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The Daily News - May 1980
[NOTE: Some of the events described in a day's news may have occurred on the previous day.]

Pope John Paul II in Africa

Thursday, 1 May 1980
Iran rejects any negotiation with Iranian Arab gunmen holding their London embassy; supporters of Ayatollah Khomeini volunteer to take place of British hostages; British authorities can't launch assault on embassy without Iran's permission.....Anti-Iran protesters demonstrate in London.....Col. Charles Beckwith, leader of failed mission to rescue American hostages in Tehran, gives press conference at Pentagon.....Three congressional committees planning investigations into mission.....USSR's Pravda newspaper claims mission was cover-up for attempted coup.....In Tehran fasting for peace, Dick Gregory meets with Khomeini.....Japan's Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira and President Carter sign agreement on scientific and technological cooperation.....General Accounting Office audit of HUD uncovers large slush fund.....General Motors announces more layoffs.....Talks between Egypt and Israel on Palestinian autonomy begin today.....Government erects tent city at Elgin AFB to accommodate Cuban refugees in Florida, as Cuban boatlift continues.....Congress approves emergency appropriations for financially-strapped FTC.....Saudi Arabia reportedly plans to raise oil prices.....William Styron (Sophie's Choice) and Thomas Wolfe (The Right Stuff) win American Book Awards.
Friday, 2 May 1980
Large number of Cubans seek refuge in U.S. diplomatic offices after being attacked by pro-Castro groups in Havana.....Head of West Germany's elite GSG-9 anti-terrorist squad consults with London police regarding Iranian embassy seizure.....Bodies of American servicemen killed in last month's Iran rescue attempt may be returned next week via Switzerland.....Militants holding American hostages in Tehran claim seizure of Iran's London embassy a plot by President Carter.....Terrorists attack Jewish settlers in West Bank city of Hebron.....Pope John Paul II begins African tour in Zaire, where Roman Catholicism has recently been suppressed.....Nelson and Herbert Hunt testify at congressional hearing about allegations of their involvement in recent silver market collapse.....Unemployment for April said to be highest since 1929.....Auto industry layoffs make Michigan's unemployment highest in nation.....Energy Dept. approves increase in wholesale gas price.....Gerald Ford says John Anderson's independent candidacy may prevent either major party candidate from getting enough electoral votes to win election.....Youngstown, OH municipal employees strike, mayor declares state of emergency.....First nationwide strike in 70 years occurring in Sweden.....Joseph Doherty and three other IRA members arrested for murder.
Saturday, 3 May 1980
Israel launches reprisals for yesterday's attack on Jewish settlers in Hebron; PLO claims responsibility for that attack.....Gunmen holding Iranian embassy in London release two hostages; one gunman surrenders; ambassadors from Algeria, Jordan and Iran heading negotiations to end siege.....400 Cubans in Havana given sanctuary in Swiss embassy, Havana after brawl outside compound yesterday.....Refugees airlifted from Key West to Elgin AFB tent city.....18 European Olympic committees say no anthems will be played or flags raised at Summer Games, in lieu of boycott.....President Carter and Ronald Reagan said to be frontrunners in Texas primary held today.....Court orders unions back to bargaining table in second day of Youngstown, OH city workers' strike.....Regarding popularity of divorce and concubines for priests, Pope John paul II issues papal statement that church in Zaire must adhere to Christian morals.....A baby-selling ring is discovered in Palo Alto, CA.....Richard Carter attempts robbery across street from Detroit police station, and is promptly arrested.....Genuine Risk wins the 106th Kentucky Derby.
Sunday, 4 May 1980
Death of Yugoslavia's president, Josep Tito, is announced; USSR expected to exploit anticipated power struggle within Yugoslavia in order to bring that country under greater Soviet influence.....Gunmen holding Iranian embassy in London release another hostage.....Ronald Reagan and President Carter declared winners of yesterday's Texas primaries.....Illinois Governor James Thompson endorses Reagan, who meets with evangelist Billy Graham in Indiana.....Deaths and injuries occur in crowd gathered to see Pope John Paul II in Kinshasa, Zaire.....Father Robert Drinan, only Catholic clergyman in U.S. Congress, receives papal order telling him not to run for reelection.....LA Lakers beat the Philadelphia 76ers in first game of NBA championship series.....U.S. scales down diplomatic relations with Libya following intimidation by that government of Libyan dissidents living in America.
