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The Daily News - March 1980
[NOTE: Some of the events described in a day's news may have occurred on the previous day.]

Gerald Ford

Saturday, 1 March 1980
UN commission continues hearings on Shah's reign in Iran, but still unable to see American hostages.....Iran announces that any American reporters allowed back into the country will be closely supervised.....UN Security Council votes unanimously on resolution opposing Jewish settlements in Gaza Strip and the West Bank; American support of the resolution said to threaten U.S.-Israeli relations.....Twenty primaries and caucuses in Campaign '80 are slated for March.....Upcoming Massachusetts primary important to Sen. Ted Kennedy and Republican candidate George Bush after their recent losses to President Carter and Ronald Reagan.....National Council on Black Agenda for the 1980s, meeting in Richmond, VA, voices displeasure that no presidential candidates bothered to attend the conference.....Senate majority leader Robert Byrd (D-WV) says Congress will balance budget this year.....President Carter reportedly has all federal agencies seeking possible budget cuts to fight inflation.....Pakistan complains of Soviet military aircraft overflying area where Afghan refugee camps are located.....The Sequoyah nuclear plant at Soddy-Daisy, TN, opens, the first such plant to open since Three Mile Island incident.....Banks reportedly now losing money in credit card business.
Sunday, 2 March 1980
Terrorists holding Dominican embassy in Bogota release five hostages, four waiters and a doctor; U.S. ambassador and other diplomats still held captive.....In Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini is released from Tehran hospital.....Inflation worsens as prices go up in anticipation of wage and price controls; Senate Banking Committee announces first hearings on such controls since 1971 even though the president and most congressmen oppose such a measure.....Treasury Secretary G. William Miller sends letters to corporations expressing concern over recent price hikes.....Former President Gerald Ford quoted by New York Times as saying Reagan cannot win in November and that he would consider running if GOP needs him.....In India, surgery to remove a three-year-old girl's cancerous eye results in removal of the wrong eye.....An American environmentalist faces jail term for releasing dolphins scheduled for slaughter in Japan.....Severe winter weather batters eastern seaboard, including snowstorms in VA and deadly tornados in FL.....Financial woes force Philadelphia to lay off police officers.....FBI and NCAA continue investigations into grade-fixing in athletic programs at Arizona State University and University of New Mexico; a dozen other institutions are now being scrutinized.....John McEnroe defeats Jimmy Connors to win National Indoor Tennis Championship.
Monday, 3 March 1980
Marxist guerrilla leader Robert Mugabe said to be winner in elections that mark Rhodesia's independence.....Iranian Revolutionary Council approves UN commission visit with American hostages; President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr criticizes militants holding hostages; Iranian prosecutors suspect American political officer Victor Tomseth of ties to assassination group Forghan; seven members of Forghan are executed today.....FBI seeks to embarrass USSR with press conference for captured Soviet spy Rudolph Hermann.....Federal agencies give the Office of Management and Budget their budget cut proposals; only Defense Department is exempted from cuts.....Center for Disease Control reports more deaths of children due to outbreak of Reye's syndrome in Michigan.....In California, Kenneth Parnell is charged with kidnapping a 15-year-old boy seven years ago, and a 5-year-old boy last month; both children are reunited with their families.....Soviet forces in Afghanistan reportedly launching a major offensive against rebels.....Supreme Court blocks efforts to have Henry Kissinger's telephone conversations while Secretary of State and National Security Adviser made public.
Tuesday, 4 March 1980
Voting in Massachusetts primary takes place today; early returns show Sen. Kennedy beating President Carter.....White House claims U.S. vote in support of UN resolution condemning Israeli settlement of former Arab territory was an error due to miscommunication between president, secretary of state, and ambassador to UN.....UN commission stresses need to meet each American hostage in Iran; standoff between President Bani-Sadr and militants holding hostages is reported.....Carter rejects idea of wage and price controls, gas rationing and credit controls.....Robert Mugabe, first prime minister of Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), calls for unity and urges nervous white minority not to leave the country.....In spite of severe winter weather, Florida crops are not seriously damaged.....President Carter's son Chip and his wife are granted a divorce.....The prime lending rate is increased to a record high.....House Judiciary Committee criticizes methods used in FBI sting operations.....Fred Astaire announces plans to marry jockey Robyn Smith.
