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The Daily News - April 1980
[NOTE: Some of the events described in a day's news may have occurred on the previous day.]

President Carter announces sanctions against Iran.

Tuesday, 1 April 1980
Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr offers to take custody of American hostages from militants holding U.S. embassy in Iran.....White House says formal proclamation of apology requested by Bani-Sadr is not forthcoming.....President Carter says America's patience regarding hostage situation is wearing thin in speech at building trades convention.....Voting in Wisconsin and Kansas primaries taking place today; exit polls indicate President Carter and Ronald Reagan winning in Wisconsin.....Rumors circulate that John Anderson is considering a third-party candidacy.....Chase Manhattan Bank increases prime lending rate again.....Major League Players Association votes against playing any more exhibition games; deadline for baseball contract agreement is May 22.....Mass transit workers strike in New York City after rejecting proposed pay increase; this only the second such strike in the city's history; the strike violates state law.....Heavy rains cause flooding in the south while snowstorms blanket the Rockies.....Russian ballet dancer who recently defected to U.S. says he has changed his mind.
Wednesday, 2 April 1980
Chemical Bank, Bank of America and other financial institutions raise prime lending rate to historic high.....President Carter signs windfall profits tax and proclamation regarding fee on imported oil which will lead to higher gas prices next month.....Carter and Ronald Reagan the winners in Wisconsin and Kansas primaries.....Jerry Brown withdraws from Democratic presidential race.....Sen. Ted Kennedy endorsed by American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees.....President Carter reportedly receiving mixed signals from President Bani-Sadr in exchange of private messages between U.S. and Iran.....Continued sporadic violence in El Salvador following slaying of Archbishop Oscar Romero results in extension of martial law.....Nursing supervisor Jani Adams at Las Vegas' Sunrise Hospital indicted by Clark County grand jury in recent deaths of patients.....Long Island RR employees return to work on second day of New York City transit strike.....Three Duke Univ. medical researchers set new endurance record for underwater living.....An Amtrak passenger train collides with a freight train at Lakeview, NC as Amtrak announces fare increase.
Thursday, 3 April 1980
Iranian Revolutionary Council refuses to act regarding transfer of American hostages from militants to government; Carter administration expresses disappointment, and President Bani-Sadr said to be dissatisfied with council.....Terrorists holding Dominican embassy in Bogota release two more hostages; U.S. ambassador among diplomats still held captive.....An alternative to the propose boycott of the Summer Games presented to President Carter by American Olympic athletes and is rejected.....Ronald Reagan announces his support of administration's boycott of Olympics.....Food stamps, mass transit, Saturday mail delivery and more expected to be affected by proposed budget cuts.....President Carter commends 27 food and 21 drug chains for instituting voluntary price freeze.....In Atlanta, judge dismisses conspiracy charges in Bert Lance bank fraud trial.....100 people treated for nausea and skin irritation when freight train including tank car filled with poison gas collides with a two-story apartment house stalled at crossing in Somerville, MA.....Olympic skating duo Randy Gardner and Tai Babilonia turn pro, sign on with the Icecapades.....House subcommittee report affirms safety of nuclear power and concludes that Three Mile Island accident was not a public health disaster.....Pilot's criticism of Pan Am's maintenance inspection procedure leads to FAA investigation.....Federal Home Loan Bank unveils new flexible mortgage plan.
Friday, 4 April 1980
Unemployment is on the rise, as are wholesale prices, says government.....Energy price increase in one month said to be highest in six years; fee on imported oil predicted to increase cost of gallon of gas by ten cents; crude oil prices rising, but demand is declining.....In Bogota, terrorists holding Dominican embassy say all non-diplomatic hostages will be released by Sunday.....Three American clergymen will be allowed into U.S. embassy in Tehran to conduct Easter service for hostages.....Anti-American and anti-Sadat sentiments prevail at Tehran prayer rally.....Ceremony in Memphis and tribute in Atlanta take place on anniversary of Martin Luther King's death.....Funeral services held at Univ. of Chicago for athlete Jesse Owens.....17,000 have been evacuated from Somerville, MA following train wreck involving tank car full of poison gas.....Soviets accuse U.S. of supplying chemical weapons to Afghan rebels; there is further evidence that Soviets are engaged in chemical warfare in Afghanistan.....A supertanker sinks off the coast of Africa.....Boxing great Muhammad Ali plans a comeback.....Census Bureau says goal of 80% returns in recent census will be achieved.....Italy gets a new coalition government as Francesco Cossiga is sworn in as prime minister.....Court stays the slaughter of 200,000 cattle scheduled because cancer agent DES was used in 30 feedlots.....Police arrest Richard Q. Williams for extortion scheme involving planting poisoned food items on grocery shelves.