Monday, 5 May 1980
Siege at Iranian embassy, London ends as British SAS commandos storm compound following murder of a hostage; all other hostages rescued, some terrorists killed; Iran blames U.S. and Iraq for incident.....Bodies of American servicement killed in failed Iran rescue mission last month are formally turned over to the Swiss and International Red Cross.....Testimony begins today in investigation by House Armed Services Committee of botched rescue attempt.....VP Walter Mondale named to head U.S. delegation to Tito funeral in Yugoslavia.....Pope John Paul II arrives in the Congo, asks priests the world over to stay out of politics.....EPA expresses concern that toxic waste is reponsible for health problems, including high incidence of childhood leukemia, in Woburn, MA.....US rejects demand by Castro government that it turn over refugees inside visa offices in Havana, tries to secure safe passage out of Cuba for refugees.....Ronald Reagan and President Carter favored in upcoming Indiana, Tennessee and North Carolina primaries.....Sen. Ted Kennedy expected to win tomorrow's Democratic primary in District of Columbia.....Violence continues to erupt between Jews and Arabs on West Bank.....FAA clears Pan Am of charges made by pilot regarding substandard maintenance operations.
Tuesday, 6 May 1980
Bodies of American servicemen killed in Iran rescue mission flown to Surich and then to Dover AFB, DE, tonight.....Unidentified American woman allegedly confessing to work for CIA is arrested in Iran.....White House denies President Carter told former Secretary of State Cyrus Vance that another attempt to rescue American hostages in Tehran was out of the question.....Defense Dept. reevaluating "racetrack" deployment plan for MX missiles.....Carter declares state of emergency in Florida due to influx of Cuban refugees; processing system reportedly in danger of collapsing.....Support for John Anderson, independent candidate for president, surprising even him, sources say.....American auto companies said to be appealing to Congress for help regarding Japanese imports and relaxation of pollution controls.....Mechanics at Ozark Airlines go on strike.....Johnny Carson signs new contract with NBC to continue "Tonight Show".....NBC announces it will not broadcast Moscow Olympics.....Pope John Paul II's Africa tour continues in Kenya.
Wednesday, 7 May 1980
In confirmation hearings, Secretary of State-designate Edmund Muskie says he prefers a diplomatic approach to the hostage crisis.....Medical experts identify bodies of U.S. servicement killed in Iran rescue mission, now at Dover AFB.....German and British criticize failure of Carter to attend Tito's funeral in Belgrade; British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, W. Germany's Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev attend.....Carter and Ronald Reagan win Indiana, Tennessee and North Carolina primaries; George Bush and Red Kennedy win only in DC, but both say they will stay in race.....Pentagon sending Marines to Florida to assist National Guard in dealing with Cuban refugees.....House approves balanced budget for 1981, first balanced budget in 12 years.....Chrysler reports first quarter loss.....First session of Israeli-Egyptian negotiations on Palestinian autonomy in West Bank and Gaza Strip ends without progress.....Palestinian terrorist organizations reject autonomy proposal.....Saudi Arabia's royal family outraged over British film, The Death of a Princess, break diplomatic ties with UK; Saudi ambassador complains to State Dept. about PBS plans to air program.
Thursday, 8 May 1980
Defense Secretary Harold Brown refuses to provide Armed Services Committee with secret information about failed Iran rescue mission.....At Arlington National Cemetery, President Carter delivers eulogy for servicement killed in mission.....State funeral held for Josip Tito today in Belgrade.....Egypt's President Anwar Sadat requests indefinite postponement of next round of Palestinian autonomy talks with Israel.....Israeli commandos conduct raid in southern Lebanon.....American woman arrested in Iran on espionage charges identified as journalist Cynthia Dwyer.....Father and son team currently attempting first transcontinental balloon flight.....Four Libyan diplomats refuse to obey expulsion order by State Dept. after Libya targets dissidents living abroad.....United Auto Workers seeks action by International Trade Commission regarding Japanese auto imports; Ford Motor Co. blames first quarter losses on car imports.....Federal Judge George Mitchell named to take Edmund Muskie's Senate seat; Muskie sworn in as secretary of state tonight.....World Health Organization announces that smallpox has been eradicated.