Wednesday, 5 March 1980
Sen. Ted Kennedy declared winner in Massachusett's Democratic primary, while President Carter wins in Vermont.....Republican maverick candidate John Anderson has surprise success in Massachusetts.....Howard Baker withdraws from race for Republican presidential nomination.....Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti threatens severe action if Justice Dept. leaks to reporters don't cease.....Ron Ely, game show host and star of TV series Tarzan, picked as new emcee for Miss America pageant.....Jay Silverheels, Tonto on TV series The Lone Ranger, dies.....West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt visits President Carter at White House today to discuss Afghanistan and Olympic boycott.....Hundreds are trapped in a fire at airport in Lima, Peru.....Refugees in Pakistan accuse Soviets of using nerve gas bombs in Afghanistan.....In Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), Prime Minister-elect Robert Mugabe announces formation of coalition government with rival guerrilla leader Joshua Nkomo.....Pentagon announces first steps in creation of Rapid Deployment Force are being taken.
Thursday, 6 March 1980
In an apparent breakthrough,militants holding American hostages in Tehran reportedly willing to turn prisoners over to Iran's Revolutionary Council after UN commission threatens to depart when denied access to hostages.....Carter administration said to have a plan for increased use of coal as an energy source.....Israeli Knesset rejects UN demand that it abandon Jewish settlements in occupied Arab territory.....M-19 terrorists holding Dominican embassy in Bogota release one hostage, the Austrian ambassador.....House Armed Services Committee rejects President Carter's plan to include women in the draft.....The London Daily Express claims estranged husband of Christina Onassis, Sergi Kauzov, is a KGB agent.....New York City bank hikes prime rate to 17.75 % while Citibank raises home mortgage rates to 15.5 %.....USSR denies using nerve gas in Afghanistan; TASS (Soviet news agency) accuses CIA of fabricating reports.....A committee to draft former president Gerald Ford as Republican presidential nominee is formed.
Friday, 7 March 1980
Demonstrations occur outside U.S. embassy in Tehran in protest of plan to turn American hostages over to Iranian Revolutionary Council; Foreign Minister Sadegh Ghotbzadeh reportedly taking charge of hostages tomorrow.....While unemployment declines in February, consumer price index rises.....President Carter meets with group of mayors today to discuss anti-inflation strategy.....Supermarket chains agree to set ceiling on prices of some goods.....UAW President Douglas Fraser calls for congressional action to limit Japanese auto imports.....Uniroyal recalling two million radial tires at government's request.....Former president Gerald Ford meets with Reagan's ex-campaign manager, John Sears.....Afghan resistance fighters claim responsibility for bombing of Soviet embassy in West Berlin.....In Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), guerrilla leader Joshua Nkomo reportedly not satisfied with his proposed role in new government, while prime minister-elect Robert Mugabe seals agreement with British governor Lord Soames that will result in nation's independence by end of month.....Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson said to be mediating between city of Chicago and striking firefighters.
Saturday, 8 March 1980
Confrontation between government and militants results in collapse of plans to place American hostages in custody of government.....Red Cross supplies reach hostages held by terrorists in Bogota's Dominican embassy.... Presidential primary in South Carolina takes place today; Ronald Reagan expected to win there.....Reagan leading in polls taken in Florida, Georgia and Alabama, where primaries occur next Tuesday.....Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger urges former president Gerald Ford to run for Republican nomination during a meeting in Palm Springs, CA.....Campaigning in Illinois, Sen. Ted Kennedy calls for a national medical insurance; Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne endorses Kennedy.....Strike by Chicago firefighters ending.....A gathering of large numbers of dolphins off Japan's Iki Island said by some to be a "protest" because fishermen there have killed dolphins.....The White House says President Carter will not apologize to Iran for previous support of Shah, but will express "concern" about past events.....The FTC wants to regulate insurance rates, TV commercials for children, and pricing in the funeral buiness.....50,000 Brazilians gather to await arrival of aliens predicted by a farmer.