Saturday, 5 April 1980
Reuters reports creation of commission to negotiate transfer of American hostages in Iran from militants to government; commission said to include Catholic Archibishop Hilarion Capucci, Papal envoy Annibale Bugnini, the Swiss ambassador and two French lawyers.....Islamic Republic Party opposed to Iranian government taking custody of hostages; President Bani-Sadr said to be locked in power struggle with the Party.....Bani-Sadr urges Egyptians to overthrow Anwar Sadat for granting asylum to Shah.....11 suspected members of FALN, violent Puerto Rican nationalist group, arrested in Chicago suburb.....President Carter and Ronald Reagan expected to win Louisiana's first presidential primary.....National Guard mans roadblocks to keep tourists out of Cougar, WA; tourist trade booming thanks to volcanic activity of Mt. St. Helens.....Missouri humane society opposes sale of ducklings as pets on Easter; sale illegal in 25 states.....Following polo match in Florida, Prince Charles checks into hospital due to overexposure to sun.....American clergymen arrive in Tehran for hostage Easter service, which will be filmed by Iranian TV.....Senate Budget Committee proposes ceiling on top federal salaries and delay in Medicare and Medicaid expansion as part of budget cuts.....Federal Home Loan Bank board announces increase in home mortgage rates.....Boxing match in Brazil between Muhammad Ali and WBA champ Mike Weaver is announced.
Sunday, 6 April 1980
Easter service held for American hostages in Tehran; decision of Iranian Revolutionary Council regarding custody of hostages will be announced tomorrow, subject to approval by Ayatollah Khomeini.....Carter administration expected to announce new sanctions against Iran if hostages not turned over to Iranian government; may include adding food to current embargo and breaking diplomatic relations.....Senators Joe Biden and Howard Baker say American pilots stationed in Indian Ocean are ready to strike Iranian targets; White House said to be opposed to use of force, though U.S. naval blockade not ruled out.....Reports warn of possible hostilities breaking out between Iran and Iraq.....Pope John Paul II reads Easter greeting in Hebrew for first time during services in St. Peter's Square.....President Carter and Ronald Reagan proclaimed victors in Louisiana primary.....Three of the FALN terrorists arrested in Chicago said to have participated in recent raid on Carter-Mondale campaign headquarters.....7,000 Cubans seek politican asylum at Peruvian embassy in Havana.....Major league baseball players say they will strike on May 22 unless agreement with owners is reached; spring training games are canceled.....Ceremony in Fayette, NY marks 150th anniversary of Mormon Church.....Bjorn Borg defeats Guillermo Vilas to win Monte Carlo Tennis Open.....NHL star Gordie Howe finishes record 26th season.
Monday, 7 April 1980
President Carter announces the U.S. is breaking diplomatic relations with Iran; all Iranian diplomats ordered to leave tomorrow after Ayatollah Khomeini decides American hostages will remain in custody of militants holding U.S. embassy in Tehran; trade sanctions imposed, immigration prohibited, and Iranian assets may be subjected to American legal claims.....Egyptian President Sadat arrives in Washington for talks with President Carter.....Palestinians raid Misgav Am kibbutz near Lebanese border; children taken hostage are freed in Israeli assault.....British equestrian team decides not to attend Moscow Games.....Slumping auto industry results in layoffs by Chrysler, Delco Products and Penn-Dixie.....A harbor transit strikes begins in Seattle.....Fidel Castro okays emigration of Cubans seeking refuge in Peruvian embassy, Havana.....Cubans in Miami demonstrate in support of refugees.....FALN leaders arrested including FBI's most wanted criminal, Carlos Torres.....Clergymen returning from hostage Easter service say they saw only 31 of the captive Americans.....6,000 Iranians are deported from Iraq while Iraqi-supported insurgents raid Iranian oilfield.....A former hostage of terrorists holding Dominican embassy in Bogota is arrested on suspicion of being in collusion with the guerrillas.....World Health Organization reports spread of smoking in developing nations as tobacco companies seek new markets.