Friday, 9 May 1980
Part of Tampa's Sunshine Skyway Bridge collapses after being struck by freighter; cars and Greyhound bus plunge into water; 35 killed in accident called the third worst of its kind in U.S. history.....April's producer price index suggests inflation easing.....Libya agrees to recall four of its diplomats from U.S.....Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi threatens to halt oil shipments to U.S. and Britain.....Defense Dept. confirms eight servicement died in Iran rescue attempt, not nine, as Iran claims.....The second stage of Iran's parliamentary elections are behind held.....Pennsylvania's state utility commission renewing license of Metropolitan Edison, owners of Three Mile Island nuclear plant, and approves requested rate increase.....Severe drought conditions persist in 11-state area of central U.S......China tests its first ICBM.....Pope John Paul II meets with Robert Runcie, Archibishop of Canterbury, in Ghana.....West German Olympic committee calls for boycott of Moscow Summer Games.

Ash blankets area following Mt. St. Helens eruption.

Saturday, 10 May 1980
The "Stopwatch Gang" robs branch of Security Pacific Bank in Norco, CA, is captured after shootout and pursuit in San Bernardino National Forest.....Divers search bay waters for bodies in aftermath of collapse of Tampa Bay bridge; 32 people reported killed.....Treasury Secretary G. William Miller announces big federal loan guarantee package for ailing Chrysler Corp.....Ft. Chaffee, AR being used to process Cuban refugees arriving in Florida since Eglin AFB is overcrowded.....Marlo Thomas, Jesse Jackson, Mayor Jane Byrne speak at Chicago rally supporting the ERA.....Nuclear plant in Russellville, AR in cold shutdown after accident.....After elections, Iran's parliament reportedly controlled by pro-clergy hardliners.....Two Libyans shot in Europe today, allegedly by hit squad under orders from Libyan leader Kadhafi.....Winooski, VT considering evergy conservation measures that include covering entire town with huge dome.....Senate Democratic leader Robert Byrd urges President Carter to accept Ted Kennedy's debate challenge.....National Guard called on to replace striking firemen and paramedics in Nashville, TN.
Sunday, 11 May 1980
Bahamian government claims Cuban planes attacked and sank one of their patrol boats involved in towing Cuban vessels which had violated Bahama's fishing waters.....Two men arrested after climbing Statue of Liberty in protest on behalf of convicted murderer and Black Panther Geronimo Pratt.....Freak winds blow balloonists attempting first manned transcontinental flight off course.....Washington Post reports European nations want to exempt some of their trade with Iran from U.S.-backed economic sanctions.....Sen. Ted Kennedy says he will stay in race for Democratic presidential nomination even if President Carter has enough delegates to win in first convention ballot.....Citicorp spokesman says lower interest rates show economy is in a recession.....Pope John Paul II ends Africa tour in Ghana, visits Ivory Coast leper colony.....USSR calling for talks with U.S. to improve relations; Secretary of State Muskie plans meeting with Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko in Vienna.....Another car and two more victims found in Tampa Bay in aftermath of Sunshine Skyway bridge collapse.....NBA championship series now even after Philadelphia 76ers defeat LA Lakers.....Vitas Gerulaitis beats John McEnroe in Tournament of Champions tennis match.
Monday, 12 May 1980
Cuba indirectly apologizes for sinking Bahamian gunboat last weekend.....Two men wanted by FBI said among criminals who joined Cuban refugees in boatlift to Florida; one is Alfredo Hernandez, who hijacked National Airlines flight in 1969.....Senate committee investigating refugee problem expresses concern about its impact on U.S. economy.....Authorities say that the number of Cubans arriving in Key West yesterday was the most in a single day since sealift began.....Pro-Kadhafi Libyans claiming to be students take over Libya's embassy in Ankara, Turkey and nine other European cities.....President Carter and Ronald Reagan expected to win tomorrow's primaries in Nebraska and Maryland.....Manned transcontinental balloon flight heralded as first successful one of its kind.....Firestone agrees to a fine regarding defective tire recall.....Senate Banking Committee questions loans received by Rupert Murdoch, owner of New York Post, from Export-Import Bank, suspects connection between loan approval and endorsement of Carter by the Post.....Morgan Guaranty Trust decreasing prime lending rate.....Egypt's President Sadat accepts resignation of cabinet over new domestic reforms.....Skydiver Ila Zan Taylor survives fall after parachute fails to open.....Maxie Anderson and son Chris make first nonstop crossing of US in hotair balloon.