Sunday, 9 March 1980
After his defeat in South Carolina, John Connally withdraws from Republican presidential race.....ABC News/Harris poll shows Republican voters prefer Gerald Ford over Ronald Reagan.....In Iran, Foreign Minister Ghotbzadeh sharply criticizes militants for refusing to hand American hostages over to government.....In Colombia, negotiations between government and terrorists holding Dominican embassy put on hold until after national elections today.....Terrorists (possibly Moslem separatists) armed with hand grenades attack two movie theaters and an open air concert in the Philippines.....Philadelphia Phillies become first team to call for a strike over differences between players and owners.....A plant disease is said to have destroyed much of Cuba's tobacco crop.....Candidates Ronald Reagan and George Bush have reportedly attended Cuban festival in Miami while campaigning in Florida.....Court orders Maryland to end prison overcrowding.....Yugoslav President Josip Tito's condition said to be worsening.
Monday, 10 March 1980
President Carter expected to sweep Democratic primaries in Alabama, Florida and Georgia tomorrow; Ronald Reagan expected to do likewise in Republican primaries.....In Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini sides with militants, intervenes to arrange meeting between UN commission members and hostages.....Ford Motor Co.'s reckless homicide trial resulting from deaths of three teenagers goes to jury.....Nuclear Regulatory Commission orders inspections of ten nuclear plants.....Drinking water in Fredericksburg, VA said safe after kerosene spill in nearby river last week.....The USSR reportedly begins its major military offensive in Afghanistan.....The Beach Boys perform in Miami concert benefit for George Bush.....Sen. Ted Kennedy criticizes Carter policy towards Israel in speech before gathering of B'nai B'rith women.....Illness among Eastern Airlines cabin attendants is being investigated.....A government task force recommends compensation for radiation illness dur to nuclear testing between 1945-52.....Joshua Nkomo agrees to serve in new Zimbabwe government headed by rival Robert Mugabe.....Airlines say proposed FAA regulations regarding San Diego airport, site of worst air disaster in aviation history two years ago, are inadequate.
Tuesday, 11 March 1980
UN commission leaves Iran without having seen American hostages.....The Shah of Iran will undergo surgery in Panama in a few days.....Primaries in Alabama, Florida and Georgia are underway today.....Marine Pfc Robert Garwood is formally charged with collaborating with the enemy in Vietnam.....Jean Harris, headmistress of a private school, is charged with the yesterday's murder of "Scarsdale Diet" doctor, Herman Tarnower.....Carter administrations calls on Congress to ratify SALT II treaty despite Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.....Israel releases six Egyptian prisoners associated with Palestinian guerrillas as a gesture of goodwill.....Zimbabwe Prime Minister Robert Mugabe appoints two whites to his cabinet.....White House announces President Carter will veto bill that increases benefits for military health personnel.....Carter administration will not seek extension of law mandating temperature settings in federal buildings, due to expire.....Congress calls for special prosecutor to investigate Treasury Secretary G. William Miller's possible involvement in illegal payments made by Textron Corp.....Israel seizes Arab land in eastern Jerusalem for Jewish settlement.
Wednesday, 12 March 1980
As expected, President Carter and Ronald Reagan the winners in yesterday's primaries; Carter also wins in Washington, Oklahoma and Hawaii caucuses.....Greek TV airs films of American hostages in Tehran recently undergoing medical exams.....UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim meets today with Secretary of State Cyrus Vance and UN commission.....Carter administration denies recent reports that Iranian oil is being imported into U.S......In Chicago, John Wayne Gacy is convicted for 33 murders.....The U.S. Post office suspending sale of Moscow Olympic stamps.....Former Air Force intelligence chief suggests militants holding U.S. embassy in Tehran may have received training by Soviets.....Iranian foreign minister demands arrest of Shah in Panama.....President Carter asking American companies to cease exporting products for Moscow Olympics.....Carter expected to announce a federal hiring freeze.....National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski tells National Press Club the U.S. has right to take alternative action if peaceful negotiations with Iran fail.....Massachusetts General Hospital study shows the daughters of women given DES (Diethylstilbestrol) as miscarriage preventive in 1950s have abnormally high rates of cervical cancer.
