Spokesman for militants holding hostages says fate of captive Americans depend on return of the Shah to stand trial.....Carter administration is said to be considering sending military advisers to El Salvador.....Supreme Court allows federal government to resume abortion payments for poor women, which had been curtailed by Hyde Amendment; the Court also agrees to hear case regarding a Virginia judge's decision to ban press and public from courtroom.....Senate Judiciary Committee recommends compensation for James Thornwell, who was given LSD in a 1961 Army experiment.....Divorce trial of Henry and Christina Ford begins today in Detroit.....Gov. Jerry Brown declares four California counties disaster areas due to flooding; National Guard is put on alert.....Pierre Trudeau declared the winner of Canada's elections yesterday; he offers to act as intermediary between the U.S. and USSR.....Saudi Arabia's King Khalid, in poor health, is hospitalized.....Eric Heiden wins third gold medal at Winter Olympics, this one in 1000-meter speed skating event, setting new record (1.15.18).....Most U.S. banks raise their prime rate.....The USS Blackthorn, Coast Guard cutter sunk in recent collision with oil tanker, is raised.
Wednesday, 20 February 1980
UN commission of inquiry departs for Iran.....Iranian president and foreign minister reiterate that more than the commission is necessary to secure release of American hostages, including extradition of Shah and apology by U.S......President Carter informs the U.S. Olympic committee that the U.S. will not participate in Moscow games, but some American athletes say they will continue preparations to compete.....Beth Heiden wins bronze medal in 300-meter speed skating event at the Winter Olympics; U.S. hockey team advances to the finals......Secretary of State Vance urges W. Germany to support Olympic support in meetings with Chancellor Helmut Schmidt.....USSR increases military presence in Afghanistan.....GOP votes to expel Rep. Rich Kelly, implicated in Abscam from House Republican Conference and deny him party campaign funding.....Presidential candidates speak out: Sen. Kennedy calls for wage and price controls, George Bush opposes them, Gov. Brown says Carter and Kennedy would bankrupt the nation, Reagan calls for tax relief for business.....Republican candidates debate tonight in New Hampshire.....Production of Susan B. Anthony dollars temporarily halted while U.S. mint develops PR campaign to encourage their use.....Mobil Oil announces presence of large oil and natural gas deposits off Newfoundland's coast.....Energy Dept. criticizes Canada's increase of prices for natural gas exported to U.S......Striking Chicago firefighters agree to end walkout in return for amnesty.....Alice Roosevelt Longworth, daughter of President Teddy Roosevelt, dies at age 96.

Eric Heiden wins five gold
medals at Lake Placid

Thursday, 21 February 1980
Political violence erupts in towns across Iran, including clashes between Mujahedeen revolutionary group and rival fundamentalist group called the Party of God.....Militants holding U.S. embassy in Tehran say no hostages will be freed until Shah is returned to Iran.....Merchants in Kabul, Afghanistan close up shop to protest Soviet presence.....Secretary of State Vance admits he failed to elicit support for Olympic boycott during trip to Europe.....Officials in Lancaster, PA investigate possible link between high incidence of thyroid defects in infants and accidents at nearby Three Mile Island nuclear plant.....Flooding continues in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego.....Rep. Rich Kelly (R-FL) resigns from House Republican Conference today after admitting he accepted bribes in FBI Abscam sting.....FDA recommends aspirin as preventative against stroke and heart attack in men.....Eric Heiden wins fourth gold medal today, the first man to ever win four golds in a single Winter Games, setting new record (1.55.44) in 1500m race.....Hanni Wenzel becomes first athlete from Lichtenstein to win Olympic gold medal (giant slalom).....Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan criticizes recent Supreme Court decision allowing federal government to pay for abortions.