Tuesday, 13 May 1980
A federal judge rules against President Carter's oil import fee, scheduled to go into effect Thursday; government attorneys will appeal; documents reveal Energy Dept. officials opposed to fee.....Chrysler announces new rebate program to spur sales.....Relatives of American hostages held in Iran meet with Carter, ask for less publicity regarding crisis.....Leonid Brezhnev arrives in Poland on eve of Warsaw Pact summit.....NATO defense ministers meet in Brussels, discuss Soviet Union's increased war capacity.....State Dept. lodges protests after Cuban planes buzz Coast Guard helicopters engaged in rescue mission in The Bahamas yesterday.....Cuban Americans protest arrival of criminals and mental patients in ongoing boatlift.....Physicians confirm that numerous terminal cancer patients are among recent arrivals from Cuba.....Tornados strike Kalamazoo, MI, and damage done by others in Pennsylvania and Missouri yesterday is assessed.....A military coup in Uganda ousts President Godfrey Binaisa.....Secretary of State Muskie to make European trip to bolster sagging allied support for U.S. actions against Iran.....French Olympic Committee says it will send athletes to Moscow Games.....Citibank lowers home loan rates.....U.S. troops in S. Korea exchange small arms fire with unidentified men in DMZ.
Wednesday, 14 May 1980
Senate Finance Committee votes to kill gasoline surcharge proposed by White House and blocked by judge.....President Carter meets with chairmen of Ford, Chrystler and General Motors as well as United Auto Workers head.....Saudi Arabia announces oil price increase.....Iranian President Bani-Sadr claims U.S. hassent 96 saboteurs into his country.....Secretary of State Muskie and Defense Secretary Harold Brown meetwith European defense ministers at NATO meeting in Brussels, call for united front against USSR in response to Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.....Afghanistan suggests peace talks with Iran and Pakistan, without interference from U.S. or USSR.....A vote on the ERA in the Illinois legislature is postponed indefinitely.....Carter orders an end to the Cuban boatlift, proposes "open door" policy calling for Fidel Castro's cooperation and a government-sponsored sea- and airlift.....Anti-government demonstrations continue in Seoul and five other South Korean cities.....Egypt's President Sadat says he will resume Palestinian autonomy talks with Israel at Carter's request.....Libya charges two Americans arrested in Tripoli with espionage.....Interest rates on government-backed home mortgages are cut.
Thursday, 15 May 1980
Refugee boats ignore Coast Guard order to halt sealift as Cubans continue to arrive in Florida; Cuba refuses to cooperate with U.S. in government-sponsored transfer of refugees.....Some Americans evacuated from Havana in anticipation of anti-U.S. demonstration scheduled for Saturday.....West Germany's announcement that it will boycott Moscow Olympic Games is followed by pro- and anti-boycott demonstrations in Bonn.....Warsaw Pact summit ends with criticism of U.S, for destroying detente.....Egypt's President Sadat refuses to resume Palestinian autonomy talks after Israel's Knesset affirms commitment to an undivided Jerusalem and proposes making that city the Israeli capital.....An exchange of gunfire between U.S. and North Korean troops occurs in the DMZ.....Mexico announces an oil price increase.....Secretary of State Muskie in Vienna to partipate in Austria's celebration of independence from Nazi Germany.....Pakistan rejects Afghanistan's proposal for peace talks.....Ted Kennedy renews challenge to President Carter to debate, says he will drop out of race if he loses June primaries; Carter rejects challenge.....Merger of Southern Pacific and Santa Fe Railroads announced.....Shawn Weatherly of South Carolina crowned 29th Miss USA.