Thursday, 13 March 1980
An Indiana jury finds Ford Motor Co. not guilty in reckless homicide case stemming from fatal Pinto crash; a civil suit is still pending.....Workers enter damaged reactor at Three Mile Island nuclear plant for first time since last year's accident.....Pakistan's President Zia changes mind and accepts economic aid package from U.S......Austria becomes first European nation to offer diplomatic recognition to the PLO.....Questions about Chappaquiddick, marital problems and wife's drinking pursue Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Ted Kennedy.....Oscar de la Renta unveils new design for Boy Scouts uniforms.....House of Representatives passes windfall profits tax while Carter administration reportedly raising voluntary wage guidelines.....Chase Manhattan Bank increases prime lending rate to new record high.....In Panama, the Shah of Iran examined by American heart specialist Dr. Michael DeBakey.....After criticizing president at Republican fundraiser last night, Gerald Ford meets with Carter today.....Henry Ford II announces resignation as chairman of Ford Motor Co......UPI reports that the deaths of patients on life support in Las Vegas hospital may be the work of a nurse known as Death's Angel.....Republican presidential candidates debate in Illinois tonight.....Skater Eric Heiden sets world record (1.13.60) in 1000m.
Friday, 14 March 1980
President Carter unveils anti-inflation package that includes budget cuts and a revised 1981 budget; Carter suggests Federal Reserve impose credit controls.....U.S. amateur boxing team among the 29 victims when a jetliner crashes in Poland.....A USAF transport plane crashes in Turkey.....The Shah of Iran enters a Panama City hospital for surgery to remove his spleen.....In Iran, parliamentary elections begin today.....Afghan rebels wrest two northern provinces from Soviet control.....Flu outbreak said to be at epidemic proportions in the U.S......Business criticizes President Carter's anti-inflation plan, saying gas tax makes inflation worse.....Citibank and Bank of America sets record high prime lending rate.....A poll shows John Anderson ahead of Ronald Reagan in Illinois's Republican primary race.....State officials allege loss of federal funds for Chicago area since Mayor Jane Byrne withdrew support for President Carter and backed Sen. Ted Kennedy instead.....Kennedy supporters reportedly filing lawsuit charging White House with using federal money to buy votes.....Annual seal slaughter by Canadian and Norwegian hunters off coast of Labrador begins.....Judge issues warrants for Iranian students who fail to appear in a Monroe, LA court to answer trespassing charges.
Saturday, 15 March 1980
Former President Gerald Ford announces he will not seek the Republican nomination for president....Robert Dole says he will quit race for Republican nomination due to lack of money and organization.....Masked terrorists believed to be Puerto Rican nationalists raid Carter campaign headquarters in Chicago and Bush campaign headquarters in New York City.....Richard Daley, son of late Chicago mayor, running against the party machine once controlled by his father.....Carter administration warns that new anti-inflation program may not brings rate down until year's end warn of possible recession.....Anti-nuclear groups demonstrate in Stocholm prior to Swedish referendum on nuclear power and in France in opposition to new nuclear plant in Brittany.....Former New York congressman Allard Lowenstein dies of gunshot wounds inflicted yesterday by former civil rights worker Dennis Sweeney.....U.S. Navy reports critical shortage of qualified aircraft carrier pilots.