Tuesday, 8 April 1980
Iran expected to use oil exports to pressure Japan, Australia and Western Europe not to support American reprisals; Italy agrees not to deliver helicopters and spare parts made under U.S. license to Iran.....Iranian diplomats ordered to leave U.S. by midnight.....Wife of hostage William Belk said to be filing civil suit against Iran.....Egyptian President Sadat visits White House to discuss Palestinian autonomy with President Carter.....Secretary General Kurt Waldheim seeks held from UN refugee committee for Cubans who have sought asylum at Peruvian embassy, Havana; Cuban government reportedly refuses to allow Red Cross to feed the refugees.....Ronald Reagan wins Oklahoma's Republican caucus yesterday......Abnormally high rate of liver ailments discovered in some exposed to toxic fumes from recent tank car derailment in Somerville, MA.....Radioactive water found in wells at Three Mile Island nuclear plant site; Nuclear Regulatory Commission says no radiation detected in Susquehanna River.....New York City bus and subway unions fired for ignoring a no-strike order.
Wednesday, 9 April 1980
Militants threaten to kill American hostages if U.S. undertakes rescue attempt; Secretary of State Cyrus Vance meets with ambassadors of other nations to drum up support for American sanctions against Iran.....The Shah leaves a Cairo hospital after successful surgery.....Treasury Department prepares legislation that would permit civil claims against Iran and the payment of judgments from seized Iranian assets.....Capitol Hill reception given for Egyptian President Sadat.....American Airlines 727 is hijacked, bound for Cuba.....USSR launches Soyuz 35 manned space flight.....Widow and daughter of executed Pakistani leader Zulkifar Ali Bhutto freed after six months of house arrest.....Aerial clash between Iran and Iraq reported.....Israeli troops at Lebanese border following Palestinian raid on kibbutz.....75 tornados in 14 states reported in last two days.
Thursday, 10 April 1980
Film released by militants holding U.S. embassy, Tehran, shows hostage Joseph Subic, Jr. confessing that embassy was a "nest of spies"; militants claim to be filiming confessions of 11 other hostages.....Eight Iranian students enrolled at Univ. of Texas-El Paso denied reentry into U.S. after vacationing in Mexico.....Common Market nations demand immediate release of American hostages in Iran.....U.S. agrees to take some of the 10,000 Cuban refugees at Peruvian embassy, Havana, as does Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.....Soviet cosmonauts dock Soyuz 35 with Salyut 6 space station.....Israel sends more troops and tanks into southern Lebanon.....In speech before National Press Club, Egyptian President Sadat urges Israel to accept Arab sovereignty in eastern Jerusalem.....Iranian pilots training in U.S., expelled by presidential order, leave country.....Bert Lance takes stand in his bank fraud trial in Atlanta.....Norway recalls its ambassador to Iran.....Nuclear Regulatory Commission proposing stiff fine for Babcock-Wilcox, builders of Three Mile Island nuclear plant.....A class-action suit filed by veterans suffering radiation-related illnesses allegedly caused by nuclear tests and bombing of Japan in World War II.

Children at a public rally in Miami, supporting
Cuban refugees in Peruvian embassy, Havana

Friday, 11 April 1980
Four Iranian pilot trainees in Pensacola seek political asylum in U.S......Press Secretary Jody Powell remarks that military action against Iran is not feasible.....Vice-president Walter Mondale attends meeting of U.S. Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs to lobby for Moscow Games boycott; committee members to vote on proposed boycott tomorrow.....Report indicates Chrysler unable to raise necessary matching funs to qualify for federal loan guarantees.....Treasury Dept. reportedly delaying income tax refunds due to amount of funds in bank accounts.....New York City reaches agreement with transit workers to end their strike.....Iranian Foreign Minister Sadegh Ghotbzadeh meets with ambassadors from Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Common Market nations, warns them not to join U.S. sanctions against Iran.....Militants holding U.S. embassy, Tehran, threaten death to hostages if war breaks out between Iran and Iraq.....In Lebanon, Christian militia reportedly fire on UN peacekeepers; Israelis conduct partial withdrawal from southern Lebanon.....Executives from Arco, Gulf and Texaco defend price increases and higher profits in meeting with President Carter.