Friday, 16 May 1980
Secretary of State Muskie meets Soviet Foreign Minister Gromyko in Vienna in first summit between two nations since Afghanistan invasion.....A test of the new cruise missile is declared a success.....Chrysler announces the closing of a plant in Detroit.....In Japan, Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira's government loses a parliamentary vote of confidence due in part to socialist opposition to Ohira's support of U.S. regarding Iran and Afghanistan.....Federal judge dismisses suit brought against Olympic Committee by American athletes opposed to boycott of Moscow Games.....Portugal and Ireland ask their athletes to join in boycott.....Civil unrest by anti-government demonstrators in Seoul continues.....Israel conducts raids against Palestinian targets in southern Lebanon.....Cuba apologizes to U.S. for recent harassment of Coast Guard helicopter.....President Carter calls for export of nuclear fuels to India; National Regulatory Commission rejects State Dept. recommendation to do so.....Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan criticizes Carter's handling of Cuban boatlift as flood of refugees into Florida continues.....Elvis Presley's physician indicted on charges of overprescribing dangerous drugs.....Chevron raises gasoline and heating prices due to Saudi Arabia's oil price increase.....Flooding occurs in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.....L.A. Lakers win NBA Championship over Philadelphia 76ers, 4 games to 2.
Saturday, 17 May 1980
Massive anti-U.S. rally organized by Fidel Castro occurs in Havana today.....Foreign ministers of European nations meeting in Naples suggest fewer economic sanctions against Iran than Carter White House wants.....Secretary General Kurt Waldheim pursues UN initiative to secure release of American hostages held by Iran.....South Korea under martial law after days of violence in wake of assassination of President Park Chung Hee.....Small boat carrying Cuban refugees to Florida sinks, killing ten.....EPA says some residents of Love Canal, NY may have suffered chromosome damage (and higher risk of birth defects and cancer) due to toxic waste dumping there.....Four Miami policement acquitted by Tampa jury on charges surrounding death of a black businessman; major race riot in Miami claims 16 lives, injures 300..... New York Times reports that China's copy of Boeing 707 won't fly.....Organized demonstration protesting cuts in social programs takes place in Washington.....Chrysler expects larger than anticipated loss for 1980.....Christies and Sotheby Parke Bernet set record in art sales last week.....Codex wins Preakness horse race; Kentucky Dervy winner Genuine Risk comes in second.
Sunday, 18 May 1980
In Washington state, Mount St. Helens erupts, killing 60.....Violence following acquittal of policemen charged with death of black man results in curfew imposed on parts of Miami; National Guard is called in; Justice Dept. to seek civil rights indictment against the four.....Student protests continue in South Korea despite imposition of martial law.....People's Republic of China launches first intercontinental missile.....U.S. Marine helicopter crashes on island of Molokai, Hawaii.....Love Canal residents insist that government evacuates them immediately due to EPA study confirming health hazards as a result of toxic waste dumping.....A congressional study is critical of government's mileage tests, says gas mileage of new cars lower than claimed.....French President Giscard d'Estaing flies to Warsaw to meet Soviet leader Brezhnev; White House criticizes French decision.....British rock vocalist Ian Curtis (Joy Division) commits suicide at age 23.....Fernando Terry elected president of Peru.
Monday, 19 May 1980
Death toll difficult to determine as Mt. St, Helens continues to erupt in Washington state; volcanic ash cloud will spread across nation and affect weather for days to come.....Race riots continue for third day in Miami; Governor Bob Graham calls in more National Guard; President Carter dispatches Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti to city; federal grand jury asked to indict four ex-policemen implicated in death of black man.....Olympic Committees in Belgium, Austria, Holland and Sweden say they will not boycott Moscow Games.....Secretary of State Muskie denies ABC report that a plan to rescue American hostages held by Iran is underway in France.....U.S. Supreme Court upholds Carter's order calling for check of visas of Iranian students.....California Supreme Court throws out voluntary desegregation plan of Los Angeles.....Former Maryland governor, Marvin Mandel, begins prison sentence for mail fraud and racketeering.....Referendum on Quebec independence from Canada to be held tomorrow.....Controversy arising over win by Codex of Preakness horse race.