Sunday, 16 March 1980
Carter administration says it is opposed to tax cuts until federal budget is balanced; Treasury Secretary Miller predicts 1980's overall inflation rate will be 11 %.....President Carter's victories in South Carolina, Mississippi and Wyoming Democratic caucuses is announced.....A special mass and march for hostage Michael Matrinko held in Pennsylvania.....A member of Iranian Revolutionary Council says hostages suspected of spying have been kept in solitary confinement.....Islamic Religious Party expected to win majority in Iran's parliamentary elections and to oppose President Bani-Sadr.....Unexplained gunshots heard in Dominican embassy (Bogota) held by terrorists.....Democratic primary held today in Puerto Rico.....Vice-president Walter Mondale and First Lady Rosalynn Carter campaign for President Carter in Illinois.....NCAA semifinals wilol feature Iowa, Louisville, Purdue and UCLA......NBC, ABC and PBS plan to broadcast some programs with subtitles for the deaf.
Monday, 17 March 1980
Wall Street and economists predict recession this year.....President Carter appears before National League of Cities to sell his anti-inflation plan; mayors pledge their support.....Republican presidential candidate John Anderson hopes to capture Democratic crossover vote in tomorrow's Illinois primary, and rules out a third-party candidacy; polls predict close race between Anderson and Ronald Reagan in Illinois.....Uruguayan ambassador escapes terrorist-occupied Dominican embassy in Bogota.....British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher calls for boycott of Moscow Olympics; House of Commons votes for boycott, but vote not binding on British athletes, many of whom insist they will attend the games.....The FBI's Operation Labscam investigating Los Angeles doctors and med-labs working together to cheat Medicare and Medicaid.....Naval task force, with Marine units, entering Indian Ocean on way to Arabian Sea.....In Iran, militants refuse to turn hostages over to government until parliament convenes in May.....A general strike called by leftists paralyzes San Salvador......Former British governor of Rhodesia, Lord Soames, urges U.S. and Britain to provide economic support for newly independent Zimbabwe.....Moroccan government troops clash with Algerian-supplied guerrillas over control of former Spanish Sahara.
Tuesday, 18 March 1980
Voting in Illinois primary takes place today; early returns show President Carter and Ronald Reagan leading.....Prime lending rate again increased to a new record high.....Arthur Christy, named special prosecutor to investigate alleged drug use by White House chief of staff Hamilton Jordan, is himself involved in federal probe into money laundering scheme.....A congressman claims many U.S. combat planes can't fly for lack of spare parts.....Fifteen employees of L.K. Comstock Co. fired for placing an American flag decal on their hardhats.....Carter delegates in Illinois report getting threatening letters from Puerto Rican nationalist group, FALN.....Democratic congressional leaders announce they will cut 1981 budget more than president has proposed.....Iranian Revolutionary Council orders investigation into charges of fraud in recent parliamentary elections.....The U.S. presents its argument with respect to the Iran crisis before International Court of Justice at The Hague.....Carter administration announces new export controls on strategic raw materials and high tech products to USSR.....U.S. and eleven other nations boycotting Moscow Olympics agree in Geneva today to hold alternate games.
Wednesday, 19 March 1980
White House announces Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin will visit Washington in April to discuss Palestinian autonomy with President Carter.....In Egypt, opposition to Sadat's rapprochement with Israel is growing.....Losing in Illinois, Republican presidential candidate George Bush focuses on Connecticut, while Democratic candidate Sen. Ted Kennedy hinges hopes on New York.....Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. announces it will close six plants in U.S. by end of year.....In Kansas City, MO, 16 striking firefighters are jailed for defying court order to return to work.....The current government of Italy resigns today.....Nicaragua and USSR sign trade and cultural agreements.....Symptoms of "red sweat" illness suffered by Eastern Airlines attendants discovered to be caused by dye on life-saving equipment demonstrated by the affected personnel.....Residents in section of Memphis, TN raise possibility of chemical pollution resulting in high rates of illnesses, though EPA study showed no such pollution in area.