Saturday, 12 April 1980
In Colorado Springs, U.S. Olympic Committee votes in favor of Moscow Games boycott.....President Carter tells European TV reporters he will set deadline for European allies to take action against Iran; if they don't, U.S. may be forced to take military action against Khomeini regime.....Common Market nations and Japan state they will join U.S. sanctions unless American hostages held in Tehran are released soon.....A demonstration supporting hostages takes place at Lincoln Memorial.....Opposed to Carter administration's foreign policy, U.S. consul to Moscow Thomas Hutson resigns.....President William Tolbert believed slain in military coup in Liberia led by a staff sergeant named Samuel Doe.....A sabotaged power station results in blackout in Puerto Rico.....Police keep black and white demonstrators apart during race discord in Wrightsville, GA......Man claims FBI agent posed as census taker to gather information about him.....Artists Jamie Wyeth, Andy Warhol and others donate prints to Sen. Ted Kennedy's campaign to sell in fundraising effort.
Sunday, 13 April 1980
Iranian Foreign Minister Ghotbzadeh appeals to other Islamic nations for help to offset American economic sanctions; Iran celebrates break in diplomatic relations with U.S......Carter administration expresses confidence that allies will support sanctions against Iran.....Sen. Ted Kennedy is victor in Arizona's Democratic caucus, held yesterday.....In Cleveland, OH, Barry Commoner accepts presidential nomination of the Citizens' Party.....On Meet the Press, Sen. Henry Jackson warns that high interest rates will dash President Carter's hopes for balanced budget.....Police pursue three mountain climbers spotted on slopes of Mt. St. Helens, where volcanic activity continues.....Ayatollah Khomeini promises that Red Cross team will meet all hostages; militants holding U.S. embassy refuse to make same commitment.....Executions of slain Liberian President William Tolbert's son and others by rebels as Samuel Doe becomes new leader.....High interest rates causing decline in housing industry.....U.S. Navy reports a manpower shortage.....A tornado strikes near flooded New Orleans.....After 3,388 performances, Grease closes on Broadway.
Monday, 14 April 1980
International Red Cross team visits American hostages held in Tehran.....British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher voices strong support for U.S. actions regarding Iran and Moscow Games.....Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin arrives in Washington to discuss Mideast peace with President Carter.....Libya, Algeria, Syria, S. Yemen and PLO discuss plans for oil embargo against U.S. and other action against Egypt.....An attempted assassination of India's prime minister, Indira Gandhi, is reported.....USSR launches Cosmos 1172, called a "killer satellite" by U.S......Poll shows Sen. Ted Kennedy now leading President Carter in Pennsylvania, site of upcoming primary.....Carroll O'Conner appears as "Archie Bunker" in campaign commercial for Kennedy.....Republican presidential candidate John Anderson cancels campaign schedule indefinitely.....Severe weather batters eastern U.S., with snowstorms and flooding in Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, flooding in New Orleans and Jackson, MS, tornado in Gulfport, MS.....Phillips Petroleum agrees to issue refunds after violating wage and price guidelines.....Norman Mailer wins Pulitzer fiction prize for The Executioner's Song; Edmund Morris wins nonfiction prize for The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt; Philadelphia Inquirer wins sixth straight Pulitzer for news reporting.
Tuesday, 15 April 1980
American hostages in Tehran said to be sending written messages home with Red Cross representative; letters, screened by militants, will be delivered to New York City headquarters.....Swedish foreign minister says Sweden will participate in Moscow Games and does not support U.S. sanctions against Iran.....Auto sales down for Big Three automakers; Ford cutting back operations.....Emergency restrictions on thermostat settings extended by President Carter.....Philadelphia Mayor Bill Green endorses Sen. Ted Kennedy, as does Service Employees Union.....Pennsylvania AFL-CIO gives reception for VP Walter Mondale.....President Carter and Israeli Prime Minister Begin begin meetings on issue of Palestinian autonomy.....Quebec to vote soon on independence from Canada.....Bombings occur in Northern Ireland today.....French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre dies.....Lily of the Mohawks, 17th century American Indian, becomes first Indian woman considered for sainthood by Catholic Church.....In New Orleans, a park is dedicated to memory of jazz great Louis Armstrong.....U.S. Supreme Court rules on need for arrest warrants by police searching private homes; ruling will affect law in 24 states.