Friday, 22 February 1980
The consumer price index for January shows largest increase in years for gasoline, housing, medical care, food and entertainment.....Current inflation trend may create cash flow problem for Social Security trust fund, says an official.....Wage & Price Stability Council spokesman warns that inflation rate may skyrocket.....Carter administration says it has no specific new plans to combat inflation and is opposed to wage and price controls.....Sen. Kennedy uses latest economic news to criticize President Carter's policies.....Ronald Reagan wins straw poll in Alaska.....Six oil-producing nations meeting in London agree to raise oil prices every three months....Martial law is declared in Kabul as riots and mass demonstrations take place; Soviet news agency TASS blames unrest of foreign agents and mercenaries.....U.S. agrees to more arms sales to Egypt.....Feeling threatened by Soviet naval presence in the Straits of Hormuz, Oman asks U.S. for assistance.....Israel denies conducting a nuclear bomb test in the South Atlantic last year after the test is mentioned on American news broadcasts yesterday.....Chicago firefighters resume strike; strikers said to be calling on all city workers to join them; deaths of two children in fire is reported.....Center for Disease Control reports on current deadly flu and pneumonia epidemic.....An elderly woman learns she was sterilized 50 years ago in a eugenics program for Virginia's mental hospital inmates.
Saturday, 23 February 1980
In Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini says the new parliament to be chosen in March will decide terms for release of the American hostages.....Moslem protestors clash with Soviet troops in streets of Kabul.....Bombing in Beirut, Lebanon kills daughter of Christian militia chief Pierre Gemayal and eight others.....Eric Heiden wins his fifth gold medal at Lake Placid while nation hails victory of U.S. hockey team over heavily-favored Soviets last night; U.S. faces Finland in final.....Ronald Reagan asks that other Republican presidential hopefuls be included in his Nashau, NH debate tonight with George Bush; Bush refuses.....An outbreak of Reyes syndrome in Sherwood and Battle Creek, MI claims the lives of several youths.....Virginia legislator responds to reports that 400 were sterilized in a single hospital many years ago with a proposal to set strict guidelines for involuntary sterilization.....While Chicago firemen continue to strike, five are reported killed in fires yesterday.....The International Monetary Fund advises seven nations, including U.S., to raise gas taxes in order to reduce demand.
Sunday, 24 February 1980
U.S. hockey team become national heroes after defeating Finland and winning gold medal at Lake Placid.....President Carter calls Coach Herb Brooks with congratulations; Vice-president Walter Mondale meets team after game.....Soviet newspaper Pravda blames violence in Kabul on the CIA; the Afghan capital is quiet after three days of rioting.....Militants holding American hostages are willing to accept Ayatollah Khomeini's decision that terms for release of their prisoners be set by new parliament.....A Greek tanker explodes and sinks in the Aeolian Sea, spilling 37 million gallons; efforts are underway to contain the resulting oil slick.....President Carter meets with his economic advisers in wake of recent bad news about rising inflation rate.....Heavy rains finally cease in southern California.....Sen. Henry Jackson, chairman of Senate Energy Committee predicts that gas prices will reach $2/gal. by end of year.....Furor continues over last night's debate between Reagan and Bush and why other Republican candidates were not allowed to participate, as Reagan requested.
Monday, 25 February 1980
Presidential candidates prepare for tomorrow's Wisconsin and New Hampshire primaries.....George Bush denies he refused to allow other Republican candidates join debate with Reagan in Nashau, NH, and uses radio commercials for damage control.....Gov. Jerry Brown's name is removed from the New York primary slate after challenge of his petition by Kennedy campaign.....White House reception is held for Olympic athletes; some of the athletes present petition opposing Carter's boycott of Summer Games.....In Tehran, UN commission hears complaints of human rights violations that occurred during the Shah's reign.....In Kabul, a general strike against Soviet occupation continues; Moscow's puppet-government in Afghanistan reportedly in shambles.....Carter administration announces it will sell F-15 fighters and tanks to Rhodesia, election officials accuse Robert Mugabe's guerrilla forces of intimidating voters.....Arizona Supreme Court reverses convictions of two men in the bombing murder of Don Bolles, reporter for the Arizona Republic.....Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker says higher interest rates are necessary to fight inflation.....Council on Wage & Price Stability suspect eleven oil companies may be overcharging for oil and gas.....An earthquake occurs in California's Santa Rosa Mountains.....Despite an outcry by local authorities, the Pentagon announces it will continue to store nerve gas bombs in Rocky Mountain Arsenal near Denver.....Yet another boatload of Cuban refugees arrives in Florida.