Thursday, 20 March 1980
Ford Motor Co. reportedly forced to borrow money.....Commerce Dept. reports inflation still on the rise.....Secretary of State Cyrus Vance takes the blame for recent mistaken U.S. vote favoring a UN resolution against Israel.....Carter administration said to be concerned over perception that president is anti-Israel.....Residents clash with Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials in Middleton, PA over NRC plans to release radioactive gases in near future; a leak is reported at the nuclear plant today.....A newborn baby kidnapped from a Knoxville,TN hospital is returned to mother.....Scandal erupts over report that USC Trojans football team, winners of the Rose Bowl earlier this year, received credit for a class they did not attend.....Linda Eaton, suspended from firefighting job for breast-feeding baby, wins favorable Iowa Civil Rights Commission ruling.....Sen. Ted Kennedy calls on President Carter to begin talks with Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev with respect to Afghanistan.....UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim warns U.S. not to use force in attempt to free American hostages in Iran.....A Dutch ship used as a pirate radio station is sunk off the English coast.....A consumer credit squeeze is resulting from new, tighter policies by banks and major retailers.....Coca-Cola announces it will boycott Moscow Olympics.

Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran

Friday, 21 March 1980
Olympic athletes meet with President Carter at White House regarding boycott, and do not applaud when he enters room.....U.S. Steel to Commerce Dept. about dumping of foreign steel on the American market; government reportedly suspending trigger-price system designed to protect American steel industry from unfair foriegn competition.....Kennedy campaign denies rumors the senator will withdraw from race next week.....Republican presidential candidate George Bush is critical of President Carter's aide Hamilton Jordan traveling to Panama to look into Shah's future medical treatment.....Shah said to be undergoing surgery in two weeks with American heart specialist Dr. Michael DeBakey heading surgical team.....EPA announces no radiation increase around Three Mile Island detected.....J.R. Ewing is shot by mysterious assailant on Dallas TV series.
Saturday, 22 March 1980
Demonstration against the draft, said to be largest since the Vietnam War, takes place in Washington DC.....Organized crime figure Angelo Bruno slain gangland-style in Philadelphia.....President Carter wins the Virginia Democratic caucus.....UCLA and Lousiville the victors in NCAA basketball semi-finals.....Shah reportedly leaving Panama in next few days, destination unknown, and officials claim he is not seeking medical treatment in U.S.....Olympic committees from 16 nations meeting in Brussels; athletes of some nations supporting boycott of Moscow Games say they will participate anyway.....U.S. envoy personally delivers experimental drug moxalactan to Yugoslavia for ailing President Josip Tito, stricken with pneumonia.....EPA searching for cause of rash of mysterious ailments in Memphis, TN.....Sen. Ted Kennedy outlines his anti-inflation plan which includes wage-price freeze, mandatory economic controls and tax incentives.....World's largest flag unveiled at Evansville, IL.
Sunday, 23 March 1980
Shah of Iran and family leave Panama bound for Egypt, after being offered asylum by President Anwar Sadat.....Iranian government suggests the Shah's relocation may prolong hostage crisis.....President Carter leading Ronald Reagan in polls; both candidates expected to prevail in their respective primaries in New York.....Tracy Austin defeats Martina Navratilova in 1980 Avon tennis championship.....President Carter returns to Washington DC from Camp David to attend White House party celebrating upcoming first anniversary of Egypt-Israel peace treaty.....Israel announces opening of Jewish seminary in Arab city of Hebron on the West Bank.....In Sweden, a referendum on nuclear power is underway today; a majority of voters will approve nuclear power.....National Cancer Institute announces that survival rates have increased for 7 out of 10 forms of cancer.....Firefighters' strike in KansasCity comes to an end.
Monday, 24 March 1980
An explosion rocks a Pennzoil offshore drilling rig off Galvestion, TX; workers reportedly cap a well that blew nine months ago in the Gulf of Mexico.....Arab mayors call for general strike to protest Israeli decision to open Jewish school in Hebron.....Iran's foreign minister claims Shah's move to Egypt one day before Iran filed extradition papers in Panama was arranged by Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller, both of whom deny this charge.....A robbery in Great Britain said to be the second largest in history.....U.S. ambassador and Europeans airlifted out of capital of Chad, where rival Moslem factions clash.....Outbreak of violence in El Salvador between leftist guerrillas and government over weekend claims lives.....Noted attorney Melvin Belli representing two employees of hospital who were suspended due to investigation into mysterious deaths of patients.....Iran's prosecutor hints at spy trials for some American hostages.....Sen. Ted Kennedy uses Carter administration snafu over UN vote against Israel to appeal to New York's Jewish voters.....National Council of Churches reportedly withdrawing funds from Citibank due to the bank's policy regarding South Africa.....Salvadoran Arcbishop Oscar Romero assassinated.....ABC's nightly special report on Iranian hostage crisis renamed Nightline.
Tuesday, 25 March 1980
New York and Connecticut primaries held today; NBC survey shows Sen. Ted Kennedy has a chance to defeat President Carter in New York Democratic primary, while race between Ronald Reagan and George Bush in Connecticut very close.....Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Began rejects American request to halt West Bank settlements as Palestinians strike in protest of Jewish settlers in Hebron.....Three hostages released by terrorists holding Dominican embassy in Bogota, but U.S. Ambassador Diego Ascencio still among the captives.....Funeral mass for El Salvador's Archbishop Oscar Romero, assassinated last night, is held; U.S. accuses Cuba of contributing to discord in El Salvador......British Olympic Association says it will send athletes to Moscow in spite of support for boycott in parliament.....Robert Runcie is enthroned as the new Archbishop of Canterbury.....General Public Utilities, owner of Three Mile Island plant, said to be suing builders Babcock & Wilcox for damages resulting from last year's accident.....USAF awards cruise missile contract to Boeing Aerospace Co......Former candidate John Connally endorses Ronald Reagan for Republican nomination.....Jean Harris indicted for murder of Scarsdale Diet Dr. Herman Tarnower.
Wednesday, 26 March 1980
Sen. Ted Kennedy pulls off upset win in both New York and Connecticut primaries; exit polls show poor economy and Iran crisis hurting President Carter.....On Republican side, Ronald Reagan wins in New York while George Bush holds onto Connecticut.....Home building employees facing lost jobs this year as housing starts plummet.....In Iran, Ayatollah Mohammad Behesti calls for trial of American hostages if Shah is not returned.....Anti-Shah protest at Cairo University as Shah is prepared for surgery; Dr. Michael DeBakey flies to Cairo to head surgical team.....Israeli Prime Minister Begin says Israel will not permit a separate Palestinian state.....India grants the PLO full diplomatic status.....Commonwealth Edison indicted for failing to comply with government-approved security regulations at nuclear power plant in Cordova, IL.....Two Detroit policewomen trying to get their jobs back after being terminated for cowardice.....The presidential yacht, Sequoia, is up for sale.....Article in New England Journal of Medicine links second-hand smoke to lung cancer.
Thursday, 27 March 1980
Largest monthly trade deficit in history is reported, largely due to increase in price of foreign oil.....Iranian officials warn American hostage situation may drag on for months.....A Phillips Petroleum oil platform hotel in North Sea sinks with more than 200, mostly Norwegians, on board.....Britain's royal family receives increases in income.....Senate Foreign Relations Committee begins hearings on administration policy regarding Iran.....Senate approves windfall profits tax, and Carter promises to sign the bill into law.....Mt. St. Helens in Washington state, inactive for 123 years, spews steam and ash today, and area evacuation is underway.....Electricians fired three weeks ago in Ohio for wearing flag decals on hardhats get their jobs back today.....California sea lion pups are washing up on beaches and inhabitants try to rescue them.....Shaft elevator in South Africa falls, killing 23.