Wednesday, 16 April 1980
White House denies story in Boston Globe that U.S. is prepared to blockade Iran; new sanctions to be announced tomorrow will include banning all exports to Iran.....A Moscow newspaper details alleged CIA-FBI plot to sabotage Moscow Olympics.....Chase Manhattan Bank to lower prime lending rates.....Carter administration said to be proposing legislation providing for government-backed, low-interest home mortgages.....Some of the 10,000 Cubans seeking refuge in Peruvian embassy, Havana, leaving Cuba for Costa Rica today.....Israeli Prime Minister Begin agrees with Egyptian President Sadat's proposal for ministerial talks on Palestinian issue, but rejects proposal regarding vote by Eastern Jerusalem Arabs.....Full independence of Rhodesia to occur tomorrow as Prince Charles arrives in Salisbury for ceremony.....Muhammad Ali said to be making fourth try for heavyweight boxing title against Larry Holmes.....General Motors says it must lay off more workers.....Philip Crane withdraws from Republican presidential race, throws support to Ronald Reagan, who campaigns in Pennsylvania and New Jersey today.....House Ethics Committee upholds corruption charges against Rep. Charles Wilson.....U.S. naval officer Sam Novello and driver killed by terrorists in Istanbul today.....FTC orders ad agency to stop claiming superiority of Bayer aspirin.....Tennis star Arthur Ashe announces retirement from the game.
Thursday, 17 April 1980
President Carter announces further economic sanctions against Iran, says if they are not successful in securing release of American hostages military action will be necessary.....Portugal becomes first NATO country to ban all trade with Iran.....Housing starts said to be at lowest level in 20 years.....More refugees from Cuba arrive in Costa Rica after their possessions are confiscated in Havana.....Rhodesia officially becomes independent republic of Zimbabwe.....In Strasbourg, European parliament recommends actions by Common Market against Iran.....Carter promises help for farmers, auto workers and home buyers, hit hard by nation's economic problems.....House Appropriations Committee approves funding of draft registration; bill expected to pass House next week; women will not be part of draft process.....U.S. Navy plane crashes into hotel in American Samoa.
Friday, 18 April 1980
Parents of hostage Kevin Hermening succeed in acquiring Iranian visa in order to meet son, face fine and incarceration if they violate presidential ban on travel to Iran.....Louise Kennedy, wife of hostage, said to be planning trip to Europe with three other hostage family members to lobby for sanctions against Iran.....Prime interest rate lowered by major banks as first quarter GNP shows recession likely.....Ronald Reagan's lead in Pennsylvania polls said to be cut in half by aggressive Bush campaign.....Justice Dept. reportedly filing suit to force South Carolina to change procedure for election of state senators.....Castro halts flight of refugees from Cuba to Costa Rica.....U.S. opens embassy in newly-independent Zimbabwe.....Honda Motor Co. of Japan announces plans to build a plant in Ohio.....President Carter wins Idaho Democratic caucus while Reagan triumphs in North Dakota state convention.....Carter attacks rival Sen. Ted Kennedy for refusing to support Carter-Mondale ticket if he loses nomination.....Israel attacks Palestinian guerrilla stronghold in southern Lebanon.....It is reported that the town of Secretary, MD was overlooked by Census Bureau.
Saturday, 19 April 1980
Parents of hostage Kevin Hermening arrive in Tehran; White House expresses concern that visit may delay resolution of hostage crisis.....Hostage families meet in Chicago.....Reports suggest Ayatollah Khomeini intends to hold hostages until after November elections in U.S......Pro-Castro demonstrations orchestrated in Havana.....According to Baltimore News-American article, Spiro Agnew resigned as VP because he feared assassination from White House clique.....In Lebanon, Christian militia leader denies responsibility for execution of two UN soldiers.....Norway becomes first country in Western Europe to join American boycott of Moscow Olympics.....Carter administration official says Japan would not tolerate American blockade of Iran unless U.S. restricts its own energy consumption, which would require gas rationing.....George Bush wins Maine's Republican state convention today.....Puerto Rican Olympic Committee votes to attend Moscow Games, though governor and legislature support boycott.....Costa Rica recalls its ambassador to Cuba after he is beaten while escorting refugees to plane.....Costa Rican consul released by terrorists holding Dominican embassy in Bogota.....Defense Dept. study says sea-based missile system could substitute for controversial MX system.

Iranian soldiers inspect wreckage of U.S.
aircraft following failed rescue mission

Sunday, 20 April 1980
Militants holding American hostages in Tehran say parents of Kevin Hermening will not be allowed to visit their son without written approval from President Bani-Sadr.....Japan refuses to pay higher price for Iranian oil; price hike gives Japanese government excuse to support U.S. sanctions against Iran.....New York Times reports U.S. had made plans for military coup in Iran to keep Khomeini out of power.....Foreign ministers of Japan and European Community meet tomorrow in Luxembourg to discuss economic sanctions against Iran.....Costa Rica says it will provide permanent homes for all 10,000 Cuban refugees seeking asylum.....Pundits say Sen. Ted Kennedy must win Pennsylvania primary to stay in race.....Sen. Howard Baker endorses Ronald Reagan for Republican presidential nomination, as does Ohio governor James Rhodes.....Israel celebrates its 32nd anniversary of independence.....In USSR, Vladimir Lenin's birthday is celebrated.....KKK allegedly involved in shootings of four black women in Chattanooga.....Boston Celtics defeat Philadelphia 76ers while Seattle SuperSonics win over Milwaukee Bucks in NBA playoffs.
Monday, 21 April 1980
Mother of hostage Kevin Hermening allowed to see her son.....Relatives of three other hostages prepare to leave for Iran despite U.S. government's travel ban.....Fourth day of violence at Iranian universities between Moslem fundamentalists and leftists; attacks on leftists said to be encouraged by Ayatollah Khomeini.....Australia decides to impose restraints on trade with Iran.....United Methodist Church passes resolution sympathetic to Iran's charge against U.S......Kurdish rebels clash with Iranian army.....Iran halts oil shipments to Japan.....Soviet Union threatens boycott of 1984 Olympic Games at Los Angeles.....In S. Yemen, pro-Soviet President Abdel Fattah Ismail is ousted.....John Anderson asks Daniel Patrick Moynihan to be running mate on independent ticket.....Justice Dept. warns Chicago school board about segregation in city schools.....U.S. Postal Service proposes another rate hike.....Demonstrations for and against Hyde Amendment occur as U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments in case involving federal funding of abortions.....Cuban boat refugees arrive in Miami.....Mobil Oil Co. reportedly halting issuance of new credit cards.....Bill Rodgers wins third consecutive Boston Marathon; Rosie Ruiz breaks marathon record for women.
Tuesday, 22 April 1980
Pennsylvania primary takes place today.....PA poll shows George Bush leading Ronald Reagan, while President Carter and Sen. Ted Kennedy are in dead heat.....European Community decides to support Carter's sanctions against Iran.....State Dept. sends telegrams to hostage families urging them to abide by ban on travel to Iran.....International Olympic Committee, meeting in Switzerland, undecided about Moscow Olympics boycott.....Canada urges it's Olympic committee to cancel plans to attend Summer Games.....In Liberia, officials of former government are executed.....House of Representatives votes in favor of additional funding for draft registration.....Officials suspecting that Rosie Ruiz did not run entire Boston Marathon begin investigation.....10th anniversary of Earth Day is celebrated.....A fire at chemical waste dump in Elizabeth, NJ spreads fumes over large area.....Fire breaks out at fertilizer plant in Ft. Hall, ID.....Potwin, KS is evacuated when toxic vapors leak from Titan II missile silo.....Forest fires reported in MI, MN, ND and WI..
Wednesday, 23 April 1980
George Bush and Sen. Ted Kennedy proclaimed the winners in yesterday's Pennsilvania primary.....Reagan staff said to be considering Bush for VP running mate.....Reagan and Bush debate tonight in Houston, TX.....Carter campaign said to be concerned about possible floor fight for nomination at Democratic convention.....USSR and Iran negotiate a trade agreement which includes increased sales of Iranian oil to Rumania.....The majority of Britain's diplomatic corps leave Iran with their families.....Parents of hostage Keven Hermening meet with Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti to lobby for son's release.....Family members of four other hostages meet today with French President Giscard d'Estaing.....Moslem extremists continue to battle leftists in Tehran.....International Olympic Committee leader Lord Killanin suggests meeting with President Carter and Soviet leader Leonid Breshnev to salvage Moscow Games.....West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt encourages Bundestag to boycott the Games.....South Korea prohibits its athletes from participating in Moscow.....19 U.S. athletes are reportedly filing suit against government due to boycott.....State Dept. orders halt to private boat operations transporting Cuban refugees to Florida.....First quarter earnings for Exxon largest ever reported for an American corporation.....Chase Manhattan Bank lowers prime interest rate.....An oil tanker collides with a passenger ferry off the Philippines.....Nine perish as fire breaks out on Soviet sub off coast of Japan.....David Scott Cowper sets new record for sailing around the world solo...
Thursday, 24 April 1980
John Anderson withdraws from Republican race and announces independent candidacy; refunds government matching campaign funds.....Louise Kennedy, wife of American hostage in Tehran, meets with British Prime Minister Thatcher today.....In Iran, Kurdish rebels continue to war against government forces.....Iranian Foreign Minister Ghotbzadeh blames U.S. for continued violence between Moslem fundamentalists and leftists; threatens to halt all oil exports if U.S. mines Iranian harbors.....Japan imposes economic and diplomatic sanctions on Iran.....Private boat operations continue sealift that brings large number of Cuban refugees to U.S.; Justice Dept. orders arrest of anyone bringing Cuban exiles to U.S. illegally; government attorneys look for legal way to seize boats.....Residents of Memphis community show unusually high number of birth defects and cancer cases; EPA investigates.....United Airlines, American Airlines and TWA report first quarter losses due to higher cost of jet fuel.......Mobil Oil. Co. and government reach agreement regarding Mobil's overcharging for products.....Blizzard strikes Colorado as unusual snowstorm reaches from Rockies to Great Lakes.
Friday, 25 April 1980
Eight Americans die during unsuccessful attempt to rescue hostages in Iran; President Carter accepts responsibility for operation; Iran's ambassador to UN says there will be no reprisals against American hostages; members of Congress debate whether Carter violated War Powers Act in launching mission.....Militants holding U.S. embassy in Tehran threaten death of hostages.....Defense Secretary Harold Brown says future military options to rescue hostages still possible.....State Dept. rules out another rescue mission for at least six months.....Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher meets with diplomats from 18 other nations to discuss situation.....A British chartered 727 crashes approaching Tenerife Airport in Canary Islands.....U.S. fines skippers of boats transporting Cuban refugees to Florida.....Both Carter and Sen. Ted Kennedy suspend campaigning in Michigan due to Iran crisis.....Terrorists holding Dominican embassy in Bogota said to be planning end of occupation soon.
Saturday, 26 April 1980
Iranian President Bani-Sadr claims American hostages have been removed from U.S. embassy and placed in multiple secret locations.....Iran says Iranian agents helped American rescue effort and that other American troops are lost in desert.....Five wounded members of rescue team arrive at Lackland AFB (TX).....Hostage families meet with State Dept. officials in Houston; majority of families said to be supportive of rescue attempt.....President Carter said to be preparing written report of mission for Congress.....Senate Foreign Relations Committee plans investigation of possible violation of War Powers Act by Carter.....U.S. allies reaction to rescue attempt said to be very critical.....Sen Ted Kennedy wins narrow victory over Carter in Michigan Democratic caucus.....John Anderson launches campaign as independent candidate for president at NAACP convention in New York.....An antinuclear demonstration occurs in Washington DC; other protesters arrested after blocking gates to submarine shipyard in Groton, CT.....Canadian Olympic Association votes to join U.S. boycott of Moscow Games.....Large number of Cuban refugees arrive in Key West as weather makes boatlift more hazardous.
Sunday, 27 April 1980
Bodies of American servicemen killed in aborted rescue mission are displayed before Iranian TV cameras during news conference held at U.S. embassy in Tehran.....Ayatollah Beheshti says U.S. must pay for return of bodies.....Memorial services for dead held in football stadium at Niceville, FL.....American allies meeting in Luxembourg issue announcement supportive of U.S. effort to free hostages; many European leaders said to be privately furious.....Special mass to honor American hostages in Iran held in Luxembourg cathedral.....Pentagon will conduct full inquiry into failed mission.....Gallup poll shows public approval of President Carter rising after rescue attempt.....Hostage crisis in Bogota ends; all prisoners, including U.S. ambassador Diego Asencio, released unharmed; M-19 terrorists fly to Havana.....Hostages seized in riot at state prison in Michigan City, IN.....Coast Guard receives numerous distress calls as Cuban refugees continue to risk boatlift in spite of bad weather.....Philadelphia 76ers triumph over Boston Celtics while LA Lakers beat Seattle SuperSonics in NBA semifinals.
Monday, 28 April 1980
Secretary of State Cyrus Vance resigns today in protest of rescue attempt; said to have written formal resignation letter days before failed mission; Warren Christopher made acting secretary.....President Carter makes first trip out of District of Columbia since hostage crisis began to visit wounded servicemen in Texas.....Iranian President Bani-Sadr says bodies of dead Americans will be returned to families through International Red Cross.....Recent car bombings in Tehran blamed on American infiltrators.....U.S. allies commit formally to May deadline for hostage release, after which they will impose economic sanctions against Iran.....Coast Guard attempting to rescue boats disabled by weekend storm during Cuban boatlift; some boats involved in transport have been seized by authorities.....National Guard called out in Florida and state of emergency declared due to influx of Cuban refugees.....Ford Motor Co. reports first quarter losses.....Dollar drops on international money market.....Civil Aeronautics Board approves increase in domestic fares by airlines.....New York files suit against Hooker Chemical Corp. for dumping hazardous material into Love Canal.....Mother of hostage Keven Hermening apologizes to Iran for rescue attempt.....Sen. Ted Kennedy meets with President Jose Lopez Portillo in Mexico City.
Tuesday, 29 April 1980
President Carter selects Edmund Muskie as next Secretary of State, replacing outgoing Cyrus Vance, who had wanted Warren Christopher to succeed him -- Muskie says he accepts out of sense of duty, not enthusiasm; is officially neutral in struggle between Carter and Sen. Ted Kennedy for Democratic presidential nomination.....Filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock dies.....Iran claims U.S. warplanes fired on Iranian aircraft over Strait of Hormuz.....President Bani-Sadr calls on Jerusalem's Catholic Archbishop Hilarion Capucci to oversee transfer of bodies of American servicemen.....Memorial service for dead soldiers held at New River Marine Air Station (NC).....In Kuwait, the attempted assassination of Iranian Foreign Minister Ghotbzadeh is reported.....In Vatican City, Pope John Paul II meets with relatives of four American hostages.....Ted Kennedy visits troops wounded in rescue attempt at San Antonio military hospital.....Walter Cronkite denies claim made by article in The New Republic that he will be John Anderson's running mate.....Rosie Ruiz stripped of Boston Marathon title after investigation shows she did not run entire race; Jacqueline Gereau named new winner.....Soldiers try to join refugees in flight from Cuba as U.S. seizes more vessels engaged in the boatlift.
Wednesday, 30 April 1980
President Carter said to be leaving White House to campaign, though he had vowed not to do so until Iran hostage crisis was resolved; Carter refuses to debate rival, Sen. Ted Kennedy.....Independent candidate John Anderson facing legal challenges in getting name on some state ballots.....Warren Christopher urges Secretary of State-designate Muskie to find new deputy.....Relatives of hostages return from lobbying efforts in Europe.....Iranian gunmen seize Iran's embassy in London, hostages taken.....Archbishop Hilarion Capucci blesses bodies of slain American servicemen in Tehran and tries to expedite their return to U.S......Bert Lance found not guilty on bank fraud chages; mistrial declared on other charges due to deadlocked jury.....Chrsyler reportedly receiving a loan from state of Michigan.....A protester douses U.S. deputy chief delegate to UN and a Soviet representative with red ink.....A riot occurs during abdication ceremonies as Queen Juliana of The Netherlands steps down and is replaced by daughter Beatrix.....Index of leading economic indicators suffers third largest decline in history.....Statistics show crime rate in U.S. increased last year.....Federal Trade Commission will reportedly run out of money tonight.