Tuesday, 20 May 1980
Ash cloud from Mt. St. Helens eruption blankets entire country as devastation and death toll in vicinity is assessed.....Still some violence reported in Miami in wake of riots.....President Carter and Ronald Reagan expected to win Michigan and Oregon primaries conducted today.....Record number of voters turn out in Quebec to cast ballots on referendum concerning province's independence from Canada; 60% say no to separatism.....Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates raise oil prices.....Military takes control after South Korea's entire civilian government resigns; anti-military demonstrations in city of Kwangju turn violent.....Britain said to be watering down economic sanctions previously announced against Iran.....Italy's Olympic Committee votes to send athletes to Moscow Games.....Afghan gunboats fire on an Iranian village.....Prime Minister Michael Manley suggests arson might be involved in fatal nursing home fire in Kingston, Jamaica that kills 157.....Carter administration said to be reconsidering consumer credit restrictions imposed to slow inflation growth.....Babcock & Wilcox, builders of Three Mile Island nuclear plant, agree to fine; engineers make plans to enter damaged reactor building for first time.....Irate residents of Love Canal, NY briefly take two federal officials hostage.

Love Canal residents evacuate home

Wednesday, 21 May 1980
President Carter declares Love Canal a disaster area and EPA proceeds with evacuation of residents.....Carter and Ronald Reagan confirmed as winners in Oregon and Michigan primaries.....Media begins to speculate on who Reagan will select as running mate; Robert Dole, Jack Kemp, Howard Baker, John Connally and George Bush are among those mentioned.....Carter declares Washington state a disaster area in wake of Mt. St. Helens eruption and heads there to survey damage as experts say threat of further eruptions exists.....Grand jury investigating acquittal of four white policemen in death of black man hears testimony today.....Pro-independence demonstrations in Montreal follow rejection of Quebec's independence referendum by voters.....New government headed by Park Choong Hoon named in South Korea, as violence continues.....The Iran hostage crisis reaches its 200th day.....Attempt to enter damaged reactor at Three Mile Island nuclear plant is unsuccessful.....Eight OPEC nations and Mexico have all raised oil prices in recent weeks; today, Venezuela, Iraq and Qatar do likewise.....The Empire Strikes Back premieres.....Ensign Jean Marie Butler becomes first woman to graduate from U.S. service academy.
Thursday, 22 May 1980
Red Cross evacuation center in Kelso, WA included in President Carter's tour of area devastated by Mt. St. Helens eruption.....Republican presidential hopeful George Bush withdraws from next month's California primary.....Federal Reserve Bank eases regulations on major credit card companies.....U.S. commander in South Korea orders all troops stationed there to remain on bases and avoid involvement in current civil unrest; State Dept. issues warning to North Korea not to exploit situation; rebels in control of provincial capital of Kwamgju.....In Afghanistan, school girls participate in anti-government demonstration.....Israel and Argentina decide to boycott Summer Games in Moscow; U.S. appeals court rejects American athletes' suit asking court to force Olympic Committee to allow their participation in games.....Algeria, Nigeria and Ecuador raising their oil prices; Exxon raises retail oil and gas prices in U.S. as a result, while Mobil lowers its prices.....Turkey says it will not participate in trade embargo against Iran.....Major league baseball players expected to go on strike.....House Ways & Means committee blocks gasoline fee proposed by Carter.....Philadelphia grand jury delivers first Abscam indictments against several city officials charged with extortion and racketeering.....Helicopter carrying poison gas crashes at Naval Weapons Support Center in Crane, IN.....Phil Donahue marries Marlo Thomas.
Friday, 23 May 1980
Mt. St. Helens erupts again, an explosion compared to a hydrogen bomb blast; rescue mission underway to locate 88 missing people.....Volcanic ash cloud from previous eruption now over Atlantic, expected to reach Europe tonight.....Inflation rate for April said to be lowest in 15 months, while real spendable income decreased.....A last-minute settlement averts strike by major league baseball players.....Government trooops besiege rebel-held city of Kwangju in South Korea.....Three European socialist leaders, including Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky, enroute to Iran to discuss release of American hostages.....Australian and Spanish athletes decide to participate in Moscow Olympics.....George Bush says he will decide this weekend whether to remain in presidential race.....Miami police protest federal investigation into case that triggered riots and say Mayor Maurice Ferre should be recalled.....Cubans transported to Florida in boatlift now said to number over 70,000.....Japan invokes economic sanctions against Iran today.....In Egypt, referendum makes possible a lifetime presidency for Anwar Sadat.....State Dept. spokesman Hodding Carter resigns.....A presidential commission proposes that all businesses be required to offer pension plan to employees.....Four men break into prison at Lorton, VA and kill inmate Douglas Boney.
Saturday, 24 May 1980
Japan's announcement that its athletes will not participate in Moscow Games mean three of the five top teams at '76 Olympics (U.S., W. Germany and Japan) will boycott this year's games.....Iran describes a World Court order demanding the release of American hostages as meaningless.....Cuban government blames CIA for blighted tobacco and sugar crops.....Fully loaded tanker founders off North Carolina coast; Coast Guard tries to prevent oil spill.....Police and protesters clash at nuclear plant site during anti-nuclear demonstration in Seabrook, NH.....Governor Bob Graham's proposal to increase Dade County sales tax to fund rebuilding areas of Miami wrecked by recent rioting said not likely to pass state legislature.....World Court demands that Iran pay damages to U.S. for hostage crisis.....According to the Washington Post, UAW chief Douglas Fraser reaffirms support for Ted Kennedy though he knows President Carter will win Democratic nomination.....In South Korea, five men convicted of murdering President Park Chung Hee are executed.....Medical costs in U.S. reportedly rising faster than inflation.....Huffy Corp. recalls defective bicycles made in April and May.....New York Islanders defeat Philadelphia Flyers to win pro hockey's Stanley Cup, 4 games to 2.
Sunday, 25 May 1980
Two strong earthquakes reported in California near Yosemite National Park.....Volcanic activity continues at Mt. St. Helens.....Violent anti-nuclear protest in Seabrook NH, now in its second day, as demonstrators try to seize plant site.....President Carter's top economist says recession will be worse than adminstration previously anticipated.....Mechanics for Ozark Air ratify new contract and end strike.....Trio of European socialist leaders seeking resolution of hostage crisis meet with Iran's President Bani-Sadr.....New York Times say senior American officials believe most hostages are still being held inside U.S. embassy in Tehran.....South Korean government orders foreigners to leave rebel-held city of Kwangju as military prepares to act.....Associated Press reports severe drought and famine in Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and Uganda.....Chinese vice premier Geng Biao arrives in U.S. to buy military-related items, is greeted by Defense Secretary Brown.....Johnny Rutherford wins the Indianapolis 500 for the third time.
Monday, 26 May 1980
George Bush withdraws from race for Republican presidential nomination, rejects idea of being Ronald Reagan's running mate.....President Carter in Norfolk, VA for return of carrier USS Nimitz, involved in failed Iran rescue mission.....U.S. accuses Vietnam and government in Pnom Penh of thwarting relief efforts as starvation in Cambodia is reported.....Cuban refugees who escaped Elgin AFB tent city said to be back in custody.....Haiti asks U.S. to accept 50,000 Haitian refugees a year.....President Anwar Sadat okays limited American military presence in Egypt.....Bishop Desmond Tutu among those arrested during protests in South Africa.....The Soviet Union launches Soyuz 36; crew includes Hungarian cosmonaut; object of flight is rendezvous with space station.....21 are known dead as result of Mt. St. Helens eruption, over 70 still missing.....Today was deadline for settlement of Palestinian autonomy issue; talks between Egypt and Israel are stalled.....Meeting of European socialist leaders with top Iranian officials has no discernible effect on hostage situation.
Tuesday, 27 May 1980
Rep. Michael Myers indicted as result of FBI's Abscam operation, other indictments include mayor of Camden, NJ and a Philadelphia councilman.....Military takeover of Kwangju, South Korea last night is confirmed, ending 9-day rebellion; many arrests reported; 2,000 reported dead; Chinese leader Hua Guofeng assures Japan that North Korea will not intervene in South Korean affairs.....In Washington Post interview, Shah of Iran says U.S. is partially to blame for his fall from power.....Tourists leave Yosemite National Park as more earthquakes are reported in California.....Volcanic activity continues at Mt. St. Helens, as do rescue operations.....Refugees escape holding area at Ft. Chafee, AR last night.....President Carter says he will debate Ronald Reagan, but not independent candidate John Anderson.....Primaries held today in Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky and Nevada.....Four major banks decrease their prime lending rate.....Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky says economic sanctions against Iran will only delay release of American hostages.....Government of Prime Minister Menachem Begin survives a no-confidence vote in Israel's Knesset.....U.S. Supreme Court upholds airlines' right to search passengers who fit predetermined profile of drug smugglers.
Wednesday, 28 May 1980
Special prosecutor Arthur Christy officially clears White House chief of staff Hamilton Jordan of drug charges.....Rep. Raymond Lederer indicted on bribery charges stemming from FBI Abscam operation.....Ronald Reagan and President Carter win yesterday's primaries in Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky and Nevada; next Tuesday's eight primaries the last of the season.....Andrea L. Holland is first woman to graduate from West Point.....At federal building in Key West, FL, boat owners protest seizure of craft used in Cuban sealift.....Two students slain in incident involving police at high school in Capetown, South Africa.....U.S. expresses concern about possibility of military dictatorship in South Korea.....Iran's first post-revolution parliament convenes.....Federal Reserve Board lowers discount rate.....Haiti's President Jean-Claude Duvalier weds Michele Bennett last night; lavish ceremony compared to widespread poverty in Haiti.....Soviet and Hungarian cosmonauts reach Salyut 6 space station last night.....U.S. trade deficit declines thanks to reduced oil imports.....Richard Nixon's Watergate tapes made available to public at National Archives.....NASA's Pioneer spacecraft successfully maps surface of Venus.
Thursday, 29 May 1980
Urban League President Vernon Jordan shot in Ft. Wayne, IN.....President Carter and Ronald Reagan campaign in Ohio.....The U.S. agrees to sell military support equipment to China and to help in building factories for computer circuits and helicopters.....New York legislative task force charges U.S. military with dumping nerve gas and hazardous waste in Love Canal region.....Iranian parliament postpones decision on American hostages.....A record amount is paid for a painting, Joseph M.W. Turner's Juliet and Her Nurse.....Joint Chiefs of Staff disagree with Carter's proposed 1981 defense budget at House subcommittee meeting.....Carter rejects additions to federal budget proposed by House-Senate conference committee.....Anti-government demonstrations break out in Mokpo, South Korea.....SR-71 spy plane employed in continuing search for those missing after recent Mt. St. Helens eruption.....In Japan, China's Chairman Hua Guofeng vows PRC will not be first nation to use nuclear weapons.....Another mixed-race South African is slain by police as nationwide boycott of schools continues.....Black women protesting police harassment riot in Zimbabwe.....Heavy fighting between Soviet troops and rebels in Afghanistan's Kunar province.....Larry Bird named NBA Rookie of the Year.
Friday, 30 May 1980
Involvement of FBI in investigation into shooting of Union League President Vernon Jordan demanded by black leaders.....FBI Director William Webster speaks of apparent murder conspiracy.....Pentagon denies any responsibility for health problems of residents of Love Canal, NY; EPA spokesman claims Defense Dept. dumping of toxic waste is a nationwide problem.....Justice Dept. says there is insufficient evidence to prosecute Sen. Herman Talmadge for alleged misuse of campaign contributions.....Pope John Paul II opens visit to France by meeting President Giscard d'Estaing in the Champs Elysee.....The Pope and President Carter among those nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.....Nationwide demonstrations against race laws continue in South Africa.....Carter administration lifts ban on TV reports via satellite from Cuba.....Those still missing in wake of Mt. St. Helens eruption officially presumed dead.....Las Vegas judge dismisses indictment against nurse Jani Adams in so-called "Death's Angel" murder case.....Iran claims Iraqi troops attacked town of Mehran near border.....City of Boston celebrates anniversary with tall ships flotilla including "Old Ironsides," the USS Constitution.....Congress approves five-day extension of national debt ceiling.....Former governmental ministers Ezer Wiezman and Moshe Dayan call for Israel's unilateral troop withdrawal from West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Saturday, 31 May 1980
A series of earthquakes in vicinity of Mammoth Lakes, CA are reported.....Reward offered in connection with recent shooting of black leader Vernon Jordan, who is said to be in serious condition; police want to talk to Martha Coleman, who was alone with Jordan on night of shooting.....Large number of Cuban refugees arrive in Key West, FL today.....A 25-member council is formed in South Korea to run country, where martial law is still imposed.....President Carter admits that current recession is worse than antipated as unemployment rises.....Pope John Paul II endorses summit between French President Giscard d'Estaing and Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev.....Israeli Prime Minister Begin appoints himself defense minister.....U.S. warns it will veto a possible UN Security Council resolution declaring an independent Palestinian state.....Sen. Robert Byrd says Carter's proposed oil import fee will not survive in Congress.