Friday, 28 March 1980
Largest rescue operation since World War II underway in North Sea to find survivors of collapsed oil platform, worst oil rig disaster in history.....Mt. St. Helens continues to display volcanic activity.....Surgery to remove Shah's spleen in Cairo hospital apparently successful.....Carter administration said to be discussing punitive actions against Iran.....Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher says intelligence reports show Soviets are using poison gas in Afghanistan, where daily executions of prisoners are carried out.....President Carter wants to prohibit any American firm from doing Olympics-related business with Soviet Union.....Carter criticizes Mobil Oil Corporation for violating price guidelines.....Carter campaign said to be reconsidering "Rose Garden" strategy and put president on the campaign trail.....The 1980 census begins today.....Federal appeals court in St. Louis supports right of National Organization of Women to boycott states not supporting Equal Rights Amendment.....As contract between owners and players expires April , a baseball strike looms in response to disagreement over free-agent system.....Former Irish Prime Minister Sean MacBride arrives in Tehran at invitation of Iranian President Bani-Sadr to discuss release of American hostages.....Wall Street said to be recovering from recent dumping of silver on the market by the Hunt brothers.
Saturday, 29 March 1980
White House denies Iranian claims that it sent letters via Swiss embassy to Iranian government admitting past U.S. mistakes.....Police and students clash in Asyut, Egypt over presence of Shah in that country.....Authorities call off search for survivors of North Sea oil rig collapse.....Linda Ronstadt headlines anti-nuclear protest in Harrisburg, PA on first anniversary of Three Mile Island accident.....Eric Heiden says U.S. needs better training facilities at rally for Winter Olympics athletics in Madison, WI.....Baseball team owners seek help from federal mediation service to avoid strike.....Terrorists holding hostages, including U.S. ambassador, at Dominican embassy tell Catholic priest that all non-diplomatic hostages will be released.....Landslide in Natchez claims lives as Mississippi continues under statewide flash flood watch.....A severe snowstorm hammering central plains in middle of calving season has livestock owners worried.....Francis Ford Coppola produces TV commercial for Democratic presidential candidate Jerry Brown.....Dangerous mudslides occur at Mt. St. Helens.....In horse racing, Plugged Nickel wins the Florida Derby.
Sunday, 30 March 1980
Swiss official says he did pass letters from U.S. to Iranian government; Press Secretary Jody Powell insists no American official sent such letters.....Iranian President Bani-Sadr claims demands for release of American hostages met in two messages President Carter denies having written.....Ayatollah Khomeini reportedly allowing a representative of Pope John Paul II to visit hostages.....Violence erupts at funeral service for slain Archibishop Oscar Romero in San Salvador.....Carter administration officials meet with U.S. Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs regarding Moscow Games boycott and alternate games.....Sentiment among American athletes to defy Carter's boycott said to be growing.....Mt. Helens continues to be active; most inhabitants of area evacuated; nearby town of Cougar, WA experiences a tourist boom.....Nancy Lopez Melton wins Kemper Women's Open golf tournament.....Pro baseball players vote to strike.
Monday, 31 March 1980
Iranian officials say American hostages may be handed over to government by militants holding U.S. embassy, as militant leaders meet with President Bani-Sadr.....Vice President Mondale campaigning in Wisconsin as president's surrogate on eve of primary there; John Anderson reportedly depending on crossover votes from liberal Democrats; Ronald Reagan campaigning in Kansas.....Carter administration officials raise inflation estimates as index of leading economic indicators in released.....U.S. dollar reportedly stronger against world currencies.....New York City prepares for strike of transit system workers tomorrow.....Roger Staubach, star quarterback of Dallas Cowboys, announces retirement.....Supreme Court refuses to halt deportation of Iranian students.....Kansas secretary of state seeks delay for primary due to current blizzard.....Pennsylvania health department investigating rise in infant deaths in area around Three Mile Island nuclear plant after last year's accident.....Continued violence in San Salvador following yesterday's funeral for Archibishop Oscar Romero.....Memorial service for members of American amateur boxing team killed in plane crash in Poland held at Andrews AFB.....Olympic gold medalist Jesse Owens dies, age 66.....Larry Holmes defeats Leroy Jones for heavyweight boxing title.