Tuesday, 26 February 1980
Voting in the New Hampshire primary begins bright and early this morning in Dixville Notch.....President Carter invites governors to White House dinner followed by a Kennedy Center theater performance.....Ronald Reagan fires campaign manager John Sears, replacing him with William Casey.....Shiite Moslems in Kabul are arrested by Karnal government.....Iran's Revolutionary Council partially lifts ban on American news organizations; Harvard-educated Iranian naval director Mahmoud Alavi arrested for alleged ties with Americans at U.S. embassy.....Israel and Egypt formally exchange ambassadors for first time.....An emergency at the Crystal River nuclear plant in Florida is reported.....Nuclear Regulatory Commission is ending licensing moratorium on nuclear power plants soon.....White House request for draft registration funding denied by Congress.....Prelimary FDA study regarding possible link between caffeine and birth defects released.....FBI's Operation Modsound allegedly reveals involvement of Sam Goody record store chain in counterfeiting records and tapes.
Wednesday, 27 February 1980
Carter and Reagan declared the winners in New Hampshire primary; George Bush pins hopes on winning in Massachusetts.....Movement 19 leftists storm embassy of the Dominican Republican in Bogota, Colombia; among the hostages are 15 ambassadors, including those from the U.S., China, Israel, Egypt, Austria, Mexico, Switzerland and the Vatican.....Soviet-backed government in  Kabul reportedly executing Shiite Moslems said to be involved in recent rioting.....First black elections are being conducted today in Rhodesia.....A Boeing 707 crashes and explodes at Manila airport.....Supreme Court ruling would allow spouses to testify against one another in federal courts.....Florida buys power from adjacent states following shutdown of Crystal River nuclear plant.....Bipartisan group of senators threaten a filibuster until federal government takes action on inflation crisis.....Al and Jeannie Mills, former members of the People's Temple cult, were murdered last night in San Francisco.
Thursday, 28 February 1980
Terrorists continue to hold Dominican Republic embassy in Bogota, demand  ransom of $50 million and release of 300 jailed terrorists.....Leftists temporarily seize El Salvador's embassy in Panama City.....Militants holding American hostages in Tehran agree to let UN commission members see their prisoners.....Chrysler unveils the new XM-1 tank.....Nuclear Regulatory Commission authorizes limited operations at the Tennessee Valley Authority's Sequoyah nuclear plant near Chattanooga.....John Connally fires campaign manager Charles Keating as all-important southern primaries loom.....The Pentagon denies Defense Secretary Harold Brown's comments alluding to possible American involvement in the supplying of arms to Afghan rebels through Pakistan.....Daughter of Al and Jeannie Mills dies today of gunshot wound suffered during fatal assault on her parents.....Scandal involving alleged drug use by athletes on U.S. Olympic pentathlon team reported.....Federal grand jury returns indictment against Sam Goody record store chain for alleged involvement in counterfeit music scheme.....Republican candidates Reagan, Bush, Baker and Connally debate tonight in South Carolina.
Friday, 29 February 1980
Five women released by Movement 19 terrorists holding hostages in Dominican Republic embassy, Bogota.....UN commission doe not meet with American hostages in Tehran, as militants holding the U.S. embassy had promised.....White House denies that the UN plan for release of the hostages has fallen apart.....Soviet troops said to be conducting military maneuvers in Cuba.....Former president Gerald Ford quashes speculation that he may enter presidential campaign.....Sen. Kennedy makes cutbacks in campaign staff in wake of recent primary losses; as he campaigns in Chicago pundits speculate that Illinois is his last hope.....Report made regarding private Los Angeles sperm bank owned by millionaire Robert Graham, in which sperm of five Nobel laureates is kept; three women have been artificially inseminated.....Four opponents of Deng Xiaping are purged from Chinese Politburo.....Rhodesian elections end today; country will henceforth be called Zimbabwe.....Interior Secretary Cecil Andrus suspends oil and gas leasing on federal land as result of apparent fraud.....Jim Craig of the U.S. Olympic hockey team signs with the Atlanta Flames; Gordie Howe becomes first NHL player to score 800 goals....A new Alaskan gold rush is going on at Eureka Summit due to the current price of